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  1. Gracie115

    Regal Princess. Tips

    Just off a 10 day on the Regal....great ship! Vines wine bar our favorite location in the Piazza, staff is amazing especially Nemmo!! Fun to sit at the bar and people watch! Also Club 6 was a good later evening lounge. We found arriving 20 minutes early for shows was more than sufficient to get a good seat unless you want to be right up front. We avoided the buffet as much as possible, and succeeded all but 3 times. We were in Club Class but ate in MDR area a few times, so much better than maneuvering around the crowds in the buffet area. Retreat pool area very nice. Can't imagine having anything but a great time on the Regal!
  2. Gracie115

    Just back from Regal - New England ( Oct 20-27 )

    We will...but one bottle is not going to take us through a 10 day cruise....and besides they should be stocked for EVERY cruise...…..
  3. Gracie115

    Just back from Regal - New England ( Oct 20-27 )

    Am sure since the Regal is based in FLL for several months that you may be right......but I would hope they would have restocked at least some of the wines before then....my DH will be a very unhappy camper if they are out of Pinot Noir...
  4. Gracie115

    Just back from Regal - New England ( Oct 20-27 )

    I don't think anyone knows if they are waiting to "restock" in FLL...someone just suggested that they "hoped" they would since they were boarding there in a couple weeks... I'm "hoping" they restock in NYC BEFORE our cruise 11/01...….
  5. Gracie115

    Just back from Regal - New England ( Oct 20-27 )

    We are boarding the Regal in 3 days and I certainly hope they have restocked the Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and all other wines by the glass....we rarely drink hard alcohol so this would be a great disappointment if not available to us.
  6. Gracie115

    Yappy Dog in Stroller on Reflection

    THIS is not a service dog.....TRUE service dogs are better behaved than most humans...….
  7. Gracie115

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    How many dining rooms on the Regal Princess? Where is Club Class on it?
  8. Gracie115

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    The lines were bad enough the one time we were on Princess for anytime dining.....CAN NOT imagine how bad they will be now...
  9. Gracie115

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    All I can say after reading all this and seeing these changes is that I'm glad we have Club Class Dining....and will pay the extra to have it in the future on a Princess cruise....
  10. Gracie115

    Anytime dining doesn’t work!

    AND now that they have decided to change early dining to 4:30 & 4:45 it's only going to get a lot worse!!! Who eats dinner at 4:30 on a cruise???????
  11. Gracie115

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    I bet Anytime Dining will be swamped on all ships that have changed to this 4:30-4:45 early dining seating....who in the world wants to eat dinner that early!!!!!
  12. Gracie115

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    Who in the world wants to eat at 4:30-5:00 on a cruise? We are going on Regal in 2 weeks and the roll call have been screaming about their times being changed. We're lucky as we are in Club Class. I would be really unhappy if I was set up for 6:30 or 7PM and suddenly got switched to 5:30....that's nuts and I've never heard of that on any other line. Celebrity sometimes changes their fixed seating by 15-30 minutes but that's it..... what is the reasoning behind this? Is there insufficient staff or something to handle the normal times......it will only wind up dumping everyone into anytime dining that aren't happy with the change and then it will be even more overcrowded than it already is.... weird.
  13. Gracie115

    michael's club-Concierge Eclipse Email

    They do indeed contact you if in Celebrity Suites.
  14. Gracie115

    Celebrity IT Strikes Again

    Same here..... I had the main page up an hour or so ago, couldn't get it to go anywhere and then just now the "We're Moving" screen is back, refreshing does nothing...….
  15. Gracie115

    What dock in Lisbon for Silhouette

    Thank you for the information!!! :D