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  1. Twenty two pages on double points. We are not distracted easily!😇
  2. Someone I know was up at Niagara Falls last weekend. They could not get to the Canadian side. They also didn't have passports so that could have been the issue.
  3. The other option is that RCI just doesn't care.
  4. And it sure is going to do nothing to attract new cruisers either.
  5. And you completely fail to state your opinion about your D+ friends.
  6. Three is certainly not enough in the Caribbean. Imagine sweating into a mask and then having to reuse it. Gross.
  7. So you think a vaccine is going to be 100% effective. The virus will get on the ships, vaccine or not.
  8. Trust me, I am not delusional. I have not cleared space for the arrival of a new block.
  9. All this talk about blocks has made realize these double points are getting me another one sooner. I'm glad I get something out of it has I'm highly unlikely to get to Pinnacle on points..... EVER.
  10. Eleven pages just today with several more hours to go. RCI should take note that any messing with C&A does not go unnoticed!
  11. So all the Diamonds and up with balcony discounts are out of luck?
  12. Then when the whole Covid thing is over they can just cancel the whole C&A program to get rid of the mess they create with double and buying points.😯😄
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