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  1. As dumb as my mail carrier is, he’ll put my mail in the next box and everyone’s mail will be one house off.
  2. Yeah you can do that. It puts them in your album here. Like I was saying I try to keep the non-cruise photos out of the CC album.
  3. I'm trying to figure out how to work pictures this time. A year ago when CC was on tapatalk I used tapatalk exclusively. Since CC switched to their own photos, I've used CC for my cruise photos but I've still been using tapatalk to host the non-cruise photos in my review. Well now tapatalk has maybe figured out people are using them to host non-tapatalk pictures and they've changed it to where they don't give you the link to the pictures. It just puts an attachment ID in the post. So I'm trying to find a place to put my non-cruise photos. Everything I've tried so far CC won't embed using the URL. I've tried Google Photos, iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, Flickr, Instagram. I'm open to suggestions at this point. I mean if I take a picture of a fat leprechaun in a cape..That's not something that needs to be in the CC album but it absolutely needs to be in my review thread.
  4. After reviewing the MDR menus I decided to make a steakhouse reservation for the first night. You get a free bottle of wine that night but since I have cheers the first night out of New Orleans, I don't care about that. I'll try to give it to another table if that's possible.
  5. Yeah that's what a pint is.
  6. Looks like they brew it at brewhub in lakeland florida and you can get it in their tasting room at $5/pint. http://brewhub.com/whats-on-tap/
  7. I stopped by the post office this morning to fill out a mail hold card. I did it online a week ago but I'm trying to be double safe on it because my mail carrier is an idiot. I put a mail hold on about 3-5 times a year. I would say they may get it right once a year. I have had times where they don't hold it all. So I started putting a copy of the mail hold confirmation in the mail box...folded up so when he opens the box it's staring at him like a stinking popup book. One time I did that and he just piled mail on top of the mail hold confirmation. Sometimes they hold some of it. Sometimes they hold none of it. One time they held it and at the end of my mail hold period I got a bundle of someone else's mail. It's ridiculous.
  8. I never have but as a solo cruiser in good health who drives to the ship there's been little risk involved for me. I am purchasing it for my next cruise which involves flights.
  9. It's amazing how easy the packing gets after you've done this 10 times. I have a notepad document on my phone that has my packing list. I used to put an x by the item after I had it. Then I'd put a y next to it after it was in the suitcase. This time my first look at the list was this morning. I just skimmed through it....I'm good.
  10. I actually pay for my wifi and cheers before I pay off the cruise. Sometimes cruise rates go down. Wifi and cheers can only go up.
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