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  1. That is on our "ToDo" list Thanks 🙂
  2. CC Help Jenn

    Member Galleries question

    You can't retro-actively change it, but if there is an album you want me to change the settings on I can do that for you. You can adjust the album settings only when you first make the album. When you are on the Title/Description screen - before you click Create Album. See Album settings for comments on the album and on the images. Also under the privacy heading you can decide whether or not people can add photos to your album (like if you were doing a group album for a roll call or something like that)
  3. CC Help Jenn

    Can't access account

    Hi There! I only found one email I think, from you. I just replied. I do apologize for the wait, as you can imagine we are fielding a ton of email right now 🙂
  4. CC Help Jenn

    Logout issue

    I believe there was a fix pushed out for the logout issue we were having. The log-in issue is still being worked on
  5. CC Help Jenn


    Which roll call is that?
  6. CC Help Jenn

    Member Galleries question

    Personally I love dog photos 🙂. I do have on my personal to do list to create How Tos for many of our functions. The setting to allow comments or not is on the first page of album creation and is not really “ in your face”. I’ll screen shot next time and share
  7. Not sure if you noticed, but if you look at a forum, Topics that you have visited that do not have new posts since you have visited are not bold. I know not exactly the same as showing a visted link as red but there is a visual cue. If a topic is new to you it will be bolded
  8. CC Help Jenn

    Disable "New photos"

    I see a ship photo and a few photos of members on a cruise. These photos will constantly be refreshed as new member albums are loaded. As with anything on the forum, gallery photos must adhere to community guidelines. Members can report photos the same way a post can be reported. However there is nothing against guidelines with the photos displayed at the moment.
  9. CC Help Jenn

    Disable "New photos"

    They are not advertisements, they are member uploaded photos. We do appreciate your feedback
  10. CC Help Jenn

    Text Paste error if URL in text

    working on this
  11. CC Help Jenn

    Disable "New photos"

    There is not a way for members to disable
  12. CC Help Jenn

    General Comments

    Thanks for your feedback. In addition to the announcement we did send out an email. I am sorry to those who were not aware.
  13. CC Help Jenn

    Using the quote function to create a new post

    It doesn't look like you can quote a quoted post within a post - does that make sense. However you can go to the post - highlight the list, copy and paste into your reply.
  14. CC Help Jenn

    problem embedding photo

    Is the shutterfly account private?
  15. CC Help Jenn

    questions about signature

    I think your signature is a good spot with what we have available to use right now. Maybe in the future profiles can be more robust and it is definitely something we will keep in mind.