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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/death-rates-have-dropped-for-seriously-ill-covid-patients/ar-BB1avfbY?ocid=msedgntp&fbclid=IwAR1YtbY5tEM776_Kh06VEr3EBoW8y0zukIUtIOIrD9039ZvYDo5sc4fWi_0
  2. Ok, but I did use "past" tense...😀 Exactly, the recent surge happened after they opened up. Shutting down only helps while a place is shut down...as soon as things open up the virus is still there. Wearing a mask, washing your hands, staying away from crowds is more effective and doesn't destroy economies.
  3. I was talking about last March when they DID INDEED lockdown for months.
  4. We prefer the Celebrity experience. While I know Seabourn had no issues (that I know of) with Covid last spring I also know that a few of the smaller ships on both Princess (the Coral) and HAL (Zaandam) had major issues, so I don't think smaller is necessarily any better in regards to disease.
  5. Italy locked down for months and is surging again now.
  6. We received an email from SW last week that they will start filling the middle seats as of 12/1....
  7. And they are the newest, the ones with all the "tech" bells & whistles to try to interest new as well as old cruisers. We've not had an interested in sailing on the Edge class prior to Covid....now I'd GLADLY sail on them just to get out to sea!
  8. He has worked with Celebrity for many years in the corporate office, I believe he does have a good idea of what is happening. His information is that they are going to bring back the 2 new ones first...which really only makes sense.... I have enough faith in his information that we cancelled our Infinity cruise for early 2021 and based on what he said have grave doubts that our Reflection TA in April will sail.
  9. My contact at Celebrity states that Edge & Apex will be the first to come back, which makes sense...bring back the newest, brightest first! He also stated ships like Infinity & Connie will probably be last to be brought back...also makes sense to me since they are the oldest, non renovated X ships.
  10. Our first cruise on the Eclipse was a "cruise to nowhere" out of Miami, 4 nights out and back, just after she debuted.
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