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  1. It is so hard when cruise lines make decisions that really, really, really bother us. I have decided when I'm not happy with something a line does (we sail at least four lines) I don't feel bad looking for another option. The sad thing today is that these types of decisions are rampant and there isn't much we can do about it. I do say write and be persistent but in the end, the only thing that will make a difference is when they begin losing customers because of a decision
  2. Hi Folks ~ I'm sailing on Ruby Princess in July so I'm finding this thread interesting. But please, if you have any questions about post removals, please contact our community manager - community@cruisecritic.com. You will get a response. Remember, you agreed to abide by our Guidelines when you joined Cruise Critic. Here's a link to those Guidelines: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/guidelines/. As a host, I'm here to help ensure our members follow the guidelines and remain a friendly atmosphere. So please remember, if you have a question, please email the community manager. THANKS!
  3. Thanks so much for the suggestion. My favorite thing about Cruise Critic has always been how helpful members are! I'll tell Andy you said hello....hope all is well.
  4. Thanks, Steve for asking the question. I always forget about the 15% discount we are eligible for. I made reservations yesterday for our August cruise and I'll make a note to check on the discount when we board. I did want to mention that we can now make specialty dining reservation far in advance of 60 days. We were able to book specialty dining right after we booked recently and our cruise is more than 8 months away.
  5. Marylander2 ~ I wanted to thank you for taking the time to share you in-depth review. I know the amount of time it takes to share this type of detailed review. THANKS SO MUCH....please remember to submit it our REVIEWS section if you haven't already done so. I agreed with so many of your observations and you even gave more in-depth reasons that I thought of about the ship. The only are I probably disagree with is the stations in the Oceanview Cafe. They are nearly identical to the S-class ship in the number and placement of stations. In fact, if you factor in that they moved the pizza making area to the aft portion of Edge, there are more stations than the S-class ships. Agree that the space can get very crowded but I've yet to be in any buffet area on any ship that doesn't get this way at peak times. I also stuck to things like the rotisserie area and the omelet station where things are made from scratch and we thought the food was very good considering this is essentially a buffet area. But then again, food it probably the most subjective thing on a ship. THANKS again for the thorough review. I know our members very much appreciate it like I do!
  6. My two cents on IVs. I think the real problem is the word "veranda." A veranda leads one to believe you are "outside." The IVs on Edge are not "outside" like traditional balconies (verandas) are. They have merely extended the cabins slightly and added a large window that opens. For me, it's not a question of the cabin is good or bad, it's about perception. When I hear veranda, I think I'm going to be outside. That's just not the case with the Edge IVs. As a long time cruiser, I'll never sail in an IV. I enjoy the standard balcony/veranda far too much. The IVs, in my opinion, are not comparable no matter what they call it. Maybe they should consider not calling these rooms "verandas" of any kind. It's all about delivering on expectations.
  7. Thanks so very much for your kind words. I try very hard to write objective, well-balanced reviews. When I'm reading reviews I look for those that are written this way and I try to return the favor. I hope you have a fantastic time on Edge and best of luck with getting the upgrade. Come back and let us know what you thought! Safe journey and Bon Voyage!
  8. Ahhh....Rick ~ we tend to disagree somewhat here. I consider the Club on Edge to replace the Quasar on the S-class ships . You're right, Sky was never designed for Edge but the fact remains that it's one less significant lounge area that the S-class ships has that Edge does not. I haven't seen a redesign of the S-class ships yet but I have to imagine that in order to make the Retreat anything like Edge that some of Sky is going to go. I'm almost thinking that Sky will become the Retreat Lounge. It will be interesting to see what they do with the "revolution" of the S-class ships. We liked Eden but it certainly doesn't have an "intimate bar feel" like Ensemble or Cellar Masters or even Martini on the S-class. We do agree on the high end retail shops. It's really hard to believe that they sell enough to justify the space they occupy. Time will tell.
  9. Done that....if I try to add another, it deletes the first couple. 😞 I will call them. Thanks for those who responded.
  10. I consider myself to be fairly good at navigating websites and following instructions but frustration with trying to reserve dining reservations for a group of six who have Celebrity Select has me turning to our best resource - Cruise Critic members!!! Being able to make reservations for each night is a big plus so I'd really like to get this done. It's nice to be able to select different times for different nights depending upon what we are doing each day in port (this is a Med itinerary). Here's the challenge....the Cruise Planner says I can book up to ten guests (I only want to book six) for dining. When I start with night 1, it will let me select myself, my husband and add one other couple. I cannot figure out how to add the second couple. If I try to add the second couple , it replaces the first couple I added with the second couple instead of adding them. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm obviously not doing very well at figuring this out and I really don't want to have to call to make reservations for six people for ten nights. THANKS!
  11. On the S-class ships, the Sky Lounge occupied the space that some of the Retreat takes up. Not deck for deck but in essence, the Retreat and suites takes up two decks at the front of the ship where the Sky Lounge was located. So that is definitely a loss of a large lounge. I consider the Martini Bar and Grand Plaza to be one in the same. There is no real distinction between these areas. And while there is a good deal of seating here, it isn't enough. Most nights between 7:00 - 8:30 PM, it was very difficult to find seating in this area. As for Eden, while there is plenty of seating, the incense smell was often overwhelming, preventing us from staying in Eden very long. Perhaps they've reduced the amount of incense (or whatever the smell is) to make it less offense. I often likened it to beef jerky. The bottom line for us is that there are no lounges on Edge that were comparable to the lounges on past Celebrity ships, especially when you take out Eden for the overwhelming smell.
  12. Prices may start high but they only stay there if people are willing to pay them. When inventory sits empty, prices do come down. You have to be vigilant and check pricing regularly. And when you still aren't happy with pricing, there are lots of other cruise options out there. While I prefer Celebrity, I will and do book other lines.
  13. I thought we would see crew from other ships as well but we really only saw two or three that we recognized/knew. I was very surprised about that. But it didn't matter because the staff was truly wonderful and delivered the kind of service we were used to after years of sailing on Celebrity ships. Couldn't agree with you more about being a wonderful way to live. We feel very fortunate to be able to cruise a couple of times of year and living in Florida makes it much easier to get to ports. Have a great time...and I'll be interested to see what you think!
  14. Hi Karen and Len ~ yep, I'm the same Anne as you met on the Solstice inaugural. I hope you enjoy your sailing on Edge. I do think a lot of it has to do with expectations. Knowing what to expect prepares people so they aren't disappointed. This is definitely a different class of ship than the M- or S-class ships. We much prefer the S-class ships and just booked Equinox for the fourth time. But if E-class ship pricing ever comes down, we'd consider it again for the right itinerary. Have a GREAT time!!!!
  15. There are some shady spots in the Retreat outdoor deck but it will likely depend upon the time of day and position of the ship as most of it is an open deck. There are a few spots under cover but I don't have photos of them. The bar and dining area are all under cover. Sorry for the delayed response.
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