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  1. Happy Thursday everyone, I went to my first in person meeting since mid-March. It was quite a big room but I didn't feel entirely comfortable sharing it with 9 other people. It's been another warm (for Wales) day here and we're expecting some news about a relaxation of our lockdown tomorrow. We're still a bit behind England. I had paid the deposit for a cottage stay with friends in mid-August, they're not asking for payment yet but as the person who booked it is based in England, they will want final payment once English rules allow holiday cottage stays. As we're all from different households in England, Wales and Belgium it could get messy !
  2. In pre-Covid-19 days there was no need to leave the ship in Southampton. I have no idea what the new procedure will be.
  3. It depends where your turnaround port is. In the USA you have to disembark, in Europe you usually don't.
  4. Still no news on when the lockdown will be lifted in Wales, we've had a lovely couple of days, today was due to be cloudy but has turned out to be lovely so far. The port was well received, I was amused that Mr HH has been the one to go out shopping and I got a bottle of chocolate wine out of one of our cupboards ! He's doing something up a ladder at the moment but once that's finished we'll be opening the champagne.🍾
  5. Unfortunately the guidelines of this board do not allow the posting of PCS or Travel Agent details. Thanks for your assistance.
  6. We sailed from Rome to Venice, gorgeous weather and much quieter than Summer
  7. It's been a chilly, windy day here, good for drying washing but not much else. It's supposed to improve over the next couple of days. I watched a couple of sessions of the Hay Festival online which were very enjoyable. The BBC journalist mentioned in passing returning to the US on Queen Mary 2 so there was a tenuous Cunard connection.
  8. I really hope not, it's an interesting experiment for us to watch what's happening "next door". To be honest most of the things I'm really missing won't be allowed for a while anyway, going on holiday being the main one. We usually have something planned and all my Facebook memory reminders of holidays aren't helping ! With all the terrible things happening elsewhere it seems really self indulgent to be sad about missing holidays but hopefully this is a safe space for those thoughts. I have a 4 day weekend coming up, Bank Holiday Monday and then our Anniversary on Tuesday. I went for 2001 vintage port in the end, I might save the Krug for his *0 birthday in July. We're still hoping to be able to have a party for that but time will tell. Have a good weekend everyone and thanks for telling us how things are where you are.
  9. Fortunately people in Wales seem to be following the spirit of the regulations rather than "reading between the lines".
  10. It amuses me, it's only last year I was trying to negotiate more home working for staff and getting nowhere. Now we know it actually works reasonably well for some people I can imagine it'll last a while here as well.
  11. I live in Wales, no driving to exercise here.
  12. We've agreed terms for the next 2 months of furlough, some people are coming back to work and others furloughed. It was the warmest day of the year so far yesterday and I managed a couple of hours in the garden when I got home from work (sitting not gardening !). There are photographs in the press of packed beaches in England, we're still not allowed to drive for exercise so the only people who can go the beaches in Wales are those who live close enough to walk. We could theoretically but I've never actually been to the nearest one, there are cliffs in the way. There was heavy rain overnight although I think we missed out on the dramatic lightening over Swansea.
  13. Nice report from one of my favourite journalists. Shame they didn't show a bit more of the Cunard ships.
  14. Beautiful photographs, that's great news, it must be such a relief after all this time.
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