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  1. It actually makes sense to preposition doses in anticipation of approval. Allows the kinks to be worked out of the process and means inoculation can literally start as soon as the approval is official.
  2. Citing a removed, non refereed article in a student newsletter is hardly definitive. (Presuming, of course that is the actual site.) Did it not occur to the reporter that the article may have been removed because it contained errors?
  3. One of the committees that is involved in the approval process does not meet until Dec 10. Trucks would be less expensive and just as effective for prepositioning doses.
  4. This presumes an awareness and understanding of every site function. It also assumes that all users see and use the site in the same way and on similar devices.
  5. With Carnival using HMC I suspect demand for the "port" exceeds availability. Naturally ships that generate more revenue are going to be preferred. Missing the stop is less likely to affect bookings on a canal itinerary than a 7 day out of FL.
  6. In the thread title, above the posts, on the right click / tap Following. In the pop-up click Unfollow, lower left of the popup. Find the thread in https://boards.cruisecritic.com/followed/ (Menu, Account, Manage Followed Content) and use its Change Preferences link.
  7. I think this is an overly sensitive remark. It's true that the many on the left view some right leaning publications as less than credible. I like to think this is because those publications have been known to use alternative facts. But i know it is often because they espouse contrary views. I would point out that a similar situation exists with those on the right. While many consider publications like the NY Times as centrist, I've often seen it dismissed as a leftist publication.
  8. Not a question of safety. The new shingles vaccine is much more effective. i understand your point about long term effects. Even agree somewhat. The difficulty is how long must one wait to insure safety, one year, three years, a decade? When can one be sure there are no nasty side effects still hiding?
  9. Not every problem is a nail. Of these "numerous pandemics" how many were actually pandemics and how many of these feature aerosol transmission? A critical feature of science that appears to be missed by many is that as data is collected hypothesis evolve, are discarded, and new ones created. This is called learning. A surprising number of people seem unable to grasp the concept. (It's a wonder that our species has managed to survive and develop given how many such people seem to exist.) The fact that Dr Fauci has changed recommendations as more is learned about COVID-19 i
  10. The half dose, full dose regime is interesting. Going to be a lot of investigating into that discovery. It's going to make logistics quite a challenge. Less inventory, much more paperwork.
  11. While the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine use the same technology they operate differently. As experience is gained we may well start learn that various target groups are better served by one or the other. This will likely hold true for other vaccines as they emerge. Of course initially and thru the end of 2021 vaccine will be in short supply. Making a choice unlikely.
  12. In Chrome, when deleting files and images there is a setting for how far back to go. I believe the default is Last 24 hours. You might try a different setting.
  13. 1918 Influenza pandemic. Interestingly some of today's issues were around then. May be locked, https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/03/us/mask-protests-1918.html&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwjJ0YjtyZbtAhWkElkFHXQuAukQFnoECAYQBA&usg=AOvVaw0Tur3qtMYBvnbDuVKXv8NT
  14. So, for those with serious risk factors congregate activities like cruising are probably not a good idea?
  15. Given that the two likely vaccines we know of are only around 95% effective. Is there any way to determine if a given recipient is protected?
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