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  1. Happy to read that everyone enjoyed the video. I'll keep looking for positive things like this.
  2. A friend shared this video created by a group of cruise ship entertainers to make us smile. They are an integral part of the cruise experience yet we haven't heard a lot about them over the past three months. I hope this makes you smile and looking forward to the next time we are all sailing together again.
  3. Hi everyone ~ just a quick note that this thread has veered way off topic so I'm closing it. There are lots of places on the web to debate the coronavirus but this is a cruise website. Please stick to the topic and let's do our best to talk about cruising! I know how hard this is but let's give it a try!
  4. I didn't see this posted yet on the Costa boards so I wanted to share it with you. It's nice to read an article that isn't just negative. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/costa-deliziosa-last-cruise-ship-what-happened/index.html
  5. Hi everyone ~ just a quick reminder....please do not copy and paste articles from news publications and post them on our boards. That material is copyrighted and it's prohibited to copy and paste it elsewhere. You are free to post a link to an article but please don't copy and paste it in our boards. Posts/threads that do that will be removed. Thanks for your cooperation.
  6. Hi everyone ~ After all the negative press cruises have been receiving since the pandemic crisis began, it's truly nice to see a more balanced and even upbeat article about the last major ship carrying significant passengers. While it isn't a Celebrity ship, I'm posting it here because I think most of us would be interested in reading it and we could also imagine that this could have happened to a ship we were on. I want to remind everyone (and I'm saying this because I see this mentioned frequently in posts) that many of the ships that were sailing in March when this all kicked into high gear for everyone, were already on sailings and struggled to get home with closed ports and countries refusing ships. I saw a mention of Eclipse continuing to sail, for example. She was on a South American itinerary (which I sailed on in January) and she wasn't permitted to port and ultimately had to sail onto San Diego. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/costa-deliziosa-last-cruise-ship-what-happened/index.html
  7. Ray ~ thanks for your endless hours of hard work. Everyone appreciates it. I second the comment on trying to call very early in the morning or later in the evening, especially for Delta. I recently had to call Delta to cancel a flight and when I called at 7:30 AM, I had no wait at all. I'm so sorry for your frustrations. I hope you are able to resolve the situation soon and quickly.
  8. Nope....don't listen to fringe media either. There are plenty of resources available that simply state the facts. Being a former journalist, I just want the facts. You cannot get honest facts from the media with some sort of twist to whichever way they want to slant it. If you don't believe me, I challenge you to watch a wide array of different media outlets for the next several days. Sometimes I wonder if they are all talking about the same thing. I'll stick to the resources that provide plain ole facts.
  9. There are many, many ways today to "be informed." The mainstream media isn't the way I chose to stay informed.
  10. Following the news is everyone's first mistake.....I promised myself I will not say anything negative at this point in time....but there have been SO many inaccurate reports in the media that I am truly not watching/reading any of them at this point.
  11. So happy to watch Zaandam and Rotterdam pull into Port Everglades this afternoon. Thankful that everything came together and that these two ships were permitted to port. Saying a prayer for Deb's Mom and Jim for a complete recover along with all the other passengers who have been taken to hospitals. Wishing safe travels home for all other guests on board. A special thanks to Cooper 10-8, Aquahound and those who had family members onboard and our HAL members in general for sharing valuable information with us for the past 12 days since this thread started. Thanks to all of you for your caring and concern for the passengers and crew onboard Zaandam and Rotterdam. These were not easy days for anyone involved but the support of the Cruise Critic community certainly helped. Hope to see all of you on a ship someday....and I'll leave you tonight with a line from an email signature sent to me this week: "Be Kinder Than You Need To Be!"
  12. And this is exactly why I always recommend contacting Celebrity or your travel agent. There is so much incorrect information out there on so many things today that you should always go to the real source (in this case, Celebrity) for clarification. Celebrity's website may not have always been the best but they have been very good on posting accurate information during this crisis.
  13. Folks ~ there is a lot of incorrect information coming from the media right now. I caught something yesterday on a cruise, emailed the reporter and she agreed to correct the misinformation. I highly recommend for complete clarification, you call Celebrity or your travel agent. From Celebrity's website - https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-with-confidence, you can cancel your current cruise up to 48 hours prior to sailing up until September 1, 2020 and receive a future cruise credit (FCC) for the amount of the cruise fare you paid. Celebrity has ceased cruise operations through May 11, 2020! The plan is for them to resume cruises (at this point in time) on May 11, 2020. Read about it here: https://www.celebritycruises.com/travel-alert/voluntary-suspension-of-cruising Also know that there is a difference between you cancelling your cruise (you get a 100% of the fare you paid as a future cruise credit) and Celebrity cancelling your cruise (you have the option of a 125% FCC or a 100% refund of your cruise fare). It can be confusing! It is very dangerous to take all the information floating around the internet as gospel. There are plenty of inaccuracies and incorrect information. Always refer to Celebrity and/or your travel agent for the most up-to-date details.
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