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  1. Yep, the drink menus on Edge and Apex have many choices not covered by the Premium package too. May just budget for a few bottles of wines vs. buy an upgrade.
  2. You had me at Sea Bass 🙂 But I have to wait until March. I wonder if there is a picture of this sea bass somewhere? Great posts!
  3. Having browsed the Edge drink menu and the Martini bar menu, I am a bit concerned about ordering a drink on the classic package at those spots. Do they have a list there of under $9 too? Can you just order something like a mojito? I have had the package before (always a bit of a problem for nice wine, we often just get a bottle) but not recently or on the Edge or Apex so am curious about bars and drinks unique to them.
  4. Easy care and light weight is often preferred for travel. Most will have packed with that in mind so you should fit right in!
  5. The original post sounds very familiar from even before Covid. There are many first time cruisers who end up on a crowded major cruise line that was booked by price and then compared to other more familiar types of vacation to them. All cruises are not the same and most will not compare well to a land based resort when it comes to size and variety of lodging, pools, and restaurants. Many who like cruises could post "why does anyone go to on a driving vacation, all inclusive resort, etc." every trip has its adv and disadvatages. There is usually not an absolute perfect trip for
  6. Another question, please. If you do book through a TA, has any TA tried to match a move up offer for you? Thanks in advance.
  7. Vaping was not allowed in the cabin on Princess. So what has changed as far as partner is concerned? Was not aware? More afraid of getting caught on Celebrity? Some other concern about the cruise? Have a friend who vapes. She uses a setting that no one would ever know she is using the device (besides looking directly at her) even in a car. I'm sure she would use it in a cabin on a cruise with no issue. YMMV
  8. Great points. Number 2 in particular takes some of the stress out of deciding. Hope it works that way on Apex too.
  9. The drawback to the compete thing for us was that they charged a cancellation fee. I think the one the op used says that they can charge a fee. But in practice they do not. So there is that risk.
  10. Great link! Thanks. When I looked at the dinner menu for Cosmopolitan, I noticed that their exculsives were the same proteins as the always available classics. Anyone had them to report how they may differ? This is a great thread.
  11. So the exact same scenario can happen to anyone (vaxed, non vaxed, can't be vaxed, immune, etc.) - i.e. get a positive test at any time during travel. If travel providers want people to go then they have to protocols in place to handle the positive tests. And travelers have to be willing to accept the protocol. Which makes me wonder, if a cruise line wants to test each passenger before boarding will it be a competitive advantage or disadvantage??
  12. What is the wording in the cruise contract? That is what legally matters. Carnival may not want to make themselves legally responsible for limiting drinks (for safety vs. revenue like on Cheers) then they would also be responsible if they did not cut someone off and something happened. Of course they are usually outside of US territory so who knows?
  13. Or purchased a Cruise the Vinyards package?
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