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  1. Post # 270 shows a screen shot from Celebrity dated May 20, calling it "on hold" I don't think any revolution or renovation is coming soon.
  2. Aside from being told personally by a long time Celebrity staffer over a month ago you can go to post #270 on this thread for the "official" statement.
  3. I like beef, but rarely order it when at sea or in any restaurant. Like I said in my previous post the gentleman who often sat next to us when we were last on Eclipse had a steak every night that normally is sold in Murano, but the staff knew this in advance so not a problem for them to provide. It was not a filet, but a T-Bone I believe(not sure, just know it was not a filet) but he had it every time we sat next to him. I enjoy the service and friendly staff at Luminae as much as the food, have never gone away hungry, it's just a very pleasant experience for us.
  4. We were on Eclipse for 2 weeks in 2018, Silhouette 2 weeks in 2019 and also on Reflection & Equinox since the inception of Luminae and one of the people with us ordered from the MDR menu nearly every day. He also asked for items not on any menu and the chef prepared them for him, sometimes immediately, sometimes the next day. We sat next to a couple on the Eclipse and the gentleman had a steak that was on the Murano menu nearly every night. We have found the staff at Luminae to be amazingly accommodating, sorry your experience was not the same. Luminae is one of the main reasons we love Celebrity these days, and while we don't have 150 cruises with X we do have over 30 so we are not "newbies" by any stretch. The specialty restaurants are very "hit & miss" as far as service is concerned and the food for the most part just okay. The last two trips have been in Royal Suites and while we had "free" specialty restaurants the only time we used them was with a group at Le Petit Chef, which was good and great fun, but definitely a one time experience. To each his own.
  5. As much as it's not what anyone wants to hear, Celebrity HAS said the drydocks/revolutionizing of Connie has been postponed with no future date set. The likelihood of ANY major refurbs happening in the next year is very dim. Their entire emphasis is on getting the fleet up and running and developing a plan to make passengers feel safe enough to sail. The refurb and new builds are definitely back burner issues until that happens.
  6. Luminae is the best that Celebrity has to offer in our opinion. We've been lucky enough to enjoy it on several cruises the last few years. The service is, far and away, the best on the ship and the willingness to find you whatever you want, as long as it's on the ship is amazing. I can't speak to the Edge class, as we have no interest in sailing on that class, but on the "S" and "M" class Luminae has always been amazing. We did a Chef's Dinner in 2016 and were very disappointed, it was a crazy amount of money and we enjoyed our dinners in Luminae much more. We are booked in a suite on a TA next April on Reflection....hope things are better by then and we get to go.
  7. We love the M class ships too, but they are older and tired and definitely need some changes. The last time we were on Connie which was a couple of years ago the balcony area was rusting, the shower was horrible, the room was tired. We LOVE what we've seen on the Millie and Summit refurbs. I will say the "chair" they have placed in some of the rooms instead of the small sofa/loveseat looks stupid but everything else looked great. Just our opinion, the good thing is with the postponement of the refurb on Connie & Infinity there's something for everyone to like in the "M" class.
  8. I have been saying this for a few months now. Not only Royal, Celebrity but I believe all lines may put their older, unrenovated ships on either a long term dry dock, or "cold storage" until they can find a buyer or until business gets better. I think all of us know that cruising is going to take a while, perhaps a VERY long while to build back to what it was before (if it ever does). Best way I know to deal with that scenario is to take the best they have, ie, new(er) ships vs. older ships, and hope that they get busy enough at some point to bring back some of those older ones or just abandon them entirely and build new ones. The other scenario, I think, is to make those older ships "party ships" not unlike Carnival does with theirs. Do only 2-4 night cruises and generate $$. I think most people would "risk" a short cruise like that even now just to get out on the water. Could put a lot of money in those empty coffers......just saying.
  9. Excuse me??? Stay in my shell? I have been following that link you posted daily for nearly two months. Get your facts straight, yes he has claimed otherwise: https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2020/05/florida-gov-says-he-fired-su-grad-for-cyberstalking-not-coronavirus-data-allegations.html I've lived in Florida for 40 years, there are many rural areas, there are also LARGE cities and many good sized towns, I forgot to mention Vero Beach, St. Augustine, Ft. Pierce, Ocala, Pensacola among many others. Yes, there are rural areas, but the majority of the population live in the towns and cities.
  10. That is what she claims, there is no proof one way or the other about her claims. Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Melbourne, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Naples, are certainly not rural. While the center of the state has a lot rural areas, there are still 21 MILLION people in the state.
  11. Actually, I would suggest that ALL cruise lines actually operate their business with funds for current voyages rather than spend today from revenue received for a voyage, 3 months, 6 months, a year down the road. If they operated within those parameters then ALL the people waiting for refunds would have their money, as they would have cash from all those future bookings available to pay them....as it is NOW they have to wait till enough people actually book and pay for more "future" cruises before those waiting for refunds get their $$. REALLY not good business practice as the lines are learning now, at the expense of their loyal and now, not so loyal, customers!!!!
  12. I gave up, frankly amazed at a "message" like that, have no intention of doing business with them again. I have started a charge back for our refund at this time. 60+ days is long enough to wait.
  13. Agree.....but I would think ALL the lines should have those reserves...unfortunately more seem to be running an Enron type accounting system....
  14. Viking apparently has been refunding without a long delay...that's also helpful
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