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  1. What if you are having a hot flash??!! 😮😉
  2. None on Rhapsody out of Tampa on the 5th either. Oh joy...we both caught the flu...even with already having the flu shot this year. 😮
  3. island lady

    Drink package as a perk?

    And "sort of" for D and up. 😉
  4. island lady

    Meal with an Officer

    Wasn't that the D and up breakfast? It was quite good I remember.
  5. Another option is to hop a cab or shuttle into town or all the way to Havensight. Can't be that bad, I should think. The option to walk is not a good one from CP. Have done it, won't do it again....not a good area for walking.
  6. Yes, have done it several times, with one being a favorite and became a regular screen saver for me. All along the water and a nice walk. Trouble is, we never seem to find much to do once we get into town. 😮 Trying to walk from CP to town...is yuck. All freight/commercial area.
  7. You are most welcome! It's a cute little (and I mean l little) water taxi, but it does not have to go very far. Water Island (home of Honeymoon beach) is very close. There are a lot of reviews about the experience on TripAdvisor. That was how I found it. Looking forward to doing it ourselves in about a month. Enjoy! 🙂
  8. island lady

    ice buckets in cabins on Allure?

    I have never had a problem, and didn't just over a week ago either, with asking for ice bucket from cabin attendant. He/she keeps it filled twice a day. The one thing I HAVE noticed is they are not putting my bottle of white wine on ice in one of those plastic buckets any longer. They have it in a little wine bag, warm...or a note telling me it is in the little fridge. That fridge does not of course keep the wine cold enough...sigh...more changes not for the better.
  9. That is what we are doing next month also, and had planned on doing this last month...but medical emergency had us coming in too late to go to Water Island. We did locate the cute little water taxis, which are an easy walk from the ship. Nice little cafe right there too for beverages while you wait for the taxi to arrive.
  10. island lady

    Carry on luggage

    I think the OP was looking for a simple answer...and that answer is, Yes...you can carry on your luggage. But as pointed out...your luggage must be able to fit into the Xray scanner at security, just like an airport. Some have no problems traveling light enough to do it in just carry on bags. But don't expect to drag your huge bags on board...not going to happen.
  11. I agree...I miss Havensight docking. Loved the sushi restaurant there for lunch too, "Benny-Iquanas". 😉 Good place for people watching, walking around, shopping...etc.
  12. island lady


    On Rhapsody I saw an older gentleman drop one of the tongs on the floor in the WJ. As I watched.... he picked it up off the floor and went to put it back on the little serving plate it was on. I immediately barked at him like he was a child "DON'T put that back up there after you dropped it on the floor!!". Without looking at me, he sheepishly put it way off to the side down at the end.
  13. island lady

    Boarding later to avoid lines

    This is posted at the bottom of my set sail pass for Oasis 2/24. Anyone that wants to be splitting hairs between the 60 to 90 minute rule...you are on your own. Me, I will take this warning to heed. Due to government regulations, all guests are required to be at the pier and checked in no later than 90 minutes prior to sail time.
  14. island lady


    Thanks...I was indeed shocked to learn it was the flu. Guess I just assumed we were safe with the shot. This must be a stubborn strain of it. Many pax and crew members coughing all around the ship. The flu can be more scary than the noro IMHO.
  15. island lady


    Currently on Rhapsody, where many crew members and some pax have the flu. I caught it on the 2nd day, and Bucky caught it 2 days ago. We are both sick as dogs, and yes...both have had the flu shot and are careful with washing hands etc. They say the flu shot is not 100%...guess they were right. Has pretty much ruined most of our cruise...now...where is MY refund??!! 😞 Yeah like that is going to happen. SOL. Could not even get a refund on my shore excursion, and have paid high dollar for over the counter meds on board.