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  1. Don’t even know if he knows yet! Do know all crew meeting the Odyssey will received their vaccinations once they get to Israel and won’t be joining the ship for another month. Carla
  2. Jorge Gutierrez is on his way to meet up and be Concierge on the Odyssey. Carla
  3. Just FYI — Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Azamara will not announce suspensions on Cruises until after final payment is due! They are canceling 30 days at a time. I expect an announcement shortly suspending cruises through 7/12.
  4. Francis is moving to SLon Liberty 2/9 when MJ leaves for vacation.
  5. Latest on Bobby Broughton: Enchantment—present until 3/30/20, Steve Davis will be replacement Liberty— 5/10/20-7/14/20 Enchantment—7/24/20-9/24/20 Liberty—Nov 2020 thru March 2021 The plan is to keep Bobby on ships out of Texas! Carla
  6. Gary Waugh is HD on Liberty, filling in while Adriana is on vacation. Carla
  7. Enchantment: Capt Malvin Bardsnes started rotation 1/6/2020, replaced Capt Toni and Capt Toni moved to the Explorer. Carla
  8. Thanks for the replies. I’m not looking for a tourist/sightseeing area nor water views (will be on a cruise ship for 20 days), looking for a nice clean hotel in a safe area at a reasonable price. Plus hotels with free airport shuttle and cruise shuttle would be a bonus—I know the BW Adams does offer these free shuttles. Guess I should ask if anyone has stayed at any of the mentioned hotels lately before their cruise and if they would recommend. Also don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a hotel—in our part of the country $200/night will get you a 4* hotel. Carla
  9. I am very interested in this discussion, we are also cruising out of Boston on 10/18/20. I grabbed several refundable hotels as suggested, several months ago, now trying to decide which hotel and location would be the best. Below are the hotels and prices I have booked: 1. Bestwestern Adams in Quincy $184 2. Holiday Inn Express Quincy $190 3. Holiday Inn Express Dorchester on Boston St $201 4. Hyatt Regency Airport $262 Any recommendations from these hotels? Right now I’m leaning towards the HIE Boston St in Dorchester and the BW Adams in Quincy We stay
  10. May I commend SherriZ366 for keeping up with this spread sheet, know it is a lot of work and your time is really appreciated. May I make a suggestion? Why not just list The Concierge that is in each lounge and not worry about who is on vacation, etc. it seems that RCCL is now moving people around to different ships more and more. At least to me, it gets more confusing when people are listed as being on vacation especially when there are like 3 people listed. Liberty SL Concierge is Mangesh (MJ) Liberty DL Concierge is Nadja Durdevic Enchantment DL Concierge is
  11. That’s why I’m asking, it just says Jorge is on the Anthem. Carla
  12. I have this documents but Jorge Gutierrez is not listed. Also remove Nadja Durdevic from the Navigator and Mariner, she is permanent on the Liberty and presently in DL until her vacation in January. MJ in SL. Concierges rotate everyday 10 weeks. Carla
  13. Which ship is Jorge Gutierrez on presently? Thanks, Carla
  14. Please remove the comment under the Enchantment that Bobby Broughton will join the Liberty in April. This is not definite .
  15. Enchantment of the Seas, current Captain is Arilde Hansen, his rotation started about 10 days. Capt Toni is the other Capt. Carla
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