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  1. navybankerteacher

    Balcony vs Inside?

    Yes, he probably did break a law. In US waters actions interfering with the safe operation of a vessel (specifically jumping off a vessel and thereby diverting crew’s attention from safe performance of regular duties) are deemed punishable offenses - Bahamas may very well have similar approach.
  2. navybankerteacher

    Huge amount of $$$

    No one forced OP to buy anything - this just sounds like someone got caught up in an unthinking spending frenzy. Just a matter of wanting every option available. Hopefully, this touch of buyers remorse is not hitting too late, and OP will be able to adjust.
  3. navybankerteacher

    Balcony vs Inside?

    Of course the purpose of the Darwin awards is to celebrate improvement to the global gene pool. It seems that this particular yahoo remains at large - and presumably capable of spawning.
  4. navybankerteacher

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    You're sailing on a great ship (Maasdam).. I have 15 days before boarding Grandeur - in Baltimore (just a train ride away).
  5. navybankerteacher

    Xmas/New Year cruise with teenager

    Coming from the UK it makes sense to fly to Florida rather than New York (unless you want to incorporate a few days seeing the city) - a December sailing from NY may mean a couple of chilly days each way, while a Miami or Fort Lauderdale sailing will be in good cruising weather throughout. That said, I think Princess is the one for you: their itinerary includes great southern Caribbean islands of Curacao and Aruba while MSC's is a back-to-back : returning to Florida for a day halfway through - and their western Caribbean ports do not (in my view) measure up to eastern and southern. I have sailed Princess and found their food, entertainment and service good. I am not familiar with MSC, but have heard that it caters more to non-English speakers (nothing wrong with that - other than the multiplicity of multi-lingual announcements which I have heard are annoying).
  6. navybankerteacher

    Why is rust removed by hammering instead of lasers?

    Yes, it does keep crew busy, but it is also important to stay ahead of (or at least even with) rust. Jumping on every spot as soon as it appears minimizes the damage; while waiting until drydock (two or more years) would allow significant spread -- additionally, in the cruise business, pristine appearance is also important - plus it helps demonstrate to passengers that the ship is being maintained.
  7. navybankerteacher

    Dozen arrested boarding

    Is it sad that NCL believed it was needed - or that NCL had reason to believe it was needed? Perhaps the saddest would be there being a need without that need being believed.
  8. navybankerteacher

    Dozen arrested boarding

    You mean back when you had to see people to communicate with them? And they saw you - so you had to be just a bit careful about what you said?
  9. navybankerteacher

    Xmas/New Year cruise with teenager

    We sailed Norwegian Gem from NY to the Caribbean - a decent itinerary, on a reasonable (about 2400 pax) sized ship - probably a dozen years old and showing some wear, but generally well maintained, She was the most crowded ship I’ve sailed - public spaces were limited. The food and service in the MDR were very poor- part of NCL’s bargain pricing - sell cheap and make it up on add-ons. If we ever sail NCL again, we will have to opt for specialty dining. If if you want to sail NCL, at least book one of their larger, newer ships with more bells and whistles. Alternatively, think about Royal Caribbean - they serve the same markets - perhaps not as inexpensive, but much better value for money spent.
  10. navybankerteacher

    Dozen arrested boarding

    Sadly, not everybody outgrows stupidity as they age.
  11. navybankerteacher

    Xmas/New Year cruise with teenager

    I think you will find that both Princess and Celebrity will provide the “decent food and drink” you adults want - and that virtually all lines will have activities a teenager will enjoy - but something like Royal Caribbean might provide the most activities. While it is good to be concerned with the teenager’s activity, you should not ignore your own interests.
  12. navybankerteacher

    Portable Hammock Set

    You have “ACTUALLY SEEN ... EXACT ROOM”? Anyway, you can sort of figure the dimensions of a 55 sq. ft. balcony — anywhere between 11’ x 5’ and (more likely) 8’ x 6.8’. Although, I expect some of that area would be occupied by the railing and plexiglass screen below it.
  13. navybankerteacher

    Portable Hammock Set

    I just looked at Anthem’s deck plans. There is no cabin 628 - all cabins on deck 6 have four digit numbers — and most seem to have 55 sq. ft. balconies — which would be tight for a hammock.
  14. navybankerteacher

    Portable Hammock Set

    I understand very well how a hammock works. I am not certain that OP does. I suggest you re-read my post: for a hammock to be more than a hanging bag, you need a good distance between the two points from which it is hung. I repeat: “try to visualize a hammock”.
  15. navybankerteacher

    What’s been your fav?

    Probably on the right-sized Prinsendam, on a TA coming home from a long land stay in France and Italy. The quality of shipboard experience has generally diminished over the years, making related travel more important.