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  1. Sherri...I think they are propping the doors open to DL/SL until after muster. That's the way it was on Oasis this last time. But I know what you are talking about. You and I were on that same cruise with Beatrice in the DL, who said the ship would not let us key in our sea pass cards to open the door until later. Was pretty silly since all other ships we have been on had access to both DL and CL immediately on embarkation. Probably a moot point now anyway with no sea pass cards given out at check in.
  2. I kind of figured that, (see post #41) as I mentioned....Tampa is a bit behind the other ports. 😉 I think Cape Liberty is one that started that process.
  3. I won't tell. 😉 But unfortunately the DL may not be on 11 any longer after refurb. 😞 I am on deck 11 also, just around the corner. Have always loved that deck for that reason....soooo easy to just pop in for an early coffee to bring back to the sleeping beauty, as I also love to sip on my Latte on the balcony as sleepy head wakes up. Will be so good to see you both, and happy to see Kay out there again. 🙂
  4. The machines have whole beans that are ground fresh for each use. They tend to change brands, can't remember what the latest one is. Love using the machine early in the morning for my Lattes and DH's espressos. 🙂
  5. Explorer did a one season nine night southern Carib out of Port Canaveral some years ago. It was great! Indeed no flying to PR was involved. The ship sailed full (as third based ship out of PC) each time. We were all hoping that RCI realized the market was there and would maintain the nine night choice as a third ship...but then they didn't do it. 😞 Shame.
  6. Not yet...but it is looking like I probably need to. 🍷 😂
  7. Exactly ^....and we all started out as "Gold". Has indeed been a good ride. 🙂 I don't see you regretting it one bit. 😉
  8. 340 points or more...oops..correction. Two bottles at 340...three at 525. My bad. 😞
  9. And thanks...you just made my point. The DP does not work for everyone...but in various cases..it would work for others. No everyone's situation is the same. As the OP was looking for the choice of "do or don't"...I think the OP discovered that in their situation as a Diamond...it wouldn't.
  10. I am not Pinnacle...but I get those perks ....as would any first time cruiser or non-C&A member... book full suites. 😉 You pay for it one way or another...nothing is free.
  11. They used to be more strict with that, but now that you can use your vouchers at other bars and dining venues...I think they have lightened up a bit on that rule.
  12. And to add to that...complimentary wine and beer at lunch in CK as well. Plus 3 complimentary wine bottles delivered to cabin for those "oh so wonderful glasses of wine on your balcony" on a sea day afternoon. Still not enough?...able to bring on two bottles at embarkation. 😉
  13. Thanks...this has already been discussed (a lot) in previous posts. You may want to take a stroll through the entire thread before posting? 🤔 And no where did I mention being "staggeringly drunk". 🙄 In your case...at my count of your post of a minimum of six alcoholic drinks...naturally the DP would work for you. In cases of other pax (like me) it would not pay for itself, and would be better to just pay as they go...as the OP suggested they will do, having the perks of being a Diamond. This thread was posted by the OP for help with that choice. I believe that was made already.
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