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  1. CC Help Jenn

    Managed Followed Content - Latest to theTop?

    I didn’t think you were snarky! I may be the queen of. I live in a house of snark! I realize I may have sounded a bit snarky. But I wasn’t meaning to be. I was pointing out my years in community as a way of emphasizing the terminology changes in the timeframe
  2. CC Help Jenn

    Managed Followed Content - Latest to theTop?

    That’s fair. I’m learning right along with you all 😊 Community guru for 20 years (that made me age!!) but not an IT guru by any stretch I try! I think the one of the biggest changes that has the most effect is that the terminology is all new. Activity = Subscribed, Topic = Thread, Content = topics, posts, replies, photos etc etc I think once the terminology is down it will be easier to figure your way about We will have more helper documents made and are always around to answer any questions
  3. CC Help Jenn

    Photo as part of signature

    I think you really want a profile picture! That is what the G is. A signature picture would be inserted at the very bottom of your posts while the profile picture is below your name If you click on your name at the top right of the forum page, then click profile you will see your member profile Click the "G" or whatever photo is currently in that spot and you can choose a new profile photo. You can also choose a profile cover photo while you are in there if you want - give your profile some personality 🙂 Hope this helps
  4. CC Help Jenn

    Managed Followed Content - Latest to theTop?

    It sounds like you want to use Activity Stream and not Manage Content. Manage Content is a list of what you follow, and where you can edit your follow preferences. To see what's new on content that you follow Go to Activity - https://boards.cruisecritic.com/discover/ There are probably 1001 ways you can choose to view the items you follow. If you click on MY ACTIVITY STREAMS, and click CONTENT I FOLLOW that is probably an experience similar to how you used to view Subscribed Threads. Here is a quick link https://boards.cruisecritic.com/discover/followed-content/ Hope this helps
  5. CC Help Jenn

    Update on Changes 10/16/18

    I wanted to keep everyone posted on what changes we have made since launch earlier today. These are effective as of 6:30om EST on 10/16 We have changed the font to be a bit larger/darker/easier to read. Commas removed from forum listings Expand Signature is back so you can expand to see full signatures if you like. Added numbering to posts Working on a few other improvements and also 1001 help topics 🙂 However keep asking your questions. Some of our members have learned quicker than I can type up a help document --- so you may be able to help each other. Have a good evening!
  6. CC Help Jenn

    Turn off avatars

    That is not a feature that we had in the past and we don't have that ability in this platform either.
  7. CC Help Jenn

    "View First Unread" in a Thread

    You will not see it unless there is a post in the topic you haven't seen
  8. CC Help Jenn

    How to change display font?

    Thank you 🙂 We appreciate the grace you all are granting us in trying to get every thing just right
  9. CC Help Jenn

    Viewed / typed font colour

    working on this as well
  10. CC Help Jenn

    How to change display font?

    I want to address some of your comments Font addressed - better? Made note of back to top First unread made note Preview Replies shouldn't be a worry because you can see your actual reply in the window. It shows as it will reply, unlike our last platform that had coding or such that you couldn't see until you hit preview. If you want to see a list of topics you follow - try this method Click your user name near the top right of forum Choose Manage Followed Content from the menu You will see a full listing of your followed content in thread (now called topic) form
  11. CC Help Jenn

    Viewed / typed font colour

    The font has been updated
  12. CC Help Jenn

    "View First Unread" in a Thread

    Hm, not sure that is an option at the moment. You can see your followed content by thread if you look at it in the "Manage Followed Content" Screen (click your user name at the top of the forum to find that on the menu)
  13. CC Help Jenn

    "View First Unread" in a Thread

    This is correct. You can click the member name that last posted or the time of post on the right and be brought right to the last post
  14. CC Help Jenn

    How to change display font?

    Font has been tweaked!
  15. CC Help Jenn


    Formatting is running and should clean up ---- do me a favor? Please --- if you don't see any progress by the end of the week can you email me or tag me in your roll call? Thank you