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  1. Have a great trip and keep the ship safe. We will be on the second half of sailing with you!
  2. Iamthesea

    Celebrity Edge's Blocks Are In The House!

    I agree! We spend, but try to get the best deals. 😉
  3. Iamthesea

    Celebrity Edge's Blocks Are In The House!

    DH and I have had the privilege of being invited to party in the Penthouse, Reflection, and Royal Suites several times over the years. I just don't see paying that much money for an oversized stateroom when we can take 4 cruises a year in a veranda or AQ for the same amount. But that's us. We do love a Sky Suite or equivalent, but that's as high as we are going in the stateroom chain. 🙂 Too many people on the Magic Carpet!
  4. Iamthesea

    Celebrity Edge's Blocks Are In The House!

    There is one still available for my cruise in just a little over 3 weeks. $14,299pp!
  5. Iamthesea

    Anyone get an extension on final payment date, ever?

    The cruise was held until Celebrity's final payment date, but I feel that my TA could have worked out an extension, if needed. Her company is one of Celebrity"s largest travel agents. As CHEZMARYLOU and I say, it never hurts to call for an extension. 😉
  6. Iamthesea

    Anyone get an extension on final payment date, ever?

    Yes, we did not too long ago for the same reason. Though I worked with a TA that required the deposit a few weeks earlier than Celebrity did. We extended the final out 2 weeks. It would be worth a try to call Celebrity. They don't want to lose your booking. 😉 Good luck and all the best for satisfying results from your test.
  7. Iamthesea

    Request Input for Norway Itinerary

    grsnovi and puppycanducruise - Thank you so much. No wonder I could not find it. Going in May is out of the question. We will be doing a Dalmatian coast cruise at that time. Wanted something for the Fall of 2019.
  8. Iamthesea

    "original poster" notation question

    I love this new feature!!! I did not realize some of the other features talked about here were even on the old forum.
  9. Iamthesea

    Request Input for Norway Itinerary

    Could someone please point me in the right direction to find information about the 14 night Norway roundtrip, out of Rotterdam, on the Rotterdam? I've looked on my usually TA sites and have not found it. My husband took an Iceland cruise last May. Have been wanting to go to Norway for quite a while. We are looking for something in late August into late September to celebrate our 40th anniversary. We are also looking into going to Hawaii again (took that cruise for our 25th) or cruise to New England/Canada for a second time. Thank you!
  10. Iamthesea

    Huge price drop after final payment

    Did you try calling another person as suggested on CC many times? Worth a try!
  11. Iamthesea

    Edge Thermal Suite pass

    Yay!!! DH and I could use some of those health benefits...if it actually works!
  12. Iamthesea

    Post-cruise excursion of Lucerne & Zurich

    We have been to Venice by cruise before and are excited to see it again...especially during arrival this trip at 6:30 am. Hoping for a clear morning. The city lights should be beautiful! The last time we were there, we departed Venice by ship. The lights were just beginning to come on. We do plan a day excursion to Mt. Pilatus. Have friends that also recommended we do that. Sadly, my Uncle John and Aunt Jeannie have been gone for many years. I found their address and it was Club Drive (corner of Club and Capri.) House still looks the same..actually better! While visiting Gainesville in the summer, and not staying at my grandparents house, I stayed there. My aunt would drop my cousins and I off down at the CC pool for an entire day! Thank you for the memories!
  13. Iamthesea

    Edge Thermal Suite pass

    I was just reading a new email from Celebrity about my upcoming cruise. It mentions the Sea Thermal Suite... Embark on an unparalleled wellness journey through eight distinct spaces, like our tranquil Float Room or Rainfall Water Therapy Room, each experience harnessing the benefits of natural elements. Availability is limited, so purchase your passes today. Staying in AquaClass®? Then complimentary, unlimited access to this playground for the senses is already included. DH and I are in Aqua Class. Do we also get to experience the Salt Room without additional fees? I've been wanting to try them.
  14. Iamthesea

    Post-cruise excursion of Lucerne & Zurich

    Beautiful video! My husband and I will be there in May after taking the train from Milan through the alps. Prior to that, we will be on a 9 night cruise from Barcelona to Venice. We are very much looking forward to seeing Lucerne and Zurich. Thank you! BTW - I see you are from Gainesville, GA. My grandparents lived there for many years when my grandfather was president of Brenau College. I have fond memories of the town, the college, and my grandparents house (now the college administration building.) I also had relatives living near the lake...I believe on Club Drive.
  15. Iamthesea

    Celebrity Edge's Blocks Are In The House!

    Yes, initially I thought that the chairs and tables were set up there for crew to dine during construction.