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  1. Shades of the Boston Marathon bombing, but not as bad.
  2. Any business that doesn't take disaster planning and recovery into account is begging for trouble. Seriously. When New Orleans was wiped out by Katrina, it was a lot more than a few cruises and cruise lines impacted. I counted the number of LNG facilities and capacities in Florida compared with some other states. Why would Carnival put more ships in saturated ports when more and more people are driving to cruises and choosing not to fly?
  3. I think most people know or at least read about some who can't be trusted with anything more dangerous than a spoon. I wouldn't be surprised if blunt plastic scissors come with a warning these days.
  4. You seem to be arguing both sides. and overlooking a different cruise line - Disney is trying out the New Orleans market. As we have recently seen, a small tropical disturbance can wreak havoc with cruise ports. A cruise line would be foolish to put too many eggs in one basket - it is better to distribute. Florida is extremely top heavy in that department. Too many ships will have no place to go. MSC, a privately held company, is still aggressively trying to get a foothold in the American market. Let them spend their money to lose more money. Florida has some LNG production, but is behind the curve.
  5. The name alone suggests it. The proximity to Galveston to catch the overflow another reason. Dream was replaced with a smaller ship; Triumph with a larger. Worst case, a wash. NCL put the largest ship in New Orleans the port has had, and Disney is moving in. Royal will be returning. Carnival needs to step up its game.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if Mardi Gras moves to New Orleans after a season or two. Louisiana has and is building some large LNG facilities and has lots of natural gas. Texas is also building.
  7. Carnival Cruise line didn't. Mostly Princess, I believe. And really, given the current sabotage of environmental standards coming out of Washington, I'm surprised the whole thing wasn't dropped. $40 million is nothing. Here is one from last century where Royal was fined a "record" $18 million for polluting and lying about it. https://archive.epa.gov/epapages/newsroom_archive/newsreleases/ef8f36c68c51183585257248006fab6e.html Here is something on NCL https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2018/09/articles/pollution/polluting-cruise-lines-continue-violate-alaskan-air-water-laws/ No doubt whoever is caught next time - and there will be a next time - will set another new record.
  8. I doubt Carnival does anything. The TVs are standard commercial, not consumer models and likely come pre-configured that way. It would be work, and rework for Carnival to do otherwise. When you deal with 1000s of TVs, keep it simple.
  9. They lick Blue Bell, don't they? Where are all the butter lickers out there?
  10. A person should be on vacation and not want to watch news or sports. Above and beyond that, cruise lines buy packages from providers and the provider kept jacking rates so Carnival switched to a different provider. As simple as that. As for blocking ports, I imagine Carnival has better things to do than trying to figure out why the TV in XYZ no longer works and have to keep resetting them between cruises. I appreciate Carnival trying to control costs (costs never go down or are cut), and keeping the price of my cruise low. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point in the future passengers are allowed to rent TV packages or have pay per view. My guess is not many will be willing to pay extra to sit in their cabin to watch TV.
  11. I would think charters determine their own activities.
  12. What cruise line hasn't violated environmental standards? Occasionally Carnival is a pioneer and/or trend setter. Look for other polluters to follow. Anyone that concerned about the environment wouldn't be cruising in the first place.
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