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  1. We upgraded to the premium plus on one cruise and it was great. My wife also likes to drink nice wine and champagne. I drank Johnny Blue and another blend of 21 year old Scotch all week. The water and premium coffee were just icing on the cake for us. We paid for it with onboard credit so we are debating in the future if it is worth it for us to upgrade. The Champagne was $35 per glass and I heard the scotch I was drinking was $50 a shot so it paid for itself very quickly. My wife had a couple glasses a day and I ordered doubles a couple times per evening plus the water and premium coffe
  2. Good point about perhaps only being allowed to do ship excursions. I completely forgot about that possibility. I can understand prioritizing the ease of flights too.
  3. We were on the POA in December 2019. We went into it concerned about the service because of the horror stories on CC. The service was as good as or better than any other NCL ship we've been on. The only exception was one bartender at the atrium bar. But the two bartenders at Pink's Champagne Bar more than made up for it. They were amazing.
  4. We've done this itinerary many times and I would chose the Breakaway just because it goes out of NOLA. It's an amazing city. We've always just booked through a local company in Roatan to go to the beach. They will arrange transportation and entrance to a resort. Then you can snorkel right off the beach. It's my husband's favorite stop.
  5. I would chose the Getaway for more entertainment options and the Waterfront.
  6. I agree that it really depends which ship you are on. We were on the Pride of America in Dec 2019 in a suite. No Haven on that ship. Our concierge met us in the private check in area and escorted us on to the ship. We always saw him at Cagney's during breakfast/lunch. He would check in on us to see if we needed anything or could make recommendations. He also handled a incorrect charge on our account for us. We didn't see our butler as much but he did a great job with the few requests we had. Our favorite parts of the suite experience were Cagney's breakfast, the in suite coffee maker a
  7. I've seen that spreadsheet too, but the deck plans make it look like the size varies between floor. The spreadsheet just lumps the entire category together. I'm wondering if there is a difference between the floors. Hoping to get first hand information from people who've sailed in these cabins.
  8. Thanks you both for your help. Interesting information about the handicapped rooms! I'm still wondering if the non-handicapped rooms vary in size and layout between the different floors.
  9. I'm looking into booking an OA category stateroom on a Breakaway class ship in Dec 2021 or Jan 2022. These staterooms are all the way forward on decks 9-13. According to the deck plan, the rooms on each deck are shaped a bit different. If you've been in one of these staterooms, I'd love to know which deck you prefer and why. Thanks.
  10. If you read the entire thread you'll understand that there is no cap. The language from NCL was just a misunderstood marketing tactic.
  11. My wife and I have been on the Breakaway once but have sailed out of NO many times. It is a nice ship. The ropes course is fun especially the plank. Sid Norman's Pour House usually has classic rock music and the whiskey bar right around the corner makes good cocktails. For specialty restaurants, Le Bistro is one of the best and we have heard Ocean Blue is good but we have not been there personally. Also the waterfront is a nice area to chill on sea days. I would spend a couple days before or after the cruise to experience New Orleans. It is an amazing city with great food and music. I
  12. They don't claim that the DSC is included. The gratuities that you see on the price breakdown page are for the beverage package and the dining package. When you get to the price breakdown information, it specifically says that they are gratuities on the Free at Sea offers. I just checked several other cruise lines and they don't include the DSC on their price breakdown either unless you check the box to prepay.
  13. I agree with most on this thread about tipping but whether you tip per drink, at the end or beginning, it also goes along way to fill out a hero card for the servers and bartenders that have provided extra good service. After giving tips to bartenders, they have reminded us to also fill out hero cards. So obviously they see that as something of value to them.
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