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  1. @Underwatr, if I'm not mistaken this port is yet to be identified. I wouldn't want to give up on this if there's another hint you can provide us.
  2. I realized shortly after my reply that the alternate spellings for Heraklion might have been the issue. No problem. It didn't take long to rule out some of the other Greek ports we haven't seen yet and focus on Heraklion given that tugboat in the photo as a big clue. Without that, I think I'd still be searching.
  3. I appreciate the comment regardless of how illusive or inconclusive it may be. It trigged the thought that I had just seen a mention this morning of one of the Royal Viking ships calling at Macapá, Brazil (in response to @Colin_Cameron's post about Macapá). Alas, it turns out that reference was to a call by Royal Viking Sky in 1989, so no chance that had anything to do with Cunard.
  4. I think we may have already seen this port, but from a much different angle seen below. The tugboat MENTORAS (ΜΕΝΤΟΡΑΣ) is currently located in Heraklion, Greece. Of course that doesn't mean it couldn't have been in another Greek port at the time of your photo. Other photos I'm finding online of the Heraklion port do match up very closely, even down to the details in the various cranes shown in your photo. So I'm going to say this is Heraklion.
  5. And it saved me several hours of work (at least) before I would have ever figured that one out! Well, done @Host Hattie.
  6. For the ship spotting points on this one, I think that other ship besides QE is Oasis of the Seas. It's pretty clearly an Oasis-class Royal Caribbean ship and Oasis of the Seas was also in Falmouth, Jamaica on January 22, 2013.
  7. Oh, I understand now how this port was especially difficult to identify because it's not on any of QE's scheduled itineraries. I'm going with Falmouth, Jamaica for this one. QE's schedule was changed to call at Falmouth, Jamaica on January 22, 2013. I even contributed to a thread here back in September 2012 discussing that schedule change.
  8. That's an intriguing possibility I hadn't considered. The only calls to Macapá in the Cunard itineraries I have are cruise-by calls on QV during her 2017 and 2020 Amazon cruises, but my itineraries don't go back all that far. Macapá is a full port call for other cruise lines, but so far I haven't found mention of any such call by Cunard. Of course that's doesn't mean there haven't ever been any.
  9. Thanks for those photos. I've added Manta to the list of ports we've seen on this thread. By my count we've now reached 175 different ports that we've identified so far. Well done everyone.
  10. My first thought was Singapore as well. But you're right, Manta does improve on that and QV has called there as recently as March of this year. The best answer I had come up with before posting my question was the Galapagos Islands. From what I've been reading, Vistafjord was allowed to stop there in 1994 and tender passengers to the various islands. The equator passes through northern IsIa Isabela in the Galapagos, but I don't know specifically where Vistafjord would have anchored off the Galapagos. The port of São Tomé in São Tomé and Príncipe would be also be good candidate at 0.3472° N. I can't find evidence that any Cunard ship has ever called there though. Caronia called at Bom Bom Island in São Tomé and Príncipe, but that's about 1.7° N.
  11. Very good. I know I get a geographic advantage when those in the UK post their photos late in the evening UK time. That gives me a good head start to work on them while it's still late afternoon/early evening here in the US.
  12. Oh, yes, there's more than enough there. That's the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal (Cruiseport Boston) in Boston, Massachusetts. Edit: Never mind. I see now @sfred beat me to it with his last post.
  13. We've had posts in this thread about the most northerly place that a Cunard cruise has visited (Magdalenefjorden, Spitsbergen, Svalbard) as well as the most southerly (Cape Horn, Chile). To continue that discussion, I'd like to ask what is the port closest to the equator that a Cunard cruise has visited? I'm not sure I know the answer, but I have a candidate in mind. What do you think the answer is? To clarify the discussion, I'm looking for a call where passengers are able go ashore, not just a "cruise-by" call. Naturally any cruise that crosses the equator at some point could be considered to have "cruised by" the equator.
  14. I'm getting a match to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico for this one. More specifically, this looks like a view of Caronia in Zihuatanejo Bay.
  15. Well done for the astute observations regarding my question about QV's second most visited port. @exlondoner picked up on the point that knowing which ports have involved overnight stays is relevant here. If I had asked about the number of separate visits (where consecutive days in port count as just one visit) rather than total days in port, the answer would be different. More about that in a bit. The second most visited port for QV is not St Petersburg, but kudos to @exlondoner for coming up with the correct answer if the question had asked about QE instead of QV. St Petersburg is the second most visited port for QE with all of her overnight stays there. As @Host Hattie correctly surmised, since QV has spent several seasons in the Mediterranean, the answer for QV is a Mediterranean port. As my question reads "days QV was scheduled to spend in each port", the answer is Venice, based on a count of 72 scheduled days for QV in Venice that I've come up with. Well deserved points go to @Host Hattie and @Ray66 for providing Venice as their answers. I had originally worded the question "days QV has spent in each port" before I edited it a few minutes later. Using that alternative wording, a second answer comes into play. The count I have for QV at Civitavecchia is 69 scheduled days, only three days less than Venice at 72 days. We know from an earlier discussion on this thread about @ExArkie's photo of Trieste that QV had to replace a scheduled three-day call to Venice in November 2011 with Trieste instead. Now I don't know if there have been any other schedule changes for QV involving either Venice or Civitavecchia. If there have been none, then Civitavecchia would tie with Venice as QV's second most visited port with 69 days actually spent there. So I'll be happy to also acknowledge @sfred for coming up with Civitavecchia as another potential answer. Also, Civitavecchia would be the clear winner if the question had asked about separate visits as opposed to total days in port. None of QV's scheduled calls at Civitavecchia were overnight stays while many of the calls at Venice were.
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