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  1. Host Jazzbeau

    How Would You Rate The Edge Specialty Restaurants?

    You were disqualified from joining the Edge planning team, because you have cruised before
  2. There are curmudgeons everywhere – ignore them! You did a terrific job on this blog, and I [among many others, obviously] am very grateful that you were willing to take time from your vacation to let us sail along with you. It really helped me as I prepare for our Edge cruise in January. Thanks again!
  3. Host Jazzbeau

    All Things 'Explorer Class'

    Did you go, and did you post the blog? I have a question about the Prestige Cabins on decks 5 and 6, which are also offered as Prestige Suites. The schematic for the suites version shows that the desk in the bedroom part is removed to make space for the internal door. Is this also true when you book a Prestige Cabin on deck 5?
  4. The links still work for me. Thanks Lou for posting!
  5. Host Jazzbeau

    Amsterdam to Budapest mid April flooding changes?

    For that time frame, I would suggest you do some quick research on Tulip Time cruises. Mid-April is the most reliable bet for full-on tulip bloom, and water levels aren't a problem in Holland.
  6. Host Jazzbeau

    Back from The Edge

    This helps articulate what I'm feeling about Celebrity's changes: I want "Mellow Luxury," not their version of "Modern Luxury"
  7. Host Jazzbeau

    Edge Main Dining Rooms

    Maybe. I suspect that after a while they will eliminate Traditional Dining altogether and let people dine wherever they want.
  8. Host Jazzbeau

    How Sweet Will The Suite Life Be On The Edge?

    Made me laugh! We have had so many experiences when the OCD cabin/room attendant just had to rearrange things back to the ship/hotel standard, vs. my OCD way of rearranging them to my personal taste!
  9. Host Jazzbeau

    Elite Perk Eliminated- Port Day Persian Garden

    This. I don't believe that Celebrity imagined there would ever be so many Elites when they started this program, and it is now drowning in its own success. They can't hold the former Elite cocktail hour anymore, because there isn't a venue that can accommodate it. This seems to be another example where Elite demand now exceeds supply. Longtime Elites got their bennies during the Great Recession, when Celebrity was grateful for any business. Those of us who just qualified as Elite: sorry, but as Yogi said "The future isn't what it used to be." No point crying over it, because as quoted above you didn't 'earn this,' it was always a gift that could be taken away.
  10. Host Jazzbeau

    How Sweet Will The Suite Life Be On The Edge?

    VT: You were in 10147, which is an S1. When I study the deck plans, I can't figure out why 10191 to 10205 cost less (as S2s): they are 'on the hump' so have better views off their balcony, and they really aren't that far from mid-ship [and slightly aft is always smoother]. To me, they look like the best-value suites on Edge. What's your take on that?
  11. New article on Cruise Critic: Europe River Cruises Modified, Security Increased in Wake of Strasbourg Shooting
  12. Host Jazzbeau

    Christmas Markets - Rhine or Danube

    Welcome to the River Cruising forum! I have created several Stickies at the top of the forum that provide lots of basic information, but I hope that our devoted Christmas Market cruisers will address your questions with their own perspectives which will give you a more personal angle on what to expect.
  13. Host Jazzbeau

    How Sweet Will The Suite Life Be On The Edge?

    Thanks for reminding me. I thought I had heard that about the process, but all the posts recently have focused on public spaces. So yes, anything is possible and we can hope!
  14. Host Jazzbeau

    Back from The Edge

    Others have pointed out that it will be much more important to wash the IV windows regularly (compared to regular balconies) because when the window is down you are looking through two panes of glass. What I haven't seen anyone mention is that it will be easier to wash these windows (compared to balcony sliding doors) because they are flush with the outside of the ship. Perhaps those gizmos shown are automated and will allow much more frequent washing. That would also explain why the captain can lock the windows. [And it would avoid the embarrassment on my last cruise when we inadvertently locked our cabin attendant out on the balconies he was washing!]
  15. Host Jazzbeau

    How Sweet Will The Suite Life Be On The Edge?

    Yes both those things would make the M-class CS cabins nicer, but I doubt that either is going to happen. They added the balconies at some point after the ships were built [notice in the picture I posted above that there is no balcony], so I doubt that the structure of the ship can support more. The bath tub is a real safety hazard, so maybe they would consider turning some of them into large rain showers [with doors, please ] – Azamara ripped out the tubs in 1/2 of their CC suites so you get a choice.