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  1. Elation is my favorite Carnival ship as I enjoy the smaller ships and most have been retired. I have been doing the elation in December for the last 7 years and enjoy reading a review of others who appreciate what she has to offer. Look forward to your September review which will be interesting to see how you "handle" the changes for the old to new. Safe travels.
  2. I was very happy with large window but admit I spent the day on deck so I could see the canal from different views. To me a balcony would not be ideal as I like to be out on deck. I enjoy a balcony when at sea to enjoy viewing the water. My cruise was discounted so I felt it was worth the experience especially since it was on a smaller ship. In the cabin you could not hear the canal commentary provided by Windstar which was full of great information. Hope this helps with your planning.
  3. I have used Coral Breeze twice to go to Caye Caulker and they dropped me off before they went snorkeling and i met them when they returned and then back to ship. They did a great job and we had plenty of time to eat, drink, and enjoy the island. Caye Caulker is special. Close to the split is Sip and Dip bar which we enjoyed more than the Lizard.
  4. I sailed Tahiti few years ago and all I remember is the Hinano Tahiti beer which I really enjoyed. Hope you find what you are looking for on board.
  5. I have done that on my first Windstar cruise but I liked room service as I did not have to get dressed up and was very relaxing.
  6. I have used Star Clipper no solo add on for 5 cruises, 4 to Caribbean and 1 to Costa Rica. Not a regular cruise line but I loved them and you can go to their website and look under specials for no solo add on, not as many listed as in years past but doable.
  7. From my earlier post I was on the Motor Yacht Star Pride thru Panama Canal in March, they did have a meet and greet the first night for the solo passengers and there were 8 of us who attended. I am very much like you and enjoy quiet meals and reading and viewing the water. The redesigned star pride has the grill on upper deck near the bar and is open for all meals and is easy to use for a meal without dressing up or dealing with crowds. I also used the room service one night when I just wanted to be in my room and they took my order and quickly brought my entire order and was so relaxing. I ate dinner one night in Amphora dining room with a couple I met the first day and enjoyed dinner with them just do not care to sit at a table with 6-8 others for dinner. I have enjoyed being solo on Windstar and I think you will have no problem fitting as from what you described, enjoy your cruise.
  8. Going January 18, that is close but know you all will enjoy as this is a great itinerary, enjoy.
  9. Called yesterday to book Treasure Islands for January and after 5 Star Clipper cruises my date does not have the 0 single supplement which is a big disappointment. And to add on they did have $500 OBS but since I am single I only get $250. So be sure to double check your dates to see which trips have the no single supplement.
  10. I just booked Treasure Islands for January so I will get our spots ready for y'all.
  11. Glad you all are still travelling and agree the treasure island itinerary is a winner. When you go have a cold Carib for me.
  12. Sorry for not mentioning the cabin number (403) OakRidger, I intended to but skipped my mind. Always glad to connect with a fellow Ridger, and FYI Tuesday March 19, was 70th anniversary of the official opening of the gates of Oak Ridge. I was only two years old so do not remember that but memory banks do seem to recall going with my Mom to the gates to vouch for my uncle to come visit. Great place for a kid to grow up, enjoy your Breeze cruise next year.
  13. Here is link, I hope it proves helpful to anyone who is thinking of making this itinerary next year Here is a link to your review.
  14. Realize the Panama Canal-Aruba season is over, but I just got off Star Pride Saturday and spent a few days on Aruba, if anyone is considering this itinerary for next year ana has any questions I will be glad to try and help as I could find little to no information. I will do a review on Cruise Critic hopefully this weekend.
  15. In Nassau I would always go the Bearded Clam Bar right as you get off the ship, it is located in an alley between two buildings and there is a sign on the street, cracked conch is really good, cold Kalik and Sands.
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