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  1. Make sure to check pricing with and without the promo. I did a mock booking and the same category was $600 more with the "Free Drinks".
  2. Looks like the next round of cancellations are on the way.
  3. Exactly! All the airlines are being very understanding and flexible in these unprecedented times. That’s crummy of NCL not to automatically extend CNDs that are expiring soon. All hope is not lost though. OP should contact the CruiseNext department and plead their case. I think I’ve read of others getting a 1 time extension.
  4. Except that the local hospitals probably wouldn’t have hundreds of patients at once even if there was a large outbreak. Most who contract the virus don’t have serious symptoms that require a hospital visit, so the majority could easily be quarantined at a hotel.
  5. Thanks, seeing it for my Amex EveryDay Card although I probably won't take advantage since I already have a ton of future cruise credits.
  6. By the way, that news release is from 2009. The Arison’s aren’t selling any shares. 😂
  7. Yeah according to the report: "Cumulative CDC data from the period of March 1 to July 10, 2020 reveal a total of 2,973 COVID-19 or COVID-like illness cases on cruise ships, in addition to 34 deaths. These data have also revealed a total of 99 outbreaks on 123 different cruise ships, meaning that 80% of ships within U.S. jurisdiction were affected by COVID-19 during this time frame. In addition, 9 ships still have ongoing or resolving COVID-19 outbreaks on board." So 2,973 cases / 123 ships = 24 cases on average per ship? That doesn't sound all that bad to me.
  8. I don't think Carnival will want to spend any more than they need to on capital expenditures over the next few years, so doubt they would refurbish any smaller ships from their sister lines to the Carnival brand. The Fantasy class has more ships than any other class so I'm sure they will keep at least a few around for the smaller markets and booze cruises.
  9. 🙄 Official Press Release: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/news/2020-press-releases/news-07152020-ShipNewsJuly20.html
  10. That's not specific to NCL, as nearly every company out there has suspended guidance for 2020, but yes, time will tell!
  11. Yes of course Norwegian like any other financially responsible company would make those cuts, they currently have ZERO revenue coming in and not by choice! They are shut down from operating until the CDC lifts their no sail order. Those cuts have nothing to do with future bookings and everything to do with the current circumstances. Personally I believe people will want to get out and travel after being cooped up in their homes for so long, so when FDR says that future bookings are only down slightly that seems believable, and even Royal Caribbean came out today and made the same statement.
  12. Actually if you watched the interview you’d know that 50% have chosen to take a future cruise credit and that bookings/pricing is only down mid single digits from a year ago. The disclosure was just a formality presented as a worse case scenario to investors. Don’t read too much into it now that they’ve raised billions of dollars overnight.
  13. Probably not, FDR is a good salesman, but Cramer has been bashing the cruise industry as a whole for the past couple months so it will be interesting to see if he changes his tone after this interview.
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