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  1. My March cruise on the Magic was cancelled. I am now looking at March 2022 and 2023 to rebook.
  2. Just let me know and I will come sit and wait with you ... Never turn down a good Martini.
  3. https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/ When you are feeling the urge, go look here. If you can not cruise, we can at least look at them.
  4. I got a email from Carnival about a Dec 13 final payment. "Payment needs to be in our office by 12/13/2020 or unfortunately, the booking will be automatically cancelled. And, because the sailing date is around the corner, customary penalties will be assessed." I will just cancel before then.
  5. Thanks for the help. I did call and talk to my PVP and he said to wait until Dec to make a decision. He also said I could do a one time move to a different date farther out. When I mentioned it was non-refundable, he said do not worry about that during these times.
  6. Looking for advice from Carnival experienced person. I have a March 13th 2021 cruise booked on the Magic. They still show it is not cancelled. I have a final payment in Dec 11th. I looked to see on the Magic the first available date to book a cruise is Nov 6 2021. I am sure they are going to cancel my March 13th cruise. Do I wait it out or do a Non-Refundable manual cancel on that cruise? I would hate to have to pay the balance and then they cancel and I wait for months to get a refund. Or I take the $200 hut and manually cancel. Thoughts?
  7. I was looking at the Carnival Web page for the Canceled Cruises and dates. I noticed that the different ships have different dates. Such as: Carnival Paradise sailings through and including February 22, 2021 Carnival Magic: Ft. Lauderdale and Miami sailings through and including March 6, 2021 Transatlantic & Barcelona sailings April 10, 2021 through and including May 3, 2021 Carnival Valor sailings through and including April 24, 2021 I was just wondering if anyone knew why or what might be their reason for the different dates.
  8. This is from Carnival web site. I called and they directed me to this as there official list.
  9. CANCELED CRUISES As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we regret to inform our guests that Carnival Cruise Line is having to cancel the following sailings: San Francisco sailings through 2020 Carnival Splendor sailings through and including January 7, 2021 Carnival Spirit
  10. We have a March 13th on the Magic. So I wonder if it is still on for now? I have not gotten anything from Carnival on it. Final payment is not until DEC. I did find this: https://abc13.com/carnival-cruise-cancels-2021-trips-cruises-canceled-due-to-pandemic-travels-during-sells-ships/6431670/
  11. I just put a deposit on a Carnival March 13th 2021 cruise. I am hoping that was far enough out to be OK. After reading so posts here I am wondering if that is even far enough away now. Final payment is Dec so I will wait it out for now. Fingers crossed.
  12. I am looking at taking my Daughter and Grandson on their first cruise. I found in OCT 2021 a cruise on the Horizon. I am looking at the Family Harbor Suite on Deck 2. Like room 2410. I have never cruised on a deck that low in a ship. We have always been in a balcony in a upper deck. If you have cruised in a lower deck what are the Pro's and Con's. It just looks like it could be a fun area for my Grandsons first cruise. I do not know how they will be cruising yet, but have to start sometime.
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