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  1. Mary229

    Shore excursion sale

    I just booked a southern Caribbean cruise on HAL and spent a weekend reviewing my options. First let me say I am not doing many shore excursions on this one but I did look at every single port. For this itinerary HAL was the same or even slightly cheaper than the private tours available. My only complaint with my last two HAL cruises was there weren't that many active options and many of the tours are huge bus tours. I would be willing to pay more for the van version of the same tour.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I am not usually a beach person so I hadn’t considered this.
  3. Thank you so much for these reports. Marking this thread the old fashion way. We are sailing this spring.
  4. Mary229

    Where do I find my ship board credit?

    In my experience you will not see the credit until on board. Ship board credits are usually only available for purchases during the cruise and are not refundable.
  5. Mary229

    Shore excursion sale

    I have never noticed a big difference in price. What you do get with private tours is smaller size, variety and customization. I consider most HAL tours as basic transportation for distant ventures when getting back in time may become an issue.
  6. there are many choices for that itinerary so be sure to shop around. If you are flexible there may even be newer HAL ships available for the itinerary.
  7. My quote was per cabin not per person. Which ship are they using? Not that I am going;p
  8. We are not saying that is was a totally negative experience. We are simply talking about the deplorable condition of the ship. I have been on many cruise ships since the 1980s and none had maintenance needs like this one
  9. How interesting and how timely.
  10. I don't think a customer should have to sail on every ship in the fleet to find a good one.
  11. Thanks Hank. I appreciate you confirming what I supposed. So how on earth can anyone find a fair review anymore? I don't trust Tripadvisor now that they sell travel too.
  12. It may be HAL's decision to defer maintenance but it is my right and DUTY as a customer to warn others and I have and not only here. I find it disturbing that CC will not publish my review which though critical was fair and polite.
  13. Sorry, but it pretty much is. This ship not only had apparent problems it had multiple signs of old and continue maintenance problems. It should not have sailed. Bluntly, it was nasty and unacceptable. There were many 4 and 5 star mariners on board and many who were as disgusted as the folks posting here.
  14. Just a point of clarification. The VOV starts at $18,000 per cabin or near $500 per day per cabin. That is for an inside cabin.
  15. Yes, I am afraid so. fool me once and all of that. The level of disrepair showed an extreme level of disrespect and disregard.