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  1. We were just there mid October, three weeks ago. This was the dry season and we only had some sprinkles when we were in the highlands of Santa Cruz. The temps were mild in the 70s and it was mainly overcast. We saw all of the creatures we expected to see in large numbers. Saw a lot of young sea lions and young birds. The one thing I would have liked to see was a male Frigate bird puffing up his red chest, but this was not mating season. We had a fantastic cruise. We were on the Xpedition and it was a wonderful ship. Yes it did run aground on a sandbar last week after losing power, but this is no that uncommon. While we are on it three weeks ago, the Xpedition picked up passengers from another ship that had run aground. Anyone know the current status of the Xpedition? And yes they had the licensing issue this summer but that is in the past, and the turmoil in Quito affected everyone. If I were to plan another trip to the Galapagos, I would not hesitate to book the Xpedition again.
  2. We met at 8:45 this morning after eating a very good buffet breakfast. The excursion lasted all day with lunch included. Got back to hotel around 4:30 and we meet back at 6:00 to go out for dinner. All meals are included. Old town showed no damage from the unrest the last few weeks except for concertina wire around the government building. Quito has lots of traffic and people everywhere.
  3. Just to let everyone know, we arrived last night in Quito and we are staying at the JW Marriott. Getting ready now to go on the regularly scheduled sightseeing trip to old town an equator museum. Let me know if anyone has any questions.
  4. The wife is already to go.
  5. Suzi, We are flying Delta from Cincinnati to Atlanta to Quito. We are supposed to arrive at 10:35 Thursday night. Are you flying on Thursday? I thought I read you were on the Flora so would be flying in on Friday night. I hope you're right about everything being back to original schedule. It's been a wild ride this summer waiting to find out if we'd be on the Xpedition and then lately wondering if we'd even get to go. We're glad the Ecuadorians worked out the agreement Sunday night and things are returning to somewhat normal. Now...if we can just finish packing. Roger
  6. I am watching a live feed fro Reuters TV showing the protesters leaving what appears to be a park. They are walking around picking up trash and placing in large piles. It also shows end loaders clearing the streets. Looks promising. http://www.reuters.tv/l/PfmV/2019/10/14/ecuadorean-protesters-go-home-after-moreno-backs-down-from-austerity-plan
  7. We are due to fly to Quito on Thursday. We have not heard anything from Celebrity. I have been monitoring flights into and out of both Quito and Baltra and as of now there have been very few. Most flights for later today are still showing as On Time so hopefully they will start flying again. Feel quite sure, unless cruise is cancelled, that we will be staying at the hotel near the airport. Hope there are enough rooms there. From what I have read about conditions in Quito it appears there may be peace for awhile. I will try to keep everyone up to date on what is happening once we are on our way Thursday, or if we aren't.
  8. We leave next week and are in 405 and we have not started packing yet. We got the same emails to bid for an upgrade. When I sign in to look at our reservation it still has the option to bid for an expedition suite or junior suite. However, our cruise does not show up for new signups. We will try to take care of stateroom 405 for you but can't make any promises.
  9. Oops. Sounds like your bucket puts my bucket to shame.
  10. You need a bigger bucket.🙂
  11. Yes, please keep the updates coming. I know the islands will be great, but would like more info on ship, the crew, the weather etc. Two weeks, 5 days and counting till we leave.
  12. Congrats to you. Sorry to see you go. You're the only people I've found to be on our cruise. Was planning on looking you up in the Atlanta terminal.
  13. The Medallion Class app works on both my Galaxy S9 Android 9 and my Galaxy Tab A Android 8.1. My cruise is in April over 200 days away and havent made final payment. Some features don't work without being on the ship. Also can't totally finish Ocean Ready yet although I do have most of the information entered.
  14. Thanks for posting about your cruise. Glad you had a great time. I'm looking forward to our Oct. Cruise. One question...do you know how many of the 47 passengers were going on to Machu Picchu?
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