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  1. Prince Philip's death is prominently reported here, especially since he visited his mother' grave in Israel and planted a tree in her memory in the "Righteous Among the Nations" Garden. Middle page in the most popular newspaper. May he RIP.
  2. When seeing all of you rave about the Subaru's commercials with dogs and a cat, I got curious (curiosity killed the cat?😉) and googled it. Good one 👍 and the Outback, or was it Forester?, look like cool cars 😁
  3. @ReneeFLL Hopefully, Mike's surgery went well and you're celebrating you birthday in style 💐 Happy Birthday, Renee 🌷
  4. Forgot to mention... the 36K was paid 5 years ago....😁 We tend to keep cars for 9-10 years.
  5. Enjoy the new car !! We're sometimes seeing on TV a show called "Repo" -- about reposition of car when the loan was not paid, usually only a month or two behind the payments.... Scary. I'm always surprised that people take loans to buy cars, since here this "method" is not very popular -- you either have the cash or don't. If you need to borrow -- you borrow from your bank, against savings like pension. We have a Nissan Juke 5 years old (20.500 miles) and I just wrote a cheque of 36.000$, ahead of 3 weeks delivery. Taxes on cars and fuel are enor
  6. Of course. She was among the few chosen to be awarded "Righteous Among the Nations" for saving the Cohen family during WW2. She hided them in her palace. Princess Alice is also buried in Jerusalem, and Prince Charles, when he was in Jerusalem for the 75 years commemoration of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, paid a private visit to her grave (February 2020).
  7. I had a bad premonition when he was hospitalized for so long in the last months. He was HM's "strength and stay".... I hope she will overcome his death with the help of her firm belief in God.
  8. Very sad news 😢, just shy of his 100th birthday 😢, and with the Queen's own 95th b'day coming soon @sgmn
  9. @grapau27 Bonnie "ringing" in my ears .... it seemed familiar.... just now understood the "connection" 😁 "Bonnie" Prince Charles 😉
  10. Many happy and healthy returns to Andrew's mom. Enjoy every minute with her 🥰
  11. Never - Costa (because of Costa Concordia and it's death toll) Never again - NCL and Princess. Always - X and RC.
  12. Indeed, "kol ha-kavod" -- you "nailed" it. DS1 likes sea sports. Wind surfing and SAP too. He wakes up at 6am to see if the sea is "good". If yes, he surfs for 2 hours, gets back home to shower and then goes to work at 9am.... Both boys were "sea scouts" -- willing to wake up early Saturday morning (their only free day from school) to enter freezing waters. Both aimed for the elite unit of "navy seals", passed the rigorous physical with flying colors, failed after, since they needed glasses... I was not sorry....
  13. No, I didn't, since we were in total lockdown.... There were no ceremonies .... even the families of the fallen soldiers were not allowed to visit the military cemeteries on the eve of Independence Day.
  14. Holocaust Remembrance Day -- A siren was sounded at 10am -- people and cars stood in silence for 2 mins.
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