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  1. Saint Greg


    That half price oyster deal is one of the best food specials I know of. Add in happy hour...got there at 5:30 and the place was packed like a Saturday night.
  2. Saint Greg


    Half price oyster night...jacked up
  3. Saint Greg

    Check in time

    It seems to be 11:30 in New Orleans here lately.
  4. Saint Greg

    Nightmare port?

    Do it. And when you do check out the New Orleans forum and we’ll assist you with any transportation/hotel planning you need.
  5. Saint Greg

    Nightmare port?

    Ships moving to Galveston isn’t about the people that fly in. It’s about the number of people in Texas....and most of them probably drive to the port. I’d never go out of Galveston if I had to fly there. Never.
  6. I’m just guessing on that. You be the judge
  7. Sounds like the same meal I got on the ruins tour in Belize. Except potato salad and mix the rice and beans together....and tang instead of rum punch and beer.
  8. Cool. Guess I’ll see you in about 10 days.
  9. These came with the price of admission on that tour I took yesterday.
  10. Ugh...I have to take a cab downtown just to get on this excursion.
  11. Saint Greg

    The smell..

    What did you eat?
  12. Saint Greg


    There’s a link you can click in your cruise manager. I had a scare where I thought I was going to have to cancel my cruise next week. It said the penalty was $900. I originally paid $1425 after taxes and port fees.
  13. Saint Greg


    I believe it’s $1.25. I can confirm that on Sunday.
  14. Should mention there’s not going to be a CC meet and greet this cruise. Only 14 people signed up. We may do our own meet up...If it’s at the alchemy there’s a good chance I’ll be there anyway. I used to push it but two cruises ago we had 50 people sign up and only me and two other people showed up...and the other two were actually Facebook people crashing the party. After that I decided to never push people to sign up again.