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  1. babs135


    Thanks John. We were supposed to be on board but due to ill health we have had to cancel ☹️. I think I'm living my holiday through others!!!!
  2. babs135


    Could someone point me in the right direction to which webcam will show the QM2 leaving Southampton this coming Saturday please.
  3. babs135

    UK to South Africa

    Maybe a freighter is the answer? Here is a link to the forum https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/378-freighter-and-other-non-traditional-cruise-travel/
  4. babs135

    Where to stay in Edinburgh

    We've stayed at the Premier Inn, Edinburgh East Hotel. It's basic but breakfast is included and if you are thinking of hiring a car, parking is free. There is a bus that stops just outside the hotel which goes into the centre of Edinburgh which is just 2 miles away. They often do offers so may be worth keeping an eye open. BTW one place to visit is the Royal Yacht Britannia. Definitely worthwhile.
  5. babs135

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    As we've had to cancel our upcoming cruise can anyone explain why I keep looking at this thread?
  6. babs135

    Main Stream compared to Luxury Class

    Okay, so I'll be the one to ask the question. In making up a spreadsheet what should the headings be? I would want them to include everything regardless of whether it's something we wouldn't use.
  7. babs135

    Making a claim

    Had a bit of a wobble re the claim overnight. DD's insurer (different to ours) told her that she couldn't claim the air passenger duty from them, but would have to go back to the travel agent and ask them for the refund (she was flying out to New York to meet us). This reminded me that we had return flights New York to Fort Lauderdale and back as part of our package and I couldn't remember if I'd mentioned it to our insurers. Gave them a ring this morning and no problems. As the flights are part of the package they will be included in the claim. We will just have to get our apd back from our agent. Phew!
  8. babs135

    Making a claim

    Final piece of documentation necessary for the claim process has been received - the medical certificate signed by our GP at the exorbitant cost of £50!!!! Yesterday I remembered we had a shore excursion booked with Princess so rung them to ask for a refund. Had to do it that way because our booking no longer exists. The lady on the phone informed me that as they were already aware of the fact that we had cancelled the refund was being done automatically and even if I'd forgotten about it we would receive the money back into our account. 28 days she said; I checked this afternoon and it is already there! At least this part has been easy. More to follow as the claim goes through.
  9. babs135

    Booking Onboard for future cruise.

    Thanks. Am I the only person who actually reads the brochures from beginning to end (including the small print)!? 😁
  10. babs135

    Booking Onboard for future cruise.

    Is this a discount on the brochure price?
  11. babs135

    Opting out of the photos

    If the pictures showed either the ship or a port of call (without people) it would be just about acceptable. Actually, photos of ports may be rather interesting; definitely better than grinning unknown people doing activities that have no interest to the majority of the people on CC
  12. babs135

    Pet Peeves

    Ok, I'll put my hand up and confess I've posted something similar before today However, in my defence, I have picked up useful tips that either were not obvious (to me!) or were considered 'secret' only to those people who sailed on a particular cruise line.
  13. babs135

    Land Tours

    Thanks for the good wishes. Our first proper cruise was to Alaska (very first was a taster cruise) and that was 14 years ago and we were still shy and uncertain of how to cope with everything. Now, umpteen cruises under our belt we would dearly love to go back and do some of things we were 'too scared' to do the first time round. We spent a few days in Vancouver post-cruise and did indeed visit Victoria and the Buchart Gardens which were an absolute joy. May I suggest you look at flying there? We took the ferry one way and the seaplane back. Quite an experience taking off and landing in water.
  14. babs135

    Land Tours

    What happened is that life got in the way. It was always my intention to ‘wait for the right moment' to broach the subject of an Alaskan cruise unfortunately it never happened. In October DH came down with a really nasty infection which resulted in hospitalisation and he was deemed unfit to travel. This means we have had to cancel our upcoming cruise and obviously cannot book anything else until he is given the all clear. Hopefully once he is back on his feet we will have 'the talk'. I think I'm leaning towards just a precruise tour of Denali. The Rocky Mountaineer is very expensive and could push our budget beyond breaking point.
  15. babs135

    Making a claim

    We've both spoken to our respective travel insurers and they have made encouraging noises. Thankfully amongst all my emails from the travel agent I found the original quote which actually states how much our DD's cost was. This should make things a little easier. If it's of any use to others I will keep people informed in case they find themselves in the sad circumstances of having to cancel a cruise.