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  1. Host Jazzbeau

    Question Upgrade to Suite

    You can disagree. And we can still both be right.
  2. Host Jazzbeau

    Consolidation coming?

    Not sure if this is what you meant, but there is a new article on Cruise Critic about consolidation in the US river cruise market: American Queen Steamboat Company Purchases [Victory] Cruise Line, Expands to Great Lakes https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=8990
  3. New article on Cruise Critic: American Queen Steamboat Company Purchases [Victory] Cruise Line, Expands to Great Lakes https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=8990
  4. Host Jazzbeau

    Question Upgrade to Suite

    We did an upgrade like this on Azamara earlier this year. Did not get the extra points, but were pleasantly surprised at the extra amenities that came with that suite. We had felt it was going to be worth it just for the extra room, so everything else was gravy. To me the combination of extra room, Luminae and Michael's Club on Celebrity are worth far more than the minimum bid – but obviously others feel differently – for us, the only downside was that it has reset our minimum expectations for a cruise!
  5. Host Jazzbeau

    Edge Specialty, Blu, and Suite Dining Questions

    I was dragged to a suburban "Broadway Dinner Theater" last week. The show was interesting. The dinner was not. So I will give Eden a pass.
  6. Host Jazzbeau

    Question Upgrade to Suite

    OP's question was: is it worth it "if you could win it at minimum bids per person?" So my answer was: yes, at those prices it would absolutely be worth it.
  7. Host Jazzbeau

    Best way to purchase EUROs

    Good luck Thom – it seems that very few people understand the concept of 'proof' that your are asking for. I for one understand what you want, but haven't a clue how to find the information. I believe that I get the best rate using a Schwab debit card at local bank ATMs – but I only know the rate I was charged, not the interbank rate that I should compare it to. Those who buy currency in the US believe the claims from their bank/credit union that there is no fee or no mark up, so they say it's true -- but they don't have any facts either.
  8. The airlines do offer something like this. You have a choice of buying non-refundable tickets or refundable tickets. Have you priced them? Refundable coach costs as much as non-refundable Business Class. Would you have been willing to book in the first place at such prices? Not many would. And get ready: the river cruise lines are taking such big losses this year [between cancellations and the extra costs of these itinerary changes] that future prices are sure to go up, even without free cancellation options.
  9. Host Jazzbeau

    Edge Overpriced???

    I've been watching the suite availability for our Edge cruise on Jan. 20. For a while there were only Sky Suites. then an Edge Villa and a Penthouse Suite popped up: each nearly $17,000 (pp) for 7 days. The Edge Villa was snapped up in a few days. So: overpriced? Not if it sells like this! [And obviously the strongly held opinions on this thread didn't stop someone from deciding that $17,000 was a reasonable price ]
  10. Host Jazzbeau

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    This is a very good example of why the river cruise lines have not been more 'forthcoming' with dire warnings. They are watching the river changes and adapting at the last minute to provide the best cruise possible, so that most passengers will be satisfied with the cruise they receive. Scaring people off would just result in empty boats. Don't forget that this year's extra costs are going to show up in future years' cruise prices!
  11. Host Jazzbeau

    Question Upgrade to Suite

    I would upgrade because I value Luminae that much. The Sky Suite cabin is also larger than the AQ. For only $100 more the Celebrity Suite would be an even better bargain.
  12. Our experience (in Bar Harbor on Princess) was that everything went much faster than they had expected. Before our group's time, they had already begged everyone to come down immediately.
  13. Host Jazzbeau

    Search function?

    I wasn't seeing the search button, only the search icon in the top menu bar which does search the entire website. It turns out that I had used command-plus to increase everything on the screen (to make the typeface readable) and that removes various screen elements that no longer fit. Now when I want to search a thread, I have to remember to use command-minus to make the search button visible. Thanks for this thread!
  14. Host Jazzbeau

    Summit or HAL

    From what I've read it seems that HAL and Celebrity aren't that different from the MDR perspective. But where Celebrity shines is with their two higher-level dining categories. AQ gets you Blu, which has a lot of fans and is claimed to have a healthy-food focus. But if you bump up one more level, to a Sky Suite, you would get Luminae – which not only has terrific gourmet food but also lets you order from the MDR menu (for more 'familiar' dishes). Suites also come with the BEST package that includes the upgraded beverage package (so the Luminae sommelier will have a wide range of wines to pair with your food), unlimited internet, gratuities, and some OBC – meaning you won't be nickel-and-dimed and you might leave the ship with no bill. [Going a little further into the wish list: the Celebrity Suites on M-class ships are really terrific! Mid-ship location, separate bedroom (nice and dark for sleeping) and living room (with an incredible curved window-wall), a huge curved balcony – and a butler. If you can swing that, Summit would have it all over the HAL cruise!]
  15. That may be only for cruises out of Southampton.