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  1. Insulting?? You booked and paid to cruise then went on the hunt for additional vaccine. I'd say it was good advice for future planning.
  2. For a lot of people, it would be a long walk to work in the dark, pouring rain, freezing wind, scorching heat, etc....
  3. You can try tapatalk if you're interested. I used it for about two minutes before reverting to the browser but that was some time ago and maybe it's improved.
  4. But what if stepmom is psychic? Quite a quandary we have here!
  5. Not only all those good points but would you trust Celebrity's IT department to keep all your documents in order? I still print and carry a fair amount of stuff on vacations.
  6. That's not necessary to read a book or play a game that's already on the tablet.
  7. As long as the books and games are already installed (downloaded) on the tablet she will be able to read and play without wi-fi.
  8. Bad math... the number in the hypothetical scenario should be 20, not 200 and this is more 'likely' to happen.
  9. Look a little harder.. https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1811537/quebec-troisieme-dose-voyages-etranger-vaccination-covid Oops.... I took some time to eat my sandwich and the link got posted elsewhere.
  10. Are these numbers representative of the earth's surface area or population distribution?
  11. Why not start with an Access to Information request from the CDC?
  12. Agreed. If the 5% threshold is reached though, the first passengers denied boarding (or even deported) should be the unvaccinated Floridians.... they'll be better positioned to take up the conversation with their own state officials.
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