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  1. Doubtful. I think more tele-medicine with doctors on shore.
  2. Could also be a destination for Pride and Glory.
  3. May not be good news - AIS for Carnival Fantasy is giving a reported destination of Izmir and I'm thinking that is where Inspiration might be headed, too.
  4. Perhaps visas are easier or otherwise easier for them to travel. Perhaps easier to communicate with existing Thai staff if their English is lacking and they don't have to interact much with passengers. Perhaps that is where a training center is? Who knows?
  5. You don't need to input anything - just hit search https://jobs-cti-usa.icims.com/jobs/intro
  6. It is. There is only one set of port taxes and fees. Also tips, and a steward needs to service the cabin whether one person or two. Carnival usually gives cabins away and on board spend is what they depend on for profit. In general 2 people spend more than 1. A case could be made that singles should pay more than double.
  7. Aida is starting in August (allegedly), maybe others in Europe, Asia, etc.
  8. You're welcome. Looking at the menu you posted, there are some differences, but Pepper Pot and Mongolian are still there. Ribs another day, etc. All the greatest hits.
  9. On the longer cruises that offer lunch, Mongolian Steak Salad is still there. Other than formatting, the old menus didn't change.
  10. There is a new normal. Americans just haven't accepted that, yet. They will, or not. New cruisers are born every day.
  11. AIS sez Inspiration is headed for Curacao.
  12. On port days. Most people exit the ship during the day.
  13. On long cruises (like Journey cruises and such), they alternate brunch with breakfast/lunch in the MDR, but that isn't the norm. The brunch menu https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/explore/dining/menus/seaday-brunch-menu.pdf
  14. Did you call Carnival? Those cabins may not be available online.
  15. That's across the cruise industry, not just Carnival Corp. Pullmantur is gone and likely some other smaller lines will go bankrupt.
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