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  1. I noticed on the schedule they had bingo somewhere at 8pm tonight so that’s an option for people as well.
  2. I stopped by the sports bar. It’s back to normal now. No karaoke.
  3. After the Mexican show they had a mariachi band play for 45 minutes.
  4. Pretty sure it’s moving to Tuesday next month
  5. I grabbed a couple things off of there I liked the one on the left. Not the one on the right.
  6. Weird this one is upside down no matter what I do with it. It’s not on my phone. Then I copied it and flipped one upside down. both show upside down here. Weird.
  7. So I decided to stop by the buffet for dessert. I’m impressed by their number of live cooking stations. I saw them cooking shrimp, steak, lamb chops, pasta, pizza, burgers, salmon.
  8. Someone messed up because I ordered steak and salmon but just got steak.
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