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  1. Host Hattie

    Has "ask.cunard.com" bit the dust?

    Just to confuse things my work PC thinks it's in Holland and makes a mess of some the US links ! Thanks for all this, it looks a lot of work
  2. Host Hattie

    Credit cards and port shuttle buses

    My 2 credit card transactions last year both show Queen Victoria, Cunard. Port shuttles are usually available in ports where the docking location isn't within a reasonable walking distance of the town or where you are not allowed to walk off. There used to be a list on the Cunard website but it seems to have disappeared.
  3. Host Hattie

    World Cruise 2019 Queen Victoria

    Definitely .... Great updates Roscoe, it's good to hear something positive about The Steakhouse. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
  4. Host Hattie

    Using FCDs for WC Segments

    Unfortunately the link you posted is to a Travel Agency so I have had to delete it.
  5. Host Hattie

    Using FCDs for WC Segments

    I've not seen that restriction mentioned before.
  6. Host Hattie

    QM after being on other lines

    There are links to examples in the Welcome sticky at the top of the board.
  7. Host Hattie

    Breakfast Menus Cut?

    An update - "we can confirm eggs benedict will be available to order from the main restaurant for breakfast. We notice it does show on some of the menus but not all, so we have taken note of this and fed this back for internal investigation." I had specifically asked about Eggs Benedict but hopefully the other items will reappear at some point.
  8. Host Hattie

    Has "ask.cunard.com" bit the dust?

    Thanks, that would be great, I've been meaning to update the sticky, hopefully I'll get chance this weekend.
  9. Host Hattie

    Breakfast Menus Cut?

    I had a wonderful answer via Twitter ! "If this menu has been found on our website this should be up to date. We will take note of your comments nonetheless and feed these back to the relevant department for you. Many thanks for getting in touch." No response yet to my follow up.
  10. Host Hattie

    Breakfast Menus Cut?

    Good question ! I would be very disappointed if this is correct.
  11. Host Hattie

    Dress standards lowered for Queen Elizabeth Alaska cruises?

    Number of gala/formal nights normally depends on number of sea days, we had 3 on our last 10 night, port intensive cruise. The first night of Mediterranean fly cruises has been Jacket optional for the last couple of years.
  12. Host Hattie

    QM2 Sheltered Cabins...what was Payne thinking?

    Or book a cruise/crossing when he is onboard and ask him the question ! I really enjoyed his lectures during our British Isles cruise in 2015.
  13. Host Hattie

    Dress Code

    Just as many jackets required but possibly less ties, the Smart Attire dress code is Jacket required, tie optional.
  14. Host Hattie


    I can't help with first hand experience but the Cunard website says this Medical gas bottles are allowed in connection with a certified medical condition but cannot be packed in baggage. Oxygencylinders must be delivered to the pursers’ office and stored in a designated safe area
  15. Host Hattie

    Bringing a bottle of Spirts on Board

    There is an article with most lines alcohol policy here Cruise Line Alcohol policy Hopefully, the rest are a bit more accurate than the Cunard section !