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  1. Yes, Europe 2022 gone for now. Perhaps some time after 0900 Eastern time when sales department is scheduled to be on deck?
  2. I guess you’re also prepared to forego every other activity that involves being nearby other people?
  3. I pretty much agree with most of your post but I have to take issue with the excerpt. I don’t believe other passengers have run any real risk of catching a potentially deadly disease from an emotional support animal. I don’t think your example, for anybody contemplating some sort of discrimination lawsuit, will be effective.
  4. Well, I had a look at what you can do with Air Canada in late October/early November and have attached the itinerary (note that the cost is in Canadian dollars!). I expect you can do just about as well with United, which will likely route you through IAH. Good luck with your planning. Safari - Nov 30, 2020 at 20:03.pdf
  5. Geez Louise, tell the whole story will ya! It’s tragic that over 40,00 children go missing every year in Canada but the RCMP reports that approximately 500 of them remain missing after 12 months. As usual, the cherry-picked, incomplete data you’ve chosen to push an agenda of some sort doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny.
  6. Of course you’re correct but where’s the fun in suggesting that? drsel knows how to predict and support a date and situation he/she has absolutely no idea about!
  7. See the section ‘Groups Considered for Early Vaccination if the Supply is Limited’. The inclusions in some of the groups can be quite broad. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/recommendations-process.html
  8. Whatever you like; somebody acting on your behalf to make travel arrangements.... your cousin in his mom’s basement could fill the bill if you want. Just give him some instructions and your credit card info and away you go. Now, whether he’s a good travel agent will remain to be seen.
  9. Yes, probably. Isolation, unemployment and lack of school structure can be created without lockdowns too.
  10. What are you babbling about? I didn’t say anything like that.
  11. Here is an excerpt from the news story... Experts say the pandemic has exacerbated mental health issues due to prolonged lockdowns, isolation from family members, unemployment and other financial concerns, and a lack of school structure. So, there are all kinds of explanations for the mental health issues related to the rise in suicides in Japan; identifying lockdowns as the only or prime explanation is inaccurate and very misleading.
  12. Personally, I don’t believe ‘side-to-sides’ will be expressly disallowed. Pre-cruise testing requirements and ship schedules will likely discourage a lot of folks from trying this; practically speaking, I think you’d end up spending five or six nights in a hotel before boarding the second cruise.
  13. Exemptions for medical conditions doesn’t necessarily mean that the exempted person is going to be permitted to do anything they wish. Going back to your original question regarding masks and an MSC cruise, do you believe that people should be able to cruise without a mask while those who are not exempted are required to wear one (similar question for a vaccination requirement)?
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