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  1. Another version of #1: When one door closes, another opens. Other than that, it's a good used car...
  2. No, I wasn't a Creative Writing major so explaining that one is beyond me!
  3. Just a thought: when the entire cruise violates the CSO [e.g. > 7 nights], Celebrity will just cancel the cruise and refund everybody on it. But if they allow B2Bs where each leg is OK but the B2B is not, they would have to cancel some passengers and not others. Note: I'm not saying this makes a lot of sense, but it does seem to explain the discrepancy.
  4. When has not knowing ever stopped anyone from posting? But seriously, there are people on this board who have sources or who at least can make educated guesses. And, of course, since we can't cruise all we have left is speculating about when and where we will be able to cruise.
  5. This board has had a lot of bullying for a long time. [BTW the Regent board used to be even worse, but that problem has been solved. 😉] I'm hopeful that since Oceania has 6 ships [soon to be more] the chances of actually meeting one of the bullies onboard is slim.
  6. "threatening a member of congress" – your words, not mine. I am defending letting my representatives know how I feel about this issue at this time. At other times I let them know how I feel about other issues. Senate terms are 6 years long – do you feel I should wait until just before election day and then only communicate about one single most important issue? I think it's my right – my duty even – to communicate about every issue before Congress that I have a strong opinion about. Otherwise how is our democracy 'representative' if my representatives don't know how their constituents fee
  7. The reason the cruise lines have given for sailing their newest ships is that they are more energy efficient, so they can sail profitably at lower passengers loads. That still applies to the Azamara ships, but not as a safety issue.
  8. When the final payment comes due in June, ask for an extension before declining outright. Can't hurt.
  9. How much snow do you get in the Shenandoah Valley? We drive through there on our way back from the Snowbird Escape, but usually drive down I-95 for safer weather in January.
  10. Everyone gets one vote. Harvard PhD?–one vote. High School dropout?–one vote. You?–one vote. Me?–one vote. Your vote can cancel mine, but your voice can't cancel my right to speak. Also, the world isn't so zero sum that there is only one issue. So politicians need to be reminded of all the issues that voters care about. Please explain how allowing cruising to resume would hurt homelessness and hunger.
  11. You have your opinion. I have mine. That's how democracy works.
  12. The datum is my vote. What other data do politicians react to?
  13. 30 years in the NYS government bureaucracy. What's yours!
  14. I didn't even know that Centaurs ate fish! Speaking of fishing [see what I did there? 😉] I still remember my first day of work at my last (and longest) job, sharing an office with two wits: #1: If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day... #2: If you teach a man to fish, sooner or later he will hook himself in the [euphemism = tush]!
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