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  1. We have 9 cruises on the books, and as of this morning, the check in date has been moved to 45 days on all of them, but the final payment day hasn't changed. 😎
  2. We love doing B2B cruises but as stated above, we need to be in the same cabins on both legs. May not be a deal breaker for some but it is for us. Usually not a problem since we book pretty far out. If you don't mind changing rooms, and that process really isn't that difficult, go for it. Btw, we are on the 4/18 Breeze cruise with you. 😎
  3. The refurbishment once fully started should only take 7 to 8 weeks to complete. If they start by early February they should make the late April date.
  4. Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed the review. Can't wait for cruising to begin again! 😎
  5. We've had four cruises canceled and we chose what future cruises our FCC's were applied to, and our PVP handled it. Carnival didn't move anything automatically in our cases.
  6. The pools aren't heated but they don't need to be. The climate there is hot. Besides the stairs there are ramps making it handicap accessible. 😎
  7. Don't want to venture a guess but our next cruises are in April, which at this point I feel is a 50/50 chance. One thing going in our favor is that they are from Miami and Port Canaveral. 😎
  8. Not biting this time, at least not initially. 😎
  9. First half of a B2B. Who's sailing with us? 😎
  10. Congrats on the booking. See you on board! 👍😎
  11. Have sailed from NYC over 20 times and the sail away is second to none IMHO, but then again I'm biased since it's my homeport. 😀 Leaving from the Manhattan Cruise Terminal (which is where Carnival normally sails from), is the best, though sailing from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal also will give you good views of Lady Liberty. 😎
  12. Do you have a link with that information? The Fascination just moved to the Cadiz Anchorage and as far as I had read, will be heading to Turkey to be scrapped next month.
  13. There you go. Your TA can inform Carnival that you are celebrating an anniversary. 😎
  14. We are a long way from being able to check in. Did you use a TA to book? If so, that may be why you don't have access. 😎
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