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  1. dani negreanu

    Why is the hump a favorite stateroom?

    Well, now I understand about the noise you're mentioning.... I'm always booking Starboard -- there is the wall, and beside, only the pax occupying the few hump cabins pass through. Think 8594.
  2. dani negreanu

    Why is the hump a favorite stateroom?

    NOT in all our 4 Radiance class cruises.... There is a wall, and the doors were always closed after 9PM. I'm a very light sleeper.
  3. dani negreanu

    Why is the hump a favorite stateroom?

    I'm a big fan of "humps" in Radiance class. Quiet, near the elevators, unobstructed views.
  4. dani negreanu


    Karen, I'm thinking of you, and sending positive energy and strength from the Holy Land.
  5. dani negreanu


    Well, then, no worries, I'm always booking through my trusty TA 😀
  6. dani negreanu


    Hmm, interesting. Non-ref OBC from TA ... it's a first!😥
  7. dani negreanu

    Boarding in Singapore for an overnight - futile waste of time

    Sounds like a plan??? My plan was to rest, after flying 24 hours to Singapore. I was done visiting. After checking in, why be forced to leave the ship again?
  8. dani negreanu

    Live(ish) Millie HK to Singapore

    Thank you for doing this. Let's see the new "Millie"😀
  9. dani negreanu

    On Millennium. A few thoughts

    Thanks for updating, good to know. We were on it just before the "revolution" and the food was not great. Enjoy your cruise!!
  10. dani negreanu

    Vietnam Visa

    Celebrity Millennium -- we were charged 6$ for all 3 Vietnamese ports.😀
  11. dani negreanu

    Boarding in Singapore for an overnight - futile waste of time

    Bill, I couldn't agree more .... and that's what my post is about.... FUTILE exercise in wasting time. We were given the "shpiel" that that's what the Singaporean authorities are demanding........... As Sailco has mentioned above, the only way to "override" this is to leave the ship early on the second day, and return just before the sail away time
  12. dani negreanu

    Do You Keep Wedding Ring/Diamond on Board???

    After several cruises, when I've found myself debating whether to wear it or leave it in the safe, I'm leaving my engagement ring at home, and travel only with my very simple wedding ring.
  13. dani negreanu

    Hotel booking sites

    If u r a senior 😀, the rates booking directly with the hotel are better than any 3rd party.
  14. Thank you for doing this tribute for Trainman-2. Following in his blessed memory.
  15. dani negreanu

    Travel Insurance success story

    We always buy insurance. Just part of the cruise's costs... Wishing your husband a speedy and full recovery.