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  1. Host Hattie

    Off to the Caribbean on QV, ...again

    I'll give the biscuit question a go, 5880. Enjoy your last day onboard and thanks again for taking us with you. It sounds a wonderful way to pass a gloomy time of year.
  2. Host Hattie

    Cunard Site Down?

    All OK on the UK VP this morning.
  3. Host Hattie

    Cruise transfer to Sevilla from Cadiz Question

    Could it be El Cid ?
  4. Host Hattie

    Laundry Turn Around on QV

    Express service should get it back in time
  5. Host Hattie

    Christmas Decorations

    My experience on QM2 and QV is the same as CateW, they start to take them down in the first few days of January. If you are joining QE after her New Year trip they will all be gone.
  6. Host Hattie

    Smuggling News Story

    The report I saw mentioned Cruise and Maritime's Marco Polo.
  7. Host Hattie

    How fast is the WiFi on Queen Mary 2?

    I haven't sailed on QM2 for a while but my recent experiences on QV have been fine. I don't know much about it but there are regular complaints about speed and performance on other lines.
  8. Host Hattie

    Queen Elizabeth: 14-17 December

    That's interesting, QM2 did the same thing recently. The reason given then seemed equally vague.
  9. Host Hattie

    Off to the Caribbean on QV, ...again

    Sounds like a day full of excitements, enjoy the rest of your journey home.
  10. Host Hattie

    Southampton luggage storage in the week before the cruise

    There are some Daily Programmes from an Eastbound TA in 2016 in the Welcome sticky, they mention luggage storage in Southampton for $65 per bag for up to 30 days.
  11. Host Hattie

    Unable to send a message.

    All sorted
  12. Host Hattie

    Unable to send a message.

    Forum hosts usually have their email addresses in their signatures !
  13. Host Hattie

    Cunard Site Down?

    Strange things happening this morning, error message when trying to access cunard.co.uk via my phone but I can access the site via my computer.
  14. Host Hattie

    North Sea Advice

    There is an itinerary like that in 2020 but next year the crossing via Iceland is from Southampton to New York.
  15. Host Hattie

    QE Mediterranean cruise Oct 18

    Thank you very much for posting, it's always great to hear back from those who have asked questions beforehand ( especially when they have had such a wonderful time !).