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  1. I always photograph any jewelry Iam taking with my phone before packing. I was questioned once but it was resolved very quickly.
  2. I know that you can now use the Hub app and have pizza delivered to your location for an additional charge. Has anyone done this? Did they bring the whole pizza? What was the charge? Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much for the review! We’ll be on the Paradise in January. It seems like such a looonnnnggggg time to wait! Reviews like yours help pass the time. Thank you!
  4. Some of my favorite excursions have been in Cozumel. I think my two favorites were The Amazing Cozumel Race and the 12 Meter sailboat race. The Amazing Cozumel Race is very similar to the TV show. Your team, which can be a group, races against other teams. We saw parts of the island that we would have never seen otherwise. I can’t remember the exact name of the 12 meter sailboat race but basically, they ha e two retired America’s Cup sailboats.... Stars and Stripes and True North. You literally become a crew member and learn to do a job in sailing the boat. After some practice, you run a 12 meter race. Both of these were SO MUCH FUN!
  5. The last time I flew into San Juan, we were in the taxi line from the airport for 45 minutes. That was AFTER landing and waiting for our luggage.
  6. Thanks for the review! I haven’t sailed RC in many years. Maybe it’s time to try again.....
  7. Thanks so much! I have read so many wonderful reviews on this site that it makes me very happy that you enjoyed mine. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you so much for the kind comments...especially about my pony tail! LOL The long hair just doesn't work very well when we're on the go! This was my first review and I really enjoyed writing it. It sort of made the experience last just a little longer. I am now waiting until next year....and waiting.....and waiting..... LOL
  9. I hope you have a wonderful trip! I would love to do this itinerary again sometime. Do you have plans at any of the ports yet?
  10. We did Maho Beach and Flying Dutchman in January. It was awesome! I was VERY glad we booked through Carnival because it was very slow getting on the Flying Durchman. (I wrote a little more in depth and put photos on my Fascination review 01/27/2019). Flying Dutchman carries four people at a time. We were supposed to be finished by 2:30 ish and it was more like 4:30 when we took our turn. There were people on our cruise still behind us so none of us were going to be left behind. You’ll love the Flying Dutchman!
  11. Following along! I did this cruise in January and I’m enjoying reliving it! Thanks very much for your review!
  12. We did this a couple of years ago on Conquest. Well worth the cost of about 100. We went to the bridge, galley, engine control room, storage areas, theatre department, crew areas, etc. On the bridge you meet the captain and a photo is taken. It was so interesting and so worth the price! Michelle
  13. We LOVE Cozumel and it is our favorite port because we’ve done some awesome shore excursions there. I think our two favorites were running the Amazing Cozumel Race and sailing the Americas Cup Yacht. Loved them both! Michelle
  14. I just got off this same ship a week before you got on. Like you, I finished my review fairly quickly. Such a great cruise! I wish I had found the sea lion excursion in St Thomas because it sounds amazing! Thanks for doing this review. I’m enjoying following along! Michelle
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