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  1. I have done several cruises out of San Juan on Adventure and never experienced what is described on this thread. Freedom is a great ship and it is sad and concerning to read that this is what is happening aboard these days.
  2. And plenty of them were in Time Square last weekend.
  3. Was not it you extolling the wonders of the CATS matinee?
  4. We just got the Key and now we are getting the Edge?
  5. There will be a whole new cabin catagory created when RCI decides to fill in the BW and CP open area with cabins during some future dry dock.... BFB....Balcony facing Balcony.
  6. I'm in. I think the Royal DSL sounds perfect.
  7. I think I am reading this too early in the morning.....
  8. Ocean Boy


    Very cool!
  9. Ocean Boy

    New Program called "The Key"

    People posting on these rarely ask for advice on how to parent their children but plenty of poster will freely offer it anyway. It is the way things work around here.😉
  10. Ocean Boy

    Don't flame me but ...

    Yup, nothing like leaving New England in the middle of winter to spend a nice warm Caribbean afternoon at sea inside watching CATS.
  11. Ocean Boy

    Don't flame me but ...

    Ha! Yeah, I hear ya. For me it means more evening deck time.
  12. Ocean Boy

    New Program called "The Key"

    And that can be avoided with just a little bit of preemptive planning.
  13. Ocean Boy

    Don't flame me but ...

    Adventure has had some shows aboard since the first day she set sail.