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  1. At the moment, isn't cruising in Australia suspended until the end of September 2021? Or has there been a more recent amendment date. If this is the case, and cruising does kick start in Australia before Christmas 21, we could still get a few months in.
  2. Love your work Astro Flyer....
  3. As mentioned in Cruise Passenger...... Cruise and Maritime Voyages, the traditional British cruise line which folded during COVID, has auctioned off its five ships. And one even sold for $1.7 million – around the price of an inner Sydney house. The vessels were sold for between $1.7 and $10.1 million and are either being held by private companies or meeting their watery endings at scrap yards. Here is a list of where they ended up: Vasco Da Gama Built in 1992, Vasco Da Gama was the most expensive sell in the CMV fleet. Sailing off to Mystic Invest, a family-owned fin
  4. Thanks again Petra for taking us along on this cruise with you. Glad you had the opportunity to experience an aft balcony cabin. I look forward to your next adventure...........
  5. Thanks Petra......appreciate you re posting the photos. That is very interesting about the "live" from the bridge........I have never heard of anything like that on any cruise line. Something so easy to do would be so interesting to tune into. I would be captivating.....for me anyway. I would love to see that. We have toured the bridge of a few ships, but only when the ship is in port. It would be great to see how it all works on departures. Thanks again........
  6. Thanks again Petra. I couldn't open the photos either, but your description of the tour sounds just great.
  7. Thanks Petra.......enjoying this "Live" as well. That tour in Sardinia sounds wonderful. Thanks for posting. Enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  8. Five excursions for 99 euro sounds good value to me. Are they all walking tours for that price and how long are the tours, time wise?
  9. Thanks again Petra. I followed your last cruise on the MSC Grandiosa, so looking forward to this one as well. Enjoy your cruise!
  10. I have nothing booked at this stage. Prefer to sit back and see how it all goes when cruising does recommence.
  11. We have done one cruise on her in 2013 around the islands from Sydney. Nice memories.
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