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  1. To be honest, the only reason we paid for the specialty dining was to have lobster. Now I'm not sure it's even worth it. I can pay alot less while in port if you consider the upcharges. Nothing on these new menus seems that spectacular compared with the MDR to justify. Thoughts?
  2. If I win a spa balcony upgrade, will they refund the week long Thermal passes I bought?
  3. Hi everyone, Sorry, I should have researched further to see the list of banned items before asking. The reason I ask, is because I'm having a hard time justifying having to pay extra (almost $500 for the two of us) to upgrade to the premium plus beverage package, just so that we can have Latte's. I just had a thought that if I brought my own Nespresso and Frother I could avoid having to pay for a-la-carte latte's. We usually cruise celebrity so the fact that the included beverage package with the promo doesn't include water or coffee is just kind of irritating and I was hoping
  4. Anyone know if I can bring my own Nespresso machine and milk Frother?
  5. Trying to decide about making a reservation for specialty restaurant on NYE versus eating in MDR. Does anyone know if there are special menus in either the MDR or specialty restaurants that evening?
  6. The only NCL cruise we've ever done is the Getaway. We normally cruise with Celebrity but I have a credit that I have to use before the end of the year with NCL. First time going on a cruise without our kids. Yay!!! We prefer an inside cabin because well, we are on a budget and like to apply the money to spa passes instead of the room category. Cleanliness and good food would be our other priorities. Ports of call really don't matter to us. We love spending time in the Thermal Suite, as a couple using the Sauna, Steam Rooms, and Heated Loungers. We spend a few hours th
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