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  1. I have always thought the reason HAL shuts down at night is not because everyone is old and worn out but because they do have port intensive journeys. I am usually off the ship by 8 am and may explore until 4 or 5 pm and if in port overnight we might go out for the evening. Nights before days at sea tend to be more active on ship.
  2. HAL does have a late night buffet at least, they did, on my last cruise. It started around 10. Perhaps it wasn’t every night.
  3. I would make my own decision based on where I was going. HAL is great for port intensive itineraries, long cruises and specialized Alaska cruises. If that is why you are going then it is a great line. If you want a lively Caribbean or Med cruise it would not be my first choice.
  4. Don’t worry, free WiFi is coming. Don’t be upset when it is offered to all.
  5. The first HAL cruise sails on the 24th so stay tuned here.
  6. Thanks for sharing the menus for my favorite meal of the day and one I only partake in when I cruise. To play the devil's advocate - I like seeing the paid options on the menu. Forgive but I think the proliferation of various restaurants has detracted from the MDR service. There are only so many people they are hiring for restaurant and the more restaurants the thinner they are spread. I would rather all served dining be in one location with perhaps a single separate banquet/special occasion facility. Specialty restaurants have become like dandelions in an unkept lawn.
  7. There are wonderful, new, lightweight thermal underwear. They are not much bulkier than panty hose. REI carries them year long. Sam's Club carries them seasonally. You can also find them new on Ebay. I am a hiker and have hiked Greenland, Alaska, Iceland, Norway and northern Canada to name a few and those trusty long johns have been great. For day time pantyhose are often overlooked as a warm layer and they are so easy to pack.
  8. HAL hasn’t added anything new in months. I would like to see the new schedule also.
  9. He will enjoy himself. Our first HAL cruise was with my parents, my dime, their insistence😃. We were in our 30s and switched to HAL. I still cruise with other lines but DH only cruises HAL. Many people's ideas of cruises come from the ads for Caribbean cruises which can be party barges but the Alaska experience is very different regardless of the line.
  10. My nieces and nephews loved the dog sledding. The older ones (6,7) even got a short ride. Loved that!
  11. I do now recall an outage last year. I hope that is not the case again.
  12. What time of day are you trying? They operate on Pacific time so try mid afternoon to evening Pacific time. I am sorry you are having issues but I have never had an issue. Oh, if you booked with a travel agent then your agent will need to take care of this
  13. Not only that but I remember passing an afternoon with fellow passengers doing a jigsaw. It is not something I do at home but I found it a rewarding way to socially interact.
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