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  1. Iamthesea

    Changing flight date?

    Interesting! However, I would like to have things changed well in advance because of hotels, transportation, etc. that have to be scheduled ahead of time. This is good to know if we were traveling within the US. Meg - Very helpful information. Never did I consider trying to get the fee waved. I was trying to gather info for the total price of changing days so that I could discuss with DH. We would also not want to cancel the trip. If it came to that, we do have an annual trip insurance policy. I looked this morning and I think I have shown too much interest in that flight home. The price has gone up! I'll talk to DH and we can look again next week. Getting the change fee waved would be nice, but understandable if we need to pay. Having to pay another $950 pp to change the tickets (including the previous $600 extra per ticket) is not all that bad, but the current pricing is now another $1000 pp, making the change $1950 each. 🙄 Add in extra hotel nights, and our budget suddenly zoomed! 👆 PS - I am all for putting a phone on speaker and continuing with my day, but when I have an ill patient trying to rest, I need to be as quiet, and we all need to be less irritated! Thank you all! I'll let you know if we decide to make the change.
  2. Iamthesea

    Changing flight date?

    Sorry, with my husband being ill, I did not feel like, or want to take the time to play phone tag with Delta. Since I had a few minutes of quiet time yesterday while DH was napping, I decided to ask on here. It did not take but a few seconds to right my post. Was hoping someone might know the cost of the exchange for an International flight because the Delta site is vague. After further taking a look on Delta's website, I have a better idea, but still uncertain of the cost of the exchange. I know the ticket will be about $600 more per person. Twickenham - I mentioned above that the ticket was Z class. Thanks for the responses. Hopefully I will get a chance to call Delta soon.
  3. Iamthesea

    Changing flight date?

    Could someone tell me how difficult (and costly) it would be to change the date of our overseas flight to a couple of days later than we currently have it booked? Details: We have a European cruise booked from Barcelona to Venice. As usually, we have planned pre and post stays around this cruise. After the cruise ends in Venice, we have planned on taking a train to Milan and then spending a couple of nights in the Lake Como area before continuing on up through Switzerland for a few days. Our trip would end in Zurich before flying back to the states. The reason we would want to extend our vacation is because DH recently had open heart surgery. Something that was NOT in the picture when we booked our flights. DH will be 2 weeks post surgery this Friday. Although he will be cleared to travel by the time we leave, I feel that the itinerary that we have planned for the post cruise travel may be too hurried and tiresome for him to accomplish in the few days that we previously allocated. I thought it would be nice to extend the time, if possible. We can always cut back (not try to see as much) on the land travel part, but since we would already be over there, it seems a shame not to take advantage of experiencing what we can. In our recent past travels, we have been quite efficient in getting around and exploring/covering a good amount in a short few days. Not so sure for this trip. We are currently booked on a flight from Zurich back to ATL in Delta One (Z) seats that we paid cash for at a reasonable rate. We did not use miles. What is the current price to change an overseas ticket on Delta? It used to be $250, but for some reason I am think it higher. Perhaps because a Business Class ticket would be more to exchange??? Although we only want to change the ticket dates, I cannot tell if the ticket is refundable or non-refundable. We are only Gold Medallion members. I assume that in addition to paying the exchange fee, we would also have to pay the difference between what we paid and the current airfare for the same cabin type. The price difference between what we paid and the current price of a Delta One/First/Business seat, for two days late, is $600 pp. Not bad considering that the price difference for the original flight is now $2000 more per ticket!
  4. Iamthesea

    Prague pre cruise

    We spent 3 nights and wished for 4. Took a food tour, as well. One of the best! It was with Eating Prague for one of their evening food tours. Also booked a car tour given in an "antique" car.
  5. Iamthesea

    Once you try Oceania, do you ever go back to Celebrity?

    Nowhere did I say you were making it up. I said that I did not understand you hearing noise, as we have never heard it as high as Deck 9. On lower decks, the noise could very well be present. Although I do not recall reading any complaints about this on the Celebrity board. Anyway, I am not getting into further debate as this is the Oceania forum.
  6. Iamthesea

    Once you try Oceania, do you ever go back to Celebrity?

