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  1. enjoyed your review and pictures. Do you have copies of where and when. Thank you.
  2. thank you so much, it was of help.
  3. since we are not a large, and only 6 couples, we do not qualifiy for a meet and greet, so we have decided to meet at 1630 at the sea view bar. Does any one have any pictures or opinions of the sea view bar. We sail 18 September.
  4. thank you Roy, that was very helpful
  5. We will be sailing out of Vancouver, on the Volendam. I was curious about what time, that the fire drill would be. Thank you.
  6. we are sailing on the Volendam out of Vancouver on 18 September 2019. Does anyone have copies of the Where and When. Thank you.
  7. only 52 more days, till we sail on Volendam, Holland America out of Vancouver, on 18-25 September.
  8. How close is the public bus to Mendenhall. I have read, that it is a ten minute walk, and that price is $2 to Mendenhall, and $2 back. Thank you.
  9. we are eagerly waiting on our boarding pass in 11 days. We sail on Volendam 18 September 2019
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