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  1. I am booked on the Sensation in January and beginning to wonder if this will be another no go as am concerned that Fantasy class will be the very last to go. Never thought after a vaccine we would still be inching back to normal. Am in Cocoa Beach now and saw a cruise ship heading toward Port Canaveral yesterday and had dinner at at Fishlip's last night and have me a longing to be at sea again
  2. Local beer is Kalik or Sands both of which I have consumed more than my share and can get Kalik at Total Wine in Knoxville which is a treat but does not taste as good without a Bahama beach to enjoy.
  3. I have been to Bimini twice altho 20 some years ago, I am sure it will be tender port and this is a small island and will be interesting to see if they will be able to handle so many people coming ashore. I enjoyed my visits because it was not touristy and I will follow if and when they do go there and reflections of passengers who go ashore.
  4. I totally agree as I have also used Windstar and Star Clippers and have so much enjoyed as a solo. the joy of visiting small places that larger ships will never see is amazing e.g, Wolf Island, Norman Island, Tobago Cays, Bequia, and I was also on Star Clipper when we stopped at Soufriere and seeing the Pitons so close and to top it off when we sailed away I saw my first green flash, what a great day.
  5. Have not done the horseback ride but have done the rafting twice and really enjoyed it. A unique experience and might be too much to try for both. Since I am not a horse person I recommend the rafting since this is a unique experience and not experienced everywhere. Enjoy your trip.
  6. A few years ago I went to guest services and asked if they would exchange for a coupon to get a free drink later in the day at any bar, they did but it was such a chore and listening how it is not allowed, let me ask my boss, etc I never tried that again. Now I go to the brunch and tell them I want a beer uncapped and take it to my room for later in the day.
  7. Have been to both on Star Clipper's Star Flyer which goes out of St. Maarten. This is a sailing ship less than 200 passengers and is different from major lines but a great way to get into small ports that major lines can't get into. I believe Windstar also stops at these islands also. Taking these different cruise lines have taken me to Bequia, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Norman Island, Beef Island,Pigeon Island which are just a few of places I would never experience from a major cruise lines. Of the two Jost was fabulous and St Barts did not suit me but I did get to experience the island. Hope
  8. Thank you all for making it clear how to deal with this. Not usually a player but with all the OBC credit I know I will play since when I lose it will not hit me in MY wallet. My cruise is not until January 2022 from Mobile so no guarantee it will sail but when I do get on my next cruise I will know what to do so thank you all.
  9. I appreciate all who have replied with their thoughts and experiences as above, you all have given me more insight and since this will be my first trip to Europe I do want to be able to experience fully all that I want to see and do. Surely this can't go on forever and will make my trip when I go all the better when I can experience with no restrictions e.g., masks, etc. Hope you all are able to fulfil all your travel plans safely.
  10. Just got notice Gate 1 has cancelled our Danube River cruise in August once again, we had rebooked from last year when they shut down all travel. Never thought it would happen again but sounds like things in Europe are still having issues. Disappointed but maybe a blessing in disguise as was wondering if many places would be open when we went and what restrictions would be in place. I have never been to Europe and still want to go but will have to wait and see what happens before trying to rebook. I wish the best to all you who still have trips going forward. this was going to be total 17
  11. Can you explain how to use at casino, I have a lot obc built up and usually don't visit casino but will use some of this at casino but have no idea how to do this, hope you can help me out. thanks.
  12. I have cruised out of St Maarten on Windstar and Star Clippers and Chesterfields is very close to the port and has nice view on the water and good food, just a short walk from there you are at Front Street where all the shops and bars and restaurants are located and many on our cruise who had flights later in the day would end up at one of the bars/restaurants to spend the day. A taxi there if you don't want to walk will not be much, I always spent the night after the cruise in town and saw many of them at the bars and good place to relax before the flight.
  13. I would look at Star Clipper sailing ships from St. Maarten or Barbados that goes to small islands that Large ships will never go to and a plus is they have no single supplement. No casino or shows but for real island travel is very special.
  14. Gate 1 has cancelled all international trips thru July 31, 2021. We have a Danube river cruise scheduled August 14, 2021 and they say it is hoping to go but I really doubt it will be a go. Had to cancel this last year and maybe 3rd time will be the charm.
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