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  1. bluemarble

    Welcome back

    Strange. The menu is still working for me on my phone here in the US this morning, both on the ".com" and ".co.uk" sites.
  2. bluemarble

    Welcome back

    It's looking better for me now. First, I went to "boards.cruisecritic.co.uk" and saw the menu was showing up properly for me there. Then it dawned on me that this just might have something to do with clearing cache/cookies from previous visits to "boards.cruisecritic.com". I cleared the browser cache in chrome on my phone and the menu started displaying as expected once again for me in portrait mode on the ".com" site. Or perhaps it just coincidentally started working correctly on the ".com" site while I was clearing my browser cache. Either way, I'm back in business. Thanks for the help.
  3. bluemarble

    Welcome back

    No joy for me yet, I'm afraid. Here is what my android phone with chrome still looks like for me in portrait mode.
  4. bluemarble

    Welcome back

    Yeah, it does take a bit of fiddling, but if you tap on the correct spot to the far right on the solid blue line you will get the menu options providing access to notifications, account, forums, gallery, and activity. If you tap the correct spot on the solid blue line beneath the magnifying glass, you will get the board-specific search function page. And if you tap the correct spot on the solid blue line to the left of the magnifying glass, you will get your default activity stream to come up. So it would appear the menu is still there in portrait mode on a phone, it's just that its hidden within that solid blue line and you have to know the exact spots to tap to activate each menu option. Of course until this problem is fixed, it's probably easier just to rotate the phone to landscape mode where you can actually see the menu.
  5. The Southampton Cruise Ship Schedule page has been updated recently to include the schedule through March 2019. That schedule is showing Azura and Britannia will be using the Ocean Terminal in March, starting with Azura on 22 March 2019. Just as an aside, during January 2019, the schedule is showing QM2 will be at the QEII terminal (which is to be expected), but QE and QV will be at the City Terminal which is a little bit out of the ordinary for them based on past schedules.
  6. bluemarble

    Queen Victoria evening outfits requirements

    Here are links to the pdf documents for the "Dress Codes By Cruise & Formal Night Calendar" as posted on the Cunard UK FAQ. These links should work outside the UK. Please note these documents do not include all of 2019 yet, just into May of 2019 so far. Queen Elizabeth dress code for Voyage Q828 to Q915 Queen Mary 2 dress code for Voyage M837 to M911 Queen Victoria dress code for Voyage V829 to V912
  7. bluemarble

    Queen Victoria evening outfits requirements

    You will be fine with your gala evening outfit suggestions. The gala evening dress code is stated as follows. “On Gala nights it’s dinner jacket, tuxedo, or dark suit for the men with a regular tie or bow tie. Evening or cocktail dress, smart trouser suit, or formal separates for the ladies please.” You may wish to check out this "What to pack" page on the Cunard web site which offers some attire suggestions in the "Evening style guide" section if you haven't seen it already. https://www.cunard.com/life-on-board/what-to-pack/ In the "Gala evening attire" section you will see suit options shown for men in addition to tuxedos. And you will see a jacket/trousers option shown for women in addition to gowns and dresses. And yes, you may wear just black on the "Black and White" themed evening. The themes are just suggestions, so you aren't constrained to just black and/or white on that evening.
  8. bluemarble

    Cost for QM2 soda package and internet packages

    Internet pricing on Cunard is still by the minute. There are no packages offering unlimited usage priced by day as on some other lines. The Internet package prices are as follows. 30 minutes - $14.95 120 minutes - $47.95 240 minutes - $89.95 480 minutes - $167.95 Upper tier Cunard World Club members get free minutes as one of their benefits (Gold=120 minutes free, Platinum=240 minutes free, Diamond=480 minutes free). An embarkation special (typically offered on day 1 and 2 of the voyage) increases the 120 minute package to 135 minutes, the 240 minute package to 265 minutes, and the 480 minute package to 530 minutes for the same prices as above. There are now two soft drinks packages available on QM2. Here is how they are described. I am familiar with the regular soft drinks package offering draught sodas. I am not familiar with the new premium soft drinks package. Soft Drinks - $10 per person per day. Unlimited draught soft drinks, selected fruit juices, squash and cordials. Premium Soft Drinks - $29 per person per day. Unlimited access to a wide variety of soft drinks, small bottled waters, freshly squeezed juices, speciality hot drinks and hand-crafted zero-proof mocktails. Plus a 20% discount on any other non-alcoholic drinks not included in the Premium Soft Drinks Option, such as large bottles of mineral water, deluxe juices and smoothies.
  9. bluemarble

    QM2 Hamburg Maintenance? October 2019

    Here is some additional information on this Stars at Sea 2019 voyage (M934) gleaned from the Stars at Sea site and the Cunard site for Germany. Once again as in 2017, the featured performer will be David Garrett and the itinerary will be: Oct 27 - Hamburg Oct 28 - At Sea Oct 29 - Oslo Oct 30 - Stavanger Oct 31 - At Sea Nov 1 - Hamburg
  10. bluemarble

    Alaska Excursions.

    The Cunard web site has destination pages for the various Alaska/Canada ports listing what they call "typical" excursions for each port. Perhaps these pages could assist as starting points and those with the actual shore excursion lists could comment on how accurate these Cunard destination pages are in terms of the excursions that are actually being offered. Ketchikan: https://www.cunard.com/destinations/usa-cruises/alaska/ketchikan/ Juneau: https://www.cunard.com/destinations/usa-cruises/alaska/juneau/ Skagway: https://www.cunard.com/destinations/usa-cruises/alaska/skagway/ Icy Strait Point: https://www.cunard.com/destinations/usa-cruises/alaska/icy-strait-point/ Sitka: https://www.cunard.com/destinations/usa-cruises/alaska/sitka/ Anchorage: https://www.cunard.com/destinations/usa-cruises/alaska/anchorage/ Kodiak: https://www.cunard.com/destinations/usa-cruises/alaska/kodiak/ Victoria: https://www.cunard.com/destinations/canada-cruises/british-columbia/victoria/ Vancouver: https://www.cunard.com/destinations/canada-cruises/british-columbia/vancouver/
  11. bluemarble

    Is it just me..........

    Count me in as one who prefers the new site, although I do need to qualify that statement. Yes, it does take a lot of getting used to, there are still plenty of glitches that are yet to be resolved, and I understand why no app support is a big deal for many. But I am primarily a desktop user and what really sold me is how much easier it is now to add photos and images to a post from within the browser interface. That feature is worth the price of admission for me.
  12. Here is the list of New York shore excursions that were offered on July 1, 2018. Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island 8:30am-2:30pm, $99 Adult, $76 Child (High) New York Insight & Top of Rockefeller 8:15am-3:45pm, $108 Adult, $78 Child (Medium) New York Highlights 8:00am-12:00pm, $76 Adult, $49 Child (Low) Open Top Bus & Skyline Cruise 9:00am-2:30pm, $89 Adult, $79 Child (Low) Manhattan Transfer to Macy's 7:30am-3:30pm, $49 Adult, $49 Child (Low)
  13. bluemarble

    Diamond world club 'free lunch'

    No, I don't think you will get that benefit for the two day voyage from Southampton to Hamburg. The Cunard Word Club Diamond level benefits state the complimentary meal at one of the ship's alternative dining venues is "Only available on voyages of six nights or more."
  14. bluemarble

    VISA Cross Border Fee/Foreign Exchange Fee

    On a similar note, I found it interesting that shore excursions I purchased through the US Voyage Personaliser were indicated on my credit card statement as also originating from Great Britain. "CUNARD LINE VOYAGE PER CUNARD LINE GBR $172.00" On the other hand, I happened to book this particular voyage directly with Cunard on the US web site and both the initial deposit and final payment to them were indicated as originating from California. "CUNARD LINE 06617530565 CA $..."
  15. bluemarble

    VISA Cross Border Fee/Foreign Exchange Fee

    The charges I have seen on my US bank credit card for on-board charges on QM2 are described as follows: "QUEEN MARY 2 CUNARD LINE GBR $23.70". In other words, even though the charge is in US dollars, the origin of the charge is considered to be Great Britain. As such, this is considered to be a foreign transaction by most US credit card companies. I use a credit card that does not incur foreign transaction fees for just this sort of situation.