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  1. Fire is one of the biggest safety concerns on a cruise ship. Therefore, irons and steamers are strictly forbidden.
  2. In my experience, the promotions are ever changing. I always book with the price and perks/no perks I am comfortable with. If a better price/deal come along before final payment, I can often take advantage of those by contacting my TA. If nothing better comes along, I'm happy with what I've booked.
  3. Cricketgirl ~ thanks so much for your detailed review! I'm loving it and I think your photos are fantastic! You are selling yourself short! We are on Edge again (second time) at the end of this month and seeing your photos makes our countdown even more exciting!!!! I'm one of those who did not care for the IVs at all. But I'm very happy you liked it. We'll been in a sunset veranda this time and I know I will enjoy it alot more. But that's just me. Looking forward to the rest of your review and photos. You are doing a GREAT job with both!
  4. We sailed Xpedition in November of 2017. We loved it; however, we honestly wanted to sail one of the smaller ships. But at the time we booked, we were told that we could be "bumped" if a group wanted to charter one of the smaller ships. Knowing that a lot of time and money went into a trip to the Galapagos, we went the safe route and settled on Xpedition. Given a choice to sail on one of the smaller ships, we would have been happy to do so. Whatever folks decide to do, know you will have a marvelous time. We will definitely go back!!!!
  5. Tamilyn ~ something doesn't sound right. You shouldn't have been charged for the classic drink package on board if it was included in your cruise fare. I know waiting on the phone can be a pain but I'd encourage you to see it through. I know everyone is in a hurry to disembark. I suggest checking your onboard account every day. The type of thing you are talking about (the $55 charge) would have shown on your account early in the cruise. Then check it on the final night before putting your luggage out and head down if there are problems. If you aren't getting much assistance, ask to see the Guest Services supervisor or the Hotel Director. Things do happen but they should be happy to help you figure it out before you leave the ship. When you see these kinds of charges, always ask to see something that shows you actually "signed" for these charges. They have to have proof that you incurred the charges. Don't blame yourself. There is a lot of confusing things with all the various perks, etc today. I do hope they will help you figure everything out. Looks like Orator and I were posting at the same time 🙂
  6. Just a quick FYI....these types of errors occasionally happen and I always tell our family & friends to be certain to check your bill closely before disembarking the ship and go to guest services with any questions prior to leaving the ship. Always take a copy of your cruise confirmation and any upgrades/reservations/grautities you pre-paid for so you have some documentation with you onboard. It is much easier to get these things resolved on the ship than it is when you get home. Good luck, Tamilyn. Hope you get the corrections made.
  7. Hope you had as great a time as we did!!!
  8. Just a quick shot out to those who were sailing on Solstice last week in Alaska. Here are two photos of the ship - one in Juneau and the other early morning in Skagway! Hope you had a GREAT cruise!
  9. Thanks for the kind note....it's still hard to believe! I'll be happy to combine the threads! Happy planning!
  10. Cruising-NC ~ please do repost this in your roll call (Thanks, Essiesmom) for posting a link to the roll call. Roll calls are the place to look for others to share shore excursions. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. LOVE your photos, Jay! It gets me excited for our upcoming cruise to Alaska. It may be easier for you to upload your photos somewhere and then post a link to them. I realize you want to comment on them but it has to be taking you forever to post the photos and descriptions. I'm like you and take thousands of photos during a cruise. THANK YOU for taking the time to share!
  12. Hi Hank ~ this has not been our experience with Celebrity of late. We booked Edge months ago for this summer. I was appalled at the pricing but friends REALLY wanted to do it so we agreed. First we had a small price drop and the added perks. Then we had a big price drop before final payment. I've had a similar experience recently with other Celebrity cruises we've got booked but never to the extent of the Edge price drops. I would never count on price drops....they are only going to happen if the ship is sitting with lots of inventory to fill. As I mentioned, I book with what we are comfortable with if nothing changes before final payment (I don't even look at pricing after final payment is made). No question it is somewhat of a game these days but for the most part (with the exception of Edge pricing for the first year) I think cruise prices have remained relatively low for the vacation value over the years. You can cruise pretty darn inexpensively these days if you want. Remember the $20 deposit and 2 perks promotion at the beginning of the year? They don't offer these promotions out of the goodness of their hearts. They offer them to fill their ships. My main point was to be comfortable with the price of the cruise you book and then keep an eye on your cruise after that. Nothing may change and that's OK but sometimes, it does. Who knows what cruising will bring in the coming years. It pays to be vigilant. At least it as for our family.
  13. LDee ~ here is a link to your roll call that was already stated....happy planning:
  14. Cruise pricing, like anything else, is supply and demand. I continuously watch pricing after we book (whether it's onboard or from home) as we typically book months to more than a year out. I don't think Edge was selling well in Europe early this year because between the time we booked for August 2019 until final payment, pricing for our cabin went down twice and we were able to add the 4 perks. All in all, we saved more than $1,000 per person from our initial booking. So it pays to watch your cruises on a regular basis. If a cruise is selling well, prices are not going to drop. If they are sitting half empty, they will. It did happen with Edge this year and I've seen it with other sailings as well. My recommendation is book a cruise and amenities you are happy with and if pricing goes down, it's a plus. HAPPY SAILING!
  15. The food and drinks in the Retreat Lounge are complimentary. The food on the Retreat sundeck are complimentary but the drinks are not. You pay for drinks in all other lounges/restaurants on board if you don't have a drink package, except for coffee/juices/water available in the the Oceanview Cafe. Congrats....we loved our Sky Suite on Edge last February! ENJOY!
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