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  1. Thank you! That was exactly the info I was looking for! I'll check the Sunrise!
  2. I know the ship is still under construction, but has there been a similar class ship "re-styled" lately and if so, did it include a thermal spa?
  3. I can’t seem to see any cruises from Vancouver for 2022. Has carnival stopped using that as a departure port? The only 7 day Alaskan cruise i see is the Freedom from Seattle.
  4. Hi there, we are hoping to be cruising over New Years if things are back up and running by then. There are two Carnival sailings that work for our dates - one goes to Princess Cays and Nassau and the other goes to Freeport and Nassau. The Princess Cays itinerary would cost us more, but I'm thinking we would not need any excursions and I believe the Cheers Package would work on the island. My main priority is safety in port as we are bringing our teenaged daughter and possibly other families might come. We are the type to prefer laid-back beach days with some shopping as my daughter likes
  5. Also, now that Coronavirus is a "known event" insofar as insurance is concerned (well, according to Manulife which is sold here in Canada by many TA), if you purchased the insurance after they declared that, I would be leary that insurance would cover any costs you incur due to quarantine under Trip Interruption. To quote from Manulife website "As of March 5, 2020, Manulife has determined that COVID-19 is now considered a known event and Trip Cancellation and Interruption claims for this known event will no longer be considered payable for policies issued on or before March 5, 2020." Of c
  6. I’m uneasy for sure.. while I’m not terrribly afraid of the virus itself, I am concerned with border closures and quarantines. I am going to hold off booking my New Years cruise and watch this play out a while.
  7. Thx all! I might just choose a la cartes and let the picky teenager who is our third person just order guacamole (Mexican one) or pizza (Cucina)... Keep the cost down when she’s not one to enjoy some of the mains I see on the menus.
  8. Not happy that it doesn't include equipment rentals on GSC anymore. The only other port on our itinerary is Puerto Plata and with it being new, I don't even know what I can take that would be close to $50 if I didn't want to spend a lot more.
  9. Hi there, If there are three of us in a stateroom on a 5 day cruise, we would get 4 specialty dining meal credits. Can we use three at once so that all three of us can go together, or do we have to split it into 2 separate meals? Can one get food takeaway style at the Mexican style one?
  10. I'm just curious how that works? Does NCL contact you and ask you to bid? Can you contact them and ask if an upgrade for XX dollars is available?
  11. Are there any tours available that don't involve swimming in the falls? We have one member in our group who is afraid of water (I realize they would have a life jacket but they are still not comfortable with water). Not a fan of ladders either...
  12. Has anyone stayed in one of the unobstructed picture window oceanviews on Deck 5 or Deck 6 (Oslo) in a room that sleeps 3? Not the wheelchair accessible ones... I haven't been able to locate on cruisedeckplans or google the answer to whether there is a Pullman or a convertible sofa bed in these rooms. If it is a Pullman, is it positioned overtop of the other two beds, or over the sofa? The pictures on the NCL website look as if it is a Pullman over a sofa, but I'm a little leary of trusting that after reading a review where a person did not have that set-up when they specifically asked
  13. Hi there, I have checked Google, Cruisedeckplans, Youtube, etc, but have yet to find a recent photo (post refurb) of an oceanview stateroom on this deck. I mostly want to know if there is a couch that converts to a bed or a pullman in these rooms that sleep three (looking at booking room 6224). I don't like the idea of the pullman over the bed in the large porthole type rooms.
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