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  1. Fair enough. I just have a few clients who I know would not enjoy themselves on Virgin. No worries!
  2. True, but I use that as a gauge as to whether or not someone would be uncomfortable with the whole vibe of the ship. Open, accepting, welcoming and fun is not eberyone's thing 🙂
  3. Your membership number is your sailor id which is usually prominently displayed on your booking confirmation from Virgin. If you status matched to DBE before Dec. 31, 2023, then you will have the DBE benefits on any sailings through December 31, 2025. Anyone status matching now will get the lower tier Blue benefits. You should be able to see the DBEs if you have them if you go into your Virgin booking using your account on the web.
  4. 100% this. The only caveat would be if you would be uncomfortable with drag shows.
  5. I have clients on this sailing who are satisfied with the compensation...they are already planning an expensive sailing to Japan with the offer.
  6. True. From now on people using MNVVs get no additional benefit for moving their booking into group.
  7. Virgin announced today that from now on (May 15) A sailor can only buy 4 MNVVs while onboard. This was previously 10. If a booking using an MNVV is placed into a Circle (group) it can no longer get the additional Circle loot, just the MNVV loot.
  8. I have a client on board who told me this: : The captain just updated us and told us Ketchikan and College Fjord will be skipped on this cruise. We are also not cruising the entire Inside Passage. He also said he will update us tomorrow on whether we will be late in Juneau. We left Vancouver just after midnight. The TV has been spotty, but at least it was up for awhile today. Captain also mentioned there will be some compensation issued to all passengers. The Starboard propeller has been the issue and it still looks like it is not at 100%, compared to the Port side propeller.
  9. They have announced she will be deployed to the Caribbean,but it doesn't mean you're wrong I guess 🙂
  10. Me too. When I have trouble falling asleep at home, I imagine I am in a Princess bed.
  11. We have a family member addicted to pasta. Every night she ordered an entree and an order of the fetuccine alfredo. Several times, more than once, we would order one for the table to share as a side. My husband and I picked up on the idea of ordering it as a side to share years ago when our table was near an Italian family. Every night they had the fettucini as a side.
  12. I love their beds and we like soft mattresses.
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