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  1. I think I am reading this too early in the morning.....
  2. Ocean Boy


    Very cool!
  3. Ocean Boy

    New Program called "The Key"

    People posting on these rarely ask for advice on how to parent their children but plenty of poster will freely offer it anyway. It is the way things work around here.😉
  4. Ocean Boy

    Don't flame me but ...

    Yup, nothing like leaving New England in the middle of winter to spend a nice warm Caribbean afternoon at sea inside watching CATS.
  5. Ocean Boy

    Don't flame me but ...

    Ha! Yeah, I hear ya. For me it means more evening deck time.
  6. Ocean Boy

    New Program called "The Key"

    And that can be avoided with just a little bit of preemptive planning.
  7. Ocean Boy

    Don't flame me but ...

    Adventure has had some shows aboard since the first day she set sail.
  8. Ocean Boy

    New Program called "The Key"

    So they are going to have a crew member stationed at each entrance to cabin decks, starting at noon, let provide access to people who have this "key"? Seems like very inefficient use of crew time. It would be better to have those crew members preparing cabins.
  9. Ocean Boy

    All things Going Going Gone (GGG) Sale

    Adventure is a good ship. We have sailed on her several times out of San Juan. I haven't been aboard since the latest refurb but will be aboard soon.
  10. Let's see, you get ticked off because someone else gets a drink that they will enjoy. Someone else gets annoyed because the door to the outside seating area opens and closes. With all of these annoyed people in the lounge I think I will continue avoiding the area during happy hour.
  11. That means it is time to start repeating what has already been said.