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  1. bluemarble

    Bag Weights to Measure Up

    I guess it comes down to what one considers to be Cunard's stated policy. As I see it, there is no consistent stated policy from Cunard. On the one hand, the e-tickets state the weight limit is "20kg per bag" and the luggage labels you print yourself from the voyage personaliser state "20kg limit per item". On the other hand, as I mentioned previously, the Cunard UK FAQ states the weight limit is 23kg per item. Also, the pre-voyage documents sent out by Cunard state "No individual piece of luggage can exceed 23kg (50lb)." And the pre-printed luggage labels supplied in the pre-voyage documents have "23kg limit" printed on them. So, I think we can conclude Cunard is inconsistent in what they state for the luggage weight limit. Considering this mixed message, the higher 23kg limit stated by Cunard in several places is in line with coach class weight limits of most airlines.
  2. bluemarble

    Bag Weights to Measure Up

    I assume you are looking at your e-tickets and seeing the 20kg bag weight limit there. Cunard does not actually impose a 20kg weight limit on bags. That may be stated that way on the e-tickets to cover situations with some charter flights or coaches that might impose a 20kg limit. In fact, on the Cunard UK FAQ, here is part of what they say in the answer to the question "How much luggage can I bring with me?" "Weight Restrictions Each case may weigh a maximum of 23kg due to health and safety reasons."
  3. bluemarble


    Sorry to hear that you have had to cancel your voyage on QM2 -- and the Christmas voyage at that. With sunset at about 4:00pm in Southampton, I'm afraid you'll mostly be seeing the lights of QM2 on the Isle of Wight webcams as she departs this time of year. But still better than no view at all.
  4. bluemarble


    The best webcams in the Southampton area that I am aware of are on the "Isle of Wight Webcams" site at this URL. https://isleofwightwebcams.co.uk From there, the "Cowes Yachting" webcam offers good views of ships as the sail past Cowes. The "Solent View" webcam offers good views of ships as they sail past Ryde. And finally, ships can sometimes be seen on the "Appley Beach" webcam as well. Here are the links to each of those three individual Isle of Wight webcams. https://isleofwightwebcams.co.uk/cowes-yachting/ https://isleofwightwebcams.co.uk/solent-webcam/ https://isleofwightwebcams.co.uk/appley-beach/
  5. bluemarble

    How fast is the WiFi on Queen Mary 2?

    That wording which states "Due the nature of the changes being made to our satellite internet service, at present, we are unable to confirm which packages will be available on board during your holiday" has been in the Cunard FAQ for several years now. In my view that's just a hedge on Cunard's part in case they decide to introduce new internet packages that are priced per day rather than by the minute. Internet packages are available where you pay by the minute based on pricing that has not changed for the standard 2-hour, 4-hour, and 8-hour packages since our first Cunard voyage on QM2 back in 2005. 120 minutes - $47.95 240 minutes - $89.95 480 minutes - $167.95
  6. That's the same price mentioned in our daily programmes for the June 10-17, 2018 eastbound crossing. Here is how it was worded for that crossing. Luggage Storage in Southampton. Guests who wish to store their luggage prior to their return voyage in the future may do so with the ‘Luggage Concierge’ in Southampton. Please register at the Purser’s Office. The deadline to sign up is 12.00pm on Wednesday, 13 June 2018. The cost of the service is $65 per bag for up to 30 days and an additional $30 per bag for the next 30 days. This will be charged to your on board account. Bags must be collected in the terminal ashore from the baggage hall and dropped off with the Luggage Concierge Representative after exiting customs.
  7. bluemarble

    Jan 3, '19 Transatlantic - boarding where in NY?

