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  1. There is a new normal. The CDC is doing their job whether popular or not. It isn't a matter of popularity, it is a matter of public health.
  2. You know a lot of the same people are asking why kids are charged gratuities.
  3. Order a cheese party platter and eat before they go stale https://www.carnival.com/in-room-food-beverages/party-trays/cheese-party-tray--small-65H
  4. Just looks like wire rope crimped on. Under $20 and you can transfer all you like. 🙂
  5. Completed During Dry Dock 7/07/21-7/28/21 Routine hotel maintenance and cosmetic enhancements New red, white and blue hull design and paint scheme
  6. They are gratuities and on a daily basis not a per service basis. Some cruise lines do add a service charge and I suppose someday it could become ala carte so some could really complain.
  7. You don't go on the longer sailings. Sometimes they have to break Diamond events up into two or more. Every cruise there are new Diamonds.
  8. Only if you are doing b2b on Alaska cruises where you aren't technically leaving the US this year.
  9. If you are late it doesn't matter. The crush is for all those who arrive early and gum everything up. We arrived in the middle and were on the ship in 15-20 minutes.
  10. The root cause of this is the irrelevant lawsuit. Stop trying to shift the blame to the CDC for doing their job. Cruise lines are going to follow the CDC, as they know who is trying to protect public health.
  11. Certainly not as restrictive as RCL.
  12. Carnival Corp owns the port https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=3196
  13. In 2021 there are no table cloths even on "elegant" nights.
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