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  1. I think we all need to take a deep breath and start again! I believe that you said your son has a dark coloured suit? If so, he will be fine. Perhaps for the gala nights he could wear a slightly fancier shirt and definitely a tie. Maybe he'd also like the opportunity to wear a bowtie, they are not very expensive and do give the outfit a certain 'look'. For the other evenings a smart(ish) pair of trousers, in other words no ripped denims, and a plain shirt will suffice. Ties and jackets are no longer a requirement although many men still wear these. Otherwise you can eat in the buffet. Daywear is whatever you would normally wear. Relax, you and your son will have a great time.
  2. babs135


    With the ever increasing NHS waiting list plus the inability to get a face-to-face consultation with your own GP (what are they doing all day?) I'm surprised that many of us 'old-uns' are still able to cruise!! DH and myself (wrong side of 75 and with multiple health issues) are extremely lucky to have found a company that will cover us no questions asked until we reach 80 and then we will have to answer the usual medical questionnaire. OP, before your friends take the drastic action of cancelling, tell them to find an insurance broker who will do the legwork for them in finding someone who will cover them. We are with a Lloyds syndicate firm which is not a firm whose name often crops up when insurance is mentioned. And in case you are concerned about whether they are 'as good as a High Street firm', they are. We had to cancel a cruise 6 weeks before sailing when hubby became too ill to travel and within 4 weeks from the initial phonecall to the firm all money was back in our account.
  3. We all know the adage 'the straw that breaks the camel's back'. Could this be one of those straws? Yes, as many of us have said (myself included) If you can afford to cruise you can afford the gratuities, but there comes a point when this could no longer be true. A pound here and a pound there soon adds up and if they increase the 15% on drinks that could be the final nail in the coffin for attracting new cruisers. Maybe I'm being overdramatic but I'm sure you get my drift. It really is time the gratuities were included in the fare then we wouldn't constantly have these discussions
  4. We use Penguin Parking who, After we've parked up, shuttle you to the ship and pick you up on return.
  5. We did a week's cruise out of Miami on Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas which at the time was the biggest ship afloat. Because of the layout, which they call areas, we never felt crowded. Shows were fabulous. Dining is what is known as Open Dining and we never had a problem getting a table. Only grumble would be that the buffet closed by 9pm but you could still get (free) pizza.
  6. Any new bears produced yet and do you think there will be a special one to celebrate the launch of the Queen Anne?
  7. Is it feasible to visit Billund (lego) from Copenhagen? We have an overnight stop so could stay until closing time.
  8. @bluemarble Dress code for Queen Anne - 18th August 2024 19th August. : Black and White 22nd August : Masquerade 25th August : Roaring 20s
  9. Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs (non-Brits have fun looking up the meaning). We've been married 52 years and DH still has the capacity to surprise me. Having said in an earlier post that we have nothing planned we've just booked a 10 nights cruise in August on the Queen Anne to Scandinavia!!! As it's normally me who does the pushing re booking a cruise, this whole thing has been one surprise after another. Can't wait. Only 213 days to go!!
  10. Thanks everyone. It's not as if we haven't booked before but for some reason my brain just froze as I looked at the website !!!! How stupid of me 'sigh'.
  11. I'm having a senior moment and need help!! Looking at the Queen Anne in August. Is the obc mentioned on the website per person or per cabin?
  12. I understand that kosher fresh packages are now available on some ships. Does anyone have a list of ships/itineraries for 2024 which will be offering these? I'm in the UK and the website is not particularly helpful. Any other information re this would be gratefully accepted.
  13. A week after we've returned from our Christmas cruise I'm slightly surprised to note that this thread is still up and running. Re the smell/toilet flushing, I'm relieved to say that we had no problems with these. Our cabin was on deck 1 and I wouldn't hesitate to book this deck again. However, vibration if you are sitting to the rear of the MDR is very noticeable and I was very happy that our evening table was on deck 3 towards the front. The only grumble I might have is how cold the Winter Gardens was. During the day it wasn't too bad, but by evening time..... In fact, the temperature within the ship fluctuated greatly, I'm not surprised that towards the end of the cruise the 'Cunard Cough' was very much in evidence. Nevertheless, we had a great time and the weather (including the Bay of Biscay) was very kind to us, compared to back home!
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