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  1. Did they not have travel insurance through a credit card? Most cc's have travel insurance for medical cancellations. Maybe can get still file?
  2. It MAY be a problem with the fire code. Someone posted that is what they were told when they requested a lounger.
  3. I now plan to fall asleep by a window for hours so that everyone will think I am an Elite 🙂 - not just a Platinum. I wonder if I will get free laundry..... Also don't take what a bartender says to be anything but soothing to the patron. JMHO. Seriously, most of the irritants are things than happen on every cruise to a certain extent which we all either just don't notice or deal with in humor. Hopefully your next cruise is great, personally do not book near holidays because of the kids onboard - that is another thread - Kids run wild on Princess?
  4. All lines offer something to their highest paying and/or loyal cruisers. Sometimes it may be more obvious than others. Different marketing works for different people. The easily offended will be. And others will love their extras. There is no way to make all happy. It is up to you whether you are happy or annoyed.
  5. Seems like they (the juices and smoothies) would be included in the Classic package (alcoholic). The price is less than the limit?? Would you pay the full amount or some difference? Very confusing.
  6. Additionally, it matters why the delay happens. If it is the airline's fault (mechanical failures for example), they pay your expenses. Weather probably is what ever Cruise air wants to pay or negotiate for you with air line. Other causes is up to the details of your travel insurance and negotiation. Your travel insurance is the back stop for expenses. Also remember, usually all the providers may insist you continue on to catch up with the cruise especially if you have only missed 50% of it. There are many many scenarios that can happen. As others have stated it is better to travel early than rely on any of the "guarantees".
  7. As far as keeping perks, what line lets you refare and keep promo perks from a previous promotion? Have only seen getting to keep stockholder OBCs and others that would apply to the new booking booking, not perks from a prev promotion. You might can refare to another category but promo perks would apply for the new promotion not the previous one. Hope it works out.
  8. Early traditional dining at 5 sorta of messes up tea time. But all else is good!
  9. So anyone want to share how much laundry they stuff into a bag for the $50? Advice? Thanks.
  10. Buried deep in the Patter?? Is it not with the food options/hours?
  11. Carry on with corkage fee is great for wine drinkers. But it is more important to get the cruise at the price that fits your budget then you can spend onboard easier. Over spending on the cruise or cabin and then skimping later is not a good vacation IMHO.
  12. Answering the OP for all the reviews and compliants. For the complainers, we should ask where they go that they eat 3 meals a day with no compliants like on a cruise?? As an earlier poster noted, they need to have realistic expectations. Based on the amount you paid, what do you expect? For example in the buffet, if 20 things are offered and 2 are not prepared or served how you like, was that acceptable? In the MDR, it there are 10 entress and 2 are not prepared or served how you like, was that acceptable? What did you expect and what are you comparing too? Many are remembering the economy and the culture of 10+ years ago, things have changed so expectations have to change. Whether good or bad...
  13. Can they do gluten free pasta dishes? Thanks.
  14. NCL has the Viva Vino package for wine drinkers. So no need to do the beverage package if you are a wine drinker. The balcony cabins have a sofa for those who are upset about the barrel chairs. Also on many of the ships there is some form of promenade deck. For us, NCL is a great choice for "home port" cruising. Drive to the port and enjoy the ship for what it is. We tend to use the "Sailaway" prices and then pay the nickel and dimes for the things we enjoy. It is all good.
  15. Yes, I had planned for other options too. Just trying to find out how many nights I would be missing the dining room for early traditional dining. Not concerned about missing a big dinner, more about the missing and somewhat disrupting a larger table in the early traditional dining. Others will probably be missing night too - so may have fairly empty dining room on those nights. Will have to warn the wait staff about the nights we will likely miss on the TA.
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