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  1. I think it was a random survey prepandemic...it's been awhile so I don't have it at hand. I do do some of us who are travel agents were made aware of the results. The main take away was "Don't touch the free laundry." 🙂
  2. I do know that, when they poll elites, the free laundry is the most popular item. They also learned there were many elites who were unaware of the OBC....that might have guided the decision.
  3. I suspect that on the internet they are making the calculation that people will go to the Princess Plus plan. I am not thrilled either, but at least they kept the free laundry for elites 🙂
  4. I am puzzled by this. Most US travel agents do not take/keep your money ever. They apply your credit card information to the booking directly with the cruise line on your behalf and the cruise line issues refunds directly to that card. I would never use a travel agency that held my money! But I do believe in using travel agents for all sorts of reasons. As to small vs big box TAs, you can have the best of both worlds. Many small TAs, who will give you personalized service and take time to get to know you and what you like, are affiliated with large consortia. If you ask them to
  5. I'm in US and just booked a TA. There was no mention anywhere of required insurance.
  6. To the OP, I would definitely buy a good third party insurance after reviewing the policy carefully. Some policies cover financial default; others bankruptcy. There's a difference. And some policies don't cover it depending on when you buy the coverage. Be sure to buy the coverage at the time of (or soon after) you make payment. This should also be described in the policy. I would not rely on any credit card "insurance" program, although some are good for many things. And, to make things more complicated, policies vary by the state you reside in 🙂 Good travel agents
  7. Are you sure about that? I don't they get penalized. Princess is fine with transferring it to a TA.
  8. Well, I know I an a hopeless optimist, but this TA leaves from Hamburg so they could, theoretically, bypass Southampton entirely. There's no cost to me to hope at this point.
  9. Most of the cruise lines for Alaska this summer have not yet officially cancelled. They are lobbying the US Government to have a temporary lifting of the law that requires a stop in a foreign port. And of course, any cruise's beginning or ending in Victoria--they would need to try to reposition to Seattle. @schattenfell71 under Cunard's recently released new policy you don't need to make final payment until 30 days prior to the cruise. So you do have time to assess the situation before you decide. I'm still booked on the westbound TA from Hamburg in July. Faint hope, but I am ho
  10. Here is the exact text of what was sent to U.S. travel agents: Important information about changes to balance due dates When you made your clients' bookings we would have advised you when the full balance for their vacation was due. However, due to the on-going situation regarding Covid-19, together with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office guidance on cruising, we wanted to reassure you that we will only recommence sailing when it is the right time to do so. We have therefore taken the decis
  11. Today they announced to the following that for scheduled departures up to August 15, 2021, the final payment deadline will be only 30 days before departure. Nice news for us as we have a TA in July booked 🙂
  12. Booked for July TA Hamburg to NYC. We will both be vaccinated. Not sure it will actually happen, but fingers crossed! Final payment not due until March so we'll see.
  13. I'm booked on July Hamburg to NYC TA myself. So here is what Cunard has said to TAs. Basically, they are seeking clarification from CDC. Stay tuned! Cunard has extended its pause in operations due to the ongoing travel constraints in place across the world. Voyages departing on board Queen Mary 2 up to and including May 28, 2021 and on board Queen Elizabeth up to and including June 4,2021 are now canceled. Departures on Queen Victoria remain unaffected and are scheduled to resume May 17, 2021. Guests who have had their voyage canceled will automatically receive a Future
  14. So, I'm not sure this thread, which had some good previous discussion, should devolve into how many minutes it took each person to get an answer...I will say that answer times at almost all travel vendors are good (short waits) right now as there are so many fewer people booking travel than is typical this time of year. Last March, April, June, etc when everyone was cancelling trips or having them cancelled, many suppliers had hours and hours of hold time. If travel picks up again, you may see wait times go up. Or maybe not! None of us know. I think the point of the people who wer
  15. So I did reach out to a Princess contact of mine who said that should be an announcement--or at least more information to TAs-next week. Stay patient and hopeful 🙂
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