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  1. I stumbled across this page searching Carnival's website, and it really does have almost everything you ever wanted to know about eating options on all of the carnival ships. Enjoy! Near the bottom it has links to most all of the menus also https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4252/~/for-your-eating-pleasure...
  2. I thought the food we had in the MDR was good, both for dinner and Sea Day Brunch and Debarkation Breakfast. We aren't food snobs, and why would you want to eat Guys burgers for every meal?!? Also, there are a lot of other food choices on Panorama, we didn't even get to all of them on our first cruise, that's why we're going back on Saturday.
  3. Port cam just showed Panorama leaving now. Hope everyone has a good time.
  4. Yes, we didn't get home to San Diego until 3pm, and that was with Platinum debarkation, hauling our own bags. It was a cluster, for sure. Left a sour taste after a pretty good cruise.
  5. Heard that debarkation had started, but then a bit later they said it had not yet started. People getting very upset & asking what was up, CJ (comedy host) explained that the crew who have to debark first are going, but guests have not yet been cleared. Asked for patience again ( please keep masks on).
  6. Lee was engaging but not too over the top. There seemed to be lots of fun games going on, and multiple trivia games each day. No casino bar, the servers were plentiful though, we were getting constantly asked if we wanted something while at the table games ever found a non-smoking casino area saw the salad creations in serenity, it was very nice, they would make whatever you wanted there.
  7. We’ll, it’s 10:27, I’m sitting in the limelight lounge with several hundred of our closest friends. It’s the P&D meet up point. We arrived over 1/2 hour ago, but the gangway is still closed. We are all here with our luggage, trying to get off as soon as possible, but not budging yet. They do keep announcing that this venue is fully masked , and they need to be worn properly throughout the debarkation process.
  8. So an announcement was made tonight. There apparently is something amiss with our engines, that are impacting the ship's maximum cruising speed. We will now be arriving back in Long each at approximate 10:30 am. (unfortunately, all those waiting to board the next cruise will need to be pushed back by an hour or so. We will arrive in Cabo an hour earlier, but will leave at 2pm (so must be back onboard at 1pm.
  9. I did pay attention tonight and saw the dancers generally wearing masks, and there is a sign letting everyone know masks were required for dancing. Most people were complying.
  10. I only saw the entrance to the Sky Trampoline area from the elevator one day, so I really can't comment on it. unfortunately]y.
  11. s The wristband situation is very confusing. We were issued yellow Havana Wristbands, but others have Blue. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to what color is given. There are also people with white wristbands, and some with no wristbands at all. However, I did see the cocktail waiters kicking some people out who attempted to order drinks out on the patio, and there were directed inside. The Midnight Project band is good, have heard them a couple of times. You can faintly hear them in the hallways at night, but not that I've noticed in the cabins. I didn't notice the people who were dancing if they were wearing masks or not, as I was just passing through. I did see people singing karaoke in the Havana bar wearing masks on the first couple of days at least. Sip & cover is enforced in the casino and comedy clubs pretty consistently. Not sure in the Havana club at night, but they do have the signs posted outside each venue giving the rules. People onboard are pretty consistently wearing masks indoors. I just checked the shower, and the shower gel and shampoo dispensers on the wall are marked as Elemis, but there are not separate bottles of shampoo, etc. given out in the bathroom.
  12. Lots of dignitaries and people at the port for our arrival. Large Mariachi band playing, lots of pomp and circumstance. Note we are on Ship's time, which is 1 hour ahead of normal pacific time at port. (so Mountain Time). Puerto Vallarta, however is on Central time, so they are officially 1 hour ahead of Ship's time. But as the CD kept telling everyone, stay on Ship's time, and all announcements were in Ship-time. We will move our clocks back after we leave Cabo on Thursday.
  13. The mixologists in Alchemy last night were Tuana & Zoran. Had a little bit of a hard time tracking down our Platinum gifts. Went to Pixels and asked someone at the desk about picking them up there. They directed me to Guest Services (yet again). Later I stopped in there to ask, and they apologized for the miscommunication. She called down to Pixels, got the name of someone there, and said they would make sure all the photographers helping guests down there are aware of the situation. Order chocolate delight from Room Service, water & drink from any bar, etc. Gift was the luggage tag, as expected, however the Ship's pin was actually an inaugural Panorama pin set (4 pins). I'll post a pic of that later. There was a surprise in our cabin last night, a box that said "Back In The Game". Inside there was a baseball-style cap, a tote bag, two masks and a souvenir poker-style chip. Pretty cool.
