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  1. Don't know the percentage, but it is one of the most missed ports on a NE cruise since the ships have to tender. At least, that's what we were told by the Anthem's captain at his talk on our cruise last September. We had a good chance of not making port last year, and only knew the morning of that we were going to the port. Bar Harbor had gale force winds the night before, and the timing of when those ended was part of the decision-making.
  2. Thanks Andrew! We fly out Wednesday for our cruise. Your review almost got us there. 😁 Can’t wait to sail Harmony next year!
  3. Thank you, Dennis! I can’t wait to see my husband’s face when I bring him to Coastal Kitchen for boarding day lunch. 🙂 He knew with our JS that we could only go at night.
  4. Thank you! We were 13 days out when the email came. Just after 7 pm on a Friday. Others (in a private group) on our cruise have been awarded up to balcony cabin level, and a few were loyals as well. No Jr Suites yet, but we are hoping for several of them. 🙂 Here’s my theory, which is worth about 2 cents: if they think we might actually book the category we are RoyalUp’d to, they award it if the bid is good enough. With us, they are right. I am going to surprise my husband with this RoyalUp, then at the end of the cruise when he is prime for it, will tell him I already upgraded us to a GS on our 35th anniversary cruise next year. AND I will bid for the higher categories if offered and the price is right. Good luck again! 🙂
  5. We are also seasoned, and loyal to Royal, but our bid was accepted for a GS on our cruise this coming week. Hope you get your RoyalUp.
  6. We do too. ☺️ To the OP, I've had to use this a few times in the past several years for work and family emergencies. Works great, just be sure to be in airplane mode before turning on wifi.
  7. Thank you! There was no availability for suites when I bid, so you never know. I hope your bid is accepted. It was thrilling to see the email pop up.
  8. The only way I know about those wins are because we have a pretty large group on another social media site, and I've checked our Roll Call here too. There are probably others who have bid (and possibly won) on our cruise. About 5% of the people in our group bid. If that's representative at all (and who knows if it is), then that would be about 100 bids for the Anthem sailing this coming week, with 2090 cabins on the ship. We still have about 5 cabins waiting to see if they get their RoyalUp. So, just over 50% of us who bid in our group have gotten their RoyalUp. I think that's a pretty good success rate on our cruise. ☺️
  9. My acceptance email for the GS was at 7:03 pm. There are 5 other RoyalUps that were accepted on our cruise so far, and those were received mid to late afternoon.
  10. The minimum bid may or may not go down. Our upcoming cruise was priced much better. My aggressive bid net us a Grand Suite, and if we had booked at the lowest price, we would still have paid double for it. In keeping up with the other categories, I did notice that the Owners Suite maximum went up a great deal. Was still a bargain, but I had a minimal bid on that category, and the minimum never went down. You can check occasionally for bid adjustments by clicking on that same email. I wouldn't book without comparing prices, ever. Very smart of you to check!
  11. 62 years, wow!! Congratulations on achieving an anniversary that my husband and I hope to be able to enjoy one day. Have a wonderful cruise, now that it looks to be back on schedule. ☺️
  12. It was 13 days out for me on an upcoming Anthem sailing, and 10 days out for two others. Some are still waiting and we sail in 8 days.
  13. Last year, I wore slip on walking shoes, walking sandals, and on the ship at night had both sandals and close toed ballet shoes. I wore all all of them.
  14. We booked AK 2020 the week it went on sale. We booked on 11/5/2018. If 2021 is released at the same time, watch for those to be available early in November.
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