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  1. Seem to get a quick signal this time of the morning here, until the weather changes. Just a quick stop by to say hello to my friends here. 🙂 Will be sooooo ready to have actual WIFI and good cell service in just over 2 weeks! Stay safe everyone.
  2. Yes, they do indeed. 😉 Plus I will email the owner my thoughts as well. VRBO actually encourages you to rate the rental afterwards.
  3. That still sucks. I am actually surprised she admitted to finding your can opener. Geezz...her poor husband!! 😮
  4. Indeed would never rent this place again. It was actually a last minute replacement. The nicer one we had was cancelled just a few weeks before by the owner (was a really crappy deal, I assume she got a better price from someone!). So being mid summer season AND four weeks rental.....choices were extremely limited for replacement.
  5. Wow...Covid lock up breakdown? 😮 Indeed what a nasty character. Yeah, the neighbor here came to check on the boat and told us she was very, very cheap. The boat is yuck anyway. We are happy with just the kayaks.
  6. Losing signal already. Next place in just over 3 weeks will be much more "user friendly". Will give more updates then. Take care everyone, and be safe! I am looking for bears right now. 😮😉
  7. Not the most modern or super clean house, unlike the rest of the places we have been to (which very clean and move in ready)...had to do some major cleaning and organizing when we got here...quite an array of cluster mess. 😮 But this cabin was built in the 50s I think, showing years of use and some neglect of being a rental and seasonal cottage. But, Bucky loves puttering, cleaning, organizing and fixing things anyway. Keeps him from getting bored. 😉 Took me awhile to organize the kitchen and find actual matching dishware, plus pots and pans I could be comfortable using. 😄 Had a nice morning paddle yesterday in the kayaks provided here, won't use the boat and motor. (she charges way too much for the nasty thing). Very, very quiet here down a mile long 2 track.
  8. Got lucky and snagged a signal on my phone to connect to wifi...but not sure how long it will last. Wanted to let everyone know I am still alive and kicking and not eaten by wolves. 😄 Typical lake woods cabin complete with "pea shooter" over fireplace. Mr. Moose greeted us on arrival. Bird feeders went up right away (but only getting Hummingbirds right now). Lake is steps from cabin. Big four poster cedar log bed has nice view.
  9. Oh...and just a heads up. There is no WIFI offered at the Moose cabin, so I will be relying on my phone, assuming I have any signal at all. 😮 Four weeks without instant WIFI hook up! 😞 Oh well, this was a sub from the cottage I had originally booked for this time, that was pulled out from under us at the last minute by the owner. (really crappy deal on that one). So I am taking what I could find, which was tough finding any selection for a 4 week stay in the middle of the summer season booking that late! Did call AT&T, since the Canada towers will end up grabbing my signal up there (12 miles from Canadian border). The rep told me my plan included Canada and Mexico...so I am good to go...if I can access a signal!
  10. It's transfer day! Got all of our laundry done yesterday, plus a lot of packing. Now just the last Hummingbird feeder to empty and stash in the "big blue bird box". Already the Finches are having a hissy fit the Sunflower feeder is missing...until they find the pile I left them on the ground. 😉 Luckily it is a beautiful weather day, have to be out of here by 10 am. Visiting our previous campground host we used to stay with the last 15 years. He had a mild stroke, and wanted to stop by to check on him. He insisted we stop by before we leave. Then hitting the road north bound with all of our "precious stuff", including the bird feeders, and now two large flower pots. 😮 Good thing they upgraded our SUV for a larger one...needed it!! Moose cabin on the lake...here we come! 🦌
  11. We had that as well with the Hilton in CA a few months ago. Didn't bother me. I wave off any offers of housekeeping at our VRBO rentals as well.
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