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  1. Thank you for confirming that all money goes to Celebrity!
  2. I keep telling my husband that. Book now at a decent rate that includes perks...for a future cruise...and before pricing starts going through the roof! Surely it will to make up for the revenue lost.🤷‍♂️ Do you book with Celebrity, or a travel agency? We have used a travel agency with the initials of CC for many years. We get a couple of extra perks by doing so. Now, we are afraid of booking with them in case they were to go bankrupt because of lack of business. I am also worried that Celebrity or HAL (we like HAL, as well) will go bankrupt. Any though
  3. That looks about as much fun as going to the beach with a bad sunburn! 😳
  4. There are more over 70's on this poll compared to the new poll on page 1.
  5. Ours have, as well. My teacher daughter just informed me that she got the call. No school for at least two weeks. They have Spring Break a week from tomorrow. Had already cancelled their travel plans.
  6. My husband had an appointment with his cardiologist around the middle of February. He was asked to fill out a questionnaire of his whereabouts in the last month. They were especially concerned about any recent travel to Europe. Hopefully, with Spring Break for both colleges and school kids coming up, in addition to some schools closing and making the vacation longer, the virus spread will lessen. I noticed a couple of the college websites are telling students to stay away from the campus if they have been on a cruise in the last 14 days.
  7. Was it Walton Goggins (Unicorn) and Betsy Brandt (was on LIP, and now on Unicorn.)? Two of my favorite shows! We saw her, as well. Several years ago, we actually had some famous entertainers. So famous that their names escape me. 😁 Oh yes, I believe it was John Davidson and Charo. Back in the day when my grandparents cruised, they would be among the famous quite often. That's when cruising was the life and there were very few ships.
  8. I would be more worried about a travel agency (we book through one) than I would be about the cruise lines going bankrupt. DH and I had this conversation last night. We decided should we book a future cruise anytime soon, that we would probably book direct with the cruiseline this time. 😉
  9. Sharon - My sister-in-law made a large coaster out of hers. Not sure what they are mounted on...maybe cork. She keeps it near her cooktop for resting pots, spoons, etc. MARYVB - That's neat! 😉
  10. Wanted to post an update! I copied ellbelle idea and put some of my HAL tiles in 3 shadow boxes. I plan to line them up on a wall in my Guest bath when we build. I purchased the 3 wood shadow boxes at Michaels for less than $9 each. Loved the cream linen backdrop. Blends with the tile borders pretty well! BTW-Mine all have cork backings.
  11. Have friends that have booked this river cruise line and will be sailing on their newest ship. I have never heard of the line. Can anyone enlighten me?
  12. It's been a while since we were on a Solstice Class ship. We use to love booking the hump/extended balcony cabins. They were classified as 1A's. Has that classification changed?
  13. I loved the idea of using the tiles in a shower. We are building a new home. But then I started thinking about when we are gone, and a new owner comes along, the tiles would mean nothing to them and probably be pulled off and discarded. Our children may like to have them someday. They also love cruising. I have several older tiles that belonged to both my parents and grandparents. I think I will take both their set of tiles, and our set, and try the shadow box idea. I could do one box with each set. Thank you for the great idea, ellbelle! BTW - No need to have Hobb
  14. After recently spending several nights in the hospital, that's the truth! I'd rather be stuck on a cruiseship, as long as it was a balcony that I could open. I cannot imagine what it would be like in an Inside stateroom. Here is an interesting view from a physician that lives in my area. He is currently on the Diamond. I don't know him, but the doctor has done business with my husband. Great attitude! 😉 https://www.wjhl.com/news/local/coronavirus-quarantine-tri-cities-couple-on-vacation-stuck-on-cruise-ship-off-japans-coast/
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