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  1. I was indeed wondering.... since we import most of our beef meat. Thought to myself -- "may be they visited a lot on the Golan Heights" where there are most of the cattle farms.
  2. Almost all hotels in Israel have to adhere to "kosher" laws - no pork at all, no mixing meat & cheese on the same meal, no hot meals on Saturday. Only small boutique hotels cater to "secular" guests.... One of the reason I love b'fast on cruises is that I can ask for scrambled eggs with "ham and cheese" and then add some bacon to my plate.... OTOH, DH is always on the look out for some slices of tomatoes/cucumbers/green peppers to prepare a nice salad as he's used to do at home, only to discover that there is no olive oil to be found....😜
  3. After cooking a very tasteful lamb stew for all the family, DH, who doesn't eat meat, was left to fend for himself😁.... Jordan river trout.
  4. Sadly, same here.... I have a cruise moved to September 2021, and not making any plans yet and not buying any flight tickets.
  5. So nice to see them both doing great and at their home. I was lucky in the sense that I lost my father when he was 85 and mother at 93 -- both of them at home, cardiac arrest. They married late and had me after 8 years of marriage. I was 41 when I lost father, and, being an only daughter, I was very attached to him, and miss sharing with him my daily life.
  6. I've thought to brighten your day... This morning on the beach... 1st step "out of lockdown" -- we're allowed to drive to the beach. The parking lot was full.
  7. Don't forget the concierge😁 Twice she sorted out our flight seats and boarding passes👍👍
  8. I always book Veranda, and then "follow the money😁" -- sometimes, mainly after final payment, the prices drop, and concierge turns out cheaper or equal to Veranda, and then I switch. A few months ago, for our next cruise on Apex (??), the rates for Concierge dropped to less than Veranda even before final payment, and I've switched. IMHO, the locations of Concierge are better than Aqua. We're already Elite, so points don't matter with us, neither the embarkation day lunch, since the offerings are quite meagre....
  9. I also wish to see it [and board it] in September 2021 😁
  10. Thanks, now (for me, at least) makes sense. I was thinking the other way around, the Jeep pulling the "yacht"....😁
  11. I'll bet the "under the charred mess" was delicious and crispy 😁 My DH does it all the time....
  12. Is the "land yacht" a "remork trailer" or you drive and Bucky drives??? Our country is so small that you don't see such "yachts" 😁
  13. Agree with Biker. Friends and family are always ready to eat DH's steaks 😁.
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