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  1. We like suites, but we also like balcony rooms...didn't think it was a problem as some posting here seem to act as though it is. When we're able to have one, we're thrilled. But we're also thrilled just to be on a ship no matter what stateroom.
  2. Ew....not an adequate substitute at all for us.
  3. Yes, also in Florence & Naples. They always do a great job.
  4. Pretty much what many here have said. We had a tour of Ancient Rome and surrounding areas in the morning and in the afternoon the driver dropped us off at the Vatican where the guide met us, took us into the Vatican museums right past the LONG LONG lines and then through the Museum. She was very well versed on the museum and provided far more information than we would have gotten had we done them on our own. At the end of the tour (about 3 hours) she left us in St Peter's Basilica. It was a great day.
  5. Luminae actually has two burgers, one is a lamb burger, but the other is beef (supposedly Kobe beef) I like the lamb one but the only way we eat the beef burger is well done, otherwise it truly does have too much gristle in it to enjoy.
  6. And I've seen several now posting on the Princess boards.....there ARE other options out there...
  7. I'm sure they are talking about the Scavi Tour, under St Peter's. It is very tight, close and if you are claustrophobic probably impossible to do.
  8. We booked a 5 hour tour with this group when on Lanzarote 3 years ago. It was wonderful!! https://www.lanzaroteexperiencetours.com/en/
  9. Granted the Edge & Apex are FAR more expensive than the other X ships.....however....the CS on Equinox 2 years ago would have been about $3500. I know this because I was on her for a 13 night in late 2016 and $3,999 per person. So it's not just the Edge & Apex.
  10. Oh yes they have. Check suite pricing
  11. And we decided to splurge on a CS for the TP portion of that trip. About $1000 more than the S2 when we booked it. I think that's worth the price, but no way $11,000 for an S2 for the 14 day before it....no matter how beautiful the cherry blossoms!!!!
  12. Agree completely, unfortunately. Suite prices have gone crazy. We are booked in AQUA for a 14 night cruise in Japan in 2021 because the Sky Suites(S2) are OVER $11,000.00 per person. In a room with only a chair, no love seat/sofa. Can't imagine paying those kind of $$ for one of the small S2's on an M class ship... for that matter $5,000 for Aqua is crazy too....we are actually looking for something land based there instead. I guess if X can sell them at that price then more power to them, we won't spend that kind of money especially when there are other options on other lines available. We've booked our next 3 trips with Princess in full suites at much less cost.
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