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  1. Thank you hitch-04....We get on the Star on Sunday so we will see if it is the same. We are also doing the Epic after that so we will probably upgrade one of the cruises to the premium package.
  2. Last January, on the breakaway, my sister who was in another cabin was not going to use all of her onboard credit. So I went to guest services and they transferred her non-refundable onboard credit to my account no problem. We have no problem spending all of our onboard credit as we buy cruise next certificates. Hope this is helpful.
  3. Yes, we were eating breakfast there when he got the sodas. The O'Sheehan's bar wasn't open that early, but I believe the Atrium bar was where the waiter got the soda. Atrium bar is one floor down from O'Sheehan's, so you could check there for soda in the morning.
  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade to Premium Plus part way through the cruise? We'd really like to upgrade for days 4-7 to see if it we like it and if it is worth it for us. Thanks
  5. My nephew was able to get soda every morning for breakfast in O'Sheehans on the Breakaway. I don't think they were happy about getting it, and I think they had to go down one floor to the Atrium bar to get it. They always brought him two glasses, so they wouldn't have to go again. No, you won't be charged an additional gratuity. Just the 18% you already pre-paid. I can't believe you haven't been on NCL since 2016. Your reviews have been very helpful to me in the past. Have a great cruise.
  6. Take advantage of the special. You can fit a lot in those bags.
  7. You will see the top a white, metal awning that, I believe, is covering the life boats which are on deck 8. This picture is taken looking over the railing of the balcony, down the side of the ship, when we were docked in Harvest Cay in January.
  8. Perfect! That's exactly what I was looking for. I'd love a similar picture of the wine list.
  9. Yes, I realize any drink is included. What DH wants to know is what Scotch/Bourbon/Rye they have that would be over the $15 price, so that he can decide if those choice are worth the upgrade from the Premium pkg to the Premium Plus pkg.
  10. Is there a list of which liquor/wine that are specifically included in the PPBP? Or maybe the information I need is just on a regular bar menu? My DH wants to specifically know what single malt Scotch they have.
  11. Would both people in a stateroom have to upgrade? Does the still and sparkling water include bottle you can take off the ship with you?
  12. Bidding- Several weeks out from your cruise (maybe someone else knows specifically how long), you will get an email from NCL about bidding for an upgraded room. You can choose how much more you are willing to pay per person on several different categories. You don't have to bid and there is no guarantee that your bid will be accepted. You only get the perks you booked with initially. Sail away rate or a guaranteed room are the only options that wouldn't allow you to chose your stateroom. It depends on the current promo as to how many perks you get with each room category. Right now, balcony rooms on select sailings receive all the perks. See this link for more details https://www.ncl.com/cruise-deals/choice?intcmp=pro_hpb_TAKEALLAIR0719
  13. My DH and I have been on 9 cruises with NCL and have 3 more booked this year. This is our personal experience and recommendations. Always price out your various options: sail away (no perks, can't chose room), inside with perk(s), balcony (often all the perks) and on up. Decide for yourself what is the best value for you personally. For us, the beverage and dining package are often worth the price difference. For others we travel with, the 3rd and 4th person free is important. We don't feel like the Haven is worth it for us. We'd rather take two cruises instead of one in the Haven. Upon embarkation, go to the dining room that is open for lunch. It is much more relaxed than the hordes at the buffet. The staff that greats you upon entering the ship often tries to direct you to the buffet, don't be fooled into thinking that is your only option. When you are finished with lunch, walk around the ship to understand the layout and "get your bearings". We feel like service in the dining rooms can be slow and disjointed. Slowness isn't a deal breaker for us but it can really frustrate some people. We found this especially true at the MDRs on the Breakaway in January. However, we had a group of nine, so we understand it does take longer with a group. You may have a different experience with a smaller group. On this specific cruise, the specialty restaurants were actually quicker than the MDR. If you do have a group and you didn't pre-book specialty dining, do so as soon as you embark. Our favorite specialty dining venues are LeBistro, Cagneys and LaCucina. We've seen an improvement in LaCucina in our last few experiences. We really like O'Sheehan's for breakfast and snacks. Make use of the laundry special, fill a bag for $20, offered at least once during the cruise. Ask you room steward what day it is offered, if you don't receive a flyer. Any other questions, feel free to ask. My top recommendation for any travel is always "do your research", which it seems like you are doing!
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