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  1. Thank you for doing this. Since we don't cruise till December (or later), I love reading these live threads! 🙂
  2. Glad to hear that for you guys. We don't have a lot of hospitalizations where I live either, thankfully. I know RCI and other cruise lines have to see this kind of news and wonder how they can avoid catastrophe and CDC lockdowns. It's a tough spot they are in.
  3. I concur. I understand they are doing what they believe they have to. And we have prepared ourselves personally for the disappointment of canceling, just in case.
  4. I really hope this is true for our country as well. Our family (and hometown area) have been seriously hammered with Delta. My injected older sister was hospitalized last week with Covid (an an undiagnosed heart condition it exacerbated), and my niece is hospitalized this week, her fiance is headed toward Covid pneumonia himself, and now my great-niece has it. All opted out of the shots, except my sister (thank God she got them!). The hospitals are full there, and people are sitting in lawn chairs in line outside the ERs for care. It's insane there. I hope this burns itself out as it bur
  5. I'm not sure either. 🙂 The testing is expensive here for travel reasons, and sometimes the results are slow. Now, if RCI wanted to offer it at the terminal, at costs, I may sail. Otherwise, there are too many other places to go, and I won't be fretting about whether I will get test results in time. 🙂 We will be sad, but can wait. I hope you enjoy your cruise.
  6. Really glad our cruise isn’t till December. I’m sorry for those of you scrambling with a cruise right around the corner. 😕 While I can sympathize with RCI as a business, I will echo some others that if this is at our cost ($280 for the two of us), we will cancel before final payment and take another vacation that doesn’t penalize those of us vaccinated with additional cost and hoops to jump through. We spend more than enough already to cruise. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  7. I second Hyatt Place. We normally book Embassy Suites, but the $300+ price tag doesn’t cut it for a hotel that needs a facelift.
  8. I know. 🥺 I just wasn’t thinking. 🤦‍♀️ Obviously. 😂
  9. Thank goodness you guys are doing this thread. I didn’t know what I was going to read now that the Adventure live thread is wrapping up. 😂 We would have signed up if we could have arranged to be away from work last minute. So glad they are allowing C&A members to assist in getting them back up and running! 🙂
  10. Thanks y’all, for all the sharing! Now to live vicariously thru others until December. 😁 I am traveling to see family for the first time since 2019 in September and thinking, “I could have booked a cruise instead!” 😂 Not really. 🙂 Well, not really most of the time. Okay, not really some of the time. Let’s leave it there. 😁
  11. The chocolate martini is yummy! I wish it was at the beginning of the meal, since I usually can't finish because I'm so full (and tipsy). The dessert too. I think all meals should BEGIN with dessert. 😃
  12. That was this chef's take on Scallop Carpaccio. Just no. That and the tomato soup look very disappointing and nothing like what I had at the Chef's Table the past few times. I hope the wine was spectacular, since these courses look disappointing. I'm sorry they weren't better. Thanks for sharing guys! I'm living vicariously through you! 😁
  13. I guess for now we are all at the mercy of the CDC’s masking rules that could go either way. The CSO will stand for now. Hopefully, as they have on land, the rules will relax more for those vaccinated.
  14. I am not cancelling anything based on today’s circumstances. It could flip daily…and does. We have a final payment coming up in September and will wait till last minute to decide. 🙂 Only you know if you are comfortable sailing or not.
  15. Not to make small of what happened on the carrier group, but Astra Zeneca has an efficacy rate of 66% on the Alpha variant and 60% of the Delta variant. This can be found on multiple news sites. 3700 souls aboard, 100 found infected with regular testing. Even as asymptomatics, that is a very low infection rate considering the low efficacy of AZ. So their measures are working well, considering. I am personally happy with how RCI is handling positive cases and look forward to sailing in December. Hope the ships continue to sail as safely as they can, with as few disruptions
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