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  1. Gracie115

    Why Doesn't Princess Modern"icized" Their (Old) Ships?

    I got that because the OP posts frequently on Celebrity boards AND the current project on Celebrity ships is called "REVOLOUTIONIZING" the ships in the fleet. There are no rock wall, amusement parks, and shopping malls included in the "revoloutionizing"
  2. Gracie115

    Why Doesn't Princess Modern"icized" Their (Old) Ships?

    So many people here "assuming" that updating an older ship has to mean rock walls, water slides, shopping malls....etc. That is not what the OP was referring to at all. He was referring to what Celebrity is now doing with their older ships, completely updating staterooms with state of the art technology for HVAC, lighting, TV, electrical and renovating rooms with all new furnishings, completely refurbished bathrooms and updating all public areas. It's an expensive venture by that cruiseline to keep it's ships in best possible condition to be able to compete for another 20 years with the hundreds of other choices out there to us all. I think it's a great idea, unfortunately it also is resulting in much higher prices, at least for the time being, so not many Celebrity cruises in the immediate future for us, but still it's a smart business move on their part.. And there aren't any rock walls or water slides on any of them....
  3. Gracie115

    Why Doesn't Princess Modern"icized" Their (Old) Ships?

    Ok but what the OP was speaking of was the Celebrity refurbishment which includes none of the items in Thrak's post, well it may include an additional specialty restaurant but not rock walls, water slides, reservations for theatre seats etc.. They are updating 20 year old ships by completing renovating tired staterooms, introducing new technology for lighting, HVAC, TV's etc....which hopefully keeps them competitive for the foreseeable future with the SLEW of newer ships out there. Not saying Princess should do it, just trying to clear up a misconception of the OP's post.....don't think they were looking for rock walls and water slides on Princess ships.....
  4. Gracie115

    Why Doesn't Princess Modern"icized" Their (Old) Ships?

    Celebrity did much more than a simple paint job on the Millie. All staterooms were completely renovated including all new furnishings and that included new technology for lighting, HVAC, TV, etc... all public areas were also renovated. From the pictures the ship looks great. Having said that, while our next cruise is on Celebrity, the one after that is on Princess and I suspect the ones following it will be too....Celebrity pricing has gone crazy...
  5. Gracie115

    Why Doesn't Princess Modern"icized" Their (Old) Ships?

    Wasn't sure what the Celebrity ships would look like but now that Millennium has been completed (the oldest Celebrity ship) and pictures are available to see the ship looks great. It does NOT look like the Edge but it is now up to date and ready for another 20 years!!!
  6. Gracie115

    Regal Princess. Tips

    I never did this and my TV's both worked fine.....what ship is this on?
  7. a few weeks ahead of sale date to find out about any special requests? Have read some conflicting reports....so does anyone know if they are still doing this?
  8. Gracie115

    Internet Packages

    Interested in an unlimited package too, we will be on Sky for 25 nights next year and doubtful even the 600 minute package will be enough..... Last summer Princess ran a special and we had unlimited on the Regal for 10 days for something like $79.95....any hope that something like this will come along again?
  9. And so have we, highly recommend Rome In Limo for tours/transfers. They are so easy to work with and helpful in planning.
  10. Gracie115

    Will X ever get wristbands instead of cards??

    I don't know if they do that but they DO have you full names on your door! We sailed on the Regal last November and had a WONDERFUL time but thought it odd that they did this, what with the entire world's issue with privacy and all... We didn't care, it was just different than any other ship I've been on! But I agree with your last sentence completely.....
  11. Gracie115

    Millennium Revolution -

    I've been in 1116 and it WAS bigger than the balcony next to it 1114, don't know about now but it was definitely deeper then than most of the others on both sides. 1116, 1118, 1119 & 1117 all larger.
  12. Gracie115

    Is Celebrity shooting itself in the foot?

    I think it would work fine because you have the two entrances to the bathroom so you can close the bedroom door and everyone has privacy. Certainly not as comfortable as the RS but she would still be sleeping on a sofa bed in either one. The table that is on the veranda is certainly big enough for 3 to eat at it. I wouldn't hesitate to have 3 in a CS.
  13. Giuseppe as Cruise Director is great....he was wonderful on Eclipse last April as Eddy's assistant.
  14. Gracie115

    Is Celebrity shooting itself in the foot?

    Couldn't possibly disagree more. We love the CS on the "S" class ships. Have done 3 TA's in them. Also did our last TA in a RS when we got a deal. It was nice but nowhere near worth the extra dollars it would normally cost over a CS. We enjoy Michael's Club on the TA, the only time it was busy was right before dinner, but even then we always found a place to sit and had great service. With Luminae the specialty restaurant perks for RS and above becomes a non factor since Luminae is far better than most if not all (for us ALL) of the specialties. The half bath in the RS is very nice, but we are fine with the 2 entrances to the bath in the CS. And the balconies on the CS, especially those on the hump, are FAR superior to the one for the RS's because the RS has that gigantic jacuzzi tub that rarely gets used from everything I've read and experienced and takes up half the space on the balcony. So we all have different opinions about what works for us. I'd rather have that 2K per person in my pocket than spend it on a RS...