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  1. Just curious, why do you think they would only shorten it to a 7 day cruise? I understand that is the maximum length cruise initially but I think even 7 day cruises won’t sail initially. We have a 7 day cruise booked in February on another cruise line and I think the chances of the cruise sailing are very low. EDIT: I got distracted trying to watch football and reply at the same time. I meant to include I am hoping maybe our 7 day cruise will change to a 3-4 day cruise increasing the chances of the cruise taking place. Maybe that is just wishful thinking. I guess right now there are a lot of unknowns.
  2. We have used one on dozens of Carnival cruises and have found them to be very useful. However, we have found we don’t need them when we cruise on RCI and Celebrity, since their cabins have more than enough storage locations.
  3. Not sure where you are getting your information, but there isn’t a vaccine in development right now that will come even close to eradicating this virus. Even with an effective vaccine, this virus is going to be around for a long time.
  4. But how many Princess cruises do you have? I am still at zero.
  5. I can only speak for myself, but I have never booked cruises for any perks related to being a shareholder or based on my loyalty status. Right now I don’t have any cruises booked on Carnival, even though Carnival is the only cruise line that I have reached the highest loyalty level. I currently have 7 cruises booked on RCI and Celebrity, where I am no where close to reaching the highest loyalty level (and likely never will) on either cruise line.
  6. Because I don’t think Carnival, or any cruise line, is in position to give away any money right now. When I used this perk multiple times In the past I always used it for gratuities, which cost Carnival $100 for every cruise I took. You multiply this by the large number of people getting this perk and you are looking at a significant amount of money. In the past I would agree with you that $100 was next to nothing for Carnival, but that is not going to be the case for a long time in the future.
  7. You are still a newbie in my book if you only have 19 cruises on Carnival. 😊
  8. Like this poster stated, this is a renewable perk that isn’t guaranteed to be renewed next year. From a stockholder perspective I don’t think this perk should be renewed for the next few years, but I assume a lot will depend on what happens this Spring before a decision is made on whether to renew this perk.
  9. If the CDC waits until COVID is under control, there will be no cruise industry left in North America. Hopefully at some point people will realize the obvious, the overwhelming majority of people who catch this virus have little to no symptoms. I am not trying to downplay this virus, but the statistics indicate over time this virus is going to be like the flu virus. It isn’t going to go away, it will kill people every year, but it shouldn’t result in countries taking drastic measures like they have been doing this year.
  10. Until someone shows definitive proof based on extensive testing, no one is going to convince me sailing on a cruise ship is any more “dangerous” when it comes to this virus than being in extremely close proximity of other people on an airplane, a train, a subway, a bus, etc. I know from your previous posts you are a big supporter of the CDC, but it appears the CDC just has a personal vendetta against the cruise industry. I still have not seen one study proving being on a cruise ship significantly increases your chances of catching this virus.
  11. If you want an unsolicited opinion, the sushi on Carnival is surprisingly good. My wife and I went from let’s try it once to see what it’s like to getting it every time we cruised on Carnival.
  12. I understand your point about no politics, even though it is easy to go there which many people have done, including me. But I find it ironic that on a site dedicated to cruising, we can’t talk about the ONE thing that is likely to determine if there is going to be a cruise industry in the future in the US. Unfortunately science is not going to determine if/when cruising resumes from US ports.
  13. No need to be sorry since the comment you quoted wasn’t mine.
  14. I have two cruises booked, one in January and one in February, that I booked over a year ago. The January cruise is already paid for and I will pay the balance due on the February cruise in the near future. I hope both cruises sail but I am prepared for both cruises to be cancelled. After having 5 cruises cancelled this year, all which were booked way before this pandemic, it has gotten to the point that I anticipate/expect upcoming cruises to be cancelled as well.
  15. I keep in touch with dozens of crew members and most of them are having serious financial issues. No cruises for people on this board means the loss of a great vacation. No cruises for crew members means the loss of their livelihood.
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