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My View: Harmony of the Seas - 8 days of semi-live tips & too many pics!
We are here, on Harmony, waiting for Grease to start...and we would like to bring you along with us!
After much anticipation, our countdown finally says:


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Chef's Table Review- Carnival Miracle
First time trying Chef's Table and I was not disappointed. My sister and I had a great time. Here are some pics and thoughts.
To start - these were the four reception dishes
1. mango sphere, rosemary biscuit  - surprising flavor burst.
2. salmon tartar cornets, sesame seeds  - cornets were tasty
3. beef carpaccio on air pillow, chocolate bacon, apple ribbons - not memorable
4. double cooked lamb - two thumbs up. this is my third favorite dish
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Azamara Journey Rivieras Cruise 2018 Sept. 29 to Oct. 6
Barcelona, Spain
Port Vendres, France
Marseille, France
Cannes, France
Monte Carlo, Monaco
Livorno, Italy
Portovenere, Italy
Rome, Italy

Day 3- Marseille, France
Day 3- Marseille, France
Day 3- Marseille, France
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Celebrity Equinox June 2018 - Ship, Mexico, Grand Cayman, Miami, and Keys
Photos from an amazing trip on the Celebrity Equinox with ports of call in Mexico, Grand Cayman, Keys and Miami.  I've included conventional photography, drone photography, and snorkeling shots.  We have lots of videos including, trip reviews, flight reviews, and stateroom reviews on our YouTube channel.  Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions you my have or comment.
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LIVE - Anthem 10/18/18 - We're leafpeepin' ya'll
So, with all the website (we'll call them) issues as of late, I've been debating whether or not to do a LIVE posting for my upcoming Canada/New England Cruise on the Anthem leaving tomorrow from New Jersey. But it occurred to me, this is precisely the time time to do a LIVE posting. Cruise Critic NEEDS this. I have relied on so many "live from" threads to get me through the tough times until my next cruise, who am I to deprive the CC community ESPECIALLY now in these dark times.
So...you're welcome.
Today is the day before the cruise. The day for packing, the day for online airline check-in, the day for looking out my back patio window and seeing this.

Huh. It is 8:30 In. The. Morning. That means it is daylight on the west coast of Florida. Isn't this thing supposed to be nocturnal?! And should I be concerned that he seems entirely UNconcerned that he is up at the wrong time of day?
Okay. So here I am. Standing on my screened patio. Suddenly overtaken by the soul of my 87 year grandma. I am shouting at a freakin' raccoon. "Shoo raccoon! Shoo!" "Go Away, raccoon!" "Shoo now! GO!" And I see my neighbor standing at the fence watching (at what I can only imagine she thinks is me yelling at my bird feeders) while I'm cowering behind the safety of my patio screen. She waves and turns to go back in her house. Clearly not realizing I'm about to be overtaken by a rabid animal over here. Okay. Time to get the big guns. I find a broom and begin to hit the side of the patio door. Yep. That'll scare him.

Cripes! Obviously rabid. Well, he decided I was making to much noise for him to enjoy a relaxing breakfast and he sauntered, yes SAUNTERED! his way off through a hole underneath the fence to the neighbor's yard. Hope she has a broom ready.
This is our planned itinerary.

Time to do our online check-in. We had complications at work and will be flying in the same day as our cruise. I am freaking out about that, so you may get to live through my panic attack in real time! Yay!
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