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  1. Obviously you can't name the company but I would suggest that you check out their name on the other major social media website. Several groups there have set up forums advising people how to get their money back. There are 2 travel agencies in particular that are giving their customers a great deal of grief.
  2. Thanks everyone for your very helpful and informative comments
  3. babs135

    Bumped Off

    Comments on a Facebook group suggests that the problem may actually lay with the travel operator and not the Spanish authorities. The travel operator has chartered the whole ship so this is not a Cunard problem. From what I read the travel operator does not have a very good reputation and there is a Refund Group set up on Facebook. It's not the only company which has such a Group with huge numbers of members. Very sad. I realise times are very difficult for the industry at the moment, but some firms seem to be going out of their way to alienate their clientele. We've always booked using a ta (neither of the 2 alluded to above) but this time decided we would book direct with Cunard. For a few quid more I feel we have more piece of mind.
  4. babs135

    Bumped Off

    Anyone else hearing that people are being bumped off the Elizabeth's Canaries cruise on the 18th October? Just seen mention of it on the roll call. I'm not on it, but feel gutted for those affected.
  5. Really curious but didn't know where to ask other than here. Just watching Outback Truckers and they are moving a complete house from one place to another. Is this normal practice and surely it would be cheaper to either buy or build a new house? Having said that, it's fascinating watching them cut the house in half and then load it onto trucks, etc. Thanks.
  6. Two guests stand out. One, a Canadian couple who explained about the wine industry which I had nil knowledge of. Frozen grapes!! The second was a man who was an English teacher in one of the UK's toughest men's prisons. Apparently the inmates loved Shakespeare with their favourite being Romeo and Juliet followed very closely by the sonnets. Lots of interesting stories!!
  7. It is. I've just checked the TA website. Obviously can't mention names. Guest singers and comedian.
  8. How many of you have found themselves on a cruise that for one reason or another was totally unexpected? I'll start. Some years ago we had just done a 6 weeks land based tour of Australia and on returning home we had no intentions of any further major travels that year. We were still of the mindset of one 'big' holiday a year and perhaps a week in Spain. Here in the UK the weekend newspapers are full of cruise adverts and they make an interesting read. By July thoughts had turned to the following year's holiday and as friends had just come back from the Panama Canal we settled on looking for a cruise that did the transit. BUT leafing through the ads I came across a 21 nights cruise Australia/New Zealand with a 1 night stop in Singapore and 3 nights in Perth pre-cruise. Bearing in mind that we'd just returned from Oz and knew how much the flights cost, the price of this cruise looked too good to be true and we wondered if the flights were not included. So DH (more out of curiosity than anything) rang the travel agent and asked the question; the flights were included. 24 hours later we booked the cruise and had a fab time!!
  9. Nagasaki. Off the ship and onto a local bus heading to the Peace Park. A very helpful young man showed us where to get off and how to get to the Park. Spent ages there before going to the Atomic Bomb Museum which was very sobering. A slow walk back to the port with a pause for a leisurely lunch and then a visit to the Shopping Street (can't remember if this is the proper name) before returning to the ship. Too early in the year to visit the gardens so we'll just have to go back!!
  10. Sadly as cruises are now up and running I'm reading more and more about people who failed to check whether their passport was valid for travel to Europe and have been turned away at the port. Passports now last only 9 years and 6 months from the date of issue (a lot of countries require 6 months left on the passport) so please take a few minutes to check your passport and avoid disappointment. Go to: Check a passport for travel to Europe - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
  11. babs135

    Queen Mary

    Doing my family tree and I've discovered that a cousin was a merchant seaman during the second World War and served at least part of the time on the Queen Mary (in 1943). He is shown as a fireman. Could someone please explain what this would have entailed? And I see on the records someone (not family) was a donkey man! What is this? And finally, The ship was sailing at this time between Greenock and New York. Would it have taken the recognised Atlantic route? Thanks
  12. Couldn't agree more. As you say it can be quite 'interesting' sitting there when the sea is rough. And Talking of walking distances - can anyone confirm (or not) that the Mary has one of the longest passenger deck corridors? I'm sure I've read about it somewhere but I can't find it.
  13. We've sailed mainly on the QM2 and just love it. The atmosphere is unique, perhaps because it's an ocean liner rather than simply a cruise ship. I think that the people who are on board also contribute to a feeling of almost 'family'. Our last cruise was on the Elizabeth (our first time) and brilliant as it was, there was something almost tangible missing. I'm sorry I can't be more specific, perhaps someone else may be able to put it into better words than I, but I suspect that once you've set foot on the Mary you will understand what, in my clumsy way, I am trying to say. Just enjoy the experience.
  14. Or doesn't it matter? TIA
  15. How do you know which is best port or starboard? We are looking at the cruise to the Canaries in October 2022 and would like a balcony. Plus It's on the Queen Victoria which we've not sailed on before so are any decks better than others? Will have a look at the deck plans, but it's always nice to hear from people who have actually sailed on the ship. Thanks
  16. As far as I was aware the article I posted was up-to-date. Here is one from the middle of July which still 'doesn't like the AstraZenaca vaccine. Cruise Lines Modify Vaccination Policies to Prohibit Vaccine Mixing (cruisecritic.co.uk)
  17. I hope this changes sooner rather than later. It's going to be very frustrating if things continue to improve but the stance on the AZ vaccine doesn't alter. Which Cruise Lines Require a COVID-19 Vaccine? (cruisecritic.co.uk)
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