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  1. I was referring to UK, never mentioned Australia. It gets very confusing when people try to give advice about T&C to posters from another country, because the legal regimes for cruising seem to differ a lot and few of us are really conversant with the rules outside our own country. I've seen a lot of posts about UK rules, so I think I understand that [at least a bit]. I know nothing about Australian rules and wouldn't try to advise.
  2. I suspect it's the same legislative issue for Azamara. Every other area has reported in at 120 days, which seems to be what Azamara does when they are allowed to. But the flip side is that your deposits are non-refundable.
  3. The northeastern US is seeing higher numbers in a growing number of areas and states. Under the science-based rules NYS established, we should be cutting off access to NJ and CT – but the government now says it won't enforce quarantines for those states because "it would have a disastrous effect on the economy." [WSJ 10-21-2020 p. A12B]
  4. I never heard of the peanut thing either. But my mother was from western Kentucky, which is just barely Southern [the nearest big city is Evansville, Indiana]. She did call it 'Co-Cola' and she did have a bottle opener on the end of the kitchen counter with the Coca-Cola logo [no Southern home should be without one!]
  5. Where did you grow up? Calling all soda 'Coke' sounds Southern – except that it was pronounced 'Co-Cola'
  6. Some of the above may be duplicates, but beer repeats on me too... 😉
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