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  1. When you get married and live in the same house, yes you get to have the same benefits. If you split up, that doesn’t carry forward, you no longer live together. Thats their rules. BUT to lie to get your nephew into the DL so you can drink is wrong. It’s deceitful! And it sets a very bad example for the nephew! They Each have 3 vouchers every night. They can use them on the cruise.
  2. The difference is lying about where he lives.
  3. Following this.... we will be doing the same cruise in October.
  4. We were on Radiance in May and when I bought VOOM prior to the cruise I only got surf by accident and had a very hard time connecting to anything. Not mail or Facebook. I usually always get surf and stream, and now I’ll be sure I get the right one. Surf was frustrating!
  5. You don’t need to book ahead of time. There will be two lines when you get there, those with and without reservation.
  6. This fan says it only uses batteries. How did you use a USB?
  7. No, I feel the same way. It’s wrong and and I’m sure the shareholders here wouldnt like it. The OP should let Royal know of their error.
  8. When I read the OPs post, I read it like when she was on Allure last October she booked a cruise for this October. 😜
  9. weve had to sign that paper too. Did they have you sign it?
  10. I haven’t read all the replies, but it depends on the ship. I never had an issue with surf only but on our cruise to Hawaii in May it was worthless on the Radiance. I couldn’t even read an email. For now on I’m getting surf and stream.
  11. Sometimes we do..... we have Mario a big tip on our British Isles cruise.
  12. I don’t want to go into detail but the girls name was Amy. I’ve had many other unexplained experiences so it didn’t frighten me. But it was brilliance room 8078 if you want to skip that room
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