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  1. find your original booking confirmation email, it should have the rate information in smaller print near the bottom.
  2. Not sure what this means for our Halloween weekend cruise on Inspiration. If that one is cancelled, that will be our 4th cancellation so far. 😢
  3. Not true. I transferred all my FCC from a March cruise that was cancelled to one I had already put a deposit on in October. I just recently put the FCC from my June cruise to one I had booked for January. Hopefully my October cruise will still happen. When you get your cancellation letter, there will be a link for you to choose between a refund or FCC plus OBC. The FCC will be for the cabin fare only; the port fees, other items will be refunded. You have to put a deposit on a new cruise; you can't use the FCC for the entire fare. If your FCC is for more than your remaining fare for the new cru
  4. I wouldn't be surprise to see shop prices to be the same or inflated a bit. Same with excursions. There will be a LOT of guests sailing with lots of OBC to spend onboard. I wish they would let you reserve excursions ahead of time, but pay onboard so you could use OBC. The way it is now, there will be a scramble once you are onboard to book your excursions before they sell out.
  5. Congratulations Lucy! You're an inspiration. Live, Laugh, Love. That's all we need to do here on this planet.
  6. Yep, website down right now. I'm getting nervous for the cruise I booked for my birthday in June as a replacement for the one I missed in March. Sigh. Stupid virus
  7. Thanks for that. I had sent in the form linked to the cancellation email I got, and marked it for FCC/OBO. However, in my cruise manager the cruise is still appearing for April 11th. I was thinking about clicking on the Cancel button but was nervous because it's still saying $1300 penalty will be assessed.
  8. Could you purchase a cabana on HMC in advance, and then cancel it onboard (for a refund) and then use OBC to re-purchase it?
  9. I could possibly see them upping the number of required shares for the OBC. Glad I bought 200 of them instead of 100 when it went below $8
  10. Using the form above, I wonder if you could apply one person's FCC to one booking, and the other person's FCC to a different booking?
  11. You have to put a deposit down first (FCC can't be used as a deposit). Then, once you have a new booking number, the email hand another link to use to apply your FCC to that new cruise: https://www.carnival.com/request-forms/reimbursement-form.aspx
  12. Here's what it states in the new cancellation form: GUESTS WHO WERE PREVIOUSLY BOOKED ON THESE VOYAGES AND CANCELED THEIR BOOKING If you contacted Carnival previously to accept an earlier offer to cancel and received a Future Cruise Credit with an Onboard Credit, please note the following: If you select Option 1 - 100% future cruise credit plus onboard credit The higher onboard credit will be applied to your new booking if booked by December 31, 2020.
  13. One difference is the fact that in the link to cancel, it says if you had canceled earlier with a lesser offer, you can fill out the form again, and you will receive the highest of the OBC offers. Very nice of Carnival to do that, definitely stepped up there. Email to cancel online: https://www.carnival.com/request-forms/cancellation-preference-v2.aspx
  14. No, you're ok. Check out the thread i posted earlier about our April 11th cruise. On the form, it says if you had cancelled earlier, fill out the form again, and they will give you the higher of the OBC offers.
  15. We had an April 11th cruise booked and got the cancellation email this morning. Maybe double-check your Spam Folder or All Email folder, and double-check your email address in your reservation. You can use the link in the article I posted this morning with the cancelation email - it's not personalised to me, and links to Carnival's website. You can use that online form to cancel and indicate if you want FCC & OBC or a 100% refund. ETA: I got two emails, one to my and one to hubby. If you had others on your canceled reservation, and put your email into their reservation, that m
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