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  1. At this time we are having an email provider issue. The issue appears to be limited to hotmail/outlook/yahoo accounts that use a shared email blocklist. We have a ticket in with our email provider who are currently working on the concern and hope to have it resolved soon.
  2. Hey There! I have passed your notes along to the editorial team We appreciate your feedback
  3. We have trigger words that do so 🙂 No worries
  4. Working on the GO TO THIS POST Will post when I know more
  5. Can you guess his favorite cruise line ?
  6. Got your email - will look into - seems it is just the GO TO THIS POST button link that is affected The other links in the email brought me here. Stay tuned 🙂
  7. Do you have an email you can forward to me where this is a case so that I can take a closer look If so, please send to help@cruisecritic.com
  8. Guess the Ship
  9. Calling all artists and wannabe artists. Kids at home looking for something to do? Let's have some fun. We would love to see your vision of our Cruise Themed Coloring Page. The Details: You can download and print the coloring page from here: Cruise Critic Coloring Page OR you can save the page and open in your favorite computer color/paint program. Snap a picture of your completed work, or save as a photo file if you have completed using a computer program. Upload your completed piece to our Gallery in the Cruise Critic Coloring Page Album We will choose a few lucky members at random from all who upload their art to the album to receive a Cruise Critic swag item. Questions? Reply and I will respond 🙂 Tips How to Print When you click the link - depending on your browser - there should be a download or print button near the right of the screen. Make sure that your printer option is set landscape How to Upload your file to the album Go directly to the album Cruise Critic Coloring Page Album Click ADD IMAGES Click the light blue plus sign to select photos from your computer or phone to add to your album Click on the individual photo to add a caption, and/or description if you would like Click Submit ALL IMAGES to add them to the album.
  10. Share your artwork! Give our Coloring Page some life by printing and coloring - or you could color on any computer paint/coloring program if you prefer. To download from this image: Hover your mouse/curser on the bottom right of the photo Click the IMAGE TOOLS menu Select Download Open and print/color OR open in your favorite program and color. Printing Tip: Make sure you select Landscape and Fit to Page If you printed to color: Scan or take a photo - upload that photo to our Gallery If you colored on a computer program, save as an image file (ex: jpg) and upload to our gallery.
  11. Thanks all - Notification emails should be restored. If you are not receiving them now, there may be something else going on 🙂 Email us if so
  12. Thanks for the info all. I am working with our tech team to see why the emails have not gone out recently Stay tuned 🙂
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