    I don't understand the complaint about the atrium noise on the Solstice class ships. We have stayed in the 1A staterooms many times on those ships. The 1A's are just off of the atrium area. The area, stairs and elevators are blocked off from the stateroom halls by automatic sliding glass doors. We have never heard noise while in our staterooms from the atrium. Perhaps if you are closer than we were on Deck 9, you could hear something. But as someone else mentioned, the entertainment in the atrium ends at a decent time. I think the loudest it has ever been in there is when Celebrity has ABBA night. To answer the OP's question...We have tried Oceania and gone back to Celebrity. Tried Oceania a second time, and went right back to Celebrity. 🤗 Not sure if we will go for a 3rd time on Oceania. It will depend on the iteniary and the value compared to Celebrity or another cruiseline like HAL.
  7. I took a look for my upcoming May 2019 cruise to see if the perks were better than what I currently had or if the rates had dropped. I was shocked at how much the cruise had gone up for this sale! Not only has the rate jumped from $3089 pp to $4199 pp for an AQ since we booked Spetember, but we are already have 4 better perks for our sailing... 1) Unlimited Internet 2) Prepaid Gratuities for two 3) Premium Beverage Package for two 4) $300 Onboard Credit . Plus some extra OBC from our TA.
  8. Iamthesea

    Overhead bins on Equinox

    I can fit 3 of the approx. size listed by jelayne in each overhead bin.
  9. Iamthesea

    Edge. White vase?

    I am sorry. I wrote that while in the ICU waiting room - waiting to go back to see my husband after surgery. I should have checked my reply before sending. I should have said wine cooler (or ice bucket), not decanter. 🙄 When we checked into our stateroom, our attendent mentioned to let him know when we would want our AQ champagne. He motioned to the "white vase" thing and said that he would bring the champagne and ice it down. We had no other bucket in our room. Only had a pitcher for tea.
  10. Iamthesea

    Edge. White vase?

    The vase in our AQ was actually a wine decanter according tomour room attendant.
  11. Iamthesea

    Cabin Numbers on Equinox after renovations

    OK, thank you.
  12. Iamthesea

    Cabin Numbers on Equinox after renovations

    When is the “Revolutionization” suppose to take place on the Solstice class ships? I thought that ways a ways off...if even done? We are thinking of taking a cruise on the Silhouette next Fall. We have the Constellation booked for this coming May. However, the changes will not have been made to that ship until after we have sailed...thank goodness!
  13. Iamthesea

    Edge standard (not iv) verandah photo

    DH calls the stateroom a storage unit. I have grown to like it. I especially enjoy the views from the window of the sea and sky. I have taken lots of photos and videos of the stateroom, but will have to wait to post when we return home.
  14. Iamthesea

    Edge standard (not iv) verandah photo

    In our opinion, almost all. After the sun was fully out and still no opening of window, we went down to guest services. Extremely long line today. They even had a security guard standing by. I guess in case someone got out of hand with their complaints. Anyway, we were informed that the windows had not been disabled and that ours must be malfunctioning again. They would send someone up to fix it. Two hours later, it was still not fixed. We ended up going up on deck although we prefer to stay out of the direct sun, and why we enjoy an “open” veranda. About 2:30 we returned to find that someone had been in the stateroom and the window did go down. Will now be curious to see if it goes back up this evening. In. other news, we had a very good lunch in Eden. We also plan to go their for drinks tonight, but have canceled our reservation for dinner there. The entertainment vibe is not something we want when dining. Speaking of canceling, this was done 2 days ago. We had booked online with our OBC. That credit is yet to be refunded to our account. GS said it should show by this afternoon. It’s a beautiful SEA day and we enjoyed walking around the indoor and outdoor areas of the ship this morning. We are now enjoying a pleasant afternoon on our veranda with the window down and feet propped up. 🏀 Couldn’t find a beach ball.
  15. Iamthesea

    Edge standard (not iv) verandah photo

    Sitting in my stateroom, on the veranda portion again. It’s a nice sunny and cooler day. Yet the window has once again been disabled because of a few clouds. We cannot open it to let in fresh air. The stateroom is heating up because of the sun. Temp set at 68 and room temp is 73. And yes, feet propped up on beach ball.