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  1. That's funny. Two sister ships and one has a space or Quest and the other doesn't.
  2. I think that post was in response to post #3.
  3. That is surprising. I have always had to show a picture ID to get back into the port area. And I have seen plenty of people detained who didn't have one.
  4. ...And so the unending quest for elusive views of the sea from an Oasis class ship shall resume once again...
  5. These cabins are very close to the forward elevators.
  6. Every time I enter an Aqua Theater for a show I cringe just a little bit until I see that the big screens have no such message. Unfortunately, I do recognize well what is in that photo.
  7. This is one of several reasons why I much prefer sailing from Port Everglades. I am on the fence as to whether I would book this flight sailing from Miami.
  8. Whatever the reason for the changes, it still was Oasis of Dreams that sold me on the Oasis class of ships. And yes, the first show we had reservations for was cancelled. I'd rather deal with rescheduling than lose the diving.
  9. Evenings in the Windjammer have definitely evolved over the years. It used to be a very quiet atmosphere but more and more people seem to be using it as a dinner option. That is a bit unfortunate. I saw your pictures of the chocolate buffet above. On the cruise that we last shared on Adventure, the night that they had the dessert special in the Windjammer it was set up ridiculously. It was a long line of desserts that was roped off so you had to start at the end of the line no matter where along the course the dessert(s) that you wanted happened to be located. It was such a CF. Going back for any seconds was out of the question due to the long line of people. I'd love to know who the genius was that thought that setup was a good idea. It turned that night in the Windjammer into a very uncomfortable chore and I couldn't wait to get out of there.
  10. I have never been approached by someone with a monkey on St. Kitts where a simple "no thanks" didn't have the desired affect.
  11. 11310..bed by the balcony 11312..bed by the bathroom 9150.. bed by the balcony 9152..bed by the bathroom
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