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  1. Host Anne

    Amazing Cruise on Celebrity Xpedition

    Wishing everyone sailing the Galapagos a wonderful journey. It is really tough to put into words what an incredible adventure this was. We hope to return someday and do the other loop. It's truly a special place. ENJOY!!!!
  2. Host Anne

    Vegan on Solstice ... new! Oceanview Cafe

    cruisestitch ~ thanks so much for posting this. Our daughter has a serious dairy allergy that can make her very ill. It's shocking how many food items contain milk-based products that you would never know about. When we cruise (and she's been cruising a long time), her allergy is noted in her record and we always speak with the Maitre 'd when we get on the ship....and then again with wait staff or chefs. But you always have a concern that something could contain dairy. Having a vegan station gives those with serious dairy allergies a much higher level of comfort when selecting something to eat. It's no fun to feel sick on vacation. She developed this in her early 20s and misses things like good cheese and real ice cream but you learn to adjust. Thanks to Celebrity for offering the vegan station and thanks for posting that they've done so.
  3. Greetings, Azamara cruisers....just a quick note regarding our guidelines. If you have a question about post removals, please do not ask on the boards. Send an email to community@cruisecritic.com and ask. We moderate our boards according to the Guidelines you agreed to when you registered for Cruise Critic. They can be reviewed by following this link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/faq.php?faq=guidelines Note that on occasion if a post is removed for a guidelines violation and you respond to it, you're post will be removed as well since it referenced or was about a deleted post. I hope this helps everyone understand the process.
  4. Thanks, Wine-O for posting the link. Rsfmimi ~ follow the link to the roll call. ENJOY!
  5. Host Anne

    100% Itinerary Change

    Spirit ~ may I suggest that instead of responding to an old thread such as this that you begin a new thread with a title that relates to your post. Pulling up an old thread like this can cause confusion when folks don't realize it's old.
  6. Host Anne

    Galapagos Celebrity vs Lindblad

    Have you visited the Xpedition reviews here on Cruise Critic? There is some good information there. We sailed Xpedition last November and loved every minute of it. It's completely different from your typical cruise. Here's a link to my review: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=605848 The level of service from Celebrity and the Xpedition crew was fantastic. Lots of reasons for that and it's not easily repeatable on the larger, mass market ships. Can't compare to Lindblad but we wouldn't hesitate to go with Celebrity again in the Galapagos. Hope to go back and try the Inner Loop next time. As kathynorth said above, there are no kayaks on Xpedition. Good luck!
  7. Boca ~ you started a new thread instead of posting to your roll call. Please return to your Roll Call and repost this message: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2428630&page=37
  8. Host Anne

    GO BEST always include premium package?

    Great suggestions here about printing out your confirmation that actually shows your specific promotion and what it includes. I always do that because for some reason, communications between what happens to reservations booked on land don't always translate perfectly to the ship. No idea why this happens but I've found that being prepared and having documentation showing exactly what you paid for is a great idea.
  9. Host Anne

    Florence Hotels

    CharlieLinda ~ you might also want to check out and post in our Ports of Call area for Italy. Always good info there. Here's a link to that board: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=595 Enjoy Italy....it's my favorite place to visit!
  10. Host Anne

    Amazing Cruise on Celebrity Xpedition

    #4'smom ~ please come back and tell us about the rest of your cruise. Hope it was wonderful!
  11. Sorry I didn't get here sooner.....hope those of you who went on April 20th had a great time. When they do begin charging the fee at Trunk once again, they do accept the National Park Pass. We've used ours before and we'll have it with us when we head back next month. Very happy to hear about all the fish at Trunk! ENJOY!!!
  12. Host Anne

    Restaurant for Lunch in St. John

    I'm heading back soon and will come back and give you an update. If you stop at the deli at Mongoose (it's now called North Shore Deli - http://northshoredeli.restaurantsnapshot.com/) it's in the back of the complex on the north side. I bet your taxi driver would stop there for you on the way to the beach if you ask. They have great sandwiches. If you can, I'd recommend calling them to place an order when you are on your way to St. John. Their phone number is on their website (scoll down to where you see the map). THANKS to everyone who chooses to travel to St. John during your cruise. You are helping to support the island recovery and everyone who lives/works there is very appreciative! ENJOY!
  13. Host Anne

    Amazing Cruise on Celebrity Xpedition

    Wishing everyone sailing soon a WONDERFUL trip! Enjoy every moment!
  14. Host Anne

    Restaurant for Lunch in St. John

    Keep in mind that walking from the ferry terminal to any restaurant in Cruz Bay is minutes. High Tide is the closest restaurant to the ferry. Turn right when you exit the ferry fence and you are at High Tide. Walk straight ahead and across the street and you are at Cruz Bay Landing. Go left and walk five minutes along the water and you'll find Mongoose Junction on your right (you can't miss it). So many great options. THANKS to all who are making the journey to St. John. Your visit does help the recovery efforts immensely. Enjoy!
  15. We've used Virgin Island Ecotours before and they were great. If you are comfortable getting to St. John on your own, this is a great option. If you've never been and feel more comfortable with the ship's tour, that's a good option, too. The thing I like about VI Ecotours is that you'd be supporting a business on the island and they all need support right now. If you need help getting there on your own, let me know.