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  1. Couldn't agree more -- a "sad" button is thoroughly missed. You really want to react/give a feed back and express your feelings, but "like/laugh/thanks" are not appropriate.... [sorry, English is not my mother tongue].
  2. My father worked from age 14, in order to provide for his widowed mother and little sister. He had 43 years worth of pension. Since both my parents are long gone, I'm happy to hear that others will enjoy their pension rights. Thanks.
  3. Not from Romania. Moreover, in order to leave, we had to renounce our Romanian citizenship. Only lately, they restored my Romanian citizenship. The Russians, on the other hand, were more amenable and paid the pensions to those who immigrated.
  4. The "authorities" were harsh on those who wanted to immigrate (which is more like "fled"). My parents tried several times to fled, but were allowed legally only in 1966, when father was nearing his full pension. Of course, he got nothing the moment we left - he started from zero (pension wise). My parents immigrated to let me have a better life....
  5. ....being born in Romania, "mititei" (or "mici") are named only by those "in the know" 😁
  6. One time OBC from my online cruise agency didn't show up until the 3rd day of cruising. I went to guest services, and without any delay, they connected me with my TA and let me speak with her. The missing OBC showed up the next day, with an additional 25$ for "my vacation lost time"😁
  7. You're mostly welcome. As I've mentioned, you have nothing to lose while booking now the "best sellers" -- either you'll be able to cancel and rebook, or wait for the refund at the cruise's end😁. From experience -- It is applied immediately.
  8. Isn't one of the perks OBC from X? Usually, the 4 perks included are: OBC, internet, drinks and gratuities.
  9. Indeed it is. If the OP has the 4 perks already, that means some OBC is already included. This OBC should appear on the cruise planner. Re: excursions. I'd book now those that are "best sellers", and at boarding I'll check if those excursions aren't full. If they aren't, I'll cancel and rebook with TA's OBC.
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