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  1. Well, I would expect a higher percentage in people with disease severe enough to need hospitalization.
  2. @Aplmac Thank you for all the info and pictures that you are providing to us. Your effort is very appreciated.
  3. We did a southern Caibbean cruise on Serenade and as we sailed by Montserrat the Captain slowed and gave us all a very up close and personal view of what the volcano did there. It was amazing to see.
  4. I didn't remove a cover, or vacuum, no chlorine added, no pump to turn on, and it will be some time before the heater does anything at all...
  5. I doubt the entire island is about to be obliterated. Have you heard otherwise?
  6. Does the cruise line have an obligation to protect its employees?
  7. Possibly because there is no flu virus around? Lets see, covid is out of control because people won't take precautions but there is no flu because people are taking precautions. Which is it? 🤔
  8. I haven't even heard of the app being mentioned in RI in many months. I actually forgot all about it. I suspect it didn't go over well with those of us who live here.
  9. I didn't say your card was not enough. The post I quoted said companies operating out of Florida cannot ask for proof of immunization. That means they cannot even ask to see your card.
  10. Desantis might want to rethink that policy if he is truly concerned about all the Floridians whose livelihoods depend on the cruise industry getting back up to speed.
  11. Then it's a good thing that New England is beautiful in summer for here I shall be.
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