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  1. Welcome to Cruise Critic. For more information about any of the ports you may be stopping at (including your embarkation and disembarkation ports) you can go to the Ports of Call Forum.
  2. babs135


    You mean you even managed to avoid the hype over the vegan sausage roll?šŸ¤£ Actually it wasn't bad, not brilliant but palatable.
  3. Queen's Room is used when we've been on board.
  4. OP, you said mac and cheese was served as a meal but the menu states Shrimp mac and cheese with vegetables which suggests to me something a little more 'substantial'. As has been said, m&c is having something of a food renaissance which, I suspect, is how the chef sees it. Did you just have plain mac and cheese?
  5. Okay, so assuming this is not a joke, what regional foods would you like the captain of your ship to order in?!!!! https://www.thepoke.co.uk/2019/08/19/luxury-cruise-orders-in-greggs-for-700-passengers/
  6. babs135


    I'm assuming this is not a joke. https://www.thepoke.co.uk/2019/08/19/luxury-cruise-orders-in-greggs-for-700-passengers/
  7. I wonder how many people read the small print in the brochures, assuming of course they have one? When we first started cruising I actually read the brochure (Celebrity cruise) from cover to cover including the small print. When it became apparent that we would have to cancel our cruise last December I checked the small print in the brochure to see what was what. We do check our travel insurance and would hope that we hadn't missed anything. I suspect this couple went to the papers because they realised that with no insurance in place they would have to rely on the negative press report to get any money back.
  8. Yes, it's one of 'those threads' again, but it's Sunday morning and I'm bored. Lots of negative type threads here at the moment which seem to get a lot of replies; someone recently did a quick add up of answers to positive and negative posts (awful tablemates, rudeness, etc) and the negatives won so let's try and redress the balance. I sometimes wonder what 'newbies' to this site/cruising think when they read some of the topics. On the QM2 dinner in the MDR when suddenly a hush comes over the area in which we are seated. I looked up and saw a young man down on one knee, ring in a box and the young lady he was with looking rather startled. There was a collective holding of the breath while he 'popped the question' and a huge cheer and much clapping when she said Yes!! (Part of me did wonder what would have happened if she had said no!). Again on the QM2 there had been a wedding earlier in the day but the bride and groom and party chose to eat their evening meal in the MDR. She was still in her wedding gown and it was just a lovely sight to see. Over to you.
  9. The majority of package deals will include transfers, there may be the odd one that doesn't. Wording on this trip is not clear. First line of the itinerary reads 'Fly into Toronto and transfer to Niagara Falls.' No hotel is mentioned. Then 'Embark Maple Leaf Amtrak Train to Manhattan' No mention of a transfer. To be fair to the agent, this is only a summary, I can't go any further to try and make a dummy booking - it is marked as 'enquire for further details' at which point I would imagine transfers and hotel would be confirmed. BTW they are offering a Niagara Falls helicopter trip. We have used this firm before with absolutely no problem, but I can't help but think that on this occasion they haven't thought things through.
  10. No guided tour. Whoever put it together (NCL or the travel agent) decided 3 nights in Niagara were better (or cheaper!) than 3 nights in Toronto. I suspect it was the agent who thought it sounded a nice addition to the cruise out of New York and didn't take into consideration the time of the year.
  11. Forgetting the actual argument re cancellation charges, the fact that this couple chose to book an expensive holiday without any insurance in place is just plain stupid. Why do people still keep doing this?
  12. Thanks everyone. Although we won't dismiss this out of hand, we might put it on the 'maybe' list. I too would have preferred the time in Toronto.
  13. Did the couple have insurance? I may have missed that. In February/March 2018 we booked a 3 cruise and stay package which involved UK to New York on the QM2, a cruise on a different line, a hotel stay and then home on the QM2 all over the Christmas/New Year period. Six weeks before we were due to sail and after paying the balance DH became unwell and was declared medically unfit to travel. One phone call to our travel agent and one call to our insurance company and four weeks later we had all money refunded less a small excess.
  14. Cruise is on the Norwegian Bliss. Flight out of the UK into Toronto and transfer to Niagara Falls for a 3 nights stay. Then Amtrak to Manhattan to pick up the ship. No hotel is mentioned at this point. I'm just wondering if it's the wrong time for the Falls and what else is in the area that wouldn't be weather impacted.
  15. My head hurts!! Could we have an up to date 'in a nutshell' please. šŸ˜•
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