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  1. I won't currently get a massage because a mask would be required, and that means it wouldn't be relaxing to me. If masks were required for shows, and boarding/departing, yes. We would consider sailing. But in bars (where you would have to remove to drink) and restaurants (where you would have to remove to eat), and just strolling around the deck where we could social distance? No. We would wait. That's not something I want to spend a lot of money for.
  2. I don't believe you have a legitimate When they made the offer of a refund, you no longer had a viable contract with RCI. I understand it sucks (and it does), but your cancelling before that offer was made rendered your cruise contract null and void. Getting legal counsel will probably do one thing only, ultimately cost you more money than it already has. You had no cruise contract at the time of the offer. You aren't 'out' that money. And circumstances can change. The COVID-19 situation is ever evolving. I hope that you are able to use your FCC and enjoy what will probably be a much-needed vacation. 🙂
  3. The state of AK should pay, since they require it.
  4. That is a good price, based on what we had Ovation booked for in May of this year (cancelled), and what we have Quantum booked for next May. I watched the price all of the past year, before cancellation, and the lowest price before the pandemic hit was higher than the prices offered for next year right now. I suggest booking if you really want to go, and watch for price adjustments. 🙂
  5. They have more to clean, is what I meant. 😂 In a balcony cabin, there's less area to straighten up. Of course, we aren't rock stars, and don't trash the cabin or anything, but yeah...I do tip more if they have more area to tidy up. I'm strange that way. 🙃
  6. After responding to the OP, then reading some of the thread, I have to say that I haven't laughed out loud at a CC thread in a very long time (excluding the humor threads going). Tree-skier, great job!!!😂
  7. Thanks for the tipping thread! 😂 Makes me long for a cruise. 🙂 We generally carry lots of $5 and $1 bills on cruises, and tip at least $1 for each drink, whether on top of the tip for drinks we buy, or a Diamond drink. If we have a server who waits on us frequently, we usually add $20 at the end of the cruise. We always get exceptional service. 😊 Our room steward usually gets (at the end of the cruise), anywhere from $50 to $100 extra on top of auto-grats. $50 is for basically meeting our needs, which aren't much. We are easy to please. Most cruises, we've had excellent stewards, so tip accordingly. We tip our waitstaff an additional $50 to $100 also at the end of the cruise. Various other tips, as service is rendered. IF we are sailing this December, we will be in a Crown Loft -- our first one ever, after a GS Royal Up from a JS on our last cruise. The GS really DID spoil us, since we generally stay in a JS, and we tipped more than we usually do due to the extra space in the cabin. The CL is a surprise for my husband on our 35th anniversary, and I def plan to tip more for the steward than normal anyway, since it is a much larger area. We decided to "up the tipping" for this next cruise anyway, since we are doing the same locally for restaurants when we do pickup, and the occasional dine-in. We've been blessed to both work throughout the crisis. Many haven't been as fortunate, and my heart aches for them all.
  8. And at a time when they REALLY need more people calling in. 😂
  9. Thanks, Kokomo91165! Just went back and looked and two weeks earlier, I had made a purchase for our planner for that amount. I appreciate the info. 🙂
  10. Has anyone had this happen? Out of the blue, I got an invoice by email which means they ‘touched’ our booking. I hadn’t called or even booked anything in the Cruise Planner, but suddenly the $500 deposit we paid a year ago on a weeklong cruise this coming December has been decreased to $350. I plan to call to get this corrected, hopefully when there isn’t an hour or two wait for service. 🙂 Wanted to reach out to see if anyone has experienced this, and if so, any guidance is appreciated.
  11. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. 🙂
  12. I searched for this, but couldn’t find where it was discussed. Our AK Cruise was cancelled back in March, when requesting a refund is available thru 12/31/2021. We booked AK for next year right away and paid our deposits. We’ve since received our FCCs, and were going to hold them till shortly before final payment. My question, is there any real benefit to applying those right away to our future cruises? I thought it would be better to hold off, to keep all options open (even though we do plan to cruise)but figured I would ask if there is something I’m not thinking of. I see lots of people, here and elsewhere, applying theirs right away for next year cruises. Thanks in advance for any insight, one way or the other. 🙂
  13. My crystal ball (bottom of my Kraken bottle) said August. Limited runs with limited passengers. 😁
  14. I thought she responded with a similar attitude to yours. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Both with a bit of sarcasm.
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