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  1. Gracie115

    Is Princess turning off their customer base?

    We were just on Regal last month and had a wonderful time. We aren't "millennials" but we aren't ancient either, but love to cruise and have been doing so on Celebrity mostly for the last 20 years... If you want to talk about a cruise line that is both steering away from AND losing it's customer base you should look at Celebrity. Their new ship "The Edge" while apparently quite beautiful has produced quite a few scathing reviews... and pricing on all the ships has gone haywire.... I guess they are banking on A LOT of wealthy Millennial's to fill all those cabins. We have one more booked on Celebrity and then our next two are on Princess....
  2. Gracie115

    Back from The Edge

    Thank goodness for that!
  3. Gracie115

    Recently off REGAL...

    Wow....we like Colo Cruiser above were on Regal for 10 days at the beginning of November and had a wonderful time. We are normally Celebrity suite guests and we were very pleased with pretty much everything on the Regal. Our waiter service was great and they knew us by name by the 2nd day. Our stateroom attendant one of the best we've had on any cruise. The food was good to very good, only had one bad meal and that was NOT in the MDR. We encountered so many friendly employees we kept mentioning to each other how the ship did not have the feel of a "big" ship at all. We enjoyed it so much we booked a 25 night cruise for spring 2020 and already planning for a repeat of the one we just took in fall of 2020 on the Sky. Just goes to show you we all experience different things.... Oh....I DO agree about the incredibly small balconies, but we still used it a lot and it was fine, even our "Ultimate Balcony Dinner" was great!!!
  4. Gracie115

    Back from The Edge

  5. Gracie115

    Back from The Edge

    My bet is that after the inaugural season a lot of this kind of entertainment will just disappear. Not the kind that will hold up on a long term basis..whether you are 30 or 50 or 60.....
  6. Gracie115

    Back from The Edge

    Just not sure what to think about this...mildly interesting once?...maybe
  7. Gracie115

    Reserved seating for shows

    yes, "evening" not elegant...same thing though...suite guests have reserved seating in the theatre on those nights.
  8. Gracie115

    Have all the TA’s for 2020 been posted?

    Yeah...pretty bad selection of TA's fall 2020...
  9. Gracie115

    Reserved seating for shows

    But they now have "elegant chic" nights and on those nights there is reserved seating for suite guests....but it is in the balcony sections not the main floor....
  10. Gracie115

    Back from The Edge

    All true but we have come to love Luminae on the "S" class ships and the flexibility they offer now.....we don't bother with Specialties anymore because the service is just not as good as Luminae…..with the removal of this perk on the new Edge AND the exorbitant prices they are asking it'll be a long time, if ever before we cruise on it or Apex....but that's fine too...we are looking at many options...and certainly not just Celebrity.
  11. Gracie115

    Back from The Edge

    That's a horrible solution to the issue...….if this is the new "philosophy" of Luminae on this class of ship we will wait even longer to book or possible just won't bother at all.
  12. Gracie115

    Cruising to Alaska in early June vs mid August

    We were going to do an excursion in early June on the Chilkat River specifically to see the eagles until we read multiple reviews stating that the majority of the eagles appear there in late summer/early fall. So perhaps they are everywhere else in Alaska all the time....but not there: Chilkat River - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chilkat_River Near the Chilkat River is the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, where thousands of bald eagles appear between October and February, to take advantage of late salmon runs. Nearby Haines , the nearest town, is the most common organization spot for birdwatchers.
  13. Gracie115

    Cruising to Alaska in early June vs mid August

    But there are MANY more the later in the summer you go......we were told this by several people who have been to Alaska many times.
  14. Gracie115

    Cruising to Alaska in early June vs mid August

    We went first week of June in 2017...it was wonderful. Temps in Denali were actually in mid 80's 2 of the 3 days. We had almost no rain the entire trip, only really cold day was in Glacier Bay and when we did the helicopter ride to the glacier. Only thing I believer we really missed were the eagles which apparently are far more prevalent in late summer, early fall.
  15. Gracie115


    I hope you too will come back and tell us about your trip, we are doing the pre trip to Jordan and then Egypt in November next year.