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  1. Is the Jewel Feb pricing for local residents? I am having trouble finding the pricing, is it on the RCCL site? We would prefer April but if the Feb pricing is much better, who knows?? Thanks.
  2. For cruisers that only drink wine, is there a wine package similar to NCL and CC? Thanks.
  3. What ship/cabin would you pick if you wanted to cruise out of Galveston next April? Would like to do a balcony or above. Have done all the itineraries before so that is not a factor. Length of cruise is not a factor. The Carnival ships are an option but they seemed really crowded last time we picked them. Thanks in advance.
  4. Looks like Apex Feb 27 has been chartered. Never had this happen before. Is there compensation for this to get your to rebook with Celebrity? Will they refund a deposit that was "nonrefundable"? Thanks.
  5. Use a napkin to hold breads like toast to eat, leave the corner that was held. Sandwiches definitely easy to eat with knife and fork. Lots of practice avoiding noro :).
  6. Originally the buffets were set up like a cafeteria, line up with a tray and go down the line and get items from staff in individual plates. But that was perceived as outdated. Etiquette dictated that one always used utensils to dine, no eating with fingers. Most of those rules probably originated during plagues? Maybe we just go back to good habits.
  7. Is a vaccine the answer? Many will not get it. Then maybe they get the virus when traveling. So a ship or area or port may still become a hotspot. Seems like learning to treat viruses, old and new ones, has to be the answer.
  8. "Airlines are not overcoming this problem"?? Sounds like they did, the planes flew and people got where they wanted to go. If you wore your mask and face shield, you were safe? Time will tell.
  9. thanks for the responses. I was curious because this is one of the very few mailouts that I have received ( normally get about 3 a day from various lines) so I thought it might be the result of recent/current plans. Still get lots of emails but they are basically free with no postage and printing costs, so an actual brochure got my attention. The sailings listed seemed to be mainly late fall and winter. Many for Europe.
  10. The case I saw before is in this link provided originally by Cruiseraider (thank you!) https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/coronavirus/crowley-woman-sues-princess-cruises-after-husband-dies-from-coronavirus/2352268/ Wonder how it ends.
  11. Just received a Memorial Day Sale brochure. Any idea if those cruises will really go? No mention of inside cabins.
  12. So does anyone have an update on the lawsuit filed by CA by the couple on the Grand? Or any other one? Is it going to court or being settled out of court? Carnival Corp. seems to be trying to go forward with Carnival ship cruises in August. That effort may tell how the corporation and/or Princess fares.
  13. Has anyone refared? We booked long ago with a $50 non refundable deposit for end of FEB 2021. Looking online prices seem about the same. Any word on special mods to mitigate viruses? Thanks.
  14. So my comment about hoping there was a plan for a ship to return to its homeport was in reference to Carnival Cruises announcement of sailing in August from two port in FLA and Galveston. I so think there is a possibility to have a plan or protocol in place. The experts could make a plan. Just my superficial musing, comes up with Carnival depositing a large amount in a trust that the port could have if needed. Then the port can plan how and who to quarantine on shore. Testing could be used to let some cruisers leave quickly and others more slowly. Some port area will be the trial and plans from the experts might mitigate the risk. JMHO
  15. Regarding the views posted about Carnival's restart being unrealistic, etc.... because people will not be ready, it should be remembered that there are workers who were essential and have been working continually since the pandemic. We usually think it is just health care and first responders, but there are actually about 16 groups defined as "essential"; in fact more workers outside of travel/leisure are considered essential than not. Those workers have been going out each day with and without strict mitigations. They have come to terms with going out into the world each day. They may be willing to take one of those first cruises, who knows? I will not judge them. I do hope there is a plan for when a ship does have the virus onboard to redock in it's home port whether FLA or TX. That may be the weakest part of the reopening plan.
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