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  1. LauraS


    There are two ways to find content that you have posted or shared in the forums and gallery. Start by clicking on the ACTIVITY Tab. You will see this at the top left of any forum page. Once clicked that will bring up all of your activity plus the activity on topics you are following or participating in. You will see a few options appear in a navigation bar below the Activity Tab. Select CONTENT I STARTED to be shown a listing of all content you shared recently including new topics, replies, and photos/albums. At the top of your list of content, there are filters you can apply if you would like to narrow the listing of content that you shared to a specific time frame or type. Another option to view your content would be: Click your USER NAME at the top right side of any forums page. A menu will drop down, select PROFILE. You will see your profile page, along with your most recent activity. To see all of your activity and content, click SEE MY ACTIVITY which is at the right side of your profile right below your cover photo. This will bring you to a full listing of ALL of your activity. There are selections on the left side bar to help you drill down to view only specific types of your activity if you would like.
  2. LauraS


    Are you talking about the reviews you posted on the forums or the ones you submit to us and we publish on the main site? Laura
  3. So, the FORUM JUMP menu is now on each of the main forum pages. See?
  4. LauraS

    *Admin Responded: Delete Account

    Please write to: help@cruisecritic.com to disable your account. Alternatively, you can just stop posting.
  5. A FORUM JUMP dropdown is on the development list. Stay tuned! Laura
  6. We are aware of the log in issues and access errors many of you are having. Our engineers are working on a permanent solution. In the meantime we have found taking the following steps has resulted in a positive action for some of our users. Make sure you are showing as logged out, if you are not – please use the log out button Clear your cruise critic cookies and close your browser. Open your browser. Come back directly to https://boards.cruisecritic.com do not go to our home page or any other page to log in as this may produce the same error you were experiencing Log in at boards.cruisecritic.com – you should now be able to navigate the site and forums and be recognized as logged in I do know that this is inconvenient and apologize. Our engineers are working to fix the errors that are causing this and we will update as soon as we make progress.
  7. We are still looking at this. We have custom issues we have to work around regarding the tapatalk plugin.
  8. LauraS

    Test File HAL - Responsive

    I'm going to refer people to you when they ask me "table size" questions LOL
  9. Explore the Night. Sweepstakes With more overnights and longer stays than any other cruise line, Azamara Club Cruises® invites you to go deeper and experience local life, in a different light. Enter the Explore the Night Sweepstakes now and you could win one grand prize voyage for two, in an Oceanview Stateroom, from a list of Azamara Club Cruises select sailings.*
  10. We'd like to recognize the following Cruise Critic members who, for the past two weeks since the launch of our new Community forums, have gone above and beyond in assisting others in our Need Help? Ask Here! @bemis12 @Shmoo here @Globaliser @POA1 @broberts @Underwatr @S.A.M.J.R. @AlanF65 @*Miss G* @hpeabody @SciFiGuy1960 We'll be sending them each a Cruise Critic Logo T-shirt as a thank you and token of our appreciation! LauraS Cruise Critic
  11. LauraS

    How to turn off Activity Stream?

    I am working on all of the above. This feature is "out of the box" and I'm searching to turn it off. I agree, I don't get why anyone needs to know what post I'm reading.
  12. LauraS

    New update, totally lost

    Hi Lois: Check your Activity Stream to see who last posted on a topic you are "following". (Still trying to get the terminology correct myself -- I do keep saying notifications!!) Those relic social groups are no longer supported on this platform. Laura
  13. LauraS

    New update, totally lost

    Hi grandma09: Try this. While you are logged in, look for your member namein the upper right corner above the "search" box. Here's what mine looks like: Click your name, then choose Manage Followed Content. I would suggest adding a new picture to your signature. To do that also click your member name, Choose Settings, then Choose Signature. Laura
  14. LauraS

    Signatures not showing in mobile view

    Hey Linda: So, in general, most folks signatures are tremendously long, heaving on the gifs and images and contain lots of links. It just isn't a good user experience to display them on mobile. Laura