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  1. Only saw this when I got home from work at 9.45pm last night . Went to book a balcony guarantee this morning on the 3 night Southampton round trip and they are sold out! Looks like these will be very popular sailings. Deliberating whether paying double the price is worth it to choose a balcony for 3 nights. Might be better with the 5 night Southampton to Barcelona .
  2. Even though we are from the UK I have been watching for West Coast deployment from RC - we would love to see some of the west coast via a cruise - quantum class would be amazing there.
  3. We booked the Allure when our Adventure southern Caribbean cruise from New York was cancelled this year , so I was fully aware the upgrades would not be happening. I'm actually kind of looking forward to seeing an original oasis class ship as we have been on Harmony and Symphony , but not Oasis (pre amp) and Allure.
  4. 1 - Anthem , 7 night Norwegian Fjords from Southampton 14th May 2021. 2 - As above - I am reasonably confident this one will sail. 3 - Allure , 15th August 2021 Western Caribbean 7 nights - this is a large family group cruise combined with a weeks pre cruise stay in Orlando- some of the group have never cruised before and we would all be devasted if this were cancelled. I will knock everyone flying to get to the front of the queue for a vaccine if one becomes available lol😂
  5. Ship only excursions will be a necessary evil for a time while covid is sorted with vaccines/treatments or both. We have taken ship excursions in the past and they have been fine but our preference is for private tours or even better just to get off and do our own thing. However ship based excursions are a small price to pay if as part of a set of other measures it helps the cruise lines to get restarted and gets us on the sea again. Personally I would be happy to go on a cruise now and not get off anywhere at all. We are from the UK and have just booked an Anthem Norwegian fjor
  6. So I'm assuming my 12 night Iceland and Norway cruise from Amsterdam in June on Jewel is now history. Anthem Norwegian fjords from Southampton will be booked tomorrow as soon as I can get in touch with my travel agent.
  7. Yes its just come up again and there are as yet no changes to the cruises that I was looking at. Fingers crossed!
  8. According to the time on the message the website will be down for the next 9 hours at least! Surely thats very unusual?
  9. Yep down in the UK also. Just waiting for my Iceland cruise to disappear. Have picked out a few alternatives ready for my travel agent - I will have to defer Iceland to next year as if these itinerary changes come to pass there will be no Iceland options for 2021.
  10. Has anyone tried to login to their cruise planner for a potentially affected cruise? I have the "reservation locked" message coming up when I try to access the cruise planner for our Jewel Iceland and Norway cruise next June. Of course there can be other reasons for this but just curious if anyone else has come across this?
  11. Well we have a jewel cruise from Amsterdam to Norway and Iceland booked which we were looking forward to - I guess (if this information is correct) this means it will be cancelled. Will not be happy. NCL do a nice version of this cruise.
  12. Its like this - when cruising starts up again there will be a set of protocols (rules) which will be made clear to everyone regarding life on board, excursions etc. If potential passengers don't like it they shouldn't go. If they do go and break those rules , they should be booted off , for the safety of everyone else on board.
  13. Hi Petra I am following your posts with great interest- I haven't cruised with MSC yet but have been looking at them , particularly the new ships. If possible could you find out how they deal with someone with celiac disease (gluten allergy) - this is one of the factors which stops me booking with other cruise lines - the risk that my wife might have difficulty finding something to eat. I suspect a lot of the protocols they have in place for these cruises will be pretty much replicated by the other cruise lines as they begin to start up again. Hope you have a great cruise a
  14. I have a great independent travel agent who is also my neighbour. She is always available and has managed to get some things sorted for me this year that I know I couldn't have accomplished myself. Very reassuring to have someone like that to fight on your behalf.
  15. The current price looks OK to me. We are from the UK so refundable deposits are not a thing - as for repricing we can currently do that under cruise with confidence , but previously we could not and had to lose our deposit and rebook if we wanted to reprice. Not sure if our ability to reprice without penalty will continue , so it is important to make the best judgement we can as to when to book. I've become quite good at judging when to book over the years , however the current situation is a complete unknown hence my post asking for other peoples opinions on future pricing. And I realise it i
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