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  1. If you are not all in suites Celebrity will NOT link your reservations anymore. I know this because I just asked my CVP to do that for a cruise next year and he told me they can't do it. If you are all in suites then you will dine in Luminae and show up when you want. With a group of your size however you should let the Maitre'D know what time you plan to come so they can have a table set up for you.
  2. Our one experience on HAL wasn't very good. We do have a cruise booked with them in December but on their newest ship, that we may or may not actually do but thought we should give them another chance. Their suites really aren't anything to get excited about though. Even on the newest ships the Neptune Suites, which outside of the one Pinnacle suite, are the "top" end on HAL would compare only to a Sky Suite on Celebrity. And the lack of perks as compared to X is significant. For some that would matter, for others not.
  3. Sure....I can think of lots of things.....none of which can't wait an hour or two if that's the time assigned to show up for check in.........
  4. Agree. Just because people ignored the "suggested" time in the past when the world was NOT in the middle of a pandemic, why would anyone think everything is the "same" now? As you said passengers have been told about the new protocols. Why in the world does anyone think it's ok to ignore them? Is getting there in time to eat lunch all that important??????????????
  5. Sort of sounds like the "honeymoon for cruises" is over and some are back to just complaining..... I would be more than happy to stand in that line.....and if I was foolish enough to show up early I'd have a bottle of water and a hat and whatever else I needed for the wait. This is what, the 3rd or 4th Edge cruise in 16 months....of course, everything should be absolutely perfect....of course.......🤪🤪
  6. Boy, is this ever true. What in the world makes people think they should be able to bend the "rules" or "recommendations" to fit what they want........ oh, that's right....it's this "all about me" world.
  7. What in the world is wrong with people? If they say arrive at 2PM then arrive at 2PM not 11AM hoping for an early check in. My DH said a month ago that there were many who would ignore these recommendations because, of course, it's the "all about me" world. With everything that has happened in the last 16 months one would think missing an hour or two on board would not be important, it certainly isn't to me. Apparently I'm wrong. As @Frenchkonasaid: Take your time, enjoy being alive and don’t try to screw up everyone’s return to a relief from this pa
  8. I received notification from MedJet today that they now cover Covid19 worldwide. Nice to know if for whatever reason one got very sick and wanted to get home. I will check with our CC company to see if they might cover quarantine expenses. It's Chase Sapphire and they have some great travel protections.
  9. We also use GEO Blue Trekker. What does it not cover that Royal requires? It does have a paragraph stating it will cover Covid medical expenses.
  10. From everything I've read they are VERY strict about it.
  11. Ok I get what you are saying. But I think it unrealistic to expect things to be up to par on the 2nd sailing in 16 months. None of what you have objected to is really a "cutback" if you ask me. Slow service WILL get better, the buffet WILL open to full capacity when they are MUCH closer to full passenger capacity. The "missing " items at dinner will be fixed. As far as pricing all the lines are charging more but I would be glorious to be on a ship right now. Yes, they are more than they were 16 months but pretty much EVERYTHING in the world is too, including hotel prices tha
  12. Our last cruise was also on Princess on the Regal. I don't think they come close to the level of service that X does. We enjoyed ourselves, so don't get me wrong, but prefer X by far. Enjoy your cruise next week!!!!
  13. I'm sorry you aren't happy with the service provided. I would think that 60% of crew when you only have about 40% customers would still be more than enough. I also wouldn't expect the entire buffet to be open with so few customers on board. I know that was also true on the Apex and also on the Adventure of the Seas last week. Hopefully the rest of your cruise will go more smoothly.
  14. So I was looking at a booking on Edge in August and "Simply Sail" was an option on a suite guarantee. If this is booked do the normal suite perks still apply?
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