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  1. Hello, The Princess TA on the Crown Princess has a port call for Le Verdon. The tours through Princess seem to be about the same cost as private ones. So there are some options for $150 to little over $200pp. Can anyone recommend a DIY type tour? Expecially how to get to Bordeaux or one of the Chateau for a wine tasting. Is there bus service or taxis? What would you be considering if this were your port of call 🙂 ? Thanks.
  2. Captain's Club Happy Hour. We are also a few points away. But have decided the Elite perks don't really add enough to cruise just to get them. We drink mainly wine with dinner so the wine package, bev package, or corkage fees work best for us. Also shopping around other lines and what they offer can yield great experiences. Hope you find a good way to get what you want.
  3. Are the new menus the ones posted for the Ruby Princess? I see escargots on the sixth night? Thanks for the update.
  4. So on the up sells, do the gratuities change? If you have grats included already? And do they tell you this up front?
  5. Excellent thoughts. Whatever the captain does some will approve and some will be outraged. This one erred on the side of leaving current news to be reported by news agencies. Maybe prayers and condolences 24 or 48 hours later is best? Who knows?
  6. I too would be curious about the cabin if booked in it. If on other ships it is a different category, why is it different? To me it have very little to do with trying to get something extra which the OP is not.
  7. Yes for a soufflé each night. Seabourn does that; brought back memories of princess.
  8. Choices seem very different from other lists, in particular the white wines all seem to be new. Wonder if these will go to other ships?? Thanks for your report.
  9. Last month about the exact same happened to me on a NCL cruise. Offered a fairly priced upgrade or OBC. I took the goodwill OBC. I had booked 1 month from sailing and paid in full at a great price and the price still dropped several hundred on several categories. So it happens no matter what and it isn't personal (either way), so do what you need to do to enjoy the cruise. And store away your booking experience. JMHO
  10. Chardonnay and roast chicken is a go to pairing for us. Chocolate and wine is ok, not a fav though. Everyone likes what they like and that is OK!
  11. Loved reading your review! Seeing the pictures of the cabin is getting me used to what the new Celebrity looks like. It's fine with me, I tend to agree that the color scheme has already passed it's popularity fad phase. Whether the colors tend to show dirt and stains well that dirt and wear is there no matter what color the item is. Again, thank you for the very enjoyable review.
  12. Agree that you got a deal. However most of us would change our drinking habits if we had to pay the price per bottle onboard. So by charging the corkage fee, Princess probably get more money/picture in the big picture and the cruiser gets what they enjoy. Win/win.
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