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  1. I have already had four cruises canceled. These two are covid cruises. Replacements for canceled cruises...On ships I’ve already been on going to ports I’ve already been to multiple times. Two of the cheapest cruises I’ve ever booked. I booked them out of Galveston because I can drive there. I don’t have to book a flight or hotel or anything in advance. Yes I’d like to go on them. But not as much as I wanted to go on the ones that have already been canceled. Yes it would be easy for me to switch to a Florida cruise if they are cruising there. I have a plane ticket to use from one of my canceled cruises, carnival gift cards from canceled cruises, and two weeks of vacation time from canceled cruises. The only people who want me to go on vacation as much as I do...are the people I work with. You can engage in all of the name calling you want. It doesn’t bother me.
  2. It’s all speculation on your part. Nobody “reported” that it would be short cruises. If my January and February cruises are canceled, I have a cruise in April. Or if they’re cruising out of Florida, I’ll book a Florida cruise. No big deal.
  3. I was in Galveston in June and everything was open for business except cruising...and hooters.
  4. Are you looking for a debate on whether or not Galveston is going to be cruising in February? Is that why you asked the question out of the blue? Is Galveston a part of the limited December restart plan? No. Was Galveston a part of the limited restart plan for August? Yes.
  5. A lot of people on this thread have cruises in January and February. I have both. Out of Galveston. For some reason you single out one post and say "You really think that ships will be sailing out of Galveston in February?" Are you saying none of us should check in for our cruises until ships start sailing? I just don't get the point of it.
  6. No it's not necessary. You're just trying to start arguments with people that have cruises booked in February. Does it somehow hurt you that someone wants to talk about a February cruise? It's been done to death. It's not necessary.
  7. You're cruising out of one of the Florida ports that is starting back up in December right? I wonder if that's the difference.
  8. I just noticed they even did it for people who had already checked in. I was already checked in for January. Now it says check-in available November 19th.
  9. They don’t but depending on what ship you’re on you can get something the deck above the buffet. It’s usually a nice quiet embarkation day lunch because most people don’t know it’s there.
  10. I'm paid in full and can't print my boarding pass. I had to pick an arrival time even though I was platinum last time.
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