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  1. Wallpaper for tablets
  2. Wallpaper for mobile phones
  3. Wallpaper for screens approx 2560x1440
  4. Wallpaper for screens approx 1920x1080
  5. Happy Friday Working with my tech team on a fix... stay tuned 🙂
  6. Hi All! Please use the REPORT A POST feature if you see anything like this on our forums. Thank you
  7. Hi All! I just posted about a fix on another thread with a similar but different issue.
  8. Happy Thursday All! My team has made some changes that we believe will solve the varying degrees of log in / log out issues some of us have been experiencing. This is not easy for us to test since many of us had not had the issue or only had it intermittently. If you are still experiencing any of the issues: Being logged out either randomly or repeatedly Not being able to log out Not able to log in The first thing to be done is to delete our cruise critic cookies. The issue was with a specific cookie we used to keep you logged in - and we have
  9. New! Calendar Wallpaper featuring YOUR photos! We're excited to bring you a revamp of our monthly calendar wallpaper for your desktop or mobile device now featuring YOUR photos 🙂 Check it out here: August 2021 Calendar Wallpaper If we choose your photo, we'll send you some swag as a thank you. Photos are chosen from any photos that are shared in our Photo Gallery
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