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  1. Sometimes it’s the power-walkers you have to keep a weather eye out for; joggers seem to be in a more relaxed rhythm.
  2. Ought not make any difference. Typically, the itinerary is a detour to the south of Cape Horn and then back to the Beagle Channel for the actual passage through the Tierra del Fuego Archipelago. You wouldn’t normally transit the Drake Passage.
  3. No, the price you paid for your cruise (with beverage package perk) includes all drink gratuities. Of course, if you order something not included in the drinks package you’ll be paying extra for that along with the appropriate gratuity (ie. a bottle of wine).
  4. Under no obligation to compensate. I suggest you move on and not spend any time/effort on this.
  5. The Princess ships we were on had ‘High Tea’ in the Piazza at an additional charge. We went to ‘Afternoon Tea’ in one of the dining rooms at no additional charge and it was very good.
  6. Book it yourself with Royal Caribbean.
  7. Yes, they’ll be refunded but it may take some time to see your $$ again.
  8. Your passports must be valid for at least 45 days beyond your expected departure from Bermuda.
  9. It appears as though I’ve had two entirely different experiences with the complementary specialty dining than some others; I’ll just have to book a few more cruises to see what happens, I guess! Enjoy your cruise, and your meal. Regards....
  10. Nope.... Princess will tell you where and when you’re booked. If you do something yourself, you’ll be paying for it. You may be able to do a little negotiation on the time but you’ll need that voucher first as the starting point and you may not get it immediately upon boarding.
  11. You’ll receive a voucher for a specialty restaurant (probably not the Crown Grille), date and time: all of this will be pretty much at Princess’ discretion and they’re likely to do it for a slot that is in minimal demand for those with cash. The voucher has no cash value so use it or lose it.
  12. You’re right. I suspect the T&Cs evolve rather rapidly and always best to check on the specific cruise being booked.
  13. Agree. Great hotel, location and pretty reasonable price for downtown.
  14. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/CEL-Non-RefundableFAQs_Trade.pdf
  15. Huh! Not gonna happen.... Try the Sleep Inn & Suites Fort Lauderdale Airport. We’ve stayed at hotels in the area and it’s convenient enough for getting to the port in the morning.
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