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  1. Hello, Wondering if any of the local area people have any insight about the restart of cruising out of Galveston? Any activity from the cruise lines in the port? Hiring locals for embarcation checkin, etc? Looking forward to the possible restart, thanks.
  2. Last minute bookings can be the best deal. Depending on the cruise comeback, last minute may be better than ever. Most companies favor marketing that relies on people being emotional and not doing the math. It is so much easier and profitable for them if it works :). Glad the OP got to rant.
  3. We have some of the same questions of Steve. Currently just plan to eat at 8:30 and hope not to be given a pager at whichever dining room we pick...
  4. Thanks for the posts. I guess we will know what the plan is closer to the reopening.
  5. So if you factor in that they will not be popular, does that make any difference on whether they will still be part of the inventory? Maybe some could be reconfigured as two room suites? The one we have reserved on Apex, might could be added to a balcony cabin to make a suite. It would cost alot but who knows.
  6. Hi, Anyone want look in their crystal ball and predict what the future (say the next year or so) booking of inside cabins will look like? Much talk of lower capacity on the ships. Will they stop selling inside cabins at some point? We have one booked but will probably want to upgrade. Just wonder if Celebrity might encourage that? Any thoughts?
  7. Open to any ship. However, will not cruise in a cabin like the Princess insides. Just too small and poorly furnished. Never used to care about the cabin until experiencing flu and other illnesses while cruising pre-Covid 19.
  8. So the Apex cruise Feb 27, is not officially chartered yet per my TA. Anyone have different information? Celebrity seems to be waiting longer to announce it?
  9. Yes, it is better not to stress over getting the best deal. Get a good value and be happy! So far I have not booked Galveston, but still considering....
  10. Is the Jewel Feb pricing for local residents? I am having trouble finding the pricing, is it on the RCCL site? We would prefer April but if the Feb pricing is much better, who knows?? Thanks.
  11. For cruisers that only drink wine, is there a wine package similar to NCL and CC? Thanks.
  12. What ship/cabin would you pick if you wanted to cruise out of Galveston next April? Would like to do a balcony or above. Have done all the itineraries before so that is not a factor. Length of cruise is not a factor. The Carnival ships are an option but they seemed really crowded last time we picked them. Thanks in advance.
  13. Looks like Apex Feb 27 has been chartered. Never had this happen before. Is there compensation for this to get your to rebook with Celebrity? Will they refund a deposit that was "nonrefundable"? Thanks.
  14. Use a napkin to hold breads like toast to eat, leave the corner that was held. Sandwiches definitely easy to eat with knife and fork. Lots of practice avoiding noro :).
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