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  1. Hello! Are people still receiving these codes on their NCL account after they sail? I have a cruise coming up in December and am looking to book August 2025. I'm not sure if I should just wait until December to book? Can I book now and then have them re-price it if I get a code later or onboard? I will be using Cruisefirst if that makes a difference.
  2. I, too, am wondering about the difference between the views on the bus and the train? The bus is considerably cheaper. Can I ask where you saw the bus that includes dog sled? That sounds fantastic!
  3. Would Cruise Next or Cruise First be considered "stacking discounts"?
  4. With the snorkelling from shore at Money Bar, do you walk into deep water or is it a shallow entrance that gets gradually deeper? Do you need to be deep to see fish?
  5. Hi there! Any ideas what kind of updates we will see in Spirit's dry dock in January 2025? Hoping there's a thermal spa!
  6. Would Carnival Luminosa be likely to be able to make this stop in mid-August (reading that July may be iffy)...
  7. Does anyone know where Luminosa docks in Ketchikan? Is it walkable to Creek Street?
  8. I haven't been, but I would recommend you watch a youtube video of the float before you decide. I was thinking of that one myself, but just be aware it does go through some residential areas - it's not all scenic floating.
  9. I've been reading about nightmare line-ups for shuttle busses in some of the Alaska ports such as Sitka (if it's a bigger ship using the out of town dock) and Ketchikan (if sailing on NCL to Ward Cove). How does one find out if the ship one is considering drops you off in town where you can just walk to the town, or away and you need a shuttle? Especially for the following ports - Juneau, Skagway, Icy Straight Point... The thought of standing in line for an hour for a shuttle does not seem appealing. We are having to sail in July or August, as well, so the ships will probably be full (friend is a teacher).
  10. Does this promo run often? I often book oceanview cabins and was able to take advantage of this this time, but wondering if on my upcoming cruise, I should buy two cruise next again with the hopes of using them again in summer 2025.
  11. Sorry, I'm finding this confusing... A person can buy FCD for ANOTHER PERSON who is NOT sailing? Does that have to be done onboard or can it be done after the cruise within 60 days? What information does the person buying the FCD (if it must be done onboard) need about the person the FCD is intended for? And can they also still buy for themselves then?
  12. I've been reading about the various cuts HAL is making and wondering if these classes are rumoured to be on the chopping block? I am already sad to learn that classical music is being cut. Hoping not too many more cuts before summer 2025!
  13. Thanks @cruiserbruce! Do they alternate, so that one is always open?
  14. Hi there! Considering Eurodam for Alaska 2025... Are these venues open every night?
  15. Can anyone tell me the approximate costs of some of the additional activities onboard? I was reading in the reviews that many of the activities are extra cost. I was wondering, like i-Fly, bumper cars etc? Are all those extra fee?
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