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  1. Saint Greg

    How do you acquire a DOU card in the casinos?

    Not really. Say you put $10 in a slot machine and win $40 then lose it. That’s $50 wagered even though you only spent $10.
  2. Saint Greg

    Man Overboard

    The article Jenny linked is dated today.
  3. If you like pineapple, you'll like it.
  4. Saint Greg

    Gift card specials

    The $50 stays on your card and you can use it for something else. I use it to prepay for cheers and internet. Apply it to my account onboard. Now if you apply it to your onboard account, they will send you a new card with the remainder. I got off of the ship on sunday and my new card came via fed ex on tuesday.
  5. Saint Greg

    Gift card specials

    They used to have ecards. It was great. I used to be able to purchase them from the ship and immediately apply them to my account. about the last six months they've been physical cards. shipped via ups for a 59 cent charge. If the cards total $500 or more they will require a signature.
  6. I need to remember next time to get a name for each drink I really like...or something the bartender will recognize it by.
  7. Saint Greg

    Gift card specials

    AARP rewards for good and Allstate Drivewise both 10% off + 59 cents shipping
  8. Saint Greg

    Do you have this problem?

    I was on Triumph last year and the year before. The thing I liked about it was it still had the old style shows..and they flew in a magician from vegas for a vegas style magic show and a burlesque show later that night in the comedy club. I'd recommend checking out both of those if they still do that. This was the magician: https://markbennick.com/
  9. Saint Greg

    Do you have this problem?

    What ship are you going on?
  10. That was a rhetorical question since I posted a pic of my refund card. I got off the ship on sunday and my card was here tuesday.
  11. That's a good question. I was thinking I should've done like a drink of the day or something. I'll give you my favorites here. I'm bringing back one from the last cruise as well. If you want easy to order ones with names go with from Maria: Abuela's Blueberry pie, Christmas in Hawaii, Banana Split, and Chocolate Covered Cherry. From Suri: Raspberry Mojito and his Coconut Zaya drink. But there are some more in this list with pictures that I didn't have names of. Maria's Abuela's Blueberry Pie Maria's Christmas in Hawaii Maria's Strawberry Pineapple Vodka drink I didn't make note of what was in this one...but Maria made it. Same deal with this one. It was kind of a chocolate flavored Maria drink. Maria said this was a new recipe. I think she put barcardi and malibu in it...and it tasted strawberry. Coconut drink from Maria Maria's Banana Split drink Maria's Chocolate covered cherry drink Suri's Raspberry Mojito Suri's coconut zaya drink
  12. Saint Greg

    Romaine Lettuce

    On Dream last week I never ordered a Caesar in the dining room but at the pasta bar they had them scratched off the list on embarkation day. Later in the week it was not scratched off. I selected one but they didn't bring it. So I'm guessing no Caesar salads as of last week.
  13. mock bookings every so often are what I do...and everytime I see some sort of "sale" advertised here or on the carnival site.
  14. Saint Greg

    Signature for AARP gift cards over $500

    I've done it as late as...while it was out for delivery and they still diverted it...just didn't deliver until the next day.