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  1. The screen on Pride is not so big. I believe the deck plan for Spirit also shows.
  2. I like watching people walk through 4 lines with the same food and still keep putting more on their plate.
  3. To refer to the ships as refurbished shows a built in bias from the beginning. One does not simply transform a ship into a new experience and call it refurbished. I have cruised enough to know to discount many of the subjective opinions of people I don't know. Even more so if I do know them.
  4. It's a promotion, just like casino rates. Why should Carnival allow you to double dip? Most Royal cruisers with upper status I know have sold their stock because Royal makes it harder to double dip. At the end of the day, most Carnival stock is held by institutions and not individuals (excluding perhaps Arison). Institutions receive no incentive. Perhaps that says something?
  5. Not everyone is eligible for casino rates or interline rates.
  6. Just because Carnival has not enforced rules in the past does not preclude them starting to enforce them and/or randomly enforce them. Rules are rules.
  7. Who would have thought 50 years ago that kids would eat Tide Pods or lick toilet seats? I would drop a dime in a heartbeat.
  8. One of the reasons all brands are included is Carnival is adding a corporate level environmental beard. Straws are not going away - just some of them and you can bring your own. I like that cereal boxes are going away - too many cruisers would take them off of the ship for free snacks ashore, or even worse, feeding cereal to fish which is very bad. There are other solutions for the individually wrapped butter pats on higher dollar cruise lines. I don't know how giving a company more money helps offset a carbon footprint, but some companies seem to think so.
  9. Why the heck should you receive days sailed for day not sailed? Carnival has no way of knowing if you were reimbursed by third party insurance. And if you didn't have insurance - that's on you!
  10. They only recycle the straws. And I volunteer to take any excess alcohol. No charge!
  11. Americans are too fickle a customer base for Carnival to take many chances overseas. Other cruise lines aren't so dependent on Americans.
  12. Hope you like crow. I'll bookmark this thread.
  13. The rules are no different in Europe, however enforcement is almost, as in virtually, never. Beer, wine, liquor, all the same.
  14. Shades of the Boston Marathon bombing, but not as bad.
  15. Any business that doesn't take disaster planning and recovery into account is begging for trouble. Seriously. When New Orleans was wiped out by Katrina, it was a lot more than a few cruises and cruise lines impacted. I counted the number of LNG facilities and capacities in Florida compared with some other states. Why would Carnival put more ships in saturated ports when more and more people are driving to cruises and choosing not to fly?
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