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  1. For an 11 day cruise there are usually 2 gala nights which will be the evenings of sea days generally
  2. On every HAL cruise I have been on there is both a specific bar with an appetizer spread plus a wine tasting with canapés. Check the daily planner for before dinner activities
  3. Sometimes the big cruise agencies reserve big blocks of rooms for popular cruises when the itinerary is first announced. Later they release many of those rooms. I had that experience last cruise with Oceania. That said HAL may not have as many 4 person rooms as other lines with larger ships. The HAL new larger ships do. They actually have family rooms that are affordable too. You may actually have to call for the family rooms - they are not advertised very well
  4. I always use the deck plan and type in the cabin number I want or that are acceptable. Even when not using the numbered system I go through the deck plan for desired decks and that shows availability. It is a bit tedious since you have 3 pages for each deck - forward, back, mid
  5. Here is the shareholder benefit page CCL shareholder benefit i prefer yahoo finance for stock quotes
  6. I like the refundable deposits with shipboard bookings and the deposit is transferable to another cruise if you change your mind. And yes you get the credit
  7. That would be different. A lovely hosted evening event - that is worth doing. (Aside: I am a very adventurous eater but I don't worry if I miss a meal. I am strictly itinerary driven in all of my travel choices and I am far more interested in national parks, gardens, archeological sites, geology than I care about food and beverage. Just explaining my responses. )
  8. Thank you for that, I never considered doing that. Off to Halfacts to look at my next dining room? Do they allow you to pick a specific time or are you locked into the early/late format?
  9. An extraordinary event? Are you saying he missed the opportunity to eat. Some people don’t define pleasure and recreation by gastronomic events
  10. Someone posted how to do this a while back. All I wrote in my notes was to contact ship services. There is information on Halfacts.com about dining. That said I always go directly to the dining room when I board and make my reservation
  11. We love the table for two at dinner. I have noticed that the dining rooms are offering more table for 2s. It used to be a rarity now it is quite common.
  12. Yes, some people travel to eat and some travel to drink but it is not a measure of someone’s worldliness. If you like Micky’s by all means enjoy it and enjoy the cultural variations worldwide.
  13. The Koningsdam was too big for me. Have also been on a large Princess ship only to be part of a family reunion. I would quit cruising if there were not an under 1800 passenger ship
  14. I do exactly the same as you. The Flight Ease appears on my final invoice I receive from my TA and I pay all through the TA
  15. After a recent Florida cruise I advise checking how many other ships disembarking the same day. The lines were incredibly long.
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