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  1. Promo Codes - anyone found and used one of these? (mentioned on an online agents' website) And On a cruise from Barcelona to Sydney via the Suez Canal does it matter whether we book a starboard or port balcony? Thanks
  2. babs135


    Can anyone remind me when the 5% discount for past passengers ends please. Trying to encourage DH to book a cruise and I need to know how much time I have left!! 🤣
  3. Disney as well I believe. Going to be very crowded round Britain !!!
  4. Seems we are heading back to the 'me, myself and I' state of affairs. Sad really.
  5. This story appeared on another well-known website and the comments were awful. People really resent this gesture, citing that NHS workers were only doing their job, etc etc. And what about those others who had also continued to work the whole time. And then there were those who said that the cruises should be offered to those who had lost their jobs , After all the key workers were still being paid. How people's attitude has changed since the first days of the pandemic.
  6. Talking of taking a longish cruise on a cruise line you've never sailed on before reminds me of a couple we met on the Queen Elizabeth In 2018. It was their first cruise and they were doing a World Cruise!! I did ask him what they would do if they hated it and got a shrug of the shoulders as a response. I'd love to know how it worked out for them .
  7. We've had an email from our TA to say that they are AS YET NOT IN RECEIPT OF OUR MONEY, but once they are they will be in touch. I assume that this means that if we approach another TA before the original firm receive back our money we are free to change firms.
  8. Do we have to use the same ta we booked our now cancelled cruise for another cruise? Another ta is showing a cruise we are interested in at a cheaper price with a few more perks so it would make sense to book with them (using our FCC of course).
  9. Even if the country is the UK? They're going mad over this on their various forums on another well-known website.
  10. The dinner menu is always posted outside the dining room after lunch. But is the 'always available' menu shown or mentioned as well? I simply can't remember .
  11. I realise that this is very slightly off the OP's question but it does demonstrate how things are dealt with in the dining room. Dinner time and DH was hungry but I'd felt queasy during the day (it had been a little choppy during the day), wasn't hungry but went with him to keep him company. Hubby gave the waiter his order and I explained that I didn't want anything, but when he returned with DH's food he brought me a pot of lemon and ginger tea to help settle my nausea!! I was grateful.
  12. not sure if this will work as I've not done this before. If not a Google search should bring it up. It should give you a rough idea of what to expect on board . CU_101thingstodoonQM20105.pdf
  13. Love love love Cunard and can't wait to be back on board. We've always requested a table for 8 in the MDR in an evening and have learned so much from the people we've sat with, eg didn't know Canada had a wine industry, but we do now or that inmates in one of the UK's toughest mens' prisons enjoy Shakespeare with Romeo and Juliet as their favourite, closely followed by the sonnets!!! I could go on more just on this subject alone. The guest speakers are usually excellent with speakers from all professions and backgrounds. Never ever thought I'd attend a talk on astrophysics (!) but it w
  14. babs135


    What happens if the FCC is more than the deposit on a cruise? Will we lose the rest of the money? Thanks
  15. Have a look at www.whatsinport.com for ideas. But bear in mind that as a result of the pandemic some attractions/shops may have closed or their hours changed. And as has been said, check out the ports of call forum here.
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