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  1. Nice photos @Lanky Lad, sad news indeed. We're back in Pembrokeshire, putting up curtains and watching the new ferry.
  2. It sometimes feels as if the dress code threads go on that long but I think it might be ! Thanks again to all the contributors
  3. It should be in my signature but if not it's hosthattie@gmail.com.
  4. Happy Easter everyone, thanks for the reminder @Kynance. I'm glad your first week went well @Lanky Lad, good timing to start with 4 day weeks. How exciting @Camgirl, I think you have my real world email address, if not drop me a line at the Host Hattie address and we can swap stories. Hopefully things will be back to normal by the time you're trying to set something up because buying a house full of new furniture while the shops are closed and you're not there full-time is a bit of a trial !
  5. I believe the date refers to her arrival at Pembroke Dock to be scrapped. The marker is just outside the wall of the former Royal Dockyard.
  6. Still not Cunard but naval historians might be interested in this seen on my morning stroll
  7. It's another beautiful day in Pembroke Dock, one delivery has arrived and I'm waiting for a mattress now. I'd ordered other furniture to be delivered today but the retailer tells me I can't have it today because their delivery company doesn't work Bank Holidays. I'm not very convinced as it's the same delivery company bringing my mattress today and their proposed delivery day is Monday (also a Bank Holiday here).
  8. It's always good to see you on this thread @bluemarble, yes that's the ferry from Rosslare on the way into Pembroke Dock with Milford Haven in the background.
  9. @naturelovergirl I hope your Grandfather is OK. We got the keys to our new house today, it's not quite Cunard but we do get to see the ferry !
  10. How did your first day go @Lanky Lad ? I got to my office after a week off to see this on the door. My office sharer (I still call her that even though we haven't been there at the same time for a year !) had tested positive last Monday. She didn't have the classic symptoms, just a sore throat initially. Her symptoms have been mild but she's pretty fed up having to self isolate just as we're opening up. It was a reminder that although case numbers are still falling we're not out of the woods yet.
  11. I did, they're on a 5 week leadtime so might be an option for one of the rooms. Thanks for the reminder.
  12. I'll forgive you 😄, let us know what it's like.
  13. Thanks, it's newly built so the kitchen will have to last for a while. I've managed to buy a bed to be delivered on the afternoon of the 1st, I just hope we get the keys on time ! We're not moving, we're hoping to rent it out as a holiday let. We were aiming to get everything ready for the end of May but one of our nieces has been let down for accommodation in the same area from 19th April so we're trying to get it half furnished for them.
  14. I'm not sure which pool you're talking about but there are changing rooms next to most of them.
  15. @bluemarble it brings me out in a cold sweat just thinking about it !
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