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  1. Please see cruisemom42's post #150 on this point. The ADA does not give the right to persons with disabilities unlimited rights to ignore the rights of others. It does, of course, give them the right to sue if they feel that their rights have been disregarded. I cannot tell you whose rights you should value over those of others, but I am reasonably confident that any court would dismiss the claim, in this context, of someone who felt his disability gave him the right to jeopardize the rights of many others.
  2. If someone has a disease which interferes with his/her breathing, I have great sympathy. But it would not give him/her any right to risk the health of others. If it determined that masks are necessary for the health for everyone present - then everyone present should wear masks. Of course, there may have to be exceptions: someone with a LIGITIMATE inability to safely wear a mask needs to be accommodated — when it comes to necessary activities: getting medical assistance, for example. But when it comes to a voluntary, absolutely unnecessary activity like cruising - which is what we are discussing here - no accommodation makes sense.
  3. Apples and oranges — while some air travelers do it for recreation, it is a much more necessary activity than cruising - which also offers much longer time frames for people to tire of reasonable precautions.
  4. The ADA does acknowledge that the individual rights protected by the Act are not iron-clad - that they do not support actions harmful to others. This thread is about wearing masks on cruises - which are not essential activities, so even if a person might have a legitimate health reason for not wearing a mask - he does not have a right to cruise without wearing a mask. There are are some times when a person’s obligations might trump his rights.
  5. Of course it is presenting a cruise industry point of view of a CDC recommendation. Since the CDC’s aim is to limit the spread of a deadly virus, it is not surprising that they would recommend avoiding non-essential activities which have been shown to contribute to that spread.
  6. But, absent a serious waning of the threat through some other means, ENJOYABLE cruises are NOT likely to start up.
  7. Reminds me of the time I was in a sporting goods store - there was a bunch of guys looking at the baseball caps - all wearing their own the "cool" way -- with the visor in back . I asked the clerk if he had any "traditional" caps -- with the visor in front: he did not get it.
  8. Of course - someone with valid medical concerns which make weight monitoring essential needs to do it carefully and seriously. However, I stick to my contention that someone on a cruise ship who feels he needs to weigh himself daily - even when at sea, when it cannot be monitored closely - is obsessing somewhat.
  9. Given a medical condition like that, close monitoring makes sense - but it probably should involve something a lot more reliable (and precise) than a drug store bathroom scale —- or one in a shipboard fitness center which can easily be thrown off by ship’s movement.
  10. Do you mean you get rid of the hole in the middle? I do that with donuts - also not have them very often.
  11. Sailing on a ship on which many fellow passengers do not comply should give any rational person concern. No amount of hand washing will protect you from inhaling a mist of virus-laden droplets left in the air you breathe by some infected person who does not want to comply with mask requirements. Protocols put in place by the cruise line will not help you if passengers do not comply with those protocols.
  12. And do you find significant changes from day to day? Or, for that matter, week to week; or month to month?
  13. No. Do you find significant weight changes day to day? In any case this line of thought is about weighing oneself while on a cruise.
  14. How about hoping cruise passengers will comply.
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