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  1. Well you said earlier CocoCay probably won't be affected...even though it's in the Bahamas and subject to Bahamian laws and regulations.
  2. On the Jewel and Jade there is a central co-ed area with heated loungers and a thalassotherapy pool. In the men's thermal area there is a jacuzzi, cold plunge tub, steam room, sauna, rainfall showers, and comfortable chairs to relax and read a book in (plus the obvious normal showers, lockers, bathroom, etc.) On the Pearl and the Gem there is a larger central co-ed area with a thalassotherapy pool, jacuzzi, and rainfall showers. On the mens side there is a steam room, sauna, comfortable chairs, single person jacuzzi and a cold plunge (plus the normal bathroom, showers, lockers, etc.) There are some really good tours on YouTube. I've done the thermal suite on the Gem, Pearl, and Jade and really enjoyed it each time, but the Jade is definitely my favorite.
  3. I'll be doing the repositioning cruise from Tampa to NYC. The transatlantic does look awesome though!
  4. I'm a bit late but I was on the Jade in February 2019 and it had a large whirlpool in the thermal suite. You can also see it on the deckplans. I'll be on the Jade again in April 2021 and hope it's not removed by then. If the cruise lines are cutting costs, I can't see that maintenance being a priority. I got hooked on the thermal suite on the Jade and now get it every time I cruise.
  5. On Independence is there any type of water fountain in the locker room? Never sailed Royal and looking forward to some steam room time after working out (or to sweat out the hangover haha).
  6. Really appreciate that, I had not seen that thread when I searched a few days ago. I'm traveling solo, so it's not super pricey for just one on a 5 day.
  7. Awesome, that's what I assumed, but wanted to double check with the experts on here.
  8. Good Morning everyone, I have my first Royal cruise booked for September of this year on Independence of the Seas. A few weeks ago I saw the Deluxe Beverage Package was $45 a day. I stupidly didn't jump on it then and now it's $65 a day. If I book now and then the price drops, can I call and rebook with the new price or am I locked in? Also, does anyone have experience with The Key on Independence? Seems pretty interesting especially since I was planning to get Voom anyways. If anyone has any tips or tricks, drink recommendations, etc for Independence or what you wished you would have known for your first Royal cruise, I'd love to hear that as well. I feel like I'm really going to like Royal and have my eye on a few cruises next year too. Thanks!
  9. Great review! I was on this sailing as well and had an incredible time!
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