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  1. Hi! We will be using a flight that NCL arranged for us to Rome. We are long time cruisers, but this is the first time we have used their flight services. We get a transfer to the cruise ship when we arrive at the airport. Will there be someone greeting us with a NCL sign at the luggage pickup? Thanks much!
  2. Your answer makes perfect sense . Those that are needy should tip more. We are very unneedy
  3. Just asking a general question on what are good deals that this port is known for
  4. Not worried one bit. Just trying to gauge a fair amount like I saID
  5. Suggestions of gift ideas to buy in Portugal. Thanks
  6. What are some good items to purchase in spain (cadiz and Barcelona). Thanks
  7. Suggestions for items to buy in Cannes for gifts. (best deals,etc).
  8. I am just trying to get an average of what people tip their butler. We are about to take a 16 day cruise and have a penthouse room. We really don't use the butler other then filling our coffee machine and bringing in the daily snacks they give you. We of course will base it on the service but just trying to see what others do. Thanks much!
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