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  1. I can't believe the slides go through balconies!!! wth
  2. I'm doing a b2b on the Horizon. 12/5/21 and 12/11/21
  3. I'm ok with the rules. It's the actual play I'm more interested in. I think I'd feel more comfortable and have more fun playing with others who also don't have much of a clue. At least the first few times.
  4. LOL. I'm just wondering if there are slower paced games for beginners so we don't mess up the flow, playing with the regulars. I grew up watching the guys throw dice on the corner. Craps is actually one of the games I'm more familiar with.
  5. I've never gambled before but am considering visiting the casino on my next cruise. Does Carnival offer any introductory classes for any of the games? I'm more interested in roulette and craps than card games or slots. Thanks
  6. Thats exactly what I was thinking. That would definitely be a hard stop. lol
  7. If you're already paying to get a rapid PCR test, then I would think 1 test within 72 hours would cover both. It's the waiting period of the normal PCR test that would make 72 hours too close for comfort for me.
  8. https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/NCL_Travel_Protection_Essentials.pdf
  9. Maybe they thought the exemption applied to all the rules.
  10. I can confirm that this code ENCOFF is related to a discount regarding an Encore cruise. I had an Encore cruise itinerary change and was given a 10% discount on a future cruise. This is the code that showed on my booking when the discount was used.
  11. What's the difference in price between non-stop and what you received? How does that compare to NCL's price?
  12. Yeah! My cabin is somewhere in that pic on deck 11.
  13. Did they send you an email informing you of the change??
  14. Well you still sail before my December cruise 🙂 Please confirm your findings with pics!!! I'm guessing @the nurse's cruise was cancelled?
  15. I got my cabin assignment for my March cruise about a month ago.
  16. Most of my current cruises were booked April and May of last year when there were some really great deals and even better FCC benefits gained from my cancelled COVID cruises
  17. Is the dress code relaxed on the first night like on Carnival?
  18. I think the Sun and Sky have an Oslo deck that is only accessible by stairs.
  19. The $25 credit is only if you book using the current air promo. Typically, deviation requests cost $25 extra per person. None of my flights were booked under the current promo and my deviations incurred a charge.
  20. I think these would look nice with your pants with some low footies. https://www.6pm.com/p/eurosoft-rafi-black/product/9515003/color/3
  21. Hi all. I’m cruising out of Port Canaveral May 2022. We get back on a Friday and I’m going to stay until Sunday to visit a theme park or 2. It’s just me and a girlfriend. No kids. I have never been to any of the Orlando parks. My friend has been to all of them except Animal Kingdom. She suggests Magic Kingdom since I’ve never been. But I was actually thinking of Universal just because I don’t identify as a “Disney person”. But I’m sure I would lose my s**t if I saw Mickey Mouse. Can we do both? Is that too ambitious for 2 days (day and a half)? What would you suggest to make the most of my time there? TIA
  22. air and land add ons are also subject to cancellation fees Cancellation Fee Schedule For Cruises DepartingON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 31, 2021 Days Prior to Departure Date Cruise/Cruisetour Cancellation Fee Air & Land Add-on Cancellation Fee The Haven Suites, Suites, Garden Villas and Holiday Sailings 61 days or more - prior to sailing 0% 0% 60 days or less 100% 100% 1-6 Day Sailings (Club Balcony Suites/Mini-Suites and Below) 61 days or more - prior to sailing 0% 0% 60 - 31 days 75%* 75% 30 days or less 100% 100% 7 Days or More Sailings (Club Balcony Suites/Mini-Suites and Below) 61 days or more - prior to sailing 0% 0% 60 - 31 days 75%* 75% 30 days or less 100% 100% *Cancellation Fee for 3-8 Guests will also follow the schedule outlined above
  23. They'll exclude the ones that conflict with the one you've already booked. That annoys me because it doesn't give you the option to change your mind. lol
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