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  1. It took me a few, but I've repeated several... Freedom, Jubilee, Victory, Sensation, Dream, Grand Princess, Crown Princess, Ruby Princess..... on princess it's no big deal, because all their ships have basically the same decor and similar layouts... I don't know... doesn't bother me. Each cruise a new adventure, and the familiarity can be fun... it's like coming home, the learning curve is gone and the ship is infused with good memories.
  2. Yes, there were two holes. I haven't honestly noticed any difference whatsoever in movement deck to deck, but that could just be me
  3. Thanks y'all!! I agree with both of you - HMC is flat out amazing, and a porthole room is a great value and fun variation on your standard cabin!
  4. Thanks guys!! It was great fun going back and looking at the pictures again. It's amazing how a great cruise goes by in the blink of an eye!!! Time to start planning the next one; and i definitely wouldn't hesitate doing it on a Fantasy class ship if the cruise is right.
  5. Good question. I'm sorry I don't have better info, I didn't actually do the tasting, just snapped a pic of the menu. Maybe someone else can help??
  6. Thanks guys! And yes, i totally agree.... Blue's is probably my overall favorite spot to eat (non steakhouse division), especially in the morning!!
  7. Thanks, LVC! Couldn't agree more. HMC is darn near the perfect beach day for me! Can't wait to get back!
  8. Plenty of good seats always available by the slides, even on a sea day.... Red Frog Menu Got a trivia win while sitting at the Mirage Bar with a couple nice ladies, it was packed and a fun vibe.. the ships are now more of a dull matte gold, i like the new look. Then it was off to the VIFP party.... Won one of the little plaques from the games, which was cool! Got one on the Dream too, they give you a cool group picture with the captain and head officers, it's nice! I mean, how else would i celebrate???? Bonus! My laundry is back!!! Solid ending to a solid last day!
  9. Looking forward down deck 10 toward the observation deck I love so much. Love a good sea day, even if it's headed back home.... IMG_8578.mov
  10. Plaza lounge, quiet morning. Towel animals out early to enjoy that morning sun.... Very science-y carpet in the Alchemy. Do they have this on any other ships? I've never noticed it before, it's a fun touch. "Sure, let's avoid the fattening full breakfast buffet and just keep it light, that way we can hit the continental station and get a plate equally as insane." This space between the aft section of deck 9 and the nightclub area struck me as a really odd empty space. Don't get me wrong, i'm all for open spaces, it's just a weird void....
  11. More original mid-90's signage in the shops. They'd never put shops so small and relatively out of the way on a new ship... Headed aft on deck 9. Loved the trippy light tubes, big purple leather couches, and color changing lights on the little cityscape deals... I love the new ships, but i also really think there's a place for over the top whimsy individualized by ship vs. "a really nice living room"... after all, I'm on vacation! Ended the night with a meatball and a reuben (I know. I know. Oops.) from the deli. Sea day tomorrow!
  12. I've really gotten into the laundry perk on the last few cruises. Nice going home with a bunch of nice clean, pressed, folded stuff. BUFFALLLOOOOO... (of course this happened when i bet the minimum) Really dug watching Magic sail off into the sunset that night, Remedy in hand.
  13. Back on board after a couple hours and a couple Landsharks at Jimmy's place, just had to get some more downtime at Serenity while in port..... IMG_8446.mov Creepin' on Magic from close range. a couple more quick tacos from Blue's.... never a line more than three deep, and they always hit the spot.
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