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  1. IIRC I think it was around the time that they started the FunShip 2.0 upgrades. it has branding all over it from Guys, Hasbro, Punchliner, Red Frog Pub, etc.
  2. Got Lanyards on Inspiration this past Friday.
  3. I'm wondering about this also. However, my question is what the menus are going to be for the MDR during this cruise. Will they be the same as they currently have on Miracle that's doing that 7-nt itinerary right now? I'd like to review the menu first so I can decide what nights we may want to go to the Specialty Dining.
  4. And to note, they are in a sealed envelope, tamper proof. So no worries. The benefit is that they don't have to go and retrieve the cards during the check-in at the port. Makes it a little faster.
  5. To be a little more clear, We wanted to order 2 of BeerA, 1 of BeerB and 1 of BeerC. We were only allowed to divide the 4 beers between 2 different choices.
  6. Absolutely yes, at the beginning of the cruise. I recently looked it up on Carnival’s FAQ in the VIFP area and it states it clearly, even if it is on the last night. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Wow Kim what a sea-saw day for you! Happy that it seems to have come out better in the end, and great news on the blood clots. Hopefully that means you won't have to be on the blood thinners too long. Have fun planning your next vacation; it will definitely give you a great goal to focus your PT on!
  8. Kim, I wonder about trying to walk on your foot while pushing your wheelchair, instead of crutches. Or maybe a walker. Just a thought, if it would not hurt as much trying to juggle the crutches and your balance. I'm so happy that you can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. It's been a long time for you in the shadows.
  9. The ship is Panorama, Carnival's newest. It hasn't actually launched yet; it's going to start in Los Angeles in December. The pricing right now is pretty good. There are some swimming with Dolphin adventures that Sakari might like, but you're right, the water will be a bit colder than you're used to. Several ports offer Whale Watching, in fact that pic I posted was from a trip out of Cabo San Lucas. Also, the cruise is Sat-Sat, so you may be able to squeeze a day at Disney and/or Universal Studios if you are interested. Glad to hear you seem to have a good lawyer. Never stop fighting for what's right. Also, make sure your lawyer knows all about the shady stuff she does; who knows where that might lead. Best of luck, Kim!
  10. Also this booking works well if either you or your wife want to purchase Cheers and the other one doesn't. Purchase it in advance before you either switch rooms or get additional cards for other rooms.
  11. It works for us because DH has claustrophobia, and flying is really hard for him now. So we're staying closer to home and just cruising to Mexico for now, so it works for us to use the points to Carnival. YMMV
  12. Definitely let your dentist know that you have 'parts' inside you now, for any future dental appointments. I think you're correct that Christmas may be too soon for a cruise or a trip, but (personally) I think April 11th is the perfect time for you to get back into cruising, on a trip out of Los Angeles on a John Heald cruise to the Mexican Riviera. It will allow you to see the ports available (even if you can't fully participate, John Heald is a hoot, and it should be a blast, and I can finally meet yout!. Seriously, consider it, as it will give you something to look forward to, a new adventure, and a goal to use during your upcoming PT. Still praying for a full recovery, both physically and financially. Hope your WC attorney fights for you as much as you fight for your family. Sending loving thoughts, and here's a pic we took on a Whale Watching adventure in Cabo San Lucas, (one of the ports on the April 2020 cruise) that I turned into my splash page on my ipad. It was taken sometime before 2013, but lost the original pic.
  13. We were on Inspiration last month and were only able to order two different types of beer in our bucket on Serenity Deck.
  14. I just checked our Southwest accounts and DH & I both had enough points to turn in for a $100 gift card each. Our cost 13,000 points though. We don't have the Southwest credit card, so these were strictly from prior flights. We aren't going to be flying for a while, so this was a good use for those points, in our case. Thanks for letting me know!
  15. We had a nice conversation with our waiter on our last inspiration cruise and he said that getting assigned to work on Inspiration/Imagination is highly coveted, because of the home port of Long Beach. Lots of areas the staff can get to quickly to do errands and connect via internet with their families. And with 3&4 night itineraries, they are in their home port twice as often as Miracle doing the 7night cruises. Maybe that's why the staff on Inspiration all seem so happy to us, more than on other ships we have sailed?
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