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  1. Thanks to all for your positive thoughts and sure Europe will stay on my list in the future. Roz hope you all are full steam ahead in Music City soon and get the Gulch open in time for the Titans to do good this year.
  2. Altho Gate 1 sent email that my June final payment date was put off until 30 days before my trip in September decided to cancel this 17 day trip due to all the uncertainty with Europe opening and availability of air. Gate 1 was very good about this and offered 75% back if you cancel rather than lovsing all of deposit or using deposit as future trip credit until 2022 which I thought was very generous and I took that as I am looking at two other trips with them I intend to take next year as things stabilize. I really wanted to do this trip in September as this would be my first time in Europe and would get to go to Poland where my grandparents came from. I wish only the best for all of you trying to decide these same issues and hope your travels are safe.
  3. elklemi

    What's next?

    glad to hear you all have some great trips planned coming up and enjoy each and every one of them with a cold beer
  4. Absolutely I remember you all and so much enjoyed your company and conversations with the cold beer. I cancelled my tour and river cruise the Danube in September with just too much uncertainty about flights and what will and not be open. I have two trips with GATE1 i am looking at to Guatemala and to Mexico for Mayan ruins. I got a map and found your Isle of Wright and sorry that you all have to cancel your trips for this year but you have good plans going forward and Jimmy Buffet is the main reason for my love of the islands. So good to touch base again and thank you all for your wonderful friendship on our cruise, all the best to you all.
  5. I have taken 3 Clipper cruises out of St Maarten and last year I stayed at the Passanghram House which is on the boardwalk couple blocks from the Holland House and much cheaper. I could walk to the main pier where you drop off luggage and check in in about 15-20 minutes. Lodging is still an issue after the hurricane but I wanted to be close to the pier and price was reasonable compared with other places nearby. If you find what you want at a reasonable price I saw go ahead and book it as some have limited availability. If you received any OBC a work of caution, in February I had $75 OBC and after the cruise I noticed it was not applied and after calls to Star Clipper they refused to do anything about it so be sure you double your statement before leaving.Enjoy your cruise.
  6. Thanks so much for your prompt reply, gives me a better feeling about them and I really want to do this tour and not one from Carnival. I will check out Autoprogreso also and get a feeling for them also.
  7. I am interested in this excursion with Shore Executioner in Progresso in January, like that it is early in day and back in time to enjoy time at the port but have read some unfavorable comments about this company and hoping that those who may have used this company in the past and give me their impressions of this company and excursion, thanks to all
  8. Booked mid September for 17 day river/bus tour and final payment is Late June so trying to decide what to do, concern about flights and condition of all the countries we pass through. 17 days is a long time to be gone during all this uncertainty and keep hearing about a possible rebound in the fall so impossible to anticipate conditions in September. Good luck to all on their decisions.
  9. I got that email this morning and it also had $100 cruise cash for $80 which is a good deal for me and my cruise is January 2021 so feel things will be better by then.
  10. Always loved Hal Moon and if you have a sunny day it is very good and most will vote for HMC, went to Princess Cay in January and really enjoy it very much. Off the tender I went right while almost everyone went left and had a bar, lunch spot, no crowds, shade, and beach with no rocks and it is close to gate where you can leave the compound and there are shops and a bar where you can get local Kalik beer for $4. I have been to HMC probably 5 times so for me it was nice to experience something different and Princess Cay was beautiful. Either one you choose you can't go wrong.
  11. Same experience a month ago after Star Flyer trip and airport is worse now than in 2018 after hurricane. I could not believe how bad it was and I have been flying at SXM every year since 2018.
  12. no irons in staterooms, at one time irons were in laundry rooms but it was a few years ago I tried to iron a shirt so not sure about recently
  13. I was on Ecstasy in January also solo and enjoyed the cruise especially Princess Cay, you can walk outside the gate and there is a bar that has cold Kalik for $4. Enjoy your trip.
  14. Just returned from my Star Flyer to St Kitts and we docked at commercial pier in the morning and we could get off and join the ship at South friar's Beach in the afternoon for sail away. All needed was let them know we would not be on board for lunch.
  15. I have been on a few cruises out of Jacksonville and have stayed at the Quality Inn by the airport and across the street Hilton Garden Inn airport. Both are about 20 minutes from port and a month ago I parked at port but at onetime both would allow you to park car with them for little extra. I found out this year that uber allows entry to port so my next time I will choose one of these and uber to port. Hilton has more restaurants within walking distance. Quality used to have a good steak house Millhouse next door but it is closed.
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