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  1. That may be true but I don't miss business travel.
  2. I found @K32682's original use of "virtual signaling" in their post humorous and echoed those words in my explanation regarding possible value to a traveler for not checking their bag. When I travelled for business, I never checked a bag for the reasons I stated above.
  3. While Todos Santos isn't a bad town and is one of Mexico's "magic towns," the Hotel California isn't worth the day for a visit. It has really no connection to the song if that is the motivation for visiting. If that is the case, why not simply head out to Balandra Beach and get lunch on the beach? It gives you a nice view of "Isla Espiritu Santo" and you can even get a boat tour there if it is whale shark season for an hour or two. I like Balandra in that it has more services than Pichilingue - which is actually on the way.
  4. Good job! You have triggered a healthy debate here as to both differences in airlines and packing styles. I think where you are going also is a factor in addition to length. The closer you are to sun and fun short cruises, the easier it is to pack lighter for most people generally. Personally, I couldn't make a week long cruise if you are referring to a Spirit-style carrier. While there may be no virtue in not checking bags, there are very tangible benefits when things go wrong with flights. It's also much harder for luggage to be lost when it is in your possession. There
  5. I can't give you a personal recommendation, but I see these types of buses all the time in Valle. This link suggests a 14 passenger van is $400 for 10 hours which would be perfect: https://bajaexcursion.com/shop/transportation-only/transportation-ensenada-to-valle-de-guadalupe/ The drivers can help plan a tour, but I would recommend doing your own research and letting them know where you want to go. Some of my favorite places for wine would be: Finca de Carrodilla Las Nubes Monte Xanic Baron Balche - no view El Cielo - expensive with a f
  6. This makes sense to me. I can see people doing this in my hometown port. The terminal is located in the heart of the city and easily accessible. It's super easy for passengers to wander around the harbor and central city without their luggage and simply head back to the port with when you are ready to board. In Harwich, we once checked in, boarded the ship and then left again to run some errands leaving the kids on the ship.
  7. This is a reasonable point and is another factor to consider. Certain cities are definitely more interesting to depart from than others and may skew some people's decision making. It also depends on how many people you are travelling with, the distance to the port from where you are staying, familiarity with departure port/city and even the likelihood of future return. Civitavecchia, assuming you are staying in Rome, requires more time to get to the port than Barcelona. Family travel requires more time than solo travel. Is it the "trip of a lifetime" or an annual pilgrimage. It all m
  8. In response to the @sverigecruiser's original question, I don't think I would change my travel behavior based on a cruise ship assigned check in time. I may, however, add more time into my pre cruise buffer due to logistical complexities of travel in general. I assume we have all heard stories at least in the US of cancelled flights and limited capacity. My own theory regarding early boarding is that the shorter the cruise, the more people want to come early. Certainly more incentive exists to get on early on a 3 day booze cruise than on a 100 day round the world. My
  9. Another vote for having a great time at Iguassu although not part of a cruise trip. Spent a few days at the hotel inside the park on the Brazilian side and it was amazing. Rafting, hiking, bird watching & park, good food and drinks along with the ever present coatis cruising around the hotel looking for food. Good sentiment! I didn't get lost, but I really enjoyed visiting Santorini and just wandering around. Great weather for our visit and it wasn't too hot or crowded.
  10. In my mind, the standard music on most RCCL ships typically includes - Ship's orchestra supporting headline shows and other events Pop band - plays daily Latin band Piano bar player Pub guitar player A small classical ensemble or soloist At least one guest singer for headline show Musical productions by ship's singers and dancers in conjunction with ship's orchestra DJ for disco To me it seems that the music format doesn't change too much regardless of ship from my memory. I also have only sailed RCCL from the US and Europe so I can
  11. @dedalus as others have suggested, it is unfortunate that your first experience cruising came about in a crazy time. Rather than rushing to final judgement, I would simply wait COVID out until booking another cruise. My first cruise is scheduled for next April and I am starting to get nervous about it with the eventuality of yet another COVID wave imminent. Regardless, look for high prices in all travel destinations as inflation comes back with a vengeance as governments look to inflate away their COVID spending debts.
  12. I would search all of the beach clubs and resorts along Medano Beach. A couple of questions: Do you really want a pool? Can your limited mobility person walk a bit on the beach? The reason that I ask is that you can buy lots of food and drink on the beach for way less than you are likely to spend buying a resort day pass. If I had to pick, a resort I would at least give the Melia a look. It's a nice hotel with good service and I believe they sell passes for the day. I wouldn't know if it's an all inclusive package. The other option is a b
  13. I am always amazed at the price of drink packages. The table above suggests that these packages are between 33% to almost 50% of the base cruise fare. The drink packages must have an incredible rate of return for the lines! I wonder if alcohol makes more than the casino? Speaking of the casino, this must impact Disney's prices as they forgo this revenue stream.
  14. Super easy. Disney somehow mailed our house a VHS tape that described their cruise line and the onboard experience. My kids started watching it over and over and eventually we all watched it. Everyone thought it looked great and we ended up buying a package including a week on the Magic followed by Disney World park stay as a family vacation.
  15. I am pretty sure that for true ship operations they do run on a fixed, standard time. I wouldn't be surprised if the ship's "real time" was always set to something like GMT or the company's HQ. Maybe someone knows for sure.
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