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  1. I'm obsessed with Christmas and holiday cookies, especially finding new and interesting ones. Share yours as a reply. I found this one recently and cannot wait to make it! Spumoni Bars If you are obsessed like I am, you might want to sign up for Pillsbury's Cookie Countdown!
  2. ...and you are still posting images. You haven't reached a limit imposed by us. If you get a message like that again, if you'd screenshot it for us and send it over when you're back, it would be helpful. Laura community@cruisecritic.com
  3. Discover Beyond! Enter to win 9 nights on an immersive and all-inclusive cruise on Victory II. Discover the beautiful coastlines of Lake Superior and Lake Huron from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan. Our outstanding, friendly, onboard staff is available throughout your cruise to help create a memorable experience, designed to exceed your expectations in every way possible. *Price includes airfare from Toronto to Thunder Bay. Enter the Contest!
  4. Here's wishing everyone the best Holiday Season ever -- no matter what you celebrate! As in years past, please use this form to share your best cruise memories, holiday ideas an recipes and wishes for the upcoming New Year! Enjoy, Laura
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    OK, I'm not getting this at all. Why do they need to be blocked?
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    Serious incident on Royal

    Just a reminder that you may post links to articles etc, and you may include a snippet or paraphrase from that article. Please don't copy and post entire articles. Thanks, Laura
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    There are two ways to find content that you have posted or shared in the forums and gallery. Start by clicking on the ACTIVITY Tab. You will see this at the top left of any forum page. Once clicked that will bring up all of your activity plus the activity on topics you are following or participating in. You will see a few options appear in a navigation bar below the Activity Tab. Select CONTENT I STARTED to be shown a listing of all content you shared recently including new topics, replies, and photos/albums. At the top of your list of content, there are filters you can apply if you would like to narrow the listing of content that you shared to a specific time frame or type. Another option to view your content would be: Click your USER NAME at the top right side of any forums page. A menu will drop down, select PROFILE. You will see your profile page, along with your most recent activity. To see all of your activity and content, click SEE MY ACTIVITY which is at the right side of your profile right below your cover photo. This will bring you to a full listing of ALL of your activity. There are selections on the left side bar to help you drill down to view only specific types of your activity if you would like.
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    Are you talking about the reviews you posted on the forums or the ones you submit to us and we publish on the main site? Laura
  9. So, the FORUM JUMP menu is now on each of the main forum pages. See?
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    *Admin Responded: Delete Account

    Please write to: help@cruisecritic.com to disable your account. Alternatively, you can just stop posting.
  11. A FORUM JUMP dropdown is on the development list. Stay tuned! Laura
  12. We are still looking at this. We have custom issues we have to work around regarding the tapatalk plugin.
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    Test File HAL - Responsive

    I'm going to refer people to you when they ask me "table size" questions LOL