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  1. I have two of those photos identified now as well. So one way or another, two of the three should be solved tomorrow.
  2. Well done again, @sfred. Londonderry/Derry wasn't even on my radar as a UK port to be checking. That one probably would have had me scratching my head for quite a while longer. I think I've also jumped the gun on my own informal one-per-day policy by identifying the ships in both of @Colin_Cameron's photos. I'll wait at least a further 24 hours from now before identifying any of @Palmeat's latest batch of photos. I've figured out one of them so far and it is definitely a Cunard port.
  3. I have no clue what port this is yet, but as for the ship, I'm fairly confident this one is Royal Viking Sun.
  4. Well done, @sfred. For some reason I thought we had seen Nice already, but I was thinking of Cannes. I should have checked my own port list before wasting time looking elsewhere in the Western Mediterranean. I'll give it a try to identify the ships in this photo. The SNCM ferry is the Île de Beauté. But of course we are most interested in the Cunard ship. Could this be Sea Goddess II, the ship we saw previously in Port-Vendres, France?
  5. OK, I'll go ahead now and identify this one remaining photo from @Palmeat's previous batch of port photos. I think you will notice a distinct similarity to the photo in this post by @Lanky Lad which I identified as "Porto Grande, St Vincent (São Vicente), Cape Verde Islands". However, in the port list document I simply listed this as "Porto Grande, St Vincent". I suspect that tripped you up @Palmeat since you were probably looking for either "São Vicente" or "Cape Verde Islands". I'll clarify that in the next version of the port list.
  6. No problem as far as I am concerned, @Palmeat. If we can verify your latest photos are of Cunard ports, I'll add them to the list. If not, I guess we'll just consider them an interesting diversion. I have contributed several photos of Cunard ports that were taken during cruises on other lines. It may have been me that started that particular variation from the original rules to keep the game going, after I had run out of photos taken on Cunard cruises.
  7. QV departing Southampton this evening as seen on a live stream from the "Solent Ships" youtube channel. Some sun showing through on a sad day for the UK in particular and the world in general.
  8. Quoting from https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/new-voyages/terms-and-conditions-cwc on the Cunard UK website. "Cunard World Club members will receive up to a 5% early booking saving when booking a Cunard Fare, valid on bookings made between 16 March 2021 and 1 June 2021 for all voyages sailing between 3 October 2022 and 15 May 2023."
  9. I think this one is also on our list of ports we've seen here previously. But again we haven't seen it from this angle before, so that's all good. It's recorded on our list of ports as Royal Navy Dockyard, Bermuda. You may have missed it on the port list if you were looking for Hamilton, Bermuda instead, @Palmeat. The reason I listed it that way is that it's my understanding Hamilton has its own separate port for smaller cruise ships. I've read that Hamilton was a tender port for QE2. That was my reasoning for treating Royal Navy Dockyard in Bermuda as a separate port from Hamilton
  10. I found a tentative match to the tall building at the far left of this photo while I was going down the same path as @sfred trying to identify @carlmm's photo from Brazil a couple days ago. I've subsequently determined that building is called the "Mansão Wildberger" and I've also been able to match several other buildings in this photo. I think this port is Salvador, Brazil.
  11. I think this one is Roseau, Dominica. It is on our list of ports we've seen here previously. But we haven't seen it from this angle before. We've seen quite a few ports here multiple times, so all's good with that. It keeps me on my toes checking all my assumptions about a port photo.
  12. I think this one is Kobe, Japan. A welcome addition to our Cunard port list. This will be my one port identification for today from your latest set of photos. Thanks so much for all of these new port photos! There is plenty of life to this thread after all.
  13. Yes, with almost 2500 posts this is by far the longest thread on the Cunard forum in its current state with threads dating back to 1 April 2004. Doing a "Sort by Most Replies" yields this interesting mix of topics with 500 or more posts. 2489 posts (from 22 Aug 2020) = Where in the World ? 1766 posts (from 23 Mar 2020) = Cunard Cruisers - How are things where you are ? 1532 posts (from 8 Feb 2020) = Cunard's Coronavirus Cancellations/Refunds (Merged threads) 1026 posts (from 12 Aug 2005) = QE2 - January 3, 2006 - Six Day Crossing 1000 posts (from 9 Jan 2015) = L
  14. Here is my updated list of the Cunard ports we have seen so far on this thread. I have included all the recently identified port photos including Santarem, Brazil. If you have any photos of ports not on this list that you know are Cunard ports (whether taken on a Cunard cruise or not), we would be happy to see them to try to identify. I have long since run out of photos taken at Cunard ports. Since @Solent Richard recently contributed a photo of Darwin from my list of suggested ports and @Colin_Cameron contributed two photos (one I had suggested and one I hadn't), perhaps they have
  15. Your second photo is a tricky one, but that's the kind of challenge I enjoy on this thread. Having a limited number of port suggestions to work from as a starting point does help considerably. Here is that photo again for reference. The key to identifying this port was finding this similar photo posted here on Cruise Critic of all places. The second photo is identified as Queen Victoria in the port of Apia, Samoa. Since the similarities are so striking, I'll venture to say your photo of Queen Elizabeth is showing the port of Apia, Samoa as well.
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