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  1. The life size elephant towel animal is alive and well on the Ecstasy!
  2. Hey Herb! Having known you as long as I have I certainly respect your views and opinions about the Sunrise, and mirrors what quite a few others have said. I know that you and your group made the best of it, and will return to Carnival on one of their newer ships in the future. We will be doing a B2B on the Sunrise in September to Bermuda, then New England and Canada. The demographic will certainly be different on these cruises versus the summer Caribbean runs, so hopefully we won't encounter what you did in tht area. Of course we'll be sharing our experiences when we get back. Be well my friend, and again we are so sorry for your loss.
  3. Hey Greg! We just boarded the Ecstasy and I'm sitting at the Red Frog Rum Bar reading this. Have a great cruise. Will be following along closely as we are doing a B2B on the Glory in April. 😀
  4. Agree with you completely. We have a B2B on the Sunrise booked in September to Bermuda and Canada/New England. We can't wait! 😎
  5. Did you book with a TA? If so you'll have to go through them.
  6. The car service that I will be using is local to my town here in New Jersey. Your hotel should be able to hook you up with one.
  7. Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by. This will probably not be an issue for you. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. Glad we don't have to worry about that now. I feel bad for the people that booked hotels and made plans based on sailing out of Manhattan. I also feel bad for those that have never sailed from Manhattan and will not get the full sail away experience of sailing down the Hudson River.
  9. If what you say is true, then as a B2B er, we have no worries. I have a feeling that once she switches over to Brooklyn she'll be there for the remainder of her season here in NYC.
  10. I'm puzzled by this as well. In 20 cruises out of New York we only sailed out of Pier 92 once, and that was over 15 years ago. Makes no sense to me but there must be a reason.
  11. Another scenario just popped into my head. Say that at the end of our Bermuda cruise Carnival is given the okay to go back to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. Do they A). Go directly back to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal and then transport those passengers that parked in Brooklyn, back to Brooklyn to pick up their vehicles?. Or do they B). Stop in Brooklyn to debark the ship before heading back to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal to embark the next cruise? Now we are doing a B2B. If they choose option (B), will we have to debark in Brooklyn and be transported to Manhattan to embark the ship there after she moves from Brooklyn to Manhattan? I know that B2B er's were not allowed to remain on board when a few cruises repositioned from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami.
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