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  1. You can register for the meet & mingle here. We need 25 people for it to be a thing. https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/
  2. I'm hoping to do the waterfalls in the DR this time. The water level wasn't high enough to do all of them last time so I canceled my tour with mama iguana. For people interested in the cruise port this may be helpful: https://saintgregtravel.com/amber-cove-cruise-port/ For people interested in touring in Puerto Plata, this may be helpful: https://saintgregtravel.com/christmas-magic-amber-cove-puerto-plata/ Two of my three Grand Turk trips haven't happened yet but I did an island tour the first time I was there. https://saintgregtravel.com/christmas-magic-grand-turk/ Stay tuned on San Juan. My first time is actually in February.
  3. I booked this one last year. This is my 17th Carnival Cruise. My 1st on Mardi Gras. 1st out of Port Canaveral. It'll be my 2nd time to San Juan and Amber Cove and my 4th time to Grand Turk.
  4. You don't have to do anything. It'll take care of itself. When I have a lot of OBC I let it cover autograts.
  5. The golf carts should be outlawed on the road. They’re too slow. I think a good retirement plan would be to move to Grand Turk, purchase 20 faster golf carts, and rent them out for $100/day.
  6. I got you. https://saintgregtravel.com/christmas-magic-grand-turk/
  7. Lighthouse area was cool to see once. Not something I see myself going back to every time. I had success going to the beach once it started raining. The place cleared out. I had it almost all to myself.
  8. For people who just want to get off of the ship and be on a beach I can see the appeal. There doesn’t seem to be much else other than that though.
  9. And who is to say none of them will catch it when you release thousands of people into multiple foreign countries and then let them back on the ship? You would have to test them each time they board. Or keep them in a private island and controlled port area bubble where everyone has been tested. But if they did something like that there would be no reason for reduced capacity or social distancing or any of that on the ship. It seems more likely they’re just going to try to control the spread of anything onboard.
  10. And at our building you won't get past security if you have a temperature. I set it off once at like 99.4. I immediately retook it and it was 97 something which is where I'm always coming up. You can wait it out and retest. But I wonder what they will do when someone tests high getting on the ship and it doesn't go down. Or if they do this returning to the ship in a foreign port and someone has that problem. Are they going to be left behind or are they going to be quarantined in their room?
  11. We're using a device at work that's like a mounted ipad. You look at it and the camera detects your temperature. It makes some people feel better but It's not a substitute for a covid19 test.
  12. I believe we should be getting $100 OBC for august cruises. At one point they were offering OBC for people who didn't cancel and I remember $100 being what I was supposed to receive for my 8/29 cruise. Actually I think they started that for a week after my 2/29 Panorama cruise. I remember just missing the cut on that one.
  13. Of course it’s not for everyone. I wouldn’t do it. But I won’t watch a movie by the pool either. A lot of people do it. A lot of people want to hook up things to the TVs so they can watch movies or play games. If it keeps some people happy and reduces the number of people in the lounges it works for me.
  14. Haha yeah.. Most of my vacations as a kid were like in a trailer at a Toledo bend. “Go catch some fish we can eat next week.” The only beach I knew was Galveston. Carnival is luxury to me.
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