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  1. Thanks for the update. Please add my sis to the care list. She is my ace cruise companion when the DH can't travel and she has been diagnosed with a rare cancer. You may have heard me discuss her in previous posts most recently about her service to covid patients. We would appreciate prayers. Thank you.
  2. Thanks. Here is the announcement from Carnival Corp as relates to Princess but in another announcement that I have not found it was announced this same system would be Carnival Corp fleet wide. Here it describes the enhancements New Wi-Fi system for Carnival Corp Fleet/Princess
  3. Just before COVID Carnival Corp announced there had been an upgrade from the service provider. This does not require a ship refit. I cannot for the life of me re-find that article. If someone can remind me of the name of the service provider I can resume my search.
  4. No one has sued yet. That’s what will have to happen. The constitution has pretty good guidelines about interstate issues and there are plenty of precedents. Perhaps the crisis will subside before going to court.
  5. Many people in the US take holiday this week around the holiday so the TA may not even be in the office.
  6. We will have to agree to disagree. I have been struck through my life how quickly people forget and move on. I think it is a coping mechanism
  7. Yes, ask again. You always should keep in mind that 90% of cruisers are likely unaware of these sales so they are only giving the perk to a handful of people, be one of those people.
  8. Ohhhh. That is terrible. I have ceramic knives and I live in fear every time I cut but they are so wonderful. I hope you heal quickly.
  9. I guess I am a little bolder I always just ask, ditto with upsells and other perks. 50% of the time I get some of what I ask. I think for perks, not price, they have a little leeway.
  10. Look I am just commenting on human nature, they don't get the flu shot now. The ones who will get it are those who are required to do so by their employer or school or other institution but I just don't see your run of the mill under 30 running out to get a vaccine. Here are the facts drawn from CDC data "Vaccination coverage among adults over 65 has ranged from a high of 66.7% in 2014 to a low of 59.6% in 2017, staying above the 50% mark for the past 10 years. The age group with the lowest percentage receiving flu shots is those between 18 and 49. Vaccination coverage
  11. I imagine by January 2022 HAL will be all inclusive or some close resemblance of all inclusive. Internet is getting cheaper and cheaper to deliver and it is rather silly to be charging at all. Many of us now have phones that give us internet in almost every nation.
  12. They are flying now. I think it will be destination and time based. No one is going to ask you for your "papers" to fly to the next state on a 45 minute flight but for international or transoceanic/transcontinental they might. Maybe the government will mandate something but I don't think the airlines will. Currently the state of flying is a mixed bag with some airlines, notably Southwest, keep in place stringent guidelines, while most just fill and fly. Disclosure: I will get a vaccine and have no political view point on this situation.
  13. I use the best of both worlds, doing all of my upfront research, cabin selection, dining options and the finer details. I usually book according to my level of interest, if it is a bucket list cruise then I really don't care about the price, if it is a jaunt I wait for the big sale times. After I buy it through the cruise line I hand it off to my trusty agent and she monitors the conditions and prices of my desired cruise. After final payment she is great about negotiating any upsells. I have always gotten great upsell offers through her.
  14. That is a good point. If a business undertakes to ensure your safety by mandating a vaccine they may incur liability also. Interesting thought.
  15. I would book a little later in the summer. Fares in late August are generally about the same price as May fares. Always keep in mind that HAL treats you better financially if they cancel first instead of you instigating the change. As to the flights more flights will come on the schedule as this crisis clears up. Have you tried HAL's Flight Ease
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