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  1. When we were on Horizon earlier this year the Alchemy Bar was always packed all 8 days of the cruise. First Carnival cruise where we never sat at the main bar at Alchemy the entire cruise.
  2. So you tip bartenders/servers who don’t follow the rules but don’t tip bartenders/servers who follow the rules?
  3. Not sure where you heard that, but it isn’t true. Employees are paid based on their position, not based on where they live.
  4. Attend the Military Appreciation Gathering. This is the best event Carnival hosts and should be on everyone’s must attend list in my opinion. As several CDs have said at these events in the past, it’s embarrassing that the theater isn’t packed for this event.
  5. In 31 cruises on Carnival I have never seen anyone play bridge. However, I have never gone around looking for people playing either.
  6. That won’t work at ports in Florida unless you are talking about kids in a separate cabin.
  7. Coevan already mentioned what I was thinking, but it is worth repeating again. What country is this woman from and what is the average wage in that country? I would bet you my last dollar workers on cruise ships don’t consider their wages pitiful. There is no way tens of thousands of workers would be working on 26 Carnival ships (not to mention all the other cruise lines) if the wages were pitiful. A lot of Americans have no idea how lucky we are to live in this country. If I learned one thing during my 20 plus years in the military, it is how fortunate we are to live in the United States.
  8. I would have been stunned if the new ship went any where other than Miami or Canaveral.
  9. We were with a group of people and we used it to let others know where we were or what we were doing, since we usually weren’t all doing the same thing together.
  10. Purchasing FTTF would still not let them board together, at least at Florida terminals. The waiting area for priority passengers (D, P, suites) is not co-located with the FTTF area.
  11. I have never seen anyone wear a military uniform on any of my 31 cruises on Carnival, although others have said they have seen them being worn.
  12. As others have stated, they won’t get priority boarding. However, there is a work around that is allowed per Carnival’s rules. If you book two cabins (not sure how many you need) with your wife in one cabin and you in the other cabin, everyone will get priority boarding. Once you are on the ship, you can switch cabins as desired. The only downfall to doing this is it could possibly negatively impact buying Cheers depending on your situation.
  13. I don’t mean this to sound negative, but you probably aren’t the best source of information since you have stated many times on this site that you don’t like Fantasy class ships. While I respect your opinion, there are a lot of people out there that like Fantasy class ships. Personally I prefer Fantasy class ships over Vista class ships, which is why my 34th cruise on a Carnival ship will be on Paradise in November.
  14. It depends on the individual, but Fantasy class ships have a significantly different feel than Dream class ships. This is an over simplification, but as a general rule larger ships have a lot more to do on them than smaller ships. Personally I like both classes for different reasons. We have a cruise on Paradise in November and a cruise on Magic in December. I am looking forward to both of them, although I will miss the Alchemy Bar on Paradise.
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