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  1. I'll try to help out with this one. The Cruise Critic forums do have a "Go to first unread post" feature. The trick is knowing where to find it. Look for a blue dot to the left of a thread title on the forum's main page (which means that thread has posts you have not read). Or if you have posted to that thread, there will be a blue star there instead of a blue dot. Click on that dot (or star) and it will take you to the first post in that thread which you have not yet read.
  2. Thanks for the photos, Ray. I believe you are correct that this is the first time a Cunard ship has been to Newcastle since the QE2 was there in 2008. This article from The Shields Gazette makes that statement. Huge Cunard ship cruises into North East on its first stop on tour around Britain I also checked past itineraries for the current queens and didn't happen to spot Newcastle in them anywhere (other than Newcastle, Australia).
  3. I missed this incident with QM2 earlier today. Glad to hear the explanation for it. But yes, the issue with marinetraffic showing her heading north instead of west is a known issue that has been happening for quite a while now. See this earlier thread on that topic. Apparently marinetraffic sometimes drops a digit from QM2's heading, for example displaying her heading as 27 degrees (NNE) instead of 270 degrees (W).
  4. I hear you. The print in that "Those final preparations" section of the pre-voyage booklet is pretty small. I bet a lot of people just skim that section like the fine print on many documents. Prior to the switch from "Informal" to "Smart Attire" in June 2018, the Informal dress code description specifically stated "No jeans". Now, rather than specifically stating it, the inference is that jeans are not allowed in the Smart Attire dress code by mentioning jeans in the wording about what's appropriate in the casual venues. I can easily see how some could interpret what might be called "smart jeans" as being appropriate on Smart Attire evenings. And who am I to say such an interpretation is necessarily incorrect?
  5. As Underwatr indicated, when you book with Cunard in the US, your booking may be set so that the credit card you used for your deposit is automatically charged at the time of final payment. Look near the bottom of the booking confirmation document from Cunard under the "Notices" section for the following statement. "Per your request, the credit card registered will automatically be charged when final payment is due." I've never actually used this option, so I can't verify how well it works in practice, but that option is available and it might be on your booking (if the statement above appears on your booking confirmation).
  6. There are two places in the pre-voyage booklets I have from both 2018 and 2019 that discuss the dress code. The first is found on page 4 titled "Explore on board" under "What to Wear". This may be what you found that is indeed silent on the matter of more relaxed attire. There it simply states the following. "Of course, if you prefer to spend your evenings in more relaxed attire, a selection of casual dining and entertainment venues is always available for your enjoyment." Later in a section titled "Those final preparations", the pre-voyage booklets go into more detail in a "Dress code guidance" section. That's where I am seeing the more detailed wording about more relaxed attire including the reference to "Non-ripped jeans" that Host Hattie posted.
  7. Yes, it looks like that's the film all right. Just found this reply from earlier today on Steven Soderbergh's twitter feed. "You’re gonna be filming Let Them All Talk on the Queen Mary 2 next week. I know that because I’m onboard right now and it was just announced by the captain. I just signed up to be an extra. Might see you there 👍"
  8. Has the UK cancellation fee ever been more than the deposit for Cunard (when cancelling more than 90 days before departure date)? Maybe I've missed something along the way, but the reference I recall seeing here about a cancellation fee being more than the initial deposit was ToadOfToadHall mentioning that was the case for a package holiday booked through a travel agency. I did not gather the cancellation terms for that holiday had anything to do with Cunard necessarily. But then maybe I've misunderstood this discussion.
  9. I note Bigmike911 mentioned the final payment date and cancellation penalty date are both 120 days before departure for his upcoming July 2020 crossing. That's an indication that Cunard hasn't adjusted the US cancellation penalty dates (yet).
  10. The US Cunard Passage Contract found at https://www.cunard.com/en-us/advice-and-policies/passage-contract still has the same cancellation penalty schedule. It's dated April 2017. As we know there are other versions of some of the terms and conditions to be found in the voyage personaliser, but I don't currently have a voyage booked to be able to see if anything has changed there.
  11. Here is what I am seeing for the first voyages where the new earlier final payment dates go into effect in the US. QM2: Voyage M010A - Apr 18-May 2, 2020 - "Roundtrip Transatlantic" QV: Voyage V010A - Mar 28-Apr 4, 2020 - "Hamburg, Amsterdam and Bruges" QE: Voyage Q017 - Jun 2-Jun 12, 2020 - "Alaska including Glacier Bay" As I hinted at earlier, these are the first voyages after the QM2 and QV 2020 world voyages and the first voyage of QE's 2020 Alaska season departing from Vancouver. Note the old rules apply to voyage M010 - Apr 18-Apr 25, 2020 - "Westbound Transatlantic Crossing" and to voyage V010 - Mar 28-Mar 30, 2020 - "Southampton to Hamburg", presumably because those are the final segments of the world voyages from New York and Hamburg respectively.
  12. That's very interesting indeed. QM2 daily programmes I have from June 2018 hint at those same OBC amounts by stating "Book on board and receive generous on board credit of up to $400 per person" when they were advertising longer voyages and "... up to $200 per person" when advertising shorter voyages. QM2 daily programmes I have from July 2016 spell out all those same OBC amounts in detail. I don't know why they were higher when you booked on board last year.
  13. Here are the OBC amounts for booking on board that I am seeing listed in the Cunard US FAQ. Onboard Spending Money: 6-9 nights on board Grill Accommodation = $200 USD Balcony Accommodation = $150 USD Inside / Outside Accommodation = $100 USD Sailings of 10 nights or more Grill Accommodation = $400 USD Balcony Accommodation = $300 USD Inside / Outside Accommodation = $200 USD That matches what is listed for "On Board Booking Benefits" in a QM2 daily programme I have from July. These amounts are per person, so they would double when booking a cabin for double occupancy.
  14. The OP probably did mean 23rd August since that's a Friday and the beginning of a Baltic cruise on QV. Here's what I am seeing for the speakers on that voyage. V921 Aug 23-Sept 6, 2019 Henry Blofeld - Sports Journalist Derek Taylor - Historian–Itinerary Related Talks Diane Simpson - Personality Profiler Lists of other entertainers or shows are not normally provided before the voyage.
  15. A couple fairly recent instances I'm seeing of QM2's scheduled departure from Southampton being at 9:00 PM were May 30, 2018 when she departed for Hamburg and June 22, 2017 when she departed for Cherbourg. I must say it is unusual to see a 9:00 PM departure scheduled for the beginning of a 7-night crossing to New York though. That said, QM2 is certainly capable of meeting that schedule, especially considering she gains five hours going west because of the time difference between New York and Southampton (and she used to do crossings in 6 days).
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