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  1. broberts

    LOTS of bugs:(

    Did you figure out what the issue was on the misbehaving laptop? Initially navigation is tough. This is partially because we are used to the old site and the new site is remarkably different. I found that navigation becomes much easier once I created a new stream that brought up only unread content in threads I follow and made the stream my default. I can now press the 3rd button from the right of the page toolbar (mobile) to call it up at any time. The url (address) can be put on a home screen/desktop for immediate access outside of the browser.
  2. broberts

    Just my impression

    On a mobile, click the menu button (three horizontal bars) on the far right of the blue toolbar that is just below the CC banner.
  3. broberts

    New and Improved CC

    If you use the streams in particular Activity | My Activity Streams | Content I Follow, you will see new posts almost immediately. You can use https://boards.cruisecritic.com/discover/followed-content/ to get there quickly.
  4. broberts

    New and Improved CC

    You can create a custom stream. To get to the Create New Stream button on a mobile click the page menu button, select Activity, My Activity Streams. On a desktop hover over the Activity tab then click on My Activity Streams. The button is at the bottom of the list.
  5. Have you reviewed your Notification Settings on the new site? If you simply want to see a list of subscribed threads, click your name and select Manage Followed Content. If you want to get a list of new posts, on a desktop pc hover over the Activity tab to display a menu bar below the tab. Then click My Activity Streams to drop a menu. Select Content I Follow for something close to what we used to have.
  6. broberts

    Prior Posts Missing

    Apparently search indexes are still being created.
  7. broberts

    CruiseCritic App not working

    Yes. There is a bit of a learning curve . Keep in mind that you can have your browser paste a shortcut to any page on your home screen/desktop. If you navigate to https://boards.cruisecritic.com you will see the familiar list of topic areas. At the top of a page, there is a toolbar just below a CC banner. The menu button at the far right (three horizontal bars) is where one will find a notifications button (bell) and other options.
  8. broberts

    LOTS of bugs:(

    As CC announced prior to the change, apps are not supported. There is at least one post that indicated that there are technical issues with apps interfacing. Use a browser on mobile devices. For quick access to particular pages, have the browser put a shortcut on your home screen/desktop. I have no problem with formatting on a Windows 10 pc using Firefox, IE 11, Edge, or Chrome. Nor have I had any formatting issues using Chrome on my Android phone. Can you be more specific about the problems you are experiencing?
  9. broberts

    If it ain't broke

    If you are using a pc or mac. The mobile version is a little different. a) Page navigation within a thread is at the top and bottom of the page. At the top it is on the left just above the first post on the page. b) Activity, Unread Content. In the parameter block above the list a Specific date range can be set in Time Period. (When the option is selected the drop menu expands to include a start and end date.) c) If you are logged in and see a filled in dot or start immediately to the left of the title, clicking it will navigate to the first unread post.
  10. broberts

    Just my impression

    On a pc use the keyboard Home key.
  11. broberts

    This new forum is not working for me

    Strange. I checked it on IE 11 and everything looks fine. I doubt it is the issue but you might check that the url/website address is https://boards.cruisecritic.com.
  12. Some days I get cynical and think the aim is cause confusion so we stop worrying about the price.
  13. broberts

    iOS Forums App not working

    It is even easier now. When you post or reply the editor has a paperclip at the bottom left. Follow the directions.
  14. Shouldn't have to. Once the search results are displayed click on MORE FILTERS. You should see the fields logged in or not. At least I do .
  15. broberts

    Just my impression

    I disagree. Lets leave it at that.