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  1. But she normally arrives early morning New York time so late morning/early afternoon Greenwich time.
  2. ETA shown as 22.45 tonight, that's unusual as well.
  3. My original photograph is from the Daily Programme so hopefully available for everyone to read once on board. This one is from the Voyage Booklet for our next trip. Perhaps the wording has been updated since you sailed ?
  4. I would read this to mean that non-ripped jeans are considered for the casual areas not smart attire.
  5. There is a link to the Guest speaker list in the Welcome sticky. I can't find a sailing on that date, do you mean 23rd ?
  6. No, just dinner eaten on Embarkation Day.
  7. That's pretty typical of the accuracy of the rest of the story.
  8. Correct, that was the headline showing on the website when I made my comment.
  9. The options originally offered were the usual ones, lose the deposit or transfer to a booking of the same or higher value. I believe P&O have the same booking conditions.
  10. Actually the column said that was what the agency they had booked with told them.
  11. The original advice was either that they could cancel and lose their deposit (not the whole amount) or transfer their deposit to a cruise of higher value (these are the standard terms as far as I know). The headline is very misleading - https://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/katie-investigates/cruise-doesnt-sail-2021-wont-refund-27k-booking/ You would need to register to read the whole article I'm afraid.
  12. If they are supporting families at home, yes they do. Even if not, they still need somewhere to live/store their belongings when they're not at sea.
  13. That's good to hear, I hope it's not too bumpy out there.
  14. Official answer is here https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/eta.html
  15. There are some prices in this thread
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