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  1. I think they still have them they just aren’t delivering them to the rooms. On Mardi Gras you could get them at the coffee shop or bar Della rosa or guest services. But you can also pull the .PDF file off of the free section of their website. I’ll start posting Panorama in 37 days.
  2. Could be…maybe they figure they’ll make money off of bar and specialty restaurants. But If it were me….and I’m not going to make money off of cruise fare. I’m not going to make money in the casino. I’d rather just have fewer people on the ship and call it reduced capacity for COVID. Maybe it’s for people who aren’t booked to get them to book again.
  3. Highlights of my Jeff the juggler videos. I didn’t want to give him multiple days. Not bad for someone who was texting on his phone and not paying attention. 😂 https://www.instagram.com/p/CT4aSCklW7I/?utm_medium=copy_link
  4. Has to be right? I don’t get them either but I have seen some good deals out there like my $400 panorama…there’s also $225 5-day breeze and I recently saw a $500 8-day dream.
  5. That would be a good enough deal. But all of my vacation time is spoken for. When are you going?
  6. Oh wow. That’s how I lost 300 OBC. The form they sent me only got me my full FCC. They still tied $300 OBC to the other person. I later got it back when I booked another cruise that was canceled.
  7. You have to be prepared to go on it. I was prepared to go on every cruise I booked.
  8. I think you can’t because it’s a muster station. It was my muster station. And with the new muster procedure, it’s a muster station all day.
  9. Each offer supersedes the previous offer. That’s how you got hit. They will try to take that OBC from you at every turn. With 7 canceled cruises, I had $900 in OBC taken from me. I got $300 of it back. It’s too late to do what I did now though. A few months ago I could’ve advised you to apply that FcC to another long cruise that will get canceled and it would go back to $600 after the cancellation. Too late now though.
  10. I’ve never been to costa Maya. This cruise was San Juan, Amber Cove, and Nassau (changed from Grand Turk). Being so close to Galveston it will have to be one heck of a deal for me to fly to Florida for a western Caribbean cruise….it will probably never happen.
  11. It’s nothing that has to be done far in advance. I’ve never seen it full.
  12. The problem with booking the cruise rate for the entire trip is you have to give that receipt to someone at the garage and from my experience, they know when cruises are leaving. I tried it on my first cruise in 2014. It was elation 5 day. I booked it for 6 days. They looked at it and assumed I was on a 7 day and made me pay for a 7th day. I wasn’t even going to be there that day but I just went with it because adding the 7th day at the cruise price was going to be about the same as if I had paid the hotel rate for the 6th day. You could always try. I just don’t want any problems so I book the hotel rate and the cruise rate. Here is my write up on Hilton Garden Inn https://saintgregtravel.com/new-orleans-hotel-review-hilton-garden-inn-convention-center/
  13. As I'm working through my blog I'm up to the night where I had the late dinner at Rudi's Sea Grill and it reminded me of something I didn't post that night. They had a juggler. Jeff the Juggler. I have some videos of it. Actually I took more videos of this guy than anything on the entire cruise. I had to leave his show early to make it to my dinner reservation. After dinner I walked down to Grand Central and he was repeating his show. I didn't tell you about this part live for my anonymity. I grab a seat down front. It's 11pm and there aren't many people at this show. I'm the only person sitting at the tables. He's still at a part I've already seen so I start posting dinner pictures to the review and he stops his show and gives me a hard time about being on my phone. He thought I was texting and he was a bit of a jerk about it....and now I get to tell everyone about it.
  14. The Jerry Jones is much better a business man than he is a football man. This year you don't have the defense.
  15. Cowboys have a large fan base from the 70's and 90's. And some of those people raised their kids to be Cowboys fans and so on. But as many Cowboys fans as there are, there are also just as many...if not more people who hate the Cowboys. Those people also watch just to see the Cowboys lose.
  16. $300? Holy heck. I know they have them for $85 at DFW.
  17. I don't know the ship setup, but I have worked for a place that had sunday ticket before. At that place each TV didn't have it's own directv connection. We had receivers programmed to channels. If receiver 1 was channel 1 and I set receiver one to the Chargers vs. 49ers. Every TV in the place could see the Chargers vs. 49ers on channel 1. We did not have enough receivers to program all of the noon games. So I would always leave a bad team that nobody in the area cared about like the Jets out. I don't know the carnival setup but if that's how they have it, they can only show as many games as they have receivers.
  18. Hey, a winning team flew back to Dallas on Sunday.
  19. Pixels desk for me as well on Mardi Gras two weeks ago. Pin and luggage tag.
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