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  1. No, what he was trying to say was that recreational cruising was no more important than saving lives.
  2. It’s sort of like letting an ambulance exceed the posted speed limit while taking an injured person to a hospital, while stopping a guy who is speeding on his way to a bar. Context counts.
  3. Hmmmm .. which perhaps explains some of your posts.
  4. If it is a reasonably pleasant day, that ferry to lower Manhattan would be a great option. There is a lot to see/do/eat within an easy walking radius.
  5. Not suggesting it occurs in your case ---- but this unusual syndrome might very well explain some of the posts seen on the threads.
  6. I ‘d rather live 8 minutes away from here (taken yesterday) than from JFK or Broadway (both of which are about an hour away).
  7. Aside from being a tremendous source of hugs, grandchildren are patient tech advisers, and willing smoke alarm battery replacers ----- they finally justify my earlier decision to have children.
  8. We did make it to the beach - had it to ourselves, a great place to read and doze off. Tomorrow in the 30’s with rain - snow inland. Eliot was right: April IS the cruelest month.
  9. Spring is REALLY here — and as it’s already 70 F (before noon) we are heading to the beach.
  10. My father dropped out of college to fight the Kaiser in 1917 - was a flier on early airborne anti-submarine patrols --- my teaching has been retirement: volunteering ESL and adult literacy programs, SAT prep course instruction and tutoring, and substitute teaching in elementary schools (there is little worse than the treatment middle school and high school kids give subs) and one-on-one tutoring of high school students. The banking bit was to earn enough to cruise.
  11. You missed the point of the thread -- the self-centeredness and selfishness referred to was that of an individual who felt he/she did not have to get the vaccine -- rather just wait until "herd immunity" was achieved.
  12. We were getting dangerously close to a political discussion here - so I’d like to thank you for redirecting towards commentary about how wildlife moves about.
  13. I wonder if statisticians will ever come up with the answer. How many people per million will suffer serious side effects from a shot vs. the number of people per million who will suffer serious effects from COVID if they avoid the shot? Of course, it is important to follow up - and suspend use of a vaccine if side effects like blood clotting result; but at the end of the day it is important to recognize that there is no such thing as a sure thing, so accepting the risk of some side effects may ultimately make sense.
  14. Actually, most stops are not "all day". Typically you get off the ship by close to ten AM and need to be back on board usually before five PM. Sure, you can do one or two things while in port -- but you do have to pick and choose.
  15. It is unfortunate the the foul-up in the Baltimore facility has put a big dent in the J&J product---- and that a number of US states are seeing a new surge - apparently the "UK variant". What is really sad is that some local authorities are calling for more vaccine (which will take weeks to show impact) rather than tightening down venues. It is pure political cowardice -- they would prefer to blame vaccine shortage to taking politically unpopular steps.
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