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  1. Host Jazzbeau

    AMA Final Cruise Documentd

    If you are used to ocean cruises, let me reassure you that on a river cruise the documents and luggage tags are much less necessary. When you arrive at the rivership, they will know your name and your cabin. Someone(s) will grab all your bags on the wharf and whisk them to the ship, where they will appear in your cabin in much less time than on an ocean ship.
  2. Host Jazzbeau

    How Sweet Will The Suite Life Be On The Edge?

    That's why it says right on the bottle: "alcohol by volume" 😜
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  7. Host Jazzbeau

    Celebrity Edge's Blocks Are In The House!

    This should go in one of the anti-suite threads: If you are in one of the top suites, you get to choose the color when you board the MC for a dining event...
  8. Host Jazzbeau

    Going Blind?

    That's not new - the poster left off the opening square bracket, so it didn't parse the command. Here it is with the bracket added: The Amsterdam is an R class ship. Her Explorations Cafe is on the Upper Promenade Deck -- Deck 5.
  9. Host Jazzbeau

    Help with font please

    Command and plus [together] will increase the font size of the entire website. Made it much easier for me to read.