    I have used the "Contact Brooklyn Cruise Terminal" link on the nycruise.com site to point out the incorrect references to "Queen Elizabeth 2" and to ask if Queen Elizabeth will actually be docking in Brooklyn on July 24, 2019. In the meantime, the web site "brooklyncruiseguide.com" shows a "Calendar of Brooklyn Cruises" with these entries for July 2019. July 2019 July 7: 21-day cruise to the UK, Iceland & Canada on the Queen Mary 2. July 21: 38-day cruise to Australia on Princess Cruises. July 24: 15-day one-way cruise to Canada, Iceland, Scotland & Ireland on Cunard Line. July 28: 7-day one-way cruise to England on the Queen Mary 2. This provides another hint that QE's July 24 date in New York could indeed be at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. But note the July 24 entry just says "Cunard Line" rather than naming the ship as "Queen Elizabeth". I think there is still some room for doubt at this point as to where QE will be on July 24, 2019.
  8. bluemarble

    Jan 3, '19 Transatlantic - boarding where in NY?

    Yeah, it looks like there are at least a couple problems with the nycruise.com schedule for 2019 as currently posted. First, there's this entry where "Queen Elizabeth 2" should be "Queen Mary 2" on June 30, 2019. "Brooklyn" would almost certainly be correct for this listing since it is supposed to be for "Queen Mary 2". 6/30/19 Brooklyn Queen Elizabeth 2 Transatlantic Then there's this entry you found where "Queen Elizabeth 2" should be "Queen Elizabeth" on July 24, 2019. I would be a bit suspect of "Brooklyn" for this entry, since Queen Elizabeth typically does dock in Manhattan. I'll see if I can find anything further about this. 7/24/19 Brooklyn Queen Elizabeth 2 Transatlantic
  9. Here's a Cruise Critic article with some details about the new spa concept recently rolled out on QE as part of her refit and apparently also to be rolled out soon on QV and later on QM2. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/3582/ And here's are links to the Cunard press releases from yesterday. US: https://www.cunard.com/cunard-experience/media-centre/press-releases/mareel-wellness--beauty/ UK: https://www.cunard.co.uk/cunard-experience/media-centre/press-releases/cunard-launches-a-new-holistic-spa-concept/
  10. bluemarble

    Jan 3, '19 Transatlantic - boarding where in NY?

    The schedule on nycruise.com has now been updated to include 2019. All of QM2's calls for 2019 including January 3, 2019 are showing "Brooklyn" for the terminal as expected. No idea why your Cunard e-tickets state "to be confirmed" as the terminal for your return on January 3.
  11. bluemarble

    Cunard Site Down?

    That's odd indeed. Since you mentioned that you have already received lots of help with the problem of being redirected to the UK site, I probably can't offer anything that hasn't already been suggested. But I can tell you that when I establish a vpn connection to Australia from here in the US, I am able to access the Australia site "cunardline.com.au".
  12. bluemarble

    Best way to get to Newark following QM2 cruise?

    Here is the onboard Brooklyn, NY Transfer Booking Form for QM2's July 1, 2018 arrival. As you can see, the onboard price for the airport coach transfers was $49 per person. The cost for booking these transfers prior to the voyage was $40 back then and that's also the current price for pre-booking the airport coach transfers. So, if you decide to book the Cunard transfer, I'd suggest doing it ahead of time to save a few dollars unless you would prefer to wait to use onboard credit. Unfortunately, there is nowhere in the voyage personaliser to book the transfers ahead of time, so that does require a call to your travel agent or Cunard.
  13. bluemarble

    Cunard Site Down?

    For what it's worth, P&O Cruises (pocruises.com) also appears to be down. But P&O Cruises Australia (pocruises.com.au) is up.
  14. bluemarble

    Cunard Site Down?

    I can't get to cunard.com here in the US either. And when I vpn to the UK and Australia, neither cunard.co.uk nor cunardline.com.au are working for me either. Google chrome is telling me "This site can’t be reached" in each case.
  15. bluemarble

    Guest Speakers

    Then of course there was the tragic case of Sir David Frost who was on board QE to give a talk but passed away not long after departure from Southampton. No guarantees indeed.