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  1. On May 14 I cancelled our excursions for a cruise that was to sail from Amsterdam on Sept 2. I still haven’t received the money back to our credit card.
  2. We really love the Radiance class. We were supposed to sail a 10 night on Serenade this past April and then we would have sailed on all 4 Radiance ships. I would be very upset if they decided to get rid of them. Im not a big fan of the huge mega ships, they’re a bit impersonal to me.
  3. All the other refunds we received came in like that, it was hard to figure out where it belonged. I cancelled excursions on May 14 for the Sept 2 Brilliance Arctic cruise and no refund yet.
  4. I guess I need to call. It’s just frustrating that they’re making us jump through hoops to get money back that’s ours.
  5. We had a few cruises cancelled and I’m still waiting for refunds on excursions and VOOM. our April 3 cruise on Serenade was cancelled and I received our FCC and the credits for taxes, but never received my credit for VOOM. I’m also waiting for $1,300.00 worth of credits for excursions I cancelled in their system on May 14 for a cruise that we pushed forward to later this year that will ultimately be cancelled too. My question is who do you recommend I call to see the status of this money? I’m losing patience as many others are too. I know many of you are also waiting for refunds and maybe you can give me advice. Thanks.
  6. It hasn’t been on the site for a long time. It was sold out so they took it off.
  7. We’re booked on the Brilliance TA from Amsterdam to Boston via the arctic. We booked this a year and a half ago, so it’s disappointing it will probably be cancelled. We’re waiting for the word so we can possibly get the airfare refunded.
  8. I got the same royal up email for our May 31 cruise on Harmony. I didn’t bite either because I’m sure (and hope) that it’s cancelled so I can get cash back.
  9. we took the 125 on our cancelled Serenade, but we also want the cash for this one. Still shows its sailing, but that will change soon, especially with Carnivals latest update. We were disappointed because the Serenade would have made us D+
  10. me too, that’s a doomed cruise for us too. We did get our FCC for our cancelled April 3 cruise, but still waiting for the refund of the tax, fees and port charges. This one I want cash back
  11. yes thanks, I also went in and cancelled the WiFi and shore excursions that I had booked. I didn’t receive any emails from Royal though other than the cancellation ones, is that because I didn’t ask for a refund?
  12. Oh well. We were scheduled for a cruise April 3 and we didn’t plan to cancel. I’ll wait and see what they are offering.
  13. It’s affecting my iPhone and iPad and I even tried chrome and that didn’t work either.
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