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  1. Just double checking - posting from your browser and nothing else odd happened when you were posting?
  2. We are still working on updating the plug in. It is taking more work than we anticipated on both our and tapatalk's side as well I will update when I have more info
  3. I am going to report this to the software team as a possible bug - they may address it in the next release if they find it to be a bug. I will let you know if i hear anything
  4. I am afraid not - once i have new info I will let you know
  5. There was another step taken late this morning (my time - EST) that we were hoping eliminated the 500 errors. Please advise if you are experiencing otherwise Thank you once again for your patience
  6. Thanks all. I did report to tech last night that the attempted fix was not a help. Stay tuned I’m afraid. Ill reply when I have more info
  7. Please Let me know how things are from now going forward. The team performed a possible fix. Of course I’ll navigate around as well. Thanks
  8. I apologize that this hasn’t been resolved yet. Will post again when I hear from the tech team
  9. The maintenance was completed. Let me know if you experience the same errors after this time thanks!
  10. We all do :) However if that doesn't do the trick we will figure out our next steps
  11. There is an update that just came available to our forums software. Tech thinks that likely this issue will be corrected with the update. We are going to aim to do the update tonight after 9pm EST when there is less traffic. The boards will be unavailable for a few minutes while the update is being installed which is why we are waiting until then. We will keep an eye after and tomorrow morning to see if that has corrected the problem for us
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