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  1. It wouldnt even be a consideration for me. Those who wander round the ship with their special badges detailing their special status do amuse me though, but not in a friendly way. People with proper status dont, or shouldnt flaunt it. Those that do have no class. So, its the Captains club for me every time on Celebrity.
  2. sadly unless I cut down on the guinness I may end up showing even more that no one needs or wants to see.
  3. I have already made sure the budgie smugglers are wearable.
  4. The sea Bars just steps from my bed Food. Lots of food Different places to visit The bars The sea Coffee on a sea day just sitting staring out to sea. Eden on celebrity edge. I wish I could take it with me on other ships.
  5. This is a great way of making sure I dont go back to the usa.🤣 I hate bugs of any sort. The worst we get is the odd wasp. And if one gets in the house I am gone until the wife gets rid of it. And dont get me started on spiders. And I dont think we have any dangerous ones either. It's the legs. Those legs "shudders"
  6. I like that. A loud passionate crowd makes the sport a much more intense and better spectacle. England v Australia in the Cricket Ashes is the same. As is the Ryder Cup Great sporting events. Unlike Tennis which I find lame.
  7. Apologies just quoted you as you gave a good explanation. And I am very interested in US sports as well as the ones I know and love. Football supporting in the UK is very tribal, to the point of violent. Do people get quite that intense with US sports teams fans?
  8. As long as you can run and jump, you can leave it until the ship starts sailing. Nothing wrong with living a little dangerously.
  9. Forgive my ignorance but what is meant by a head?
  10. I get that but it just wouldnt be for me. Glad you enjoyed it though, as thats what its all about. I am making myself seem really antisocial on this board.
  11. If you hear the words stop, or no, you stop right? I am not sure how else that can be explained. Its not monoploy, you dont get a free pass to go. Just because you were given the green light. Everyone can change their minds. Even fellas.
  12. Get there really early and count everyone on.
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