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  1. My CCL cruise in May still shows St Maarten and so does my RCL December 2020 cruise.
  2. I got an ok deal on a balcony cabin for a Bermuda cruise that I'll keep since I can always hang out there. But I'm seriously considering canceling my Panama Canal cruise in a studio cabin since there is so little public deck space. I'll wait and see the reviews first though.
  3. OMG. This ship is huuuuuge. Seeing all of the equipment in the bottom pic really established the scale for me. Wow.
  4. I got a feeling that I'm gonna need at least a 2nd trip to NOLA
  5. . @princeton123211 Thanks so much for the suggestions. And yes, I love a good dive 🙂
  6. I'm taking my 1st cruise in December out of New Orleans. I'm staying in New Orleans for 3 extra nights at the end of the cruise (Thurs-Sat). This will be my 1st time in New Orleans too. So far on my to do list, I have: WWII Museum Voodoo Museum The Presbytère Dooky Chase Mother's Gumbo Shop Cafe du Monde Acme Oyster House Are there any other attractions, I should add to my list? I plan on exploring the garden district and French Quarter on my own or via a walking tour. I would like more options than what I have in case I'd like to do more. As far as the restaurants go, am I missing a place I should really try? I'm looking for places where locals would eat, which I know isn't necessarily the places recommended to tourists. For instance, I'm from Philly and I don't know anyone who gets cheesesteaks from Pat's or Geno's, but these are always on the must do lists for Philadelphia. I'm also a fan of the Sidecar and Sazerac and would love to try "authentic" versions of these drinks if anyone can recommend a place to give these drinks a try. My hotel is on Canal St, a few blocks away from St. Louis Cemetery, but Uber and public transportation wouldn't be a big deal at all to me to get around.
  7. haha funny 🙂
  8. reeinaz


    I've booked all of my cruises as a solo traveler and have only paid a deposit for 1. If you do a mock booking for 2, you'll see that it will be twice the deposit required for just 1 passenger. I think NCL only charges $50pp deposits for all cruises more that 4 months away. I have 2 cruises booked with them and I haven't had the impression that it was a limited time promotion. I paid $150 for a 5 night CCL (50% off deposit sale), $250 for an 8 night Bahamas RCL, $400 for a 13 day CCL deposit (50% off deposit sale), and $125 for a Celebrity 12 night (2 for 1 deposit sale). I know Celebrity also uses the length of the cruise to determine the deposit amount. I believe less than 7 day cruises have a smaller deposit than those 7 days or longer. I don't know if any other cruise line also does that.
  9. Thanks. I scoured the boards for information on past cruises, and yes, it has docked with the starboard side facing the city. I'm on a cruise that leaves out of New Orleans in December and I read that the port side gives good views of the city when traveling down the Mississippi and jumped on a portside balcony for this trip as well, forgetting that it is travelling up river. The downriver portion will happen overnight. But I suppose I will get nice views of other ships travelling up and down the river while docked. Either way, I will enjoy my 1st Mardi Gras :)
  10. This thread has made me even more excited about my cruise on this ship in February.
  11. Yes, I've definitely seen there are levels of obstruction besides simply partial and full. I managed to score a 30% obstructed view balcony on the Celebrity Equinox (trailing edge of the hump). It's in between lifeboats and the tops of the lifeboats only reach the bottom of the balcony. I never would have thought to really look hard at that cabin if I hadn't read about hump balconies on this site or read about cabins in between lifeboats. I guess what really had me curious about obstructed views is that I have booked a GTY balcony on the NCL Encore and since the lifeboats are tucked in like on the Bliss, I'm wondering about the other possible obstructions. Are there any websites that show the location of all the 'extra' stuff on ships? The deck plans seem to just show cabins and public areas. I've also been curious about locations of laundry rooms and things like that. I've found most information by searching specific rooms and reading what people have said about them but obviously not all rooms have this information available.
  12. The usual culprit is a lifeboat/tender. But as an example, on the NCL Bliss, the lifeboats are tucked into the ship and don’t create obstructed views. But the ship still warns of possible obstructed views when booking GTY cabins. I know this varies from ship to ship, but what other features besides lifeboats could obstruct your view? This question is not specific to the Bliss.
  13. Thanks for the flashlight idea. It will save my phone battery if I ever need to use it for an extended period.
  14. I had 9842 booked out of NYC to Bermuda in September. When I read here that the only difference was the bathroom size, I changed my booking to a sail away balcony for $200 less. I can put that $200 towards my drinks.
  15. I'm not referring to rate. I'm referring to how the cabin is actually labled and color coded on the deck plan. There are 2 cabins on both decks 8 and deck 9 that are labeled MX as opposed to being labeled M6, MC, or MB like the other mini suites.
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