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  1. They went up in price a couple of years ago, to $129 for the seven day sailings... I believe that last time I bought Vibe on a 10 day cruise, it was $159, but I assume that it'll probably be a bit more than that...
  2. I'm trying not to drink tonight, but I'm finding it difficult to sit here sober and watch you pound adult beverages...
  3. Just a little sargassum... Totally harmless. I would be all out in that water...
  4. I don't see any people in any of those pictures... Looks like you've got the whole place to yourself, and for half the price that I'm paying for a week on the Norwegian Joy...
  5. I'm definitely open for an invite into the Haven... Usually, I get an invitation from Jovo the cruise director, but there's no way of knowing who will be working on this cruise.
  6. $2,427 all in for an inside cabin, including travel insurance, and gratuities for the beverage and dining package... Add in $573 for the round trip flight, and $331 for the hotel, and I'm at $3,331... I'll be upgrading my beverage package for about $240 and internet for about $90... Also, looking at a Vibe pass which will be around $129... Now, I'm at $3,790... Vastly above any other cruise, but then again, this is a special occasion...
  7. This is already adding up to be my most expensive cruise ever... I can't imagine how much it must've run to book the Haven...
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