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  1. My TA just responded that the cruise is still booked. He had no idea why Princess had that message in my saved cruises. His response wasn't anything new or helpful to me. I'm hoping that the ship sails!!!!
  2. I have four cruises saved in my Princess account. I check every week to see if the price has changed. I'm sure most of us do that to get the best deal. I have a cruise booked November 20, 2021 and this is what came up. I sent this info to my travel agent but I have had no response on whether the cruise is cancelled. Anyone else have this happen? Thanks.
  3. We are booked on the 8 day Southern Caribbean on November 20, 2021. It was originally the ABC itinerary. Just got an e-mail that instead of Bonaire....we now will be going to Grand Turk. There is a sea day in between Grand Turk and Fort Lauderdale. Can the ship make Fort Lauderdale from Grand Turk without a sea day? Just wondering if Princess plans to make this 8 day cruise a 7 day cruise.
  4. Well, we finally got our travelcare credit extended. Our agent had been working on this for awhile but it is now extended to May 2022. Usually they give a year to use the credit but this is more than a year.
  5. I tried the refresh and got this message "We apologize for the inconvenience.......". I decided to do it a second time and that time it showed the pricing. Very weird. Thank you voljeep for helping me.
  6. For at least the past month, I log into the Princess website and pick a cruise but I'm not able to see the prices or what rooms are available. The cruises are for 2021. Panama Canal, Alaska, Europe and Caribbean. Is anyone else having this issue? Is Princess just not listing prices? Are they wanting us to call and not book on line?
  7. This is what I got for a response from my TA. "When the cruise credit is removed from the booking, I will be able to have it extended and moved to one of your future bookings. You will not lose it." FINGERS CROSSED!
  8. We had princess travel insurance and had to cancel our cruise. This had nothing to do with covid. It was before the virus appeared. We have to use the credit by the end of this year. I'm thinking it will be extended but not sure. My TA is off until Monday. I was hoping someone else had come across this same issue.
  9. I have a Princess Travelcare Credit that will be expiring on 12/31/20. We planned on using in this November but our cruise was cancelled by Princess. What has Princess done for people during this time period? Will they be extending it another year?
  10. As I'm holding the line went dead.....that was at the 45 min mark.
  11. Been on hold for 33 minutes...... What's the longest anyone has stay on hold?
  12. Gosh, I love cruise critic. We normally send in our shareholder info 30 days before sailing. We have 3 - 7 day cruises in April 2020 and read that you can do it earlier from this thread. We also used the free fax link that was mentioned on the page one of this thread. We faxed the info and within one hour we have our OBC for all 3 cruises. Now I can book a couple of excursions that I have my eye on. THANK YOU!!!
  13. Update We called Princess and they said the only seats available for the flight we wanted are the economy seats "at this time" . We questioned whether other seats would be available in the future and she said they maybe, but not at this time. She did say that things change daily. We checked Delta yesterday morning and didn't want to book because the price was a little high. We checked again in the afternoon and the price had gone down to a comfortable price for us. We decided to book directly with Delta. We have the seats we want, the price we can afford, and us
  14. Ok........got that. Second question - I know there are non-stop flights but it is saying none are available. Do they limit flights using EZ Air? We will be calling Princess later on. I just like to have the info from cruisers before I call. Thanks
  15. My husband and I are flying from JFK to Rome in April on Delta. We went online to check flights using EZ Air and all we can choose is economy seats. Is that correct? Are we doing something incorrect? We have been saving our credits to use towards Comfort plus seats and "maybe" first class but we weren't able to check those prices on Princess. Do we have to call Princess directly?
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