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  1. I did twice……no response. I truly don’t understand his reasoning.
  2. I do…and coincidentally we just watched something very recently all about him, including this
  3. If you have the Royal app on your phone you can “chat” with other linked guests while on the free Royal wifi. I think there’s a small fee, but not sure. I don’t know if links are allowed here but google that phrase and it takes you to Royal Caribbean blog that has the details.
  4. The ship will provide distilled water at no charge
  5. So glad you’re back onboard a ship again. We will be on Odyssey November 15. Will you be there then?
  6. No need to get defensive, I didn’t say I cared at all. it seems Royal cares. I don’t discriminate anyone. It does appear to bother you though.
  7. I also thought about them issuing bracelets for vaccinated guests. I mentioned to my husband and e didn’t think it would work, but I do.
  8. she is (or was if she’s no longer a CD) one of our favorites. (Hello Clo)
  9. I don’t think your mom needs to wait to get home. It’s a federal program not related to states.
  10. We have a B2B next year of 3 days and 4 days. So that doesn’t go over the 7 day rule. I guess we’ll see what happens.
  11. We would have been D+ early this year, so regardless of the double points - which we are happily booked for - we will be D+ when they start cruising again.
  12. With so many or our cruises cancelled this year, including our Arctic TA, we decided to book only shortie cruises next year hoping they will said. 1. Mariner 3-1-21 Mariner 4-9-21 Mariner 4-12-21 Allure 8-22-21 Brilliance 11-27-21 2. I’m hoping they all sail 3. I’ve learned acceptance this year, so they all can be cancelled and it wont matter.
  13. I’m STILL WAITING for a $1,300.00 refund for excursions as well as other small refunds I cancelled online on May 14. I’m losing my trust and not feeling the “loyalty”
  14. we all know this isn’t true at all.....I’m waiting for so many refunds for months now, that I created a spreadsheet to keep track.
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