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    WiFi calling

    Refresh my memory. As long as I have an Internet connection, WiFi Callng will work without extra charges...does this also include being out at sea? I have previously only used in port.
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    Nieuw Amsterdam - Mini Review

    Thank you so much!,
  3. I received a promo email from my large and well known travel agent with some great new rates on both the 12/9 and 12/16 cruises. Good perks, as well! I don't know if Celebrity has also reduced the rates, but thought I would post an FYI to check it out. Sorry that I cannot name the TA. :( Those that are already booked on one of these two sailings could possibly upgrade their stateroom. Example: An A2 is currently $2199 pp, pre tax. We paid $2099+ pp way back, but the rate for the last several months has been around $3100 pp.