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  1. That's quite right, it was taken on Deck 3
  2. Those look great, I'll try to make mine a bit neater next time !
  3. Yes, we are having a circuit breaker/fire break to give us some time to improve track and trace and to make sure our hospitals can cope with Covid-19 patients as well as the normal winter pressures. A lot of routine work was cancelled first time round which is something to be avoided. It's not really a hard lockdown, people can still leave home for exercise, essential shopping and if they can't work from home. Primary and some secondary school classes will be open after the half term break on November 2nd. Our pub will be doing deliveries so we can still have Fish & Chips. Not much will change for us as we both have to go to work. Half the time for me, all the time for Me HH, you can't fix Steelworks trains from home !
  4. Great detective work, I tried looking up February 3rd but it didn't help me at all !
  5. How does using the hotel restaurant comply with the requirements ? This seems quite clear.
  6. Thank you for confirming but that doesn't seem to comply with our self isolation regulations, did you have an exemption ? https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-how-to-self-isolate-when-you-travel-to-the-uk/coronavirus-covid-19-how-to-self-isolate-when-you-travel-to-the-uk
  7. Yes, it was, this view might help with the current location.
  8. Thanks, they're far too ugly for a photograph but they taste great ! I didn't bother with the topping either.
  9. Correct, it's shown in it's current location but where was it before ?
  10. Mr Alc is brave ! Mr HH has taken his Mother to close up her caravan in Pembrokeshire for the winter. It's one of the "reasonable excuses" for leaving the county. I had a go at making the Cunard bakewell muffins being discussed in another thread. They won't win any beauty prizes but the one I had to check them tested good. Strictly Come Dancing started last night, it's one of my winter highlights.
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