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  1. How do you like the comfort of the bed in your concierge suite? Is it anything like the beds in The Haven? Does it separate into two twins or is it one piece?
  2. Not sure what all the hoopla around the blue bidding page is about? That's from Royal Caribbean's website (they use the same company for upgrades). To answer the original question, you can tell how strong your bid is by looking at the text under the meter, but take that with a grain of salt because it doesn't mean much, and a strong bid is usually higher than list price.
  3. Unfortunately it’s going to get even worse (if that’s possible) with NCL including it in their “Take All Free” promo. I wish they would upgrade their tech to whatever Royal Caribbean is using for Voom. That seems to work pretty well for 6,000 passengers.
  4. I sailed in an H9 on the Bliss (which should be identical to the Encore) and the cabin was amazing. Much larger than the H9 I had on the Escape (it even had a walk in closet)! You also get a chaise lounger on the balcony because of the extra cabin width, which you don't get on the other ships. My cabin was underneath the salon but I didn't encounter any noise other than some thumping of bass until 1am on a couple nights due to the parties at Spice H2O a few decks above.
  5. NCL appears to still be having issues with their system. I'm 118 days out and only able to book dining for the first night of my cruise, no other dates are available. Entertainment appears as "Not available to book" so you're not alone!
  6. Yeah really! I wish Cruise Critic had a "Wiki" function where anyone could edit information in a post on the first page. I've seen this on some other forums and it's super useful when you have a bunch of people contributing different data points.
  7. I can't wait for the Project Leonardo ships to start coming online. Hopefully NCL will start offering cruises to more exotic ports in the Caribbean with those slightly smaller ships.
  8. That's not necessarily true. NCL sometimes offers Guarantees with perks when the booking is made close to sailing. It's the "Sail Away" rate that doesn't include any perks.
  9. Looking forward to your review! I’m from San Jose and might be doing this cruise next month depending on last minute pricing. Thanks for the info about the noise at Kimpton Ink48. That was a top contender but not so much now. Do you know if the noise only occurs for the rooms with queen beds? My gf and I would book a king so might not be an issue if those rooms face a different direction.
  10. Do the concierge cabins have the rock hard mattresses that are in the standard cabins, or do they have the comfortable one piece pillow top mattresses from The Haven?
  11. I always book through the large online travel websites. Their offers are always better than booking directly on NCL's website. I typically get onboard credit and prepaid gratuities, plus I usually get 10% cashback for clicking a link on a cashback site that refers me to the large online travel site. However, I do agree that it's nice to book direct with NCL because when issues arise you're not playing telephone, but having that convenience is usually not worth giving up $500+ in perks for me.
  12. Wow that’s awesome, congratulations and thanks for sharing your winning bid! What categories did you bid on and which one did you end up getting?
  13. Does anyone have any experience with winning a bid on a last minute booking? I’m considering booking about 30 days out in hopes of snagging a cheap Balcony Guarantee and then making a strong bid for The Haven. Just wondering if that’s a viable strategy and if NCL considers the price paid on the original booking when awarding upgrades. From what I read on this thread it sounds like no since they already have your money from the original booking and probably just look for the highest bid, but may consider cabin type booked in order to squeeze out the most dollars for those who want to upgrade from Insides to Balcony, Mini Suite, etc. Anyway any data points would be helpful.
  14. The latency of satellite based Internet (often 800ms ping times) will likely make this unfeasible even at off peak hours.
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