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  1. Saint Greg


    It kind of depends. I used to have to use the amenities. But here lately on a lot of the hotels they’ve been giving you 3 possible hotels and it’s one of those three. They give you the star rating at trip advisor rating of those three. Usually at least one has the wrong hotel or trip advisor rating so you can eliminate it. Sometimes it totally gives it away. After that if it told the number of trip advisor reviews I’ll check trip advisor to make sure it’s right. The number isn’t exact. It may say 2500 in the rating but on trip advisor it’s up to 2503 or something. Sometimes if it gives the tripadvisor rating number, it’s a simple as scrolling down to the regular price hotels and looking at their number of ratings. The hot rate hotels are usually listed down there.
  2. Saint Greg

    Drink package

    The beer I drink is $6.50 so in that case the break even would be 8.
  3. Saint Greg


    Earlier today I snagged the Sheraton Four Points on Bourbon Street for $84 the Saturday night before my 8/25 cruise.
  4. Saint Greg


    First one is Hyatt House. Second one is doubletree
  5. How long does it take to get a refund card if you put a gift card on your account and don’t use it all?
  6. Saint Greg


    Sorry I was on a cruise last week. It doesn't look like that specific hotel is available for your nights anymore. There is another 4-star french quarter-bourbon street with 85% recommendation that has 2500 trip advisor reviews for $157. The one you posted above has 587 trip advisor reviews. Anyway the one with 2500 trip advisor reveiws is the Wyndham French Quarter.
  7. Use stubhub.com. You'll get a better price.
  8. Saint Greg

    Mall Opening Time/Walk To Port?

    Yeah I've walked through there very early. I was in the mall before 7:30am on 11/4. The Cafe Du Monde in the mall opens at 8am.
  9. Actually you can tell with the time stamps on the full site. You can't on mobile. Here is a breakdown based on my time stamps. Basically I went from sitting in the lido buffet to out of customs in 20 mins. 8:54 I was sitting in lido buffet and they called my tag number 8:59 I was off the boat and on the ramp 9:07 I had my luggage 9:10 In line for customs 9:14 out of customs
  10. On embarkation day it was great because I had my AT&T on the Mississippi. I was streaming NFL Redzone. Once I switched over to the ship...it basically met my expectations for the most part. My expectations are that I can use this forum, upload pictures, email, and iMessage. One day picture uploads were slow...meaning 5mins per pic when it was normally like 30 seconds. That was Belize day. Saturday night we lost internet totally for an hour 6pm-7pm. I’m looking forward to seeing what the upgraded internet on vista is like. If it’s true we can stream audio and video, I’ll be pretty darn happy. this is what I was getting trying to log into my plan when the internet was down.
  11. Saint Greg

    Why travel solo?

    My family’s primary means of communication is iMessage. Since I get that with ship internet, they never even know I’m gone.
  12. Saint Greg

    Newest XL LNG ship to be named Carnival Mardi Gras

    With the new ships coming in eventually they’re going to have to move Breeze and Magic somewhere. I’m hoping New Orleans gets back to a Dream Class at some point. NCL and Disney are seasonal. Disney is doing a whole six cruises out of New Orleans in 2020. And the people I know who sail Disney would never sail carnival. They only sail Disney. The main part of the Dream move is increasing capacity on 4-5 day cruises. New Orleans upgrades from Triumph to Valor. Galveston upgrades from Valor to Dream. No reason why they can’t put a Dream Class back in New Orleans for 7-day cruises once one is replaced by a mega ship.
  13. Saint Greg

    Newest XL LNG ship to be named Carnival Mardi Gras

    That was my first thought. But honestly, they can send it to Florida and send Breeze or Magic to New Orleans and I’d be happy.
  14. Not sure. I’ve never had the dining room one.