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  1. I am still working unfortunately. We live in Florida and usually do several 3-4 day weekend cruises in addition to several 7-8 day cruises every year. We are booked on AOTS on July 31st. At the time I booked it my thought was we will at least go on one cruise this year. Now I am optimistic the rest of the cruises I booked awhile ago will all sail, although there is always the worry in the back of my mind that there are no guarantees right now.
  2. Wow, you must have a lot of cruises booked. Pre COVID I had 21 cruises booked and knew everyone by heart. Unfortunately a lot of those cruises were cancelled over the last 15 months. Right now we are down to only having 8 cruises booked (6 RCI, 2 Celebrity), but I am hopeful all of them will sail.
  3. Carnival has a long history of anything goes on their ships, so it doesn’t surprise me that they are trying to get back to normal as soon as possible. I realize everyone has different expectations when it comes to cruising, but the anything goes mentality on Carnival ships is why we will never sail on Carnival again.
  4. Almost 4 million people dying is a small price to pay for a better muster drill.
  5. Carnival eliminated the past guest party a long time ago. I have never cruised for perks, but I do think the Diamond Special Event is easily the best perk offered by Carnival. But that is just one person’s opinion.
  6. I agree it sure sounds like she said Carnival will start with vaccinated cruises. I wonder if that might lead to Carnival not cruising out of Florida initially. DeSantis is adamant that cruise lines are not exempt to his recent vaccine passport law, which goes into effect July 1st. Local news stations here in the Tampa area have discussed this issue every night this week and have shown several clips of DeSantis reiterating his stance on this issue.
  7. I have gone to the fitness center on multiple Carnival ships over the years from early in the morning until late afternoon. The only time I have seen the center remotely crowded has been in the morning on sea days. But it never gets crowded like you normally see at land based gyms early mornings and late afternoons. And I literally have been the only one in the fitness center numerous times on port days.
  8. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Here in the Tampa area hardly a day goes by without at least one of the local stations discussing this. DeSantis is committed to all companies including cruise lines l complying with the no vaccine passport law. Just yesterday he stated again that cruise lines will not be an exception to this law.
  9. I agree with everything you said but I would add and get vaccinated to the end of your comment.
  10. I don’t think the previous poster meant to imply priority luggage wasn’t part of FTTF. The poster was more likely referring to the reality that priority luggage doesn’t always get to your cabin early. We have had priority luggage based on our VIFP status for our last 20 or so cruises on Carnival. Luggage has gotten to our cabin as early as 11:30 AM and as late as 5:00 PM. Personally I wouldn’t buy FTTF just for priority luggage because my experience is having priority luggage is no guarantee your luggage will get to your cabin early.
  11. It seems simple to me. The CDC should immediately allow cruises to resume for ships with crew members and passengers who are 100% vaccinated. If vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask per the CDC, there is no reason not to allow 100% vaccinated ships to resume operations.
  12. We have a cruise booked out of Nassau in July. I am starting to think cruises out of Nassau will be cancelled soon too.
  13. I think one way that he could save face is if the CDC provides updated guidance that allows cruises to resume from US ports but mandates some type of vaccination requirement similar to the current 98/95 guidance. I am not a politician or speech writer, but he could possibly spin it along the lines of the vaccine law is still in place however we (Florida) do not have the authority to over rule federal mandates (or something similar but stated way better than what I just typed).
  14. I don’t see that happening. I live in Florida and DeSantis has stated numerous times in various statements and interviews that no business can require/request people to be vaccinated. It would be a potentially disastrous move politically if he was to backtrack on this law and make an exception for the cruise lines. I am a big fan of how DeSantis has handled the pandemic and his guidance to keep the state more or less open since last Summer is a big reason why the economy down here is thriving in most areas of the state. Personally I don’t like this law because I think it takes away the rights of business owners, but I would be very surprised if DeSantis backed down on this issue with any company that does business in Florida.
  15. If foreign ports shadowed CDC protocols there wouldn’t be any cruises.
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