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  1. If you have not previously done so, try clearing cookies and data for the CC website. If the problem persists you might try emailing help@cruisecritic.com with this issue.
  2. broberts

    Can't search in forum

    You have to explicitly place limits on where the search looks.
  3. broberts

    Need to login every day

    When one logs into CC the website attempts to save a cookie that will "keep one logged in." However, if one is using a private/incognito browser window, or one has disabled the keeping of cookies in general or for a particular website, or one has instructed the browser to discard website data on exit the cookie will not be saved across sessions. I'm not familiar with the particulars of the relatively new EU policies affecting cookie storage and browser implementation of such. Is it possible that you have not explicitly given your browser permission to store cookies or other data for the CC website?
  4. broberts

    How to Get "Remember my Password" back on?

    One must explicitly log out. Otherwise the system automatically logs one in.
  5. I don't think anyone can see pictures in the OP. The links do not identify valid/existing pictures.
  6. broberts


    While I too would like the floating top of page link to return. In the interim, the functionality exists without the link. On a desktop use the Home key to scroll to the top of the page. Use the End key to scroll to the bottom of the page. Note, if one is working in a post editor the keys will not work as they move to the beginning/end of the line. On an Android mobile double tapping the magnifying glass on the CC banner will scroll to the top.
  7. broberts

    Cabin changed

    Wonderful news. Have a great cruise.
  8. broberts

    Cabin changed

    They are just putting you off. Call back. It's tough, but try not to accept any suggestion of investigating and getting back to you. Point out that in the past they have failed to do so in a timely manner. Push to escalate the issue. Regardless of what is said, there is always a higher level decision maker available. Good luck.
  9. broberts

    What sim cards for data can be purchased for Sea?

    @blondelinda, FYI when you want to use @<username> to notify someone of a post you need to highlight the username on the list that pops up (may have to wait a few seconds) and press enter or tap/click on the name. When that is done the name will appear in white text on a blue background, as shown in this post. If you don't do this, no notification is sent.
  10. broberts

    Email Notifications

    @2Beeze, I didn't take it as a complaint. Just a statement of fact.
  11. broberts

    Email Notifications

    I believe earlier in this thread @CC Help Jenn suggested emailing help@cruisecritic.com. I know you have done so in the past, but I'd suggest following that advice now. Based on responses to others in this thread it is quite possible that your problem is unique and may be a result of some action on the part of your isp. If this is so, it is likely that a solution will only be reached by CC looking at the actual traffic.
  12. broberts


    There are all sorts of legitimate reasons why a TSA agent might inspect a pill bottle. If you can't imagine some, I'm hoping you are not employed as one.
  13. broberts


    TSA has every right to establish that what purport to be medicine are in fact medicine. Complaining about an agent reading labels is at best going to be ignored.
  14. Bottom line, there is absolutely no reason that the search on mobile and desktop platforms should differ in functionality. It is my belief that the difference is due to sloppy coding and poor quality control.
  15. broberts

    Travel Documents for US Citizens for Caribbean travel

    These days not all government issued birth certificates include a raised seal.