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  1. Nah...you did fine. Just took me a bit to figure out what posts you were talking about! 😉
  2. Just finished two hours of wrapping Christmas presents...whew...shopping, decorating, wrapping...all done. Time for happy hour!! 🍷👍
  3. Ah...lucky you...did not have to punch holes in the wall to run the wires inside to hide them. 😮
  4. Definitely a nice man, was happy to meet him and kept in contact for years. 🙂 Passed away in 2014, the world lost a great guy. I think he had a condo in Daytona Beach, can't remember, but he did spend time off and on in Daytona.
  5. I thought like you at first, but realized M8 was talking about the numbers listed on the individual thread...as this one would be "post #38" on this thread. It's nice to point someone to a specific post number versus having to copy/paste or double quote. 😉
  6. RCI cancelled all cruises out of Australia through end of April 2021, but my last leg of the 8 leg trip is the connection from mid way TP going from Honolulu, then on to Vancouver. They have not cancelled this one that I know of. It is an 11 night cruise, but is also not showing on any website any longer. Very frustrating not having an official cancellation notice on this one, which is certainly not going to happen.
  7. I just got my last outstanding FCC (deposit) from a cancellation I did for Serenade 2/10/21. Cancelled couple of weeks ago. Have already applied to Rhapsody cruise in February of 2022.
  8. I used FCC vouchers for cruises (six of them) in 2022...but indeed they were all for January and February 2022.
  9. When I worked for Lincoln Mercury in Daytona, the founder of Chick-Fil-A (S. Truett Cathy) used to come see me to buy his Lincoln Town cars. He always bought used, and I always called him as soon as I knew one was coming in on trade in that very clean. He bought 4 of them over 4 years from me, and sent in friends to buy. Very nice man, very wealthy, but also very frugal with his money. When he came in he would pass out stacks of free chicken sandwich coupons for our whole team. 😉
  10. We were supposed to be on that 10/25/20 cruise, and the one before on 10/18...indeed staying on with the 14 night TA following. Agree, would be nice to have a chance to reprise that whole set up. 🙂
  11. My mouth has been soured for some time now... 😕
  12. Yeah, I hear ya about the cat toys...would find Katie's "fluffy balls" all over the place, hiding under every appliance and piece of furniture. 😉 Sigh...she has been gone for over a year now, and I miss dearly having to have that problem. Get choked up when I do find one deep under something now. 😢
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