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  1. Host Anne

    Does Celebrity ever answer the phone?

    When I called the number Wendy listed (1800 760 0654) it actually told me my wait time was approximately 8 minutes (ended up being about five). The other phone lines I tried never gave me a wait time.
  2. Host Anne

    Phone number for Captains Club

    The number cruizzzinma posted above worked for me yesterday. Had a 5 minute wait. I tried the Capt Club number on the contact us on the website (it is a different number from the one listed above) and the wait was more than 40 minutes when I hung us. So I suggest using the number listed above. Good luck! They were most helpful!
  3. Host Anne

    Does Celebrity ever answer the phone?

    SUCCESS! Thanks to Brian on the Captain's Club line. He was quick and pleasant. THANKS again, Wendy for posting the number!
  4. Host Anne

    Does Celebrity ever answer the phone?

    Over 1 hour & 37 minutes on the main reservation line. Over 35 minutes on the Captain's Club assistance line posted on the Celebrity website. Now trying the Captain's Club number posted here. Thanks for posting it, Wendy. We'll see what happens. I have two phones on hold now.
  5. Marilyn ~ there you go again....above and beyond. Having a leak so we can all learn how to deal with it. You truly are the best 😁 Bon Voyage!
  6. I love your new mantra and I think you are absolutely correct. I think you should just stay on board for the next five weeks!!!! Thanks again for everything!
  7. Marilyn ~ I just want you to know that your detailed Live From Edge posts this week inspired me to book on the Jan. 6th sailing. I couldn't wait any longer. I must be crazy given the pricing but I just had to do it thanks to you! 😁 I hope you are healing well and I want to extend my sincere thanks again for the wonderful updates this past week. Hope to meet you onboard sometime! Have a great weekend and next sailing!
  8. My understanding is that the Magic Carpet will not be like the bar on the Oasis class ships that go up and down all day. You will not be able to "ride" the Magic Carpet when it does go up and down. You'll only be able to enjoy it when it is stationary. I haven't read about what those hours will be but I'm sure VT will post when she's on the next cruise.
  9. Continued thanks to Marilyn who continues to answer questions and post photos. You are a real trooper! Wising you all a great "HAPPY HOUR!" Wish we were there to toast to all of you and Edge. ENJOY
  10. Mike and Carol ~ congrats on the suite upgrade. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you. ENJOY!
  11. Marilyn ~ I was so sorry to come back to this thread tonight and read about your injury. You have gone WAY above and beyond to try out every nook and cranny of Edge. We did not expect you to personally check out the medical services onboard. But we are happy to hear they took good care of you and that you are now relaxing in your suite. Get a good night's rest and be sure to take care of yourself. THANKS for continuing to share with us.
  12. To everyone boarding tomorrow, have a FANTASTIC time. Wish we were with you! Bon Voyage!!! And thanks again to Marilyn!
  13. If anyone needs help, please email me and I'll do my best to get things taken care of. So we don't mess up this wonderful thread, I'm going to hide the back and forth comments on photo posting since you've all acknowledged the request and have been so helpful! Note that you should see an EDIT option at the bottom of your text that allows you to edit your post. I just don't know how long you have to do the edit. You can always email me for help.
  14. Thanks for the note, Kearney. Do you recall the name of the other thread? I'll try to find them if you recall the thread title.
  15. Jsea and kearney ~ you're awesome....thanks for understanding. I try to explain things when I can! And one more sincere thanks to VT for her continued posting of photos, answering questions, etc. I think we ALL owe you drinks on a future cruise! 😁