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  1. I am the head hijacker around here but you are welcome too.😊
  2. Due to the anxiety from the coming snow.
  3. Should have said Cuba not Haiti. Sorry.
  4. Adventure is cruising along the north coast if Haiti. Carnival Sensation is ahead of you but I don't know if close enough to be able to see lights or not.
  5. Did they have seafood night last week? It was the last night of my week.
  6. I believe it is happy hour in the Atlantic time zone.....
  7. Ocean Boy


    Yes, up in the crown on deck 14 starboard side. It has great ocean views.
  8. I am glad the captain agreed with me.
  9. Bahamas are off the port side of the ship. You are just about done with the Old Bahama Channel and the will then sail east along the north coast of Cuba and over to Haiti. Your approach to Labadee may actually be in the dark tomorrow morning. This was the first time we ever made the approach into there before the sun came up. It was quite nice out on the bow that morning with an incredible moon. And, the night before I saw my first at sea lunar eclipse.
  10. Speaking of Cape Cod, the first few years of my life occurred on Nantucket. I am a true island boy.
  11. Adventure is off the coast of Miami and moving at 16 its. But I think I'm the only one who cares.