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  1. Host Jazzbeau

    Back from The Edge

    Others have pointed out that it will be much more important to wash the IV windows regularly (compared to regular balconies) because when the window is down you are looking through two panes of glass. What I haven't seen anyone mention is that it will be easier to wash these windows (compared to balcony sliding doors) because they are flush with the outside of the ship. Perhaps those gizmos shown are automated and will allow much more frequent washing. That would also explain why the captain can lock the windows. [And it would avoid the embarrassment on my last cruise when we inadvertently locked our cabin attendant out on the balconies he was washing!]
  2. Host Jazzbeau

    How Sweet Will The Suite Life Be On The Edge?

    Yes both those things would make the M-class CS cabins nicer, but I doubt that either is going to happen. They added the balconies at some point after the ships were built [notice in the picture I posted above that there is no balcony], so I doubt that the structure of the ship can support more. The bath tub is a real safety hazard, so maybe they would consider turning some of them into large rain showers [with doors, please ] – Azamara ripped out the tubs in 1/2 of their CC suites so you get a choice.
  3. Host Jazzbeau

    It’s the Heidi game, Celebrity style

    It ends with the Jets losing, like always...
  4. Host Jazzbeau

    EDGE REVIEWS POSTED...not very positive!

    I agree. Back when General Motors was dominating the auto industry, Alfred Sloan had a clear picture of how their brands matched up with people's life phases: Chevy was your first car, Pontiac when you got a raise, Oldsmobile when you got an office, Buick when you got a corner office, and Cadillac when you made C-suite. There was no need to try to sell Oldsmobiles to young people – they just waited for them to grow into the Olds demographic. [When they started running that ad "Not your father's Oldsmobile," you knew they were desperate...] I wish RCL would do the same with their brands, but they seem to be falling into the later GM mode when you couldn't tell one brand from another. [Remember the early 60's Pontiac Tempest, Buick Special and Olds F-85? Almost identical except for the tail lights, and the beginning of the end for GM as we knew it.] Royal and Celebrity seem to be growing ever closer together, which IMHO is a shame and a mistake.
  5. Host Jazzbeau

    Edge Dec 6th preview...love at first sight

    The Fine Cut menu has some items that are listed as "Premium Cuts." I assume they cost extra, but no prices are shown on the menus I have seen. Do you recall?
  6. Hopefully this phenomenon will be permanent: Edge has so many places to hang out, inside and outside, that the pool loungers will never be in as high demand as on other ships. Of course this will be undercut by the inability to lounge on your own balcony, since the Edge designers decided you should do that...
  7. The early negative reviews of IV cabins are based on Caribbean cruises. IMHO these cabins will be very desirable for cooler climates like the Norwegian Fjords – real balconies are too cold to use then, but the extra inside space of the IV will be very welcome.
  8. Host Jazzbeau

    How Sweet Will The Suite Life Be On The Edge?

    Unfortunately the wood is showing lots of wear and tear on the M-class suites, so a major refurb was needed. But I suspect what is going to happen is a change to the new 'in' pale colors and those sharp edges. Azamara did a much better job of updating their ships to combine the best of old and new.
  9. Lucerne extension is hugely recommended. First, Lucerne is wonderful! Second, there is a train direct from Lucerne to the Zurich airport.
  10. The comparisons are meaningless in terms of the question, because none of the other ships are the first of a new class. Also, Celebrity has been explicit about raising prices to reflect the recovery from the Great Recession. The only question is whether it's working – and judging by the way Celebrity has been able to raise prices on the Edge [average cabin price on my Jan. 20 cruise is up more than 67% from the launch fares] and still sell so many cabins, they know exactly what they are doing. At final payment fewer than 25% of suites were available, and sales have continued week after week since then. They are going to realize far more revenue at these prices than they would have by selling out the ship at 'reasonable' prices.
  11. Given the contrast between the promotional images of Edge and the reality, I put no faith in the promotional stuff about the Revolution of M- and S-class. I'm waiting until the guinea pigs have paid top dollar to find out for me and post the pictures here!
  12. Host Jazzbeau


    I used to say that Equinox was much better because it had the Corning Hot Glass Show and the lawn was unencumbered by cabanas that blocked the view of the ocean. But now the Hot Glass show has become a for-fee make-your-own-not-very-good-glass show. OTOH we refuse to dine outdoors [if God had wanted us to eat outdoors, why did He give us Air Conditioning? ], so the Lawn Club Grill and the Porch don't add anything to Reflection for us, and it is still the most crowded Celebrity ship. So I still prefer Equinox.
  13. Host Jazzbeau

    Back from The Edge

    Steve Jobs famously refused to use focus groups because he wanted to give people stuff they hadn't even thought of yet. But Steve Jobs was a genius – and IMHO no one involved in designing Edge was in Steve Jobs' league.
  14. Host Jazzbeau

    EDGE REVIEWS POSTED...not very positive!

    Right – and at these prices, DINKs [double income, no kids]
  15. Host Jazzbeau

    How Sweet Will The Suite Life Be On The Edge?

    Thanks so much for all those suite photos. I wonder why Celebrity hasn't been able to take pictures like that fo their website??? [Oh yeah, the intrepid Celebrity IT department!!!] Anyway, none of them is as nice as the table we had in the CS on Connie. Notice how all the edges are beveled? The new furniture is all sharp edges that will cut or bruise at the slightest sea-bump. [This is what you get when you hire designers who have "never sailed on a cruise ship" – not something to be proud about, IMHO!!!]