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  1. We are not dealing with proven science. That does not make it junk. In fact if only proven science is considered science an awful lot of scientists are going to be surprised. Science is a methodology of gathering knowledge. By its very nature it evolves our understanding of the real world. Suggesting that medical doctors practice junk science is undeserved and inaccurate.
  2. They did not lie. There is no evidence to suggest that scientists knowingly made false statements. Without evidence, suggesting that they did is an obvious attempt to discredit their work.
  3. Sure there is a lot of stuff on the net that purports to be science. And, it seems that many insist science not evolve its thinking as new data becomes available. Neither of these should encourage peop!e to pick and choose appropriate behaviors. Just because there are those that, (in my opinion often maliciously), post misleading and confusing content does not give everyone license to pick and choose. Science does evolve and we must adjust as new data establishes new understsnding. The current understanding is that asymptomatic people are infectious. During this pandemic, more so than at other times, an individual's behavior has a direct and potentially deadly effect on many others. In these circumstances individuals do not have the right to behave based only on their own risk factors. The fact that people may have no intent to harm others does not relieve them of the need to behave in a manner that does not put others at risk.
  4. One contact is sufficient. I was attempting to convey the fact that some time passes between a contact and infection. I think one has to distinguish between those with a developing infection but yet to display symptoms and asymptomatic sufferers who have a full blown infection. Both are highly infectious.
  5. One doesn't instantly develop a full blown infection with an initial contact. By the time one is expelling virus when breathing the infection is so far advanced that the amount expelled is a very tiny fraction of the amount already hosted.
  6. An odd definition of tyrany: preventing people from harming others. Great reasoning, don't help the needy because a few people might be or appear to be taking advantage.
  7. You do know that Chris Cuomo lives with his wife and children who also tested positive? Chris Cuomo is a journalist and tv presenter. It is no surprise that he knows Dr. Fauci. To suggest that Dr. Fauci consults with and takes advice from him strikes me as the fevered dreaming of a political operative.
  8. As others have suggested, 8 day Southern Caribbean itinerary offers the best beaches. One consideration in waiting to book is the possibility of sellouts due to pent up demand.
  9. Illustrates a fundamental lack of understanding of the scientific process. What is known today informs current thinking. As more data becomes known, thinking changes. Insisting that a scientist must not change is just silly.
  10. Median: a value such that half of the data points are smaller and half are greater. So, more people 40 and over than under 40. That is known as a majority.
  11. I'm not because I get a flu shot every year and because the flu is a) far less infectious and b) less deadly. That's great if one is under 40. But the majority of Canadians are over that age.
  12. The death rate is not material to the dead or their loved ones. There is little known about the long term effects on the recovered. Just because most seem to be asymptomatic does not mean there are no delayed issues. With so little known I do wonder at the rush to undertake risky and unnecessary activities.
  13. These masks are intended to reduce transmission from the wearer. They help reduce spittle. Thought to be a significant source of infection.
  14. If you cannot provide evidence one has to presume it doesn't exist. Not even a link to the "interview"? Please!
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