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  1. Similar date here in Australia.....Sept 17th I think it is at the moment. Will probably be extended!
  2. My guess would be at least a couple of them will end up here sailing in Australian waters, as what has happened in the past.
  3. Some river cruises are proceeding from July, which no doubt you already know. Our problem here is being able to get out of the country, which the way things are looking, won't be until 2021. Good luck with getting a refund. I hope that is "smooth sailing" for you.
  4. And, unfortunately, there seems to be a lot more here in Melbourne at the moment!
  5. I am not too sure if those cruise lines are offering the $1 deposit. P&O definitely are......have a look on that Guru of a website.
  6. Just love cruising the New Zealand fjords.....fond memories. Hopefully, I will do it again one day...hopefully!
  7. We are Elite with Princess and are at that stage where we usually get invited to the Captains lunch and, on a couple of occasions, have been lucky enough to be among the Top 3 Most Traveled Passengers. We enjoy the perks we get and we cruise in all standards of cabins (from inside to mini suite). I don't think traveled days on one cruise line should be recognised on other brands. I believe in loyalty to one cruise line should be rewarded. We have cruised a few different cruise lines and I would not expect to be recognised as a Past Passenger on a cruise line that I first travel on. I would feel uncomfortable in this situation. Princess use to do this where they recognised days at sea on P&O Australia and P&O UK, but changed this a couple of years ago. Princess reward days at sea. So a person who travels 500 days at sea in an inside cabin is at the same level as a person who who travels 500 days at sea in a suite. Yet, the person who traveled in a suite may have outlaid more than 5 times the amount of money to the person who traveled in an inside cabin. I think it was Celebrity a couple of years ago (may be wrong here) who re structured their Past Passenger program and now recognise some people more than others, depending on the level of cabin you travel in. For instance, people who book a suite get more status points than people who book an inside cabin on the same cruise. So you are rewarded for money expended, rather than sailing days. And once you reach the highest levels, you have to cruise a certain number of days each every year to maintain this level. On that note, I think Princess need to restructure their Past Passenger program. Once you hit Elite level (15 cruises or 150 days at sea), there is nothing else really to strive for. A person who has cruised 151 days gets basically the same perks as a person who has cruised 1500 days, (except for maybe attending the Captains Lunch and OBC depending on number of cruises traveled). And, there are quite a lot of Elite passengers now. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy the perks we get, and would love to get them on every ship we embarked on, but I don't think it is feasible or fair to be recognised as highly regarded Past Passengers on a cruise line you have never traveled on, just because you have done a lot of travelling on another cruise line.
  8. All of those new health protocols I am happy with, except the mask wearing. It would depend if they required you to wear a mask when off the ship. I could cope with wearing a mask on board, as you would have to take it off to eat and drink. From our experiences doing a river cruise, nearly every day, we were off the ship and even some evenings. So there wouldn't be that much time for us being spent in public areas. If you were in a cabin with a view, you would spend most of your spare time in your cabin anyway. We still wear a mask now when we are out and it is crowded, like at the supermarket or up the main street. Just in case there is a second wave. I must say, the amount of people now wearing masks is very, very minimal to what it was a month ago! But I would do this cruise if masks were only required on board when in public areas. River cruises are terrific.
  9. We had return airfares Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur on Air Asia and return airfares Kuala Lumpur to London on Emirates, for our Norway cruise which we should be on now!! We do it this way as we like to spend a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur going there and coming home, just to break up the long haul flights. We have done this for many years now. Emirates were terrific. They offered a full refund, or a full credit to be used within the next two years. And if the credit is not used, you get a full refund after the two years. And you can change your destination within regions. For instance, our flights were destined for London but we can change the destination to any other major city within Europe. Air Asia have been much harder to deal with. No matter how many requests I make, they come back with a credit only and say a refund is not going to happen. Similar to Emirates, they have given us two years to use the credit, but we lose it if we don't use it. On a brighter side, this is a much better option to their usual policy of getting airport taxes only refunded (plus cancellation fees) when cancelling a flight (me cancelling....not them).
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