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  1. I predict a lot of interest in these sailings from USA guests and maybe also from the continent. Probably have no trouble selling them, as a good portion of guests on the original ones will probably shift across.
  2. Deluxe paxkage currently £54 per day - cheapest was £45 a few weeks ago. UDP is £212 i think - cheapest i saw it was £188. Seem to be a number of guests moving over to Anthem from Harmony - can't say I blame them given the current uncertainties.
  3. Nope- kids (under 18 - unvaccinated) must have PCR and LFT as well.
  4. Capacity on cruise just finished was reported as 1150 approx. Apparently just increasing gradually but that's just what people have said they have heard from the staff on the cruises. If correct it will only be increasing by around 5% each subsequent cruise. Diamond members still get 4 drinks each per day any time . Not sure about the VAT thing - I think its included on UK onboard prices from memory, but don't quote me on that !
  5. Totally agree with everything you have said. We have to learn to live with covid and the only way forward really is when we get to the point that a very large proportion of the population have antibodies. We are probably quite close to that point now. Covid will become another virus like flu which we co-exist with - people will catch it , but majority will have mild symptoms due to the vaccines - unfortunately some will be more affected, either because they chose not to be vaccinated, or perhaps their immune system is compromised in some other way. There will be cases on cruise ships , but due to the protocols in place they should be rare and contained and not affect the cruise for the rest of the guest's. I actually do believe that a cruise chip like Anthem with all the protocols in place is much safer than on land at the moment. We are really looking forward to this cruise , but also a bit apprehensive as there are 11 of us travelling , and we need 11 negative PCR tests before we can even set off! I belive the freestyle machines are working for the drinks packages - I'm not sure if they are operated by staff or just by guests as normal. Maybe someone who has already been on can confirm?
  6. Im only aware of 1 on celebrity silhouette - it was an unvaccinated under 18. No one else was affected. Cruise continued as normal - all close contacts were tested and came back negative. I am not sure if they were disembarked at the next port , or if it was at the end of the cruise , and I'm not sure what happened after that. It was in response to this case that celebrity and royal Caribbean instituted the new protocol that under 18's must have a PCR test in advance , as well as a lateral flow test at the port before boarding. If there have been others I haven't heard of them.
  7. There is one customer happy to change lol! Hope things work out for you. I suspect they have come to the conclusion that its just to complex and uncertain to contine with the spain/portugal/France itineraries and that a ontinuatuon of the successful British Isles season is a much safer bet.
  8. This would leave very little time to sell these cruises - they would be hoping a lot of the guest's on the currently booked september / October cruises would just switch ? And they may open them to non UK residents as well since the UK is now open to fully vaccinated residents of the US and EU. British Isles cruises tend to be very popular with US residents so this just might work. Also the British Isles cruises this summer seem to have been quite successful - we are booked in the 15th August and if priced right would consider an October break as well.
  9. We are in the 15th August cruise on Anthem and no luggage tags yet so wouldn't worry - everyone seems to be getting them very late compared to normal times!
  10. Yes would be interesting to see some raw data on that. We are both fully vaccinated (with Astrazeneca) but both continue, like yourself , to be careful , wear masks and avoid crowded potentially risky situations. We are booked on Anthem for August in the UK but feel comfortable with that given that all adults are tested pre cruise and vaccinated, and the children onboard are tested at the port. No going alone with shore excursions either , so the ship bubble is preserved as far as possible. On a separate note even though the Astrazeneca vaccine has a lower % at preventing infection with delta , it is still 92% effective at preventing serious illness , which is pretty good for any vaccine.
  11. The vaccines were never billed as 100% effective at stopping you catching covid. I think Pfizer was something like 88% effective after 2 doses from memory. The really important thing is that you don't get seriously ill if you do catch it. I think Pfizer was 98% effective at preventing serious illness. It then becomes a manageable disease which causes very few people any real issues , much like the common cold. Also if you are vaccinated and do catch it your viral load is much lower so you are much less likely to pass it on to someone else , so transmission is also reduced.
  12. I'm pretty sure from what people on the current and past cruises have said that shows can only be booked through the app when onboard. I know they said that extra shows were put on so that everyone would have a chance to see them as social distancing meant that a lot of seats in the theatre were not available. We are on the 15th and I have been checking every day anyway in case they appear , but no luck so far!
  13. I notice in my cruise planner that the prices for children have gone down substantially for the shore excursions today - obviously in response to the new protocols. It would be great if they did an excursion package, or a credit for excursions for everyone. Maybe some discounts will appear in the cruise planner in the next couple of weeks. If not I am waiting until we are on board before booking anything - I'm really not that bothered if I don't get off the ship at all lol! And I agree , I would like some more options - of the current ones I only see a couple I am interested in.
  14. The app for our mid August cruise shows the windjammer as open for dinner , but I know that on the current cruises it is not. I think I remember them saying that the ship needed to have at least 50% of its normal passenger capacity for it to be worth opening the windjammer for dinner.
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