  14. Did not see any slippers in the closet when we arrived, just the two robes. I'll have to ask Islan about them. As far as the access from the Havana hallway on the starboard side, it isn't as clear from the Havana bar side, so I'll try the other corridor later today. Today is Puerto Vallarta day, and Lee just made an annoucement about 10 minutes ago that due to circumstances beyond their control, our arrival in port will be later than expected. We won't be alongside the pier until 8:30, however the port time has been extended by an hour to 8:30. Everyone on carnival-branded tours that were to leave between 8am & 9am, your tours will depart 1 hour later. All other Carnival adventures remain unaffected. Then, almost immediately after, he corrected the time of arrival in PV to be 9am. Now be arriving into PV later than anticipated. Our port times have been extended to be sure you have time to enjoy. 9am and our time to back on board at 8pm. The pirate ship was in the bay, and fired off its cannons in welcome, and our Captain blew the horn several times. We're being escorted into the bay by some military ships also. Safety advisory by US Embassy for crime. Remain vigilant, especially in evenings & early mornings. Be aware of your surroundings, and avoid carrying large amounts of money or wearing expensive jewelry. Remain in the main tourist areas or participating in an organized tour. Lee said while this sounds alarming, it is no different that what might be expected in a large city back home in the US. Mexican health department is monitoring situation ashore are requiring all guests, vax'd or not, to wear masks both indoors and outdoors, except when eating, drinking and swimming. Also recommend physically distancing yourselves 6 feet from others not in your group. No taking food or beverages ashore, so please finish your breakfast before going ashore.
  15. OK, got to get off the computer and get dressed for dinner. Be back later.
  16. Cruise elegant night was night 2 (Sun) and night 6 (Thu). Should have both been Sea days, but Night 6 is now Cabo, but we depart at 3pm, so it's still elegant night.
  17. Stay tuned, didn't do a write up yet, but took the grilling one today, and have two more booked.
  18. I believe it is, I saw it from the elevator when someone got off on that floor. Hub App says Sky Zone is open from 9am to 11:30 pm.
  19. I wrote it down to check later today, they just opened at 2pm on this 2nd sea day. I'll swing by before or after dinner & check.
  20. Hard to say for this cruise, unfortunately, because we're in the Havana area, so didn't really check out Serenity Deck yet, except on the first day. The weather has been mostly overcast, because the the hurricanes (Grace & Henri) so not sure how that will affect it. We don't generally go to the CD shows, but he seems pleasant in the announcements, and not too overbearing.
  21. From the Hub App (Good to Know Section) Smoking Areas: Indoors: Horizon Casino Deck 4 midships Outdoors: The Lanai, Deck 5 fwd Starboard and Deck 11 Fwd and Aft starboard. Haven't done the skyride (yet) Haven't gotten the invite yet to the P&D party Have a reservation for Teppanyaki on Thu evening at 7:15
  22. Lobster was served on the first Sea Day which is the first Cruise elegant night also (night 2) - I don't see lobster on the 2nd cruise elegant night, (Thursday) which for us on this revamped port stops is Cabo.
  23. I stopped by the Steakhouse bar while we were waiting for something else and asked. Yes, they do have wine there that is not available other places on the ship, also a lot of whiskeys and bourbons. Here's the wine-list I got from the QR code. Also, I stopped by Monday also to ask about the free bottle of wine the first or second night special, to make sure it was still valid. They said yes, they are still running that promotion.
  24. Dinner at Cucina del Capitano Bought online prior to cruise, but did not appear in Hub app (unlike Teppanyaki reservation). Tried going back to Dining inquiries desk (next to Java Blue) but ladies were gone. Called number on sign (Steakhouse) and they couldn’t find the reservation. Re-booked us again for 6:30 that evening. Went to restaurant but early, so went to Alchemy to wait. Bar was full, but found table nearby with seats, and a server came to help us. My brother had Pain Remedy and I had the 40 is the new 20. Very good. Stopped into the Steakhouse restaurant to see the bar area. It does exist, and a lovely bartender answered some questions for me. Got the link to the menu. Has some wines there that are not available elsewhere on the ship, plus a lot of whiskeys and bourbons. Back to Cucina del Capitano at 6:30 for our reservations. Only three groups inside, including us. One group was just finishing up. We decided beforehand to all order different items so we could try them out. One word here of caution. I had originally booked Cucina del Capitano the first night to take advantage of the free bottle of swine. However, when they came to take our drink order, and we inquired about it, the girl was unsure so a bit later the manager came to or table to tell us, unfortunately that it was no longer offered. That was a bummer. I’ll have to stop by the Steakhouse and inquire about that. Food was a bit uneven. For appetizers, we sampled Nonna’s Meatballs, Arugula Salad, and Minestrone Soup plus Caesar salad. They brought bread loaf to the table that was very nice. Entries we had the tomahawk stead, the short rib, and the Captain’s special, which on this ship is Trofi E Verde-Mare Maria. It has trofi pasta, basil pesto sauce, with shrimp, green beans, potatoes, white wine, butter & parmesan cheese. It was OK. The short rib was good, and the port chop also was very flavorful. For side dishes we ordered the fingerling potatoes, the roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower, and the Gnocchi Alla Romana. We are big gnocchi fans, but this was NOT gnocchi. It was a polenta cake, fried to be a bit crispy. There was no polenta on the menu, so it wasn’t that they brought us the wrong thing. That being said, there were some potato gnocchi-like items in the captain’s special. Ordered a bottle of sparkling water, San Pellegrino, and it was a large bottle for the table, that was covered by Cheers. For dessert we ordered one each of the available deserts. Apple in pie crust with caramel ice cream, polenta pound cake with lemon sorbet, and chocolate cake with coffee gelato. All good, but we decided the apple was the best